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  • Isemeine Castano is exactly what one would expect to come from the northern Itheri town of Severan. A skilled scholar, pragmatic, no-nonsense, and utterly lacking in manners; it was this combination of traits that led her to travel the world in search of artifacts from the legendary Flotilla - Ithero’s first fleet of ships. While her explorations did only good towards expanding her writing profile - it was through her travels that led her to the heroic tale of Oriane Nicodon's deeds. Something clicked when she heard tales of the battle of Calastore; a great beast had been unleashed that melted airships out of the sky, and stopped the Alor advance in its tracks. Yet in the monstrosity's wake, the city was nearly burned to the ground, and its people were under the same threat. In her reserved vision of humanity, Oriane could have simply accepted the losses, allowed what was unleashed  to destroy the city of Calastore, and potentially have won the war. Instead, he pulled both enemy and allies from the wreckage, and was responsible for putting the final stopper on what was unleashed. It piqued a new interest in the human condition, and pulled her away from her search for artifacts.

    Among his few visitors while hospitalized, she spent hours interviewing him for the details of the Eventide- publishing a written account of the war from Aloreh's perspective at the conclusion of 7C-264. It was not long after that the letter from Oriane Nicodon arrived, declaring her the only one suited for a unique position - Chronicler of Halion. Although she heads the organization as a whole, she reports directly to Nicodon; recording his thoughts. Since her arrival to Halion; she has worked tirelessly to oversee the Free-City Chroniclers while documenting Nicodon's rambling tirades, an act which has transformed her in more ways than one. His seemingly negative philosophies have provided little counsel to her questions, whilst entrancing her with its grim ethics. In the past two years, Isemeine has become a devoted disciple, learning self-reliance and unflinching acknowledgement of an uncaring universe.

    Ironically, it is this direct communication with Nicodon that has given her an almost autonomous authority, and allowed her to create some sense of stability in the city. Despite the 'big six’ acting as a restraint to any true authority - she has often gone behind his back in order to perform tasks to keep the city alive.


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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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