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  • Somewhere in the Void, there exists a dimension ruled by Astor, God of Secrets. It is here that he keeps his Vault, the enormous obsidian library that houses all the knowledge he has taken from the world. This dimension is filled with floating islands, hovering in the dark Void, and their Guardian, a great black dragon that protects the Vault. Venturing into the realm of Astor is incredibly dangerous, as the Guardian is not particularly fond of visitors besides his master, though the other misshapen inhabitants will usually leave mortal prospectors alone unless provoked.

    There is wide speculation as to when the Vault came into existence, and why Astor chose this place to create it. Myth tells that Astor once stole the secret of creating life from Yeor, which makes it possible that Astor created his domain himself. But the myth also says that Astor lacked the strength to create an entire world of his own, and the bleak, empty world that houses his Vault is the result. His attempt at mortal servants resulted only in the dark, ill-formed humanoids that now roam the isles, and the created land could not retain enough substance to hold itself together. This ancient legend also suggests why his servants can be seen on A'therys at night; able to withstand only the darkness of their home dimension, they have been ordered to collect pieces of the living world to bring to Astor. Perhaps he hopes one day to construct his perfect world with the knowledge gained from his servants.

    For millennia, Astor kept three portals open to his realm. He hid them away in the physical realm, kept safe from prying eyes, so that only his informants and followers could approach him in his Vault. Around the time of the Second Calling, however, these entrances seemed to close. The portals destroyed themselves, and the entrances to the great strongholds sealed shut beneath the dirt and rock. The reasoning behind this is not readily apparent, and scholars still do not understand what provoked Astor to close his realm. Whatever the reason, the destruction of the portals seems to have recently begun reversing itself. The strongholds have begun to slowly open to the surface again, and an Itheri adventuring party claims to have seen some of the summoning stones of a portal rise into the air once more. The tall, chilling figures have begun again to wander the surfaces of A’therys at night, just as they did for millennia. It would appear that Astor is readying to open his realm to outsiders again, for whatever reason, and A’therys should be on its guard. The God of Secrets keeps an endless number himself, and none can know what he has planned for the mortal realm now that the other gods have departed.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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