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  2. https://discord.gg/4gQercm Feel free to join whether you are from Aloreh or not. Members wishing to make a Noble House must PM me in the Discord for proper permissions. House Patriarchs/Matriarchs get full control of their own custom chatroom, and can grant their members permissions. To gain the Orator permission, you must PM the High Mediator for qualifications.
  3. 7/6/2019 Aloreh National Reforms The role of High Mediator will be in use, but the rank has only three main jobs; mediate domestic disputes, perform as the National Ambassador, and only has a single vote to break all deadlocks within the Orator Court. The position of Lector General is now only bestowed upon the Mayor of Methes Avonthes. Their sole job is to recruit players into Aloreh, train them in how the game works, find jobs for them to earn income, and provide appropriate housing for newcomers to the nation. The High Mediator is not King of Aloreh, the Houses have their own authority, but work with the High Mediator to protect the nation from external forces, to coordinate military operations with multiple House armies, or to prevent civil strife. The Nation will be decentralized. Instead of focusing the national control around the High Mediator, the power will instead be in the hands of individual Houses and their leadership. The cities and their leaders have always been the powerhouse of Aloreh, not who sat in the big chair. Instead of Minor and Major Noble Houses, all Houses are classified Noble House. All Houses may have a say in the Orator Court, as long as it's Orator Prince is active. There will no longer be a minimum or maximum active population requirement for Noble Houses to participate in the Orator Court. Noble Houses can band together to form a Great House. Great Houses are essentially unions of Houses, similar to a political party or faction. Any House under a Great House must always vote the same as their Great House's leader. Depending on how that is performed, a Great House could be a dictatorship to control Houses to follow your lead, or an Oligarchy of Noblemen and women who all vote with or against one another, where the majority vote wins the entire Great House vote. Every House under a Great House always has one vote, but combined with a Great House, multiple Houses all voting the same way can cause true change in the Orator Court. Great Houses are not a requirement to vote, they are simply an easier way to assure unified votes. House Leaders are not required to own a city to have a House, but must be in a city of Aloreh, even if another House owns it. Methes does count. Every Noble House may have it's own standing army, religion, events, and laws within their own property. Being in another House's city will require permission from the city leader to be permitted the same rights, otherwise, working together may be the best option, besides owning a city yourself. Aloreh is not a Democracy, so it's commoners receive no ability to vote, but a Commoner's Forum will be available in the Nation of Aloreh Club to allow the player-base of Aloreh to propose ideas, leave complaints or compliments, or to vote in Unofficial Polls who's outcomes may change Aloreh regardless. Although I do prefer following the Lore, I do not want anyone limited or discouraged from improving the nation or having their voices remain unheard. Orator Court Reforms: Toldei, 13th of Urth's Heart, AU 340 Regardless of Lore requirements, all Orators and House leaders may be male or female roles. Orator Princes and Princesses, as well as Patriarchs and Matriarchs. All House leaders can participate as their House's Orator Prince. Orator Court meetings will occur once a month, during the first weekend of the month, unless a national holiday also occurs. If that is the case, it will fall on the next weekend. If an Orator misses a meeting, they may still vote in the private Orator Court Club, but they will not be given a briefing. Bullet points may be posted a few days or so after the meeting to inform the Nation, but specific details are up to the Orators to catch. Orators may choose a temporary representative to go into Orator Court meetings if they can not make it, but must inform the High Mediator to protect from false representatives. Orators that have emergency situations where they cannot attend or appoint a representative, must inform the High Mediator before the meeting starts, otherwise, you will be labeled inactive. Repetitive instances means a dismissal from the Orator Court. Before an Orator Meeting will occur, a vote will be proposed the last week of the month to decide what day and what time it should be. It will always be a weekend, Friday-Sunday. Erassios is still missing. Any questions, concerns, or whatever may be on your mind, leave a message below, and I will try to get back to you when I next can.
  4. As a heathen ambassador from the depths of Roreg Logh. I'd just like to take this opportuntity to say... Praise be to Shol. Also, Aloreh is 10/10, would holiday again p.s. Hoot Hoot
  5. The Noble Houses of Aloreh Paartesh, 100 Sand's Song, AU 340 House Adventis Title: Patriarch @Ares Vendencia - Ares Vendencia Property Claims: Vendencia Designation: Noble House House Blackstone Title: Patriarch @aurek - Sarren Blackstone Property Claims: Ossus Designation: Noble House House Caelistis Title: Matriarch @Altairas - Altairas Melanus Dae'Caelistis Property Claims: Caelum Designation: Noble House House Kastellon Title: Patriarch @kingjlawson24 - Leonus Kastellon Property Claims: Altharia Designation: Great House House Lanouette Title: Patriarch @jonathanbak - Aeolos Lanouette Kastellon Property Claims: Valley of Storms Designation: Noble House House Moraeos Title: Matriarch @GoddessSekhmet - Aella Moraeos Property Claims: Lake Sorden Designation: Noble House House Shadowcloak Title: Patriarch @Rhykker - Rhykker Shadowcloak Kastellon Property Claims: Trachonos, Outmaw Farms, Ardivious Estate, Emerald Isle, Ilthilien, Kongrath. Designation: Noble House House Windborne Title: Patriarch @CarterJennings - Carter Westwind Property Claims: Myr Seridan Designation: Noble House
  6. The Orator Court of Thesse Paartesh, 100 Sand's Song, AU 340 House Adventis @Ares Vendencia - Ares Vendencia Orator Prince and Patriarch House Blackstone @aurek - Sarren Blackstone Orator Prince and Patriarch House Caelistis @Altairas - Altairas Melanus Dae'Caelistis Orator Princess and Matriarch House Kastellon @kingjlawson24 - Leonus Kastellon Orator Prince and Patriarch House Lanouette @jonathanbak - Aeolos Lanouette Kastellon Orator Prince and Patriarch House Moraeos @GoddessSekhmet - Aella Moraeos Orator Princess and Matriarch House Shadowcloak @Rhykker - Rhykker Shadowcloak Kastellon Orator Prince and Patriarch House Windborne @CarterJennings - Carter Westwind Orator Prince and Patriarch
  7. Anything you do not know where else to say, type it here. Funny jokes, questions, anything goes, but just make sure to follow the typical A'therys Forum Rules.

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