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  • The northernmost city in Vrovona that could be considered large, Ritrak is the clan seat of the Bravnikh Stronghold. Choked in an unmelting layer of snow and ice across the whole year, the city is kept functioning only through the cold determination of its inhabitants. Traditional as its ruling clan is, there is no modern industry to speak of here, and livelihoods are mostly made in the hunting and trapping trades. Newer opportunities further south in the widening world have attracted many clans away, leaving only a growing feeling of resentment among the Bravnikhs and their close allies. In the face of a progressive Ksavik Paragon, this notion has only worsened, and many who would see the country stay its course are secretly pleased that the stronghold has weakened considerably. Were Clan Bravnikh as strong as it once was, civil war would surely have already arrived.

    Despite its harsh climate and decline in population, Ritrak is located on a major crossroads along the Bravnikh border. As such, the city remains a principle trade center for inland Vrovona, and the last refuge for caravans seeking to bring their goods north. Gladiatorial pits were once one of the most well-known public attractions in Ritrak, where warriors fought for prizes of gold and weapons. Spectators packed the pits, placing bets and urging the fighters to draw blood. Although these fights of old have long been abolished, the gladiatorial pits still serve as competitions of physical strength, stamina, and speed. Organizers gather contestants the day before, and the winners of each challenge are granted a prize for their prowess.

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