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  • Ruthless murderer or agent of justice? Many know Luitz Vogt as the latter: a marauder, a ruthless master of death whose name has haunted the Kilden cities for generations. To children he is the former: a hero, the Lone Star, a brutal champion of the people that they someday wish to emulate. But all know him as the first of The Bloodfeathers, vigilantes with nothing but courage, determination, and an extreme desire of justice. These people administer or enforce order among those that reign in chaos. They are not a united force, but a common trend among rather extreme Kild. Not dedicated to a strict code of ethics or morality, each Bloodfeather has their own internal code of conduct, and seek to rectify things in Kilden society that trespass on the balance that the common people try to establish. Dedicated to the subjects of revenge, retribution, and vengeance, Bloodfeathers often take on contracts and bounties that would break ordinary men. Known to take blood oaths in Agavres's name, they are a people of incredible resolve and courage to the point of stupidity.

    Luitz Vogt, considered the first and most talented Bloodfeather, has his origins shrouded in mystery. Speculation on who he used to be before founding the movement runs rampant. Stories of his true identity span several dozen sources, each different. Those that ask the old man personally often receive mixed answers, "I was four years old when I killed my first man," "I was born on a battlefield and trained with Wraiths," "my mother was a fire drake and my father a giant." In the end, however, he often says that "origin matters little in the face of our practice." Considering his record of fast-paced, brutal combat and talent for tactical execution, most have agreed that he started in the sordid alleyways of the cities, or that he was a trained assassin by some wandering warlord. Regardless of his origin, all know that he is an experienced and tested master of his craft, and has been known to inspire aspiring Bloodfeathers to join the cause.

    Today, the elder Kild gentleman is pushing a century of age. An author of many books and philosophical essays, he is considered by many to be as much a thinker as a fighter. Many adopt his code of ethics and attempt to follow his strict moral code, leading to a long line of disciples and apprentices. In his old age he has gone mostly bald and his face shows lines and countless scars worn into it by years of constant battle. His signature frayed cloak with red feather insignia and battered cane are a comforting sight to the younger Bloodfeathers that he mentors. Known now as, "Grandfather Vogt," his legacy is one of violence, punishment, and vengeance, with tales of his extreme acts of justice often being told around the campfire and to children that misbehave. Vogt and people like him are warriors of incredible resolve and sheer will – no man, be they warlord, noble, or peasant, can stand in their way on their path of progress.


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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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