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  • His legend began with a boast.

    Young paradigm Helghrian Toharus was on his first journey away from the small sect of Yolu's priesthood nestled deep in the Shol's Teeth mountain range. He was a little too drunk and a little too cocky. Having already earned himself a reputation for destroying undead, he'd taken an evening out drinking among his fellow hunters when one of them made the boast, “I'm the greatest of Dorrod Muth's urthkeeps. I've been outnumbered six to one, and laid every last undead to rest!”

    “Only six?!”, Helghrian grinned as he looked up from his winebottle, “I can take twelve!”

    The urthkeep raised his own boast to twelve, and Helghrian again doubled the stakes without so much as an eyeblink. The man remained silent and Helghrian stood up, ready to leave; only to find twenty-four skeletal warriors standing outside the tavern door. A toothwizard of Shol had been lurking and listening, and was willing to take the young paradigm to the task. The drunken urthkeep called for bets among the tavern patrons, and Helghrian had to live up to his word.

    As he threw back his cloak and drew his spear, Halghrian knew what he had to do. In order to survive the battle against twenty-four different blades, he had to side-step swords as they began to swing, and deliver strikes from angles that could not be blocked. The young paradigm fought for his life, spinning and twisting, throwing odd-angled thrusts of his spear as he dodged between the flurry of blades. As the last skeletal soldier crumbled to dust, Helghrian had earned a black eye and a broken hand, had lost three teeth and a bit of his right ear. But he stood to point his spear at the cloaked figure in the shadows beyond the tavern, who merely applauded twice before vanishing as quickly as he'd come.

    With a smirk, and to the sudden horror of his barmate, a legend was born. Helghrian Taharus; the man who could take two-dozen. For the next two decades, he wandered the barrow roads across Roreg Logh and abroad to neighboring nations, thwarting evil and corruption while aiding those in need as a wandering paladin. Even as he approaches his middle-age, the legendary paradigm is still a strong, slender, hawk of a man. Although his hair is receding at the front, and his movements have slowed a little; he can still duck and weave better than any man alive.

    He unofficially retired from fighting in 7C-266, at the age of thirty-nine, delving into politics to further do good by the people, and to help humanity from darkness in any way he could. He now resides in the Halls of Dorrod Muth, although he tends to constantly change locales in the city month to month. Any time not spent in politics has been dedicated to evading the slew of hopeful students wanting to train with the legendary “Halberdier Helghrian”.

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