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  • Roreg Logh is the name given to the vast subterranean necropolis which houses the adherents of Dorrod Muth the Long-Abiding, King of the Underworld. From above, Roreg Logh is a wild and sweltering jungle, rife with deadly strange beasts and crumbling ruins. It is an unwelcoming place, and few dare attempt to inhabit it. Far beneath, however, deep within the cold and quiet embrace of earth and stone, a society thrives, a blazing beacon of life in the dead gloom which surrounds them. The city is a vast complex of massive caverns and grottoes, transformed into a sanctuary for the defenders of the House of the Dead. From this hidden sanctum, the holy Solemnus rallies the city's faithful priests, warriors and scholars all, to journey out into A'therys, tending to the dead and dying, comforting the grieving and accursed, and waging eternal war with the undead thralls of Shol.

    Unlike the other nations of A'therys, Roreg Logh was a country born of men and not of a god. Dorrod Muth did not care for the living, and so paid little attention to the followers he amassed during the Winnowing. Humans praised him as the King of the Underworld, and wished to worship him while alive, but even this did not interest him. Even before Llyrrh called for the first time, he did his duty to those who had passed on. However, part of Llyrrh's mandate required him to hold court on A'therys in some way, and so he constructed the Halls, a great subterranean labyrinth in the deepest jungles of the mortal plane, the bottoms of which scraped upon the borders of the Underworld. He instructed his followers in the way of funerary rites and preparing them for their passage into his domain, but little else. They built up a nation and claimed lands in his name, but he saw little use. All such things would dissolve in time as the mortals of A'therys came to meet him in his own demesne. Even so, he chose a Solemnus to be his hands within the realm of the living, and guided them from beyond the veil in this manner whenever he could be bothered to do so.

    Interestingly, perception of Dorrod Muth has changed much over the millennia of the Age of Balance, and so too has the worship of him. In modern times, he is seen as a passive, enduring god who understands the inevitability of death. He is a guardian, a patriarch, and cares little for anything outside of his domain. However, perceptions of the Long-Abiding were much different just after the First Calling. Dorrod Muth was once a god of fire and brimstone, actively stewarding those to death instead of waiting for them to come to him in time. These actions spawned a cult which continued to exist beneath the Halls until recently, the Umtrahd Ruul, who continue to carry souls to death whether or not they are ready. Dorrod Muth mellowed in time, as many of the gods did, and this image of him is all but forgotten, save among the Forgotten Hand.

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