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  1. Yesterday
  2. It's been a while

    I've been reading it a lot the past few days. I've taken a liking to the Gennaian Isles. A few friends and I were looking to maybe settle there.
  3. Last week
  4. It's been a while

    Well, KoilKoil, it has been a while. Be sure to read up on the new lore here, https://atherys.com/canon-lore/lorelanding/ Depending on what nation you fancy, I might be inclined to join you in the new world.
  5. It's been a while

    It's been years since I've even thought about this community. Back before our awesome noble house kind of just withered away. I used to go by koilkoil back then. Maybe it's time to get the old band back together, or a new one, we'll see how it goes. I miss my Ironwoods.
  6. Issues Connecting

    If this was earlier on today then try again now. Had some issues server side that are resolved now
  7. February 15, 2018 Hi all! We're back to our weekly updates! (A day late because of Valentines' Day and @Xathas had a date last night!) Added Dalkun Geography to Dalkun-Tir Original draft by @Xathas Concepts drawn from @Dani's history work Edits by @Kmartinator
  8. Official Lore Changelog

    February 15, 2018 Hi all! We're back to our weekly updates! (A day late because of Valentines' Day and @Xathas had a date last night!) Added Dalkun Geography to Dalkun-Tir Original draft by @Xathas Concepts drawn from @Dani's history work Edits by @Kmartinator
  9. Issues Connecting

    [03:22:10] [Netty Client IO #2/INFO] [FML]: Attempting connection with missing mods [foamfixcore, betterfoliage, blockpalette, connect, com.boydti.fawe, foamfix, fw, journeymap, quickhotbar, WorldEditCuiFe] at SERVER [03:22:16] [Client thread/INFO]: Connecting to build.atherys.com, 25565 having problems with the launcher. Halp plz?
  10. How did you find us?

    Same for me: The server looked very unique and got me hyped. This type of content has the best effect for presenting and gathering new players that are going to stay. On the other hand, server lists are just a way to grab someone's attention for 5 seconds to a few minutes at most and are bad for summarizing the unique elements (that u have plenty of and which are what makes people want to come back tomorrow) of each server imo.
  11. Earlier
  12. Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    Any plans for a rifle of sorts? I imagine even with Kilnholdt's tech level and they wouldn't be much more than the first crude rifles (arquebus). @Xathas (Example in the spoiler.) I can imagine a weapon with recoil that actually knocks you back a few blocks, terrible accuracy, and long reload, but high damage.
  13. Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    "The plan is for various found gear for dungeons, in-nation special looks, and craftable gear. In addition, we plan to have "skin overlays", which take an item's properties and give it a cosmetic appearance. The cosmetic appearance will likely be store-based, but I'd like to see some show up in questing and Conquest." yes, but how are the textures applied? by recourse pack? by adding entirely new items with new data values?
  14. Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    It's not hard to change the drawback time of a weapon, especially a custom-made one. If crossbows were just re-skinned bows, I'm sure Had wouldn't bother making them.
  15. So everyone's heard me note this for awhile. Either as "canon-friendly characters", or similar terms. This post is here to clarify my plans for those who wish to utilize the system. Please note that this system is intended for those who wish to delve their characters into the world and be shaped by it. They are held to a higher standard than traditional "hop in the game and just roleplay", akin to those familiar with the intended purpose of the old Nation Head roleplay characters in older renditions of A'therys. Choosing not to utilize this system does not affect the "My Timeline" feature Sellt plans to initiate, nor your ability to use it. In fact, the two systems cross-section in several cases, and you may see similarities in the plans for both. With introductions aside, I now present a brief summary on Player Characters. Player Characters A player character is a player-made character that has been approved as canon-friendly. These characters may be found in the official A’therys Wiki, and will be denoted with a header stub that they are an active player character, rather than a canon story NPC. How Do I Make One? A player-character is created via a “player character approval” form, submitted and approved by the Loremaster + 1 Lantern; or 3 Lanterns Any player-character must meet the following criteria to be approved as canon-friendly : All characters must be OC [Original Characters] Do not bend or port characters from other stories. A character ripped directly from their original source will result in a 1 month suspension of future applications. A player may only have one Player-Character; and may not have an additional on an alternate minecraft account. A player using an alternate account who is caught doing so will have both player characters revoked from further updates in the Wiki. Well-written background IE: Avoiding Mary-Sues. Naming convention matches their nationality. Not having a Daidamese character named Bob Smith In addition - will not accept player-characters from eastern nationalities (Alor, etc.) Player will be given a [[Destiny]] Choose either a ‘Past Haunt’, ‘Present Situation’ or ‘Cryptic Future’ These will likely be a lot of generic ones; with some tailored in with the character's nation Example of a "present" one : "You have recently been inundated by odd looks, curses, and the occasional challenge to a duel." So say the player might decide that a notorious bandit looks like them, and they are paying for his mistakes; and they develop their roleplay initially around that. An example of a nation specific one: Daidama: "Your cousin is a member of the Justices, and wants you to join." Maybe they decide that they sought this cousin for aid; and his aid has a price; the price being "join up with the justices" Examples of “Cryptic Futures” The black messenger will fall. Beware the one who loves you most. Miracles do happen, as you shall see. There is very little that cannot be undone. Examples of “Past Haunts” Your father was a respected officer, and he saw to it that you had every opportunity to follow in his footsteps. No longer able to cope with the horrors she has seen, your lovely younger sister has retreated into a world that exists only within her mind. Long ago you were beaten badly at what you do best. Worse yet, the person who showed you up was a good friend of yours. In the end, Destinies are a Rorschach Test type deal; it's vague enough to be a situation - but open ended enough to be interpreted in a lot of creative ways. Sounds Great! What do I do once I have a player-character? Once your player character is in the wiki; you may archive your activities in roleplay; and write up a summary of your events in an “Update Report” An update report is posted on the forum, and approved by 2 Lanterns. Update Reports should be written either as a summary of events which can be transcribed into a wiki article, or written in paragraph form by the player wishing to update. All update reports for a Player Character will be on a specific forum topic denoted to that Player Character; ensuring that all their updates are in one location. Update Reports are subject to the following criteria : Any mentioned interaction with another Player Character must have either written consent from the other player; or proof of said action (Screenshot, tabbychat log, etc.) Any claims of titles or achievements must be confirmed : either by witness or via the My Story feature on their profile. Mentions of non-canon names (IE: town of Alabasta) will be removed from updates. Approved update reports will be added to the player-character’s wiki entry! Okay, so what are the benefits? Your story goes into the Wiki as an entry; which includes Linking Names. As a canon-friendly character, actions in Storyline Events are noted and updated. To any that server as nation head, this includes notation of the position. Plus: You get this nifty side-bar!
  16. Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    The plan is for various found gear for dungeons, in-nation special looks, and craftable gear. In addition, we plan to have "skin overlays", which take an item's properties and give it a cosmetic appearance. The cosmetic appearance will likely be store-based, but I'd like to see some show up in questing and Conquest. On Guns & Crossbow : At the moment they can't guarantee a plugin that will work with CQ/the others we're using. They didn't want to mention it as a possibility unless we're sure. Crossbows at the moment are reskins. Xathas' Dream version:. Bows work as is. Crossbows work by their "draw" locking the arrow into a fire position and fire with left click; Guns fire instantly but rely on powder in addition to ammo - and bullets don't have a consistent firing curve/line.
  17. Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    They're just retextured bows, so no differences in load times or knock-back assumedly. But probably different damage types given that haed came up with something, though I wouldn't put so much blind faith into development power. Be wary of getting hyped for something that when is delivered is either half-baked or something completely different. Also I'm sure they were saying that mounts will be a purchasable thing. Unsure about how accurate that is.
  18. Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    This server has become Mount & Blade: Minerlord, and it's almost harvesting season. How are crossbows going to be handled? I'm assuming they're going to be more damage with a longer reload time, so people using crossbows would shoot, then switch to a other weapon for melee when the other player closes in. Or, are they just going to be a re-skin bow for one of the packs? Also, is there any plans on adding in horse-oriented classes, or use of shields (not doors) in the new Hero System?
  19. Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    I like the tiers and weapons... just wondering, what do you mean when you say skin packs?, will it work by using nbt tags or simmilar to retexture an item? or will each weapon and armor piece be implemented individually , eg in the creative mode menu? Also, would it be possible to add more shields , for example 2 designs for each nation with aditional 'special' shields' like a wood board with a handle on... for some variety?
  20. Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    had a quick go at them, I also added a few more weapons for variation and a gun because I feel its a bit different from normal ranged weapons. so in order: dagger, sword, axe, large war-hammer, crossbow(also drawing textures below it), bow(also drawing textures below it) poleaxe, capped staff, lance, spear great-sword, regular war-hammer, - quiver javelin, throwing knife, flintlock pistol, throwing axe This is just base textures and a few of them aren't that good because I didn't spend a long time on them, the polearms would also need a model to them to make them longer when you hold them.
  21. Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    No guns for kilnholdt? Or will our national weapon just be a retextured crossbow?
  22. Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    Given the number of ranged weapons in this set, this is a pretty important aspect of pvp now
  23. Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    How much of this is server side and client side respectively?
  24. Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    is grapple fixed yet
  25. How did you find us?

    A friend linked me the v1 Qhul Rahav video to tell me my builds are shit compared to it (which they were).
  26. Hi Everyone, Today, as promised we talk about armor and weapons and what we want to do with them skin wise. So first an overview of the tiers and materials: Armor Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Light Hide Studded-Leather Silverweave Medium Chainmail Scale Laminar Heavy Plate Crystaline Argentate Weapons List of the Weapons: Dagger Sword Axe Mace Polarm Staff Throwing Weapons (axes, knifes etc) Crossbow Bow All Weapons have the following tiers: Tier 1: Wood Tier 1.5: Bronze Tier 2: Iron Tier 2.5: Steel Tier 3: Crystaline Tier 3.5: Argentate Requirements for making skin packs We need skin packs that include all armor but not technically all weapons. For weapons you can combine tier 1 and 1.5, 2 and 2.5, 3 and 3.5 into each one skin for the pack (of course if you want to differentiate even the half levels you are welcome to it. That means a normal skin pack has skins for the following: Each Armor type, in total 9 Each half weapon level type, in total 27 (if you want to make unique ones for the full levels too: 54) Fun / RP packs can include only skins for basic armor/Weapons. Clothing for jobs, or costumes (Halloween). Also, a sword doesn't need to look like a normal sword. It only needs to use the same damage type (example: it can look like a Katana, rapier, etc. all using slashing damage). The same goes for the other weapon types. Some packs don't even need to entirely adhere to the listed material, for example a "nature" pack can have a bone-sword with inlaid diamonds as the tier 3.5 weapon. Which packs do we absolutely need: A default one for all types of weapons included. One pack for each nation (national armor and weapons) besides these, we take all (that look somewhat good) and if fitting will be in game earn-able or via the store. You can also make, for example, an RP pack, where armor looks like the clothing of different jobs and the weapons like their jobs tools. I hope this is clear, if not please post your questions here (not pm or discord) so others will see the answers too. Thank you! - Sellt
  27. Personally I like the big town approach, having the nations just be a few City-States and a large wilderness. Back in V2 I stuck in with the town of Leviathan in The Daggerlands who took this approach, had about 12 active players who were on daily, and 20 others who would come on and off. We'd reach 30 players online in high-pop, but barely anyone else in the nation would be active. Later on my recruiter told me why that was. We had a rival town which they fought 24/7 over a leveling spot which was in our town border, it just be log on, fight, kill/die, re-spawn, repeat. It should be noted this town was equal size and player count activity, and the town borders were less than 150 blocks apart. You'd just run back into the fight, as if you were within the gates of Valhalla. Most activity then died out after the neighboring rival town had a few members banned for ignoring admins to not attack our town, then they all stopped logging on. Wasn't much left to do for them but sit in their own build server, so we never saw them on. Our town started drying up after that, there'd be a couple Selukk raids, but those were too rare to keep our pop up. Eventually most of our members grew anxious to get into the next fight, so we split, and some went into a new nation with more PvP activity. This is why Kilnholdt appeals to me, it sounds like City-States duking it out against each other competitively while in the same nation.
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