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  • A skilled sailor and natural gambler, Ascurilles had always been one to push things as far as he could. His outrageous skills in running waves with his katasa had been known far and wide; some said he could sail into a bees' nest of trouble and walk away unscathed, all the honey neatly collected; but one exploit in particular has gained almost legendary proportions. Lord Abelard Jung hosted a coronation party on a barge for his naval officers, who watched the ceremony from their ships. During the feast, Ascurilles and his men crept silently aboard the ships one by one. "They tied up the officers and their guests on the deck, facing them towards the Kilden despot's barge. While the seafarers "enjoyed" the ceremony, Ascurilles and his men proceeded to remove every jewel and valuable item, leaving the guests of honor unharmed but furious. After an intense pursuit by over one hundred Kilden naval vessels, the raiders escaped with their hold full of plunder, safely returning to their home port in Asipios. Ascurilles met his match the day that he attempted to pilfer artifacts from Eztalpaltl's High Alchemists, who defeated him handily and tossed him into the sea to drown. Left for dead, he floated upon the waves for days until he was finally rescued.

    Outmaneuvered and embarrassed, Ascurilles proclaimed what his pride demanded of him; that he would chart a path through the dreaded Stormwall. True, he would sail his fleet into the throes of peril, but he fully expected to emerge triumphant and unscathed. He was not arrogant nor was he overconfident in abilities. He had simply managed to bring his crew home safely from many dangers because they believed in him, and in turn he had never let them down. The journey into the Sea of Glass would simply be a greater challenge but one at which he would undoubtedly succeed. He owed it to his family, his kingdom, and his crew. As his final voyage, he would lead a fleet to map the lands beyond the Sea of Glass and return to his people with a chart detailing a safe route beyond the Stormwall.  

    As far as the official record was concerned, Ascurilles and his crew simply disappeared. The ships were never heard from again after their departure in 7C-28, crushing further ideas of foreign exploration with wild rumors of Allaka and his sea beasts consuming the vessels. Even so, a great statue has been raised of Ascurilles along the Bay of Gennaios, north of Asipios, detailing the lost hero upon a katasa, its stone sails pointing towards the Stormwall he failed to conquer.

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