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  • Breseisk is a city founded on a brisk logging trade, located deep inside the border of the Azdovikh forest. Their timber travels north as far as Ritrak, where it is used for building and trade. The forests stretch on for an eternity, in every direction like a silent ocean of pine-needles, and it is here that Breseisk's hunters trap furs in the forest; their famed furriers catering to clientele as far away as Ar-Selukk.  There are no walls, and no central fortresses, though the city's central bell tower can be seen peaking over the forest from a great distance. At the forest's eastern borders, the land breaks into numerous fjords, turning the cliffside into sandy, boggy pits. As such, Breseisk is reliant on the sole north-south trade road that runs through it to transport their goods outside the city.

    Ancient Vrovonic texts described the city, then a small village, in glowing terms and time has not tarnished it. One of the most important sites in Breseisk is the great tomb of Paragon Jokmar the Graven, who died defending the Sacred Ghost Wall in 5C-283. The tomb itself is the size of a small cathedral and is entirely sealed, though legends state that his sword was buried with him and that the interior walls are lined with pure gold.


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