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  2. Yeah, It's easy to be nostalgic regarding the old forums. We had a real good thing going The forums used to always be bursting with something new and some fresh drama. But that's just how games and their communities age I suppose~
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  4. It saddens me to return to these forums. So crazy how this used to be such a active place to post, communicate, and engage with others. I guess with the modernization of gaming, discord is now the way to go. Even though in my personal opinon it's not as organized, and makes life a whole lot harder when looking for something in particular. But that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Signed Just another OG.
  5. Miss you guys ❤️ wishing everyone the best! glad we all got to share A'therys together...

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  7. I absolutely love this texture pack and I appreciate you starting this thread so that you can receive input from the community. I hope you can regain your motivation and start working on a new version of this texture pack.
  8. Can't have christmas without wishing people from the plane of A'therys a merry christmas! I hope you are well, hopeful and going for all those dreams you have <3

  9. Much though I'm sad to see you go, your time has come, as it did for me those years back. The world turns and calls us elsewhere, that's just how life works. I still remember the piece that introduced you to me, blending Fendelian ramblings with stilted Welsh; it floored me, inspired me, made me glad to see that someone had taken my world and run with it in a way I'd always hoped for. You didn't just use it, you cared for it. You wrote with a voice that was borrowed and yet all your own. When my time came, I could think of no better person to carry the torch, and now I know of no one at all. It is a choice that cannot be made lightly, for the foundations of this place are in the words we shared with the community. Without them, and the people who helped us craft them, this server could have been any other. What it may yet be, remains to be seen. Good luck in your future creative endeavors, whatever they might be. I consider myself fortunate to have been privy to some of your other efforts, so I feel I can say with certainty that you won't lose your way. Just keep that obsessive spark, it serves you well. -OA --------------- "But where will you go, Master Ironstride? What will you do now?" "My dear boy, I have no idea. And that is perhaps the most exciting thing. For so many years I've traveled, seeking answers to the questions in my dreams, the memories of a life not my own. I've climbed to the peak of the Ber Gholraggh, delved deep beneath the Sea of Glass. I've passed between worlds, seen the fraying ends of existence as they loosen from the Mesh. I've treated with dragons, waxed poetic with the First. Gods, it was I who chained the very Slumbering Isles to this earth, and strode across them like the Creator himself! Now, the phantoms are banished from my mind, and I feel as though I've been reborn. A life is a terrible thing to waste, so I think I shall go live it." "I was there! For so many of those adventures, for so much of my own life. But now, I fear nothing else I do can measure up to it all. What should I do? You have your new life, but where can I go in the one I have left?" "Olivair, adventures are made grand by those you share them with, but they are ever only yours. Our ordeals were as much yours as mine, never forget that. Treasure what has been, what we shared, but use those experiences as a lens through which to view the morrow. If there's one thing I've come to understand, it's that the best in life is always beyond the next sunrise. And for men such as us, it is in the unknown that we truly thrive."
  10. It's been a good three months' coming honestly; but I'm stepping away permanently. Three years ago, when @OccidentalAnvil was transitioning out and needed someone to step up; I honestly couldn't say "yes" fast enough. A'therys was my home since 2012 years and needed help, and I was more than happy to assist. Although I've been less active in the last few months, this entire project has been an unforgettable series of meetings, calls, and discussions regarding the future of A'therys. I want to thank everyone for your support during this project. It was great to rekindle friendships and forge new ones in an effort to find what the next phase of A'therys would look like. I'll never forget the ideas you threw at me and let me jump into, or the late night conversations with last minute edits. Even though this last year was a whirlwind I'd like to take a moment to thank past and remaining members of the Lore Team; @Sellt , @Crash, @HaedHutner, and other members of the day-admin staff; and of course all of the Build Team and volunteers who made the effort to bring the world to life. Your input is invaluable in guiding the future. I really wish I could've done more. There were many parts left undone and I know I fell short on some of the expectations many of you had of me. For that, I am sorry. All I hope is that I was able to nudge our home forward just a bit more towards becoming the ideal space we all want it to be. A'therys will forever be a part of me and I look forward to crossing paths with all of you again.
  11. Hey, since this seems kind of dead, if any of you are up for some Arma 3 roleplay or Arma 3 “life”, join me at https://olympus-entertainment.com/ if you need help starting let me know

  12. Hey!

    Hope everyone I encountered on this server is doing well! To you guys, thanks for the memories! I am Looking forward for how Atherys Horizon turns out!

    To anyone I know, update me on anything I would love to read them!

    - Ishaan

    Also, Vrovona will always be the greatest nation to ever exist! 

  13. Miss this server and all of its wonderful people. Hope you are all doing well if any of you remember me. #VrovonaForever

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    2. Forely


      Bro, I miss talking to you and Nully. We should hang out sometime. Still got Butters around.

    3. Velkas


      @AidsMonkey Maybe if I dig into the depths of my old PC but  no guarantees. Who are you?


      @Forely Miss talking to you guys too. Wish the server was still around. You got my skype brother 

    4. Forely


      Unfortunately I do not have access to my skype anymore. Can't remember the email for the life of me.

  14. Hear ye, hear ye! This weekend only! A once in a lifetime experience, only here on A'therys! Hello everybody, new and old. Today we have a very special announcement to make - one which offers you the unique chance to get a sneak preview of one of Horizon's upcoming cities! This weekend only, from (SELLT PUT IN A DATE HERE) to (SELLT PUT IN ANOTHER DATE HERE OTHERWISE WE WILL LOOK SILLY), we will be opening up the capital city of Seten-Nan on our servers for you to explore. Feel free to log in and walk around, take in the sights and sounds of the nation of Dalkun-Tir, and experience life as a caravan-dweller. From the towering monumentality of the bazaar to the roaring shoreline of the river, Seten-Nan will surely thrill and excite you! In addition to seeing what the build team is capable of, we will be testing out our custom built Quests plugin on you, our ever-faithful guinea pigs. Talk to the interesting citizens of the city and see what you can do for them! We will be opening up feedback forms (basically this topic) for you to provide us with bug reports and hopefully some praise too. Once this event ends, we will be deporting all stragglers and development will will resume behind closed doors, like Willy Wonka's factory after a health inspection. Until then though, we strongly recommend you come check it out. -Sellt
  15. Hello Atherys! Some good news for today. Atherys will join the State of Sponge today and present some new parts of Horizon! A bit more information and links to twich you can find here: https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/state-of-sponge-xviii-spongies-5th-birthday-bash/33519 See you there! Sellt
  16. Ya, I understand that. I thought that other options might be good info. I've been playing online games since the early 90s ... there's pvp concept? I've probably tried it.
  17. They are talking specifically about /server live (Evo).
  18. There're a few people new to the survival server -- almost all builders. One of the new players (Luke) is building a "citadel" area intended to be a PvP "objective." The assumption being that if you're occupying it, you're inviting PvP. There's nothing worth occupying just a series of positions to defend or attack. It reminds of what a group I was part of in UO did back in the 90s (also in several other games). We were known as Shadowclan. We set ourselves up in a fort and welcomed attackers, and sometimes we went on raids. We RP'd orcs so we had constraints on our equipment and tactics, but generally, we had a ton of fun. Hopefully, those attacking us did too. There's more than one way to enable consensual PvP -- just a few ideas to consider.
  19. Fort Crossroads forever!

    Daggerlands forever!

  20. I agree with this. I grew up here during V1 and V2, I will always remember this server. Even if it isn't as popular as the days following the Jesse Cox video.
  21. This is really exciting news because I have been waiting to play the good old A'therys Ascended again for a long time! The issue is that the server is empty although there are still new people connecting the Atherys Horizons server and when you log in, there are only two options indicated - /server community and /server survival. I am sure that new people who join the server would rather play on the Atherys Evo server than just in the regular survival or build server. Even I did not know that you can join the Evo server again although I visit the survival server time to time. I know your priority as a staff and development team is still towards A'therys Horizons but it I think it is necessary for new people who join the server to know how to join the Atherys Evo server.
  22. I wish it was in development for 1.14.4 This is the best pack for shaders I feel
  23. On a break from college ATM so I'd be very down with the test server being made public, I miss messing around with the systems y'all had in place
  24. The Discord is a better place for this.
  25. hi any way you can help me get connected to the live server? might not be the right place to post this.
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