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  • “The King idles not upon His Agate Throne; but walks His Halls instead with a high sword! It is His Will that the penitent must cast out the heretic, the indolent, the apathetic; by their action and inaction both, they crack the foundation of His House, and invite the Devourer to supp at His table!”
    -Thyron Parashel, 'A Sermon Upon the Sins of Ignorance'

    Part ancient cult, part brotherhood of assassins, the Umtrahd Ruul is an unusual cultural artifact within Roreg Logh. But perhaps more interesting is their strict governing hierarchy, and the Hallowed One at the top of the organization. The current individual occupying that post is Thyron Parashel, a figure as mysterious as he is adored by his followers, and none outside perhaps the Conclave know of his origins within the Halls of Dorrod Muth.

    The name Parashel is first seen within Loghec records in 6C-612, when a man by the name of Tholis took his followers and left the priesthood of Dorrod Muth. They renounced the way their god was portrayed, stating that only the old aspect of Muth from millennia before was the correct path to follow. Tholis and his followers receded into the catacombs beneath the city, living in solitude for centuries. It was likely into this hidden cult that Thyron was born and raised. First mentions of the man himself appear in 7C-255, when he and his now-sizable following departed as a group from their previous home beneath the Halls of Dorrod Muth, journeying into the jungle under the self-proclaimed guidance of Dorrod Muth himself. Some time later, this group founded Pariadh Fel, infamous as the home of the Umtrahd Ruul.

    In the hierarchy of the Umtrahd, the name Parashel is a title referring to the Hallowed One, or the single figure whom all followers look to for guidance and wisdom. He rarely leaves their cavernous home, only occasionally emerging to conduct his various business dealings in the name of Muth. A tall, pale figure, Thyron inspires unease with his presence, and his unnerving calm does much to alienate him from those outside his brotherhood. To those within, however, he acts as a mentor and father figure, guiding them along the path their teachings prescribe. He exhibits great cunning in his dealings, and shows a knowledge of modern A'therys that few would suspect given his unknown past. There is certainly more to Thyron Parashel than meets the eye, should you be lucky or unlucky enough to see him, as the case may be. But he does not speak of anything save his brotherhood and its purpose, so it is only within the Umtrahd Ruul, or perhaps even the Conclave itself, that the ultimate goals for his cult are known.

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