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  • The Itheri Empire is contained within several large islands to the northwest of Aloreh. Its geography is fairly consistent, with moderately sized mountain ranges running the spine of the largest. Dark and beautiful forests cover the islands, giving way to grassy marshes at the coasts. Seated as the gateway to the Bay of Crescents is the capitol city, Calastore; built upon the ruins of the legendary Flotilla and rebuilt many times over the millennia.

    Immediately north of Calastore is Eszari Aveno, a region split into thirds by its mountainous passes, giving way to marshes on the north shore, and it is as inhospitable a region as it is beautiful. Retired Admirals often have estates in this region. Directly east is Paladosa, primarily a pastoral farming region. Due to its low average elevation and central location, most of the food for the capital region comes from here. Across the Cascovan Mountains to the southeast is Bassota, a region prized for its craftsmanship in woodworking, and its rustic rural lifestyle. It is home to the only two freshwater lakes on the isles, allowing a fishing industry and lifestyle despite their scare coastline. The land along the northeast is known as Tovaran, featuring mostly rolling hills and forests. Hunting is a popular sport in Ithero, and this wild landscape is known for its game. As Ithero breaks into its northern archipelago, the center for commerce and trade towards Vrovona is Aetrice d'Arro. In addition to its ports of call in preparation for the Vrovonic Sea, the islands also serve as Ithero’s primary coal mining region.

    Along the southern borders of Ithero sits Escorhal, the birthplace of Agosto Marcolo. Due largely to its proximity to Calastore and northern Aloreh, it was unfortunately a common battleground during the Eventide. The rebuilding of the region has been slow, but steady, and businesses there have moved temporarily to Calastore proper or Benvalia to the northwest. That region was largely pastoral, like its counterpart Paladosa, but thanks to the influx of military production and refugees from Escorhal it has boomed in industrial capacity. Naidorno recieved no such boost, but as the westernmost land point in the central hemisphere it needs no assistance. A large trade city at the far tip sees the majority of trade from the western regions of the world, on their way to Calastore and beyond, keeping the region well-funded.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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