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  • The Beacon of Might is a lighthouse that guards the entrance to the port of Vrovona from the Vrovonic Sea. It casts light along the permanently frozen seas and cliffs that pose a threat to any vessel plying those waters, keeping sailors safe and instilling warmth as they make their way towards the city of the sun.

    While most rightly think of Vrovona's armed forces as a purely ground-based military, they also had a rather strong navy. Thanks to their millennia-long partnership with Ithero, they had capable strategists and captains to protect the Vrovonic troops as they sailed to new battlegrounds. The icy waters proved difficult to traverse at the initial construction of the port, but Vrovona would not be denied. He ordered an enormous lighthouse to be built at the mouth of the bay, and he lit the beacon himself with eternal fire. So powerful is the flame that its arcane heat reaches the icy sea itself, melting the ice before each ship that sails to or from the port. Though the ice may be thick enough to walk on, no vessel will ever find itself locked in the Vrovonic Sea.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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