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  • “When the wind catches the sails, and land is lost behind me, I worry not for the days to come. The Church may ruminate upon the future, but for the sailor it is knowledge of the present that must be relied upon. Tomorrow, the winds may rise, and the rains may drive, and the ocean may seek to drag us from the deck. But worry is not reason enough for the Itheri to stay upon the shore.”
    -Agosto Marcolo, 'Marvels of the Western Lands'

    One of the most famous explorers in history, Agosto Marcolo is best known for his trip around the world early in the third Cycle. Born in 3C-142 to a merchant family in Escorhal, before the disappearance of the Twingods and the Council's institution of mandatory naval service, Marcolo went directly into the family business. When he came of age, he was given his own ship to command, and his drive to explore other ports in search of new markets became apparent. After making valuable connections across the sea that would eventually bear his name, he announced plans to circumnavigate the globe. Oceangoing vessels were hardly a young technology by the third Cycle, but even so there was a great deal of disbelief circling as he departed Calastore in 3C-174. Based on nautical charts from other nations in the Crestwright School and calculations done by navigational mages, Marcolo expected the journey would take him shortly over two years to complete. However, storms in the western seas the year after he departed blew the four ships in his group south nearly to the Turamezza Ocean, and when the course was finally corrected his crew demanded a longer than planned stay in Hon'lai to recover. Already months behind schedule when the eastern Vrovonic Sea came into sight, Marcolo had lost two of the ships and more than half the total crew. Logs suggest the crew demanded that he make port in Severan, and complete the trip back to Calastore on land, but Marcolo refused; the Itheri were a seafaring people, and the circumnavigation would be completed by ship. Towards the end of 3C-177, the ships were finally welcomed back to the Itheri capital, and all surviving members were showered with recognition and endorsements. Before his death nearly three decades later, Marcolo was elevated to the rank of Admiral in the navy, and served as Chancellor of the Crestwright School before retiring to an estate in Haridis in 3C-214. In honor of his legacy, the warm waters northwest of the Alor Marouais Coast were renamed on Itheri maps to the Marcolo Sea.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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