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  1. Yesterday
  2. DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the rules there is no active servers mentioned in this post except for Atherys. I am merely clearing the air of some things that were brought to my attention. There is nothing in the rules against that. Some people may have heard I tried to start my own Minecraft server a while back yea? Well its true I did. I also used content from PMC for capital cities. However, this is because I was broke, didnt have a build team, so I got permission from the owners to use the content I did get. This included a copy of the Monas-Roth from Atherys EVO. However it was only going to be an easter egg and a knod towards Atherys in the final result of the server. It was never intended for use on anything major after I had sat down and planned things out. All proper accreditation was given to each creator that agreed to my offers. However, the plans for Oscillus fell through as I saw no reason to continue the project and instead I decided just to stick with Atherys and various servers I come back and forth to. I never once intended to copy anything from Atherys or use it in any kind of way, I know people have talked about this for some reason or another. I dont get why you would but hey, its your life . If anyone has any questions (cause inevitably there are rumors) then feel free to ask me about it.
  3. All the wars in V1, V2, V3 until Vorske banned me, because I made a lot of people angry 😟
  4. Last week
  5. So as far as I know that was the last update given to the community about the project as a whole (unless I'm missing something which is completely possible) and I hate to be the guy that brings doubts into the mix, but that update was almost half a year ago so I can't be the only one questioning whether or not one of my favorite pastimes of years past is still going through developments or if the staff has just been jaded to a stop. I'm not blaming anyone either way I just think it's high time for either a progress report or to stop leading people on for something that's never going to happen. Again, hate to be the guy to fall on the sword here, but I'm sure most anyone else who follows this server's development thinking the same thing.
  6. He's only emphasizing that the string of updates has thinned out a fair amount. Also note that that post you quoted was 5 months ago...
  7. Wow, decided to pop on here to take a look and see if it's still around. So much has changed, yet so many familiar names. It's all so confusing.

  8. Is the server still actually going to open? I thought this was just a place to remember what once existed.
  9. You couldn't just post some pictures and captions could you?
  10. Earlier
  11. hoppingharry

    [Lore Discussion] Dalkun Government

  12. Lore information regarding the Government of Dalkun-Tir has been posted! Feel free to add discussion, questions, or critiques here!
  13. Lore for the capital of the Gennaian Isles has been posted Feel free to discuss the update here!
  14. Xathas

    Official Lore Changelog

    August 9, 2018 Added the Falkynthos to Cities of the Gennaian Isles City built by the A'therys Build Team under the leadership of @redninja685 1st Lore Draft by @Dani Edits and revisions by @Kmartinator, @RuddyF, @Foe, @Xathas Second Lore Draft by @Xathas, merged with 1st draft Final edits and revisions by @Aerun and @Foe Added the Government of Dalkun-Tir Concept and Draft by @Xathas Edits and revisions by @Foe and @Kmartinator
  15. Ivarov Dregfodt

    What's up everybody

    Get necro'd, fam! 😈
  16. I've got a lot of pics that I'ma share so I apologize ahead of time. I've actually got a ton more, but not on this computer. Maybe I'll post them later, or not, I don't know. Edit: I fucked up my spoilers, sorry 'bout it 🤷‍♂️ Anyhow, I'm going to try and put these in chronological order, so let's start with
  17. Sjilea one true god(dess)
  18. Ryzo-rin

    Lore Lore Lore

    I lost it at the Dragonfriend thing lol
  19. I'm not suggesting that you're in any way related to the Faith, but how faithful are you? 😉
  20. Xathas

    Lore Lore Lore

    Firstly - moved from General to Lore Discussion. Mixed Answer on this one. Firstly, as the focus of the story is moving to the other side of the globe - any player characters falling under the canon-friendly characters (Those that can have an update their own entries in the Wiki) must be from the Horizons side of the world. In addition to the time skip (82 years since the end of Horizons), this is generally a movement towards getting people to write new stories, avoid repeating old tropes/cliques/etc. That noted; as it always has been. You are more than welcome to play what you want without caring about the system; be it a character that is obviously pilfered from an anime series you love, from the Non-Playable nations, or even Dragonfriend's creepy furry world where he hit on people as a humanoid dragon; as long as you keep it PG-13 and adhere to the other terms of service and rules of A'therys. However, it will not be valid for the Canon-Friendly character entries.
  21. Ryzo-rin

    Lore Lore Lore

    Ok so under the lore we can clearly see the non-playable nations of what was once Atherys Ascended. Question is, can we have characters based from the Non-Playable nations? If not why is that so? Surely scattered amongst the lands of Horizons there are books and tales of these nations. Which begs a further question isnt the globe itself known as Atherys? Certainly that means people have come back and forth from across the lands. I think maybe even making the Non-Playable nations playable in Horizons would be an excellent addition for the future if not for launch. This just adds to the fun and gives people all the more to do along with keeping things in line more. By "in line" I mean when we first got the announcement for Horizons Sellt said and I quote "we are merely turning the globe". That would imply the other nations still exist and there is something to be had there yes?
  22. i miss this pack too
  23. Think I may be switching over from genaia to kilnholdt because thems is some cool stuffs. Anyone plan on starting a town willing to house a ragtag misfit band of mercenaries who definitely aren't actually a cult of faith militants?
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