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  • “Consider the fisherman, who toils without rest across his season no matter the conditions. His ship is not mighty, nor his uniform refined. When the sun dips below the waves, he rests not upon down, in the few hours before he must rise again. But without the fisherman, the monger would have no catch to sell, nor would the City have meat for its tables. To society we each have our duty, no matter the station, and for his diligence the fisherman deserves the same respect as any.”
    -Caswell Carver

    Few men have left a greater mark on their country than Caswell Carver. A native of Ithero, he was Crestwright's most promising academic. He was also a brilliant tactician, both on the seas of battle and off. It is a great shame, then, that he was also clinically insane. Controversy surrounds his name, and no two people will tell you the same stories about his adventures and actions. Little is known about the man before his exit from the Crestwright School of Navigation in Calastore in 5C-469, but it is his actions afterwards that put him in the history books. A well-respected graduate, he spent two tours of duty on the open sea before returning home, well-decorated and admired. Upon his return, he was assigned to the regulation and collection of taxes from the Wards, where the common folk of Calastore lived. It is said that his brilliant mathematical mind was able to uncover countless smuggling operations, pirate rings, and tariff-dodgers, all brought to justice in his unique way. This of course meant summary execution by Carver's own hand because he was secretly a complete lunatic.

    Caswell Carver is now made out to be something of a folk hero in Calastore, or a villain, depending on whom one asks. Several of his warpaths for justice ended in the burning of the Wards to the ground; it is generally agreed that this happened at least twice, though some would claim up to five times. Eventually, his less-than-conventional methods and insane nature caught up with him, and he was hung for murdering a beggar in broad daylight, whom he was convinced was a thief. He received a standing ovation at his execution in 5C-507, with nearly the whole of Calastore in attendance. Proposals to have a statue of him built on the spot of his execution are routinely made and unanimously rejected. Even now, two Cycles later, his name carries weight in the city of Calastore; the Wards were eventually renamed for him.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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