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  • East of Dalkun-Tir sits the ruins of an empire, famed to be the ruined lands of Von the Timekeeper. Although the incident that caused him to incur her wrath has long been lost to history, tales and artifacts from before the Fifth Cycle still bring awe to mortals whom have witnessed them. Chief among these wonders is the Sea of Glass itself, a harsh reminder to all  of what happens when Llyrrh’s judgment is brought into the mortal plane.

    Von’s empire wasn't as large as most of the ancient kingdoms, but the advancement within it’s glass towers rivaled even the great monstrous machines of Golgorai-Asthas. When Llyrrh came to judge the Timekeeper for his sins, her actions were swift and unrelenting. Mirroring the punishment inflicted upon the god himself, his empire was shattered and smote to billions of glass shards, drowned in a sea of its own disintegrating buildings. Glass reduced to the finest shrapnel, stone ground to sand.

    What remained of the buildings became nothing but a desert island, formed of its own ground ruins in the wake of the smitten god. Winds and gales exceed that which mortal technology can penetrate, moving colossal dunes around to the point where witnesses from the outside swear they can almost watch the city die, again and again. Brightly colored and strangely propertied sands sometimes well up nearly as soon as they fade away, a reminder of what once was and what still lies below. Massive statues that survived Llyrrh's judgement jut out of the 'sea' like islands, with horrified faces and worn messages, further reminders of a long past age.

    The chaotic pattern of gales above and across the sea form what is known as “The Stormwall”, a massive weather system that spans north to south along the Turamezza Ocean. Not only do the heavy winds make it next to impossible to cross using any variety of lighter-than-air travel; each gust and gale churns the sea and tears through ship hulls. Ironically, the sea of glass itself is the calmest point of the Stormwall, and it is here that people believe that a path may one day be found. The greatest attempt at navigating the sea was fronted in 7C-18, by the Gennaian hero Ascurilles. He believed he could mark the winds of the seasons, not only for reference and speed, but to know which dunes would form and how they would travel. Despite his confidence in his abilities, the entire fleet was eviscerated in the howling winds, with a small vessel marooned in the valleys for days, barely managing to weather the storm at the leeward side of a statue 'island' before they were rescued.

    Despite the risks, several expeditions have attempted to skim the borders of the sea for remnants of Von’s lost empire. The constantly shifting sands form a great barrier against anyone who might try to go below and see what ruins may be left. Aside from needing special equipment to survive in an environment with low oxygen, the shifting glass shards often cover up entrances just as quickly as one opens them up. Nobody who has ever mounted an expedition below, and been gone for more than a couple days, has ever returned. Those who have been below and returned speak of forgotten automatons, which serve Limnas Von in mechanical undeath.

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