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  • During his rule, Vrovona led his people to constant victory and conquest, and brought great wealth to his people, at the cost of many lives. However, since his departure during the Second Calling, leadership of the Empire has become more complex. The Strongholds now swear fealty to the Paragon, a mortal who best exemplifies the heroic qualities of Vrovona. The Paragon is selected by the Imperial Host, as much a priesthood as any group in Vrovona can be considered, who seek to continue their god's legacy in his absence. However, not all are willing to recognize the Paragon as a true leader and without the guidance of Vrovona, many Clans and Strongholds have disbanded or returned to the capital.

    Recognizing the imminent collapse of the previously mighty nation, the Paragon in a rare display invited all the leaders of the Strongholds to meet together in the capital in 7C-176. Every concern was laid bare, and every suggestion was taken on ways to improve affairs. Such was the success in this method of dealing with governmental issues in Vrovona that the Paragon mandated the practice continue. In the years since this first convening of the moot, now known as the Synod of Blades, this great meeting of power in Vrovona has steered the fate of the nation on a seasonal basis. At the end of each season, the Stronghold leaders re-convene in their god's old throne room at the call of the Paragon, surrounding the great pyre Vrovona lit when he departed. All issues from the previous season are discussed until they are resolved. The concept is to remove all tensions between the many factions in Vrovona before facing the next season; this has been known to take days, depending on the political climate.

    The Synod has done much to return Vrovona to some semblance of power; the current Paragon, Solodav Ksavik, has enabled this as much as possible. Now, any citizen of Vrovona is allowed to present their own issues and arguments at the Synod every season, often shedding new light on problems the Paragon had not yet noticed. This process continues to rely heavily on the system of honor upheld in the Empire, as each person in the Synod is allowed to speak their piece and, if they feel it necessary, present counter-arguments to raised policy. While the arguments are often heated and lengthy, all remember each other's rights, and to this day no Synod has adjourned without unanimous agreement on all topics discussed. The advancement of the many outweighs the pettiness of the few, even among the highest ranks in the Vrovonic Empire.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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