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  • “They hide atop their ivory towers, sipping wine and sneering at the very people they send to slaughter. And as they do, they gasp when I make the hard choices this country requires to survive their onslaught. It benefits us not to sit with the cowards; to enter their court again is beneath us. If it is a villain they want to make of me, then they shall have him!”
    -Baldovino Baldassare

    As ruthless as he was brilliant, Baldovino Baldassare served as Lord Admiral of Ithero during the years leading up to and including the War of Eventide. He was raised in his family's ancestral home near Haridis, making a name for himself as a cold but efficient leader during his mandatory naval service. He worked his way quickly through the ranks, eventually getting into politics and finally being named Vice Admiral of Benvalia. His work in transforming the district from an agricultural center into a modern economic powerhouse in support of the navy earned him many friends on the Council of Admirals, and his decisive bid for the position of Lord Admiral met with success in 7C-256.

    After his attempted assassination in Methes Avonthes, Baldassare dropped all political pretense with respect to the war; he became notorious in his desire for victory, with little consideration to the costs. As the war came to a close, internal investigations discovered that the Lord Admiral was diverting funds into unethical magical experimentation in the sewers beneath the city, based on knowledge gained during the shapeshifting purge of years past. In the final battle of the war, he unleashed the dark practitioners on the Alor, saving the city of Calastore but at tremendous cost to both sides. Part of the truce negotiations from the Court of Thesse demanded that Baldassare be tried for war crimes, though some say the Orator Princes did not come to this decision on their own. Found inescapably guilty, he was executed by firing squad at the border between the countries, on the cliffs overlooking the Kestrin Sea.

    So enduring is the character of Baldovino Baldassare that a great many myths about him have come into their own. The most famous is that the disgraced Lord Admiral leapt from the cliff before being fired upon, and that his body was never found. Given Benvalian state records that he was formally buried at sea by the remaining family who would associate with him, this is likely nothing more than an urban legend.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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