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  2. I hope there will be Ithero aswell.

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  4. Korth, Capital of Kilnholdt "When the gods settled A’therys, none would have imagined the small landmass to the south to amount to anything at all. Even today, the Kild bicker amongst themselves over land, resources, and titles. Tempered by the flames of strife, the Kilden people have been refined to a sharpened edge. Defined by their history and transformed by experience, they are perhaps the most mastered of all nations in the gruelling affair of war. While periods of anarchy and conflict may grip the nation, the Kild work tirelessly to become recognized as the world’s dominant power. A
  5. If you think that this is anything but a scheme created by the Chinese Communist Party to steal user information and influence our elections then you're naive. Rise up, demand transparency from the undemocratic Chinese Communist shills! We will no longer be taken for a ride! Is it any wonder that they are using a game created by Notch, who is a Swedish developer? I think the connection between Socialist Sweden and Communist China speaks for itself, and I think the A'therys "Devs" (Read: CCP Plants) connection to both Socialist and Communist governments also speaks volumes of their true go
  6. How many more years we gotta wait? I'm gonna be in my death bed by the time A'therys officially releases. 👴
  7. For a brief message… We are shutting down the Public Test Server at the end of the week for quality control purposes, as this update does not meet the standards we as a staff are hoping to provide for you, or ourselves who make up our community. From the product itself, to the communication that was given last minute on how to access the testing server, as well as orientation to the plugins and new additions to the island of Soltair, we failed. To make this right, the Public Test Server will have the whitelist reinstated and we will be announcing a re-release when w
  8. Hello, A’therys! This past week has been solely dedicated to getting things prepped for this coming Friday, 13th of November for the release of the towns update to the A’therys Horizons public test server. Play Test Server Q&A Q: When does the whitelist get turned off? A: November 13, 2020 at 4pm EST Here’s a wonderful countdown! https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20201113T16&p0=179&msg=A%27therys+PTS+-+Towns+Update&font=serif Q: Once the town update goes live, how do I go to the new world? A: From Korghor, capital of Lagh
  9. Hello, A’therys! This monthly update post on the development of A’therys Horizons will take a look at developments from the month of October. First I’d like to welcome our new and returning members to the team. Media Team: AddictiveGaming and mikhaelcool7 Build Team: CallMeBrAve Combat Team: Bobs70 Build Team: Atregen (the vegan) Thank you to those above for joining us to move A’therys Horizons towards release. Test Server Update As progress will be wiped anyway, we have decided to enable the whitelist on the test server one week early in order to get j
  10. Necropost... but that sounds like something those punks in Ithero would do. 😛
  11. Hello, A’therys! Welcome back to this week’s edition of the Weekly Update. First I’d like to welcome our new members to the team. Combat Team: Bobs70 Build Team: Atregen (the vegan) Now onto recent updates. Server Hub Updates We’ve added a portal system to the server hub (play.atherys.com) that will allow you to walk right into one of several labeled portals that will take you to the different servers on our network. However, if you still want to, using the command “/server server-name” will continue to work. Build Team As a reminder, we will be
  12. until
    Dates: 30 October, 2020 - 1 November, 2020 Server: play.atherys.com Command: /server Korth (Or use the warp portal) Requirements: Conquest Reforged can be found here (Conquest Launcher) or here (A'therys Launcher) Here's the skinny, we'll be opening a new server on our network for Halloween weekend to showcase Korth, capital of Kilnholdt. Everyone is invited and encouraged to bring a friend. Korth has been in the works for a long while now, and the A'therys build team is incredibly proud to share it with our community as well as the general Minecraft and Conquest Reforged communitie
  13. Hello, A’therys! Welcome back to this week’s edition of the Weekly Update. Let’s dive in. First I’d like to welcome our new and returning members to the team. Media Team: AddictiveGaming and mikhaelcool7 Build Team: CallMeBrAve Now onto recent updates. Play Test Server Instead of a weekly update last week, we announced a major update coming to our Play Test Server next month on November 13th. Please read the post here for more information: https://atherys.com/forums/topic/4411-13th-of-november-a%E2%80%99therys-pts-towns-update/ Build Team A couple
  14. Currently, no. If it's something that comes up as an issue, potentially, but it's not on the radar right now.
  15. You might be right. If it turns out area and resident taxes are so horrible, yeah, chances are they get taken off. Or, alternatively, towns might prosper despite them, and the taxes might do their job and help better manage inactive towns. We don't know. We can't know. Not unless we try it. And hey, we're doing just that. Give it a chance.
  16. Wont lie the amount of taxation listed in there is incredibly terrifying and whilst I believe in the idea of taxation do you not feel that this is disincentive from actually encouraging nations to have populous and large towns? The fact the size of your town by area and population is quite terrifying. In a place like A'therys where you are trying to encourage your players to come back and attract new ones, how attractive is it for someone to see a list like that? The only ones I like on there is a base tax (everyone should pay for the privilege of having a town), no-pvp toggle tax (you w
  17. the town system was the exact same way, except this way it'll be automated instead of having an admin go out of their way. another thing to note is that nation heads have a big influence on how much you have to pay in taxes, so you could always petition for nation heads to lower the tax rate (or dip into politics yourself and run on that)
  18. All Hail Lord Cuddles and his all powerful alpha updates! Long Live A'therys! I mean, if you're inactive for three+ months, town go bye bye.
  19. If that tax feature makes it to the final server I will not be playing on Horizons. I'm especially talking about the disbanding of the towns part.
  20. How exciting! Thank you for the update, and I look forward to seeing you all on the server in November!
  21. A’therys PTS v1.1 - The Towns Update It’s been a while since we’ve last spoken of the A’therys Public Test Server (https://bit.ly/3iSbFNF), but now we have news to share. On the 13th of November, 2020 we will be updating the testing server with the A’therys Towns plugin. Towns and Skills are without a doubt the focus of gameplay for many among us. You’ve played with the beginnings of the RPG plugin, which, while not quite yet, will be updated in the future. Now it’s time to play with the Towns plugin, to find and to iron out as many bugs we’ve missed in-development as possible.
  22. Hello, A’therys! This monthly update post on the development of A’therys Horizons will take a look at developments from the month of September. Community Media This past month we’ve seen fantastic videos come out in a v1 Nostalgia series that our wonderful community member Mattallamune72 is creating for their youtube channel. If you haven’t already, please take a look. Roreg Logh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBDgJ6qgDC8 Monas Roth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1nPACoPzA0 Ar-Selukk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSLKTXrMFiU Vrovona: https://www.youtu
  23. The snowy nation of Vrovona!! Had a great time with my guest @carlthealien
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