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  2. A'therys Aeons Project Update Nearing the Finish Line: The Aeons project is advancing quickly, and as we put the finishing touches on the world map of A'therys, the need to update the capitals draws near. In addition to this, there are quite a few projects for the build team to work on in the coming months after initial release. To that end, under direction of long-time Gazamo Build Team Member TazHD, we have the need to bring on more builders. Build Team Leadership: In addition to recruiting more members, I would like to introduce our new Build Team Lead, Zero! He has been apart of this community back in the v1 A'therys days and is excited to bring the Aeons project across the finish line. A'therys Aeons Build Team Recruitment The Aeons Project: As the map is completed, we need new builders to join the ranks of the build team. This project takes place in a vanilla setting, with Minecraft Version 1.16.5. As you all know we have been working on Horizons, but as Aeon nears it's first release, we need more members on the team to complete it. If you are interested in joining, reach out to our new build team lead as mentioned earlier, via discord: Zero#0008. What is the scope of the project? A'therys Aeons aims to be a easy-to-access vanilla experience for players of all skill levels, and to enable that, our scale of builds is small. Our current goals are a new spawn region, updating the previous nation capitals, and custom dungeon instances for PVE content. What is the schedule for the project? We plan to have a full, release ready product by early 2022. We have gotten a format for work based around specific build days. For those that have busier schedules, we will attempt to group individuals based around availability. What do I need to do to join? There are no skill requirements or time requirements to join the build team, one must simply fill out a short application via the link below, and make sure to select "Build Team" from the drop down! ↣ https://forms.gle/na2D6vNxpo9KZdzT8 ↢ Where can I contact the Build Team with questions?: Feel free to reach out to Zero, the Build Team Lead, or myself Hexxie, via the A'therys Discord (link below). Be sure to follow and join us on Discord , Twitter , YouTube , Twitch , Instagram , and Planet Minecraft with more to come, so you’ll be able to see and share more about the A'therys developments.
  3. I'm so excited for this. There any kind of an ETA? 😄
  4. I might regret this but I might throw a hat in the ring to offer some support.
  5. 👀 Who knows, maybe one day. Definitely not on launch, but one day 😇
  6. For sure exciting! No notes on the pirates yet, perhaps some of the survivors from Steryon could rebuild a pirates guild of their own in a new location? 👀
  7. I am excited! Cautiously excited, but still excited. Pirate island when?
  8. Yawn......Good Morning Atherys. Do you smell that? Thats the smell of a brand new day.

  9. also i have a lot to say but to keep it simple
  10. Can I request that Baphus come back with the Tree skill please
  11. All in before the good spots are claimed by mayors :3 On a serious note I am really excited for this. Will there be more decent sized islands far off the coast of the mainland so people can live in solitude? I noticed there was a lot of open water in the previous version around the outer edges of the map away from the mainland. Definitely potential to be used there if there is time to add extras.
  12. A'therys Aeons Roadmap & Updates As promised, more information - Our most recent "State of A'therys" address left many questions unanswered regarding the future of the A'therys project and the impact of EASY Company's partnership. In this post I'll be addressing some of the concerns and questions already asked. Please note, however, we will be having a live Discord Q&A on Friday the 5th of November between 7-9PM EST. Keep an eye on the #announcements channel in Discord for further details. As for some of the questions already brought up in our previous post, I will be answering those in this post, as well as sharing an official Project Roadmap for everything planned for A'therys Aeons. This roadmap only goes up to the full release, and so does not contain any planned future updates, as those details will be shared on server launch. State of Aeons - Our focus as a team recently has been to bring together the existing team and make organizing and sharing information and progress as seamless as possible. To that end, a lot of time has been put into introducing a new project management solution as well as reorganizing the leadership and staff structures. With that in mind, there has already been quite a bit of progress on organizing and developing the early stages of the Aeons server. In order to keep the community informed of current progress and decisions regarding design direction and project focus, we are sharing a roadmap. This graphic will hopefully get across what work has been done, what work needs to be done, and where we have focused our efforts so far. Please note, the green checks signify that piece of the project has been completed. The teal exclamation points signify our current focus, or what is "work in progress". Q&A Why is there a time-skip for Aeons? - OccidentalAnvil crafted a fantastic setting and world unlike any created before for Minecraft as a medium. There is technically no "time-skip" that took place, as the current date on the A'therys website has been running since the end of EVO. This is also the same timeline Horizons takes place in, and this will make things less confusing going forwards. Many years have passed in the server, and to pay respect to that time, we kept the current date the same rather than jumping back or resetting the A'therian calendar. This progression was in effort to carry over some of the nostalgia from the V1/V2/EVO worlds, while also allowing new players to have a fresh experience without the need to know the five year old politics of the previous versions. This also allowed us many opportunities to craft fresh lore for players to enjoy, as well as opening up the server to more player freedoms. What's happening to Horizons? - The A'therys Horizons server is still in development. The project has not and will not be abandoned. However, the effort and resources needed to get it to a perfect, polished state are immense. We will be posting an update regarding the roadmap and an open beta announcement for Horizons soon. How is EASY Company helping A'therys release servers? - EASY Company's impact is almost exclusively felt by the staff team so far. In addition to the monetary support previously mentioned, EASY has given the A'therys Team new servers to work off of, help with media and planning advertisement, additional staff and builders, as well as a better administrative structure that has allowed the A'therys team to function and make decisions much quicker. The A'therys servers and all of the A'therys IP and such all still belong to A'therys. EASY Company's board doesn't interfere in the A'therys development process directly, and their leadership primarily checks up, gives advice, and helps direct resources where they are needed the most. A lot of the issues that had plagued the development of Horizons have been lessened by EASY's involvement, most obviously seen in the drive and excitement shared by the team. What kinds of plugins will be used? - As mentioned in the "State of A'therys" post, the server will not just be the old A'therys configs pasted into a new server box with a new name. All of the configs, plugins, and permissions are being rebuilt from the ground up. While this certainly will take some more time than just updating the EVO server and wiping the map, this will make it much easier on us going forwards. With this in mind, we will be bringing back most of the core A'therys gameplay elements, while planning more features and updates down the line. In addition to the classic Classes and Towns gameplay, we will be using some fresh plugins that have some other features such as custom items, special leveled mobs to fight, focused PVP areas with abundant resources, as well as dungeon shards with unique loot. Will I be able to snipe creepers from my watchtower? - Yes, you will. As previously mentioned, this server will be bringing back tons of loved features from previous A'therys versions, including Classes, while starting with a fresh slate that will make the server hopefully run much smoother, avoiding the issues caused by continuously updating already-configured plugins as versions change and new features pour in.
  13. Man, I just wanna snipe creepers with fireballs from my big watchtower again...
  14. Is there any information or clarity on exactly what A'therys Aeons will be, or is this an idea that was only approved of very recently? I'm unsure by what exactly you intend a vanilla A'therys that is not "ascended" to be. Given that work on the Horizons map has spanned over 5 years, what exactly are the plans for an A'therys classic map? V2 was an entirely unique and constructed world, while V1 was a partial Minecraft generation, both of which took a decent amount of time to construct. Also, assuming that the plans for Aeons are set and solid, what sort of Heroes or similar will be used, and what of Towny and the ability to acquire towns.
  15. I would be very interested in playing unmodded A'therys again, but are you sure you want to do some kind of timeskip? Anvil wrote a setting, not a story, it doesn't need to progress. Just plain A'therys v4 would be great. Same lore, tweak the old capitals a bit, no idea the logistics of updating the plugins but surely something can be scrapped from the years of tinkering you guys've said you've done. Doesn't have to be great it just has to be there.
  16. When I left the staff team two months ago, progress was stalled on the actual builds, and the coding was all pretty much dumped onto two people that didn't have the time or manpower to get all the necessary plugins running. Things like the economy were still in the "hey maybe we should brainstorm on a google doc" phase. There was a deadlock for years in terms of actually getting closer to that finish line as all the motivated individuals either left or had to struggle with "upper management". We've seen no new progress reports since on the capital/map that still needs to be finished (and that's not even counting the Daidamese capital that we all agreed to cut from the initial release). So with that in mind, where's the actual, tangible progress here? HOW is this "partnership" going to get this project closer to release? Are they going to replace the decimated build team? Do they have any knowledge of Conquest Reforged? Are they coders that know how to develop for Sponge? These were the things so many of us ex-staff were asking the admins to deal with, with no response. I don't see anything in this announcement that answers these questions. Without solutions to these problems, we tried but couldn't even release ONE functional server. And now you're going to simultaneously develop, release, maintain, and advertise for TWO? How? Empty promises.
  17. Seriously? Another server that will basically serve as direct competition to the modded server experience? I think that speaks volumes as to what you all actually think about Horizons. I was really hoping for some amazing news and I didn't want to be negative but this is literally a confusing turn of events that will leave (if you're lucky) sub communities raptures between people who can afford a computer to play horizons and those who cannot. Its already evident of all of your distrust in Horizons being a success but at the cost of splitting peoples play opportunities apart. Its also wholesomely ironic that the person who force fed Sellt the idea of Horizons is now leading the staggering corpse of an A'therys Ascended remake (because that is what that is).
  18. A lot of work left, for sure, but I'm certain we'll be able to bring A'therys back!
  19. What a surprise! Will definitely try out both servers
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