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  • The Empire of Vrovona is considered to be the mortal manifestation of the glory of Vrovona the Victorious. Its capital is a mighty fortress city located in the icy and inhospitable tundra of the northeastern lands; there its people thrive, defying their harsh environment as a testament to their legendary conquering spirit. Vrovona is a nation of honor-bound heroes and radiant paladin-priests, each striving to glorify their patron god by waging war in his name; the fearsome Imperial Host is led by the Paragon, the mortal said to most embody the virtues of Vrovona. In its days of glory, the Empire of Vrovona was an irresistible force: a culture unified in war, tribute, and victory.

    Vrovona was created from the following that the god of the same name had amassed during the Winnowing. As the Age of Struggle dawned and the warring gods were forced to ease into new roles, Vrovona retained its role as a military powerhouse thanks to the portfolio that the god Vrovona upheld. Across that long Age, the nation existed as a bulwark of pride and power, immovable against all adversaries both on and off the battlefield. For over three-hundred years, the empire was half of the greatest armed conflict A'therys has ever seen, battling the naval might of Ithero to a perfect stalemate. The subsequent alliance between the two unlikely powers only created a stronger worldwide force, granting control of land and sea to those nations on an almost plane-wide scale.

    And so it was for the thousands of years following in the Age of Balance. The great stability of Vrovona helped within the transition period of the Second Calling as well. The god Vrovona, having always held a second-in-command as any general would, merely promoted this subordinate and ordered his citizens to act as normal until his triumphant return. This newly-elevated position, called the Paragon, now rules Vrovona as the god himself once did, and the Paragon is traditionally considered to be Vrovona's emissary on A'therys. Thanks to this transition and the god's instruction, there was almost no upheaval in Vrovona as there was in so many other nations when Llyrrh descended to chastise humanity. The military might of Vrovona marched on beneath the sun.

    As with many things, however, this tranquility in a nation of war could not last. This not for lack of trying, of course, but merely out of the vast uncertainty that has hit Vrovona for the first time in its lengthy existence. In modern times, it has begun to dawn on the population that their god Vrovona, who had sworn he would return in a blaze of glory to their adulation and return things to normal, is not coming back anytime soon. Some say he is unwilling, most agree he is unable, but the case remains that their expectations for the future must change. The Paragon, for his part, works to keep his people organized as best as he can, for it is this duty he has been charged with, but in this age even he has become uncertain. The traditional view of the Paragon as emissary of Vrovona has begun to wane, and all in the nation have begun to understand that the dictatorship they have long operated under will not suffice in the Age of Uncertainty.

    Together, the Paragon and his people have begun working for a future they had never planned for. For the first time in millennia, Vrovona has no single banner to ally behind, and so they must forge a new one for themselves. A government of sorts has been convened under the watchful eye of the Paragon, so as to best manage the once-mighty nation in a more forthright fashion. As for the people, they are willing to come together as they have countless times before for the benefit of their nation and themselves, this time igniting their own light to follow. The mighty Vrovona was once great, and it can be so again, if only the people fight as in times of old. This battle does not start on the fields of blood and war, but at home.

  • Vroflag.pngArtwork by : cicetil
    Political Information
    Type of Government Religious Autocracy
    Head of Government Paragon
    Sigil The Sun
    Colors Red and Gold
    Physical Information
    Founded The Winnowing
    Region North-east of Ithero, North of The Daggerlands. Surrounded by the Vrovonic Sea.
    Points of Interest Azdovikh Forest
    Beacon of Might
    Sacred Ghost Wall
    Societal Information
    Capital Vrovona
    Player Cities Dreghorn
    Fort Razryv
    Demonym Vrovonic
    Adjectival Vrovonic



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