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  • Born 7C-201, Calon Gwyrhelm hails from Rhyn Ueald. The youngest of six siblings; his father was a priest of Dorrod Muth and Calon sought to serve the church as well, spending a majority of his formative years in meditation and study of the Book of Echoes. At the age of nineteen, he was sent to the Halls of Dorrod Muth in order to complete his training and be granted his mantle. Upon initiation, every aspiring loghath is given a hallucinogenic toxin to drink, and sent into the catacombs beneath The Halls. There, they are guided by Dorrod Muth and must bear witness to the moment of their death,so that they may embrace and accept when the gift of their god will come to them. Yet Calon Gwyrhelm did not see a singular death; he saw four. Upon his ascent from the catacombs, the Auldur of Rhyn Ueald heard his tale – suggesting it to merely be an overdose of the toxin, and sent him to his chambers.

    It was not until five years later, in 7C-230, when he would come to realize the gravity of his initiation's vision. Whilst guiding a party of travelers along the southern borders of the Ebonmire Glade, they came across a deceased body. Obedient to the words written within the Book of Echoes, Calon demanded to stop and perform final rites upon the body and send the soul safely to Dorrod Muth in the underworld. He had nearly forgotten the details of his four deaths until the cold whisper of “I have final rites prepared already” rang in his ear. Calon lashed out towards the voice; partially on instinct, partially because he knew he must accept his fate as he recognized the scenario that played before him. The knowledge granted to a loghath upon initiation was not to avoid death, but to accept that it must come; for how else was Dorrod Muth to judge the worthy among his brotherhood? Calon’s heavy mace struck a killing blow upon the toothwizard before the spell could be completed, just before a sharpened sword impaled Calon through the back and a heavy boot kicked him free to the ground, bleeding out into the soil.

    What happened next is a mix of speculation, cautious note-taking, and Calon's own words. He claims to have seen a garden unlike any other, beautiful and full of sorrow, and a single voice calling him back to the land of the living. When he awoke, his wound had sealed shut and turned to scar tissue and the party had long left him for dead. Navigating his way to the nearest Loghath monastery, he described what had happened and was brought before the Solemnus. Declaring his intention to seek out his remaining deaths; the Solemnus simply halted him, declaring his goals rash, and that he must ponder the gift Dorrod Muth had given – the chance to experience death and tell the tale to those in the land of the living. In his anger, Calon declared that he wished no such gift and threw his mantle upon the stone floor before departing, determined to seek out his true death.

    In the years that followed, Calon Gwyrhelm learned to hunt those who practice the art of toothwizardry and the creatures that feed it. It is a dangerous game, but one he has spent years perfecting. He long ago learned a necromancer's limitations and the best ways to eliminate their creations, and he knows the practitioners of tooth-magic are just as important to the existence of undead as Shol himself. Each human death represents one less person drawing from the ever-hungry maw of Shol. Every tooth-wizard he kills brings him one step closer to driving the undead out of Roreg Logh and back to the dark place where they were born. And every encounter brings him one step closer to his true death, which he will embrace gladly. With the complete and utter devotion of a fanatic, Calon appears icy cold to his adversaries and allies alike; and is among the most skilled tacticians in A'therys. He has prepared journals and reflections of the four deaths he witnessed; and at the closing of 7C-265, had included notes of the actual occurrence after three of them. In the technological era that has become the Age of Uncertainty, the knowledge that the loghaths' initiation rituals grant accurate visions has been a boon to the priesthood.

    Calon Gwyrhelm has a thin, ravaged figure. He wears dark colors and dresses simply. His gray hair is short. Sometimes he is clean-shaven; other times he sports a beard and mustache. His body is covered with scars, each one a reminder of another non-human creature he has killed. He remembers the full story of each incident but is strangely reserved when queried. When he speaks, he has a stone-cold conviction that undead are horrors not to be worshiped or toyed with; only destroyed.

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