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  4. Is this the OG thread? I'm a year late but howdy. I literally have some good memories with almost all of you above me. I haven't been on here in ages. V1 was so fun. Not gonna lie, myself, Oraith, Gangsta, Henkels, Rojer, and Deathroad absolutely steamrolled the "Pirates Guild" as Corsair Harbor. Also it was fun being the Vizier for the time V1 was active. I miss the hell out of these guys though, and all the people I became friends with during V1 and V2. I was never the best staff member though, vorske intimidated my young 15-17 year old soul so I kept quiet, but all the staff from LoG a
  5. that's cap

    1. Roselis
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  6. As I said, Evo was heavy on resources - the only way we could have done it would have been to shrink the map down to free up memory and storage.
  7. No, I'm talking like in hindsight never even taking down the live server. and maintaining some player population there whilst working on other stuff. In that case, you took down the live server and then put it back up after a year or so, ofc nobody's gonna go for that.
  8. Thanks for the reply. We could have done this but the overhead from both the Evo server and the new (at that time) build server would have been a lot for the physical servers to run. We've since moved to 1 more powerful box that can do this, but there didn't seem to be enough interest in the vanilla server (when it was switched on that is) and didn't make it viable to keep up, yet alone maintain.
  9. Hindsight being 20/20, you don't just take down something that was going alright to rebuild it. Again, with hindsight being 20/20 should've kept the vanilla community alive whilst working on the new stuff to keep interested.
  10. First dibs on reply post! also glad to see the feedback it means a lot keep it up y'all are doing great.
  11. Questions & Answers - April, 2021 These questions were gathered from the #questions-and-answers channel on the discord. Concluding this post, we have decided to leave the channel open permanently so anyone can post questions to be answered. We will also be answering questions in the channel itself instead of forum posts from now on. “Has there been any current reconsideration of going back to Vanilla, especially with how extensive resource packs and datapacks have gotten in the most recent versions of the game?” There has been a lot of internal discussion
  12. I don't think I wholeheartedly agree with Dan on scrapping the modded experience altogether. I understand the point though since a modpack wouldn't garner to as large an audience as vanilla would. Mods such as Towns and Heroes are really what were the core of A'therys in my opinion. But four years of development with no actual playerbase is no good look. I think the mistake was not to have a pre-release early in the development and have continuous player feedback build the server to a fresh look. You don't need all regions of the world built and all mods you envisioned ready to have a server t
  13. You're right. Calling him that wasn't intended to be defamatory or anything. Poor choice of words. I've personally never worked with Vorske but from what I've heard he had a strong vision for the server which he was very decisive about. That was the comparison I tried to make. I've since changed the wording to be less harsh.
  14. the decision to go modded was a terrible idea and i'm glad it's acknowledged. your best play is to scrap that idea all together. consider it as a sunk cost and start from vanilla. and this will give time for your leadership team to do some soulsearching and really think about what this server is all about at it's fundamental core. develop a minimum viable product to be launched asap, cause you're right, if the server isn't released soon this project is done for. for atherys to succeed you really need to take a look on how you process user feedback. historically i think the listening
  15. I wouldn't say that Vorske was a dictator... that's not at all how it felt when I was a member of the staff team. And comments like that don't belong in a post like this anyway. ~Cuda
  16. Does this remind anyone else of the kotaku article about anthems development? The lack of direction admitted to especially all you are missing is a larger corporation taking away staff you need halfway through development to work on mass effect andromeda Honestly at this point id just take playing the “craft to exile” modpack on an atherys map with the server resources intensive tech mods and minecolonies disabled and towns enabled itd be PRETTY close to an atherys experience, less class based builds but throwing fireballs and using skills feels very similar
  17. I loved A'therys and have missed it incredibly. I sincerely hope you all can resurrect it. I appreciate the honesty and will continue watching and waiting. It will be worth it, for sure. Jay_lee
  18. Tldr: As a player who grew up on this server i am sad to see were things are at but im glad you guys are working on it. Also i told you so and then some input from my perspective. To the staff and players who see this YOU ARE ALL GREAT, that being said it has been many years of Atherys and everyone including myself has an opinion on were it should go. ( if you remember at all you know were i stand.) A vote style system is good if you guys are having trouble with vision and coordination on the Atherys project however it is a monster that requires ONE VISION and i would hope Sellt gave you
  19. Even though I've fallen off in recent years, A'therys has always held a special place for me. Even if Horizons fails, I'm sure the community will still stick around the forums and Discord server. I'm so glad you guys are being honest and transparent about the struggles in development, a lot of teams like to pretend "everything is going fine" even when they're clearly crashing and burning. If I just had more time I'd be willing to help out with development, but as things are in my outside life right now I just can't. Good luck guys, here's hoping that you get this done in the best w
  20. What a well-organized post. Good job Cice! A'therys has always been dear to me, but I am a bit concerned how well Horizons will be recieved when (or if) it gets released. Of course that's a harsh topic after all these years - and you've worked so hard for it! But don't be hard on yourselves about community relations. That's indefinitely tough to care for over such a long period of time. Considering the somewhat failed attempts at the public test server, I hope you find a way to test your features again. Because if people keep disappearing after testing, then we might have a pro
  21. Great to hear things are still moving forward, and congratulations to the members of the build team on their work on the capitals.
  22. yay i hope to see yall at launch. ive been telling people i know to watch the trailers. sweet stuff cant wait to see it thoroughly tested and to help with testing if the public test server comes up i'll be there. :3
  23. Thank you for the honest message. I've missed this community and the play very much and hope for the best. Please keep us posted! You are all wonderful for still working so hard to get us going again.
  24. The State of A'therys - An Honest Message to Our Community Hello everyone. It’s been a while since you have last heard from us and it’s finally time we speak up. We owe it to everyone who has stuck with A’therys through all these years to give a fully transparent message about what’s been going on and the current state of Horizons. TL:DR - Horizons is still in development. There have been many issues preventing its release but we're finally taking steps to fix things. Even with these changes, if Horizons doesn't release within this year, it will likely fail. This is
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