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  1. Today
  2. Aren't they nuking heroes?
  3. Last week
  4. What about hero classes
  5. More cliffs?! I rather eat tide pods!

  6. releasedatewhen? (Jokes) Keep up the good work i hope you guys get a good return out of this.
  7. Official Lore Changelog

    April 18, 2018 Added the Dragon, Teziltuic to the Wiki First draft by @Xathas Huacaletl concept drawn from work by @GodOfGales Name adjustments and edits thanks to @Aerun and @Razrivon Rewrites and critiques by @Kmartinator Secondary edits by @RuddyF
  8. After a fairly hellish 3 weeks of tech, and some time off to recover and reorganize; Lore updates are back on! This week features the release of an Alchemy Nation related article! Specifically, the dragon Teziltuic! April 18, 2018 Added the Dragon, Teziltuic to the Wiki First draft by @Xathas Huacaletl concept drawn from work by @GodOfGales Name adjustments and edits thanks to @Aerun and @Razrivon Rewrites and critiques by @Kmartinator Secondary edits by @RuddyF
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  10. Glorious Revolution

  11. I would be so excited to see an update for this pack. I have missed being able to use it. It has been my all time favorite resource pack!
  12. Sus

  13. A'therys Horizons

    And the polling and collecting of ideas happened in the last few month of atherys ascended. All it would do now would make it more complicated and messy. But yeah don't worry, i had a lot of talks in the past with the player base in friday evening chats from where many of the stuff for horizons comes from.
  14. Sus

    Nothing is sus. All is fine We are all hard at work for this. It's just not easy to report on basically percentage progress. On a side note for these reading here: we actually are testing plugin and mod compatibility at the moment (having fun flying around in airships )
  15. Sus

    Xathas has had 3 weeks in a row of techs (which involve 12 - 16 hour days over weekends and Tuesdays + night shifts during the rest of the week, minus Monday). Not sure on the other sides
  16. Sus

    The news has stopped rolling out. The lore logs have stopped coming. Somethings fishy.
  17. @Dannie ^^? Ain't working? Anyways just set your speed to 5 (/speed 5) and fly away and fly over a plot and do
  18. I support the new version of the textura package!!!!
  19. Overview of currently released information.

    perhaps there should be more, you know, just in case
  20. Don't worry I'm sure we'll get more useful items such as more wood/leaf/sapling blocks as soon as all 9796 chairs are done being made
  21. would it be ok to mod in more wood and leaf blocks with more saplings? because as it is if I cut down most ash trees... i get either birch or oak saplings, not ash saplings and they grow into oak or birch trees it just bugs me and id appreciate it if someone who knows how to use customstuff 4 would help me make a sapling in it, ive figured out the blocks, just not getting something to grow from a sapling
  22. Atherys Plan Town!!

    Sounds like a cool idea, well have to Skype or discord some time and draw up some plans and maybe sketch out the towns layout or smthng
  23. Atherys Plan Town!!

    Sure!!, I just thought it would be a cool idea!!! I am planning to have it near an ocean, if not a river!!! Nike. A town brought together only by war and devastation. Combat is essential, and players must undergo training, under the council of Nike approval. Stealing is encouraged but make sure to never get caught. Trade is encouraged/farming. Exploring new lands too. The thing is LOCK YOU DOORS!!
  24. A'therys Horizons

    While a post outlining some of the stuff we've finalized is a good idea, we're not planning on polling the community for any gameplay decisions at this time. We believe gameplay-related discussions should remain wholly within the hands of as few people as possible, so as to create a more consistent experience.
  25. Horizons Discussion Thread Hey everyone! Since the original thread got quite large in terms of discussion, consider this the new discussion thread for Horizons gameplay. The old thread will remain open, but this is the (for now) up to date thread. Some basics: Horizons Announcement Thread. Main points: A'therys: Horizons is a new iteration of the server with a map wipe, plugin wipe, fresh start. - We are moving to a new continent, this means the old nations are no longer playable. - There are 5 new nations - Atvoria, Daidama, Dalkun-Tir, The Gennaian Islands, and Kilnholdt, plus one unplayable nation! - We are going modded, which means you will need a client to play Horizons, which we will provide. Speaking of modded: Haedhutner's Custom Plugins Thread. We are going open-source. Pop in and help out! Town Management Thread: Main points: - Towns will be bought with in-game money earned from playing on the server. - Towns will not carry over. - They will require minimum populations to start, and will require regular upkeep. - The upkeep system is designed to push towns to have some regular activity. While not an explicit minimum, the less players you have - the more difficulty you will have in paying the tax. We have an OFFICIAL build server for you to plan your towns out on and learn the basics of Conquest:Reforged. You will require the launcher to play. You can read the new lore here. Alternately, keep up with lore updates here.
  26. Atherys Plan Town!!

    I'd be down to bring the Sjielt Family Mercenary Company to your town, so long as it has a port and a portion of the town can be granted for us to construct our new stronghold. (As a side note, I wouldn't recommend bringing irl religion or mythos into it, maybe come up with your own backstory that keeps the theme but fits the atherys lore)
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