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  1. Yesterday
  2. Greetings, all! Seeing as how the A'therys community has very little to do while A'therys Horizons is in development, we've decided we're going to try and expand our horizons. We're all here because we're fans of multiplayer gaming. Co-op, team-based, MMOs, whatever, there's something for everyone out there and we'd very much like to incentivize our community to reach out to eachother to get together and enjoy something a bit different. We hope this may encourage you all to build stronger community bonds, and for this purpose we would like to present... A'therys Community Guilds What is it? Many online games have mechanics based around the idea of getting many different people which play the same game together, in a smaller, tighter-knit community. Examples of this are guilds in MMOS like World of Warcraft, or Star Wars: The Old Republic, Clans & Teams in more competitive games like DotA, LoL, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Age of Empires, StarCraft, or other such. An A'therys Community Guild is an officially sponsored and listed such community in another game. How do I make one? It's simple, you may fill out an application ( found here ), and will at some point be contacted by a staff member about your new community guild. The application includes within it places where you can place proof that you meet all of the below mentioned requirements. If those aren't met, your application will be rejected. However, if you get approved, your guild will be listed on the Discord in the #guilds channel at the very top, along with how people can contact you in order to join the guild in question. You will also be given the "Community Guild Manager" rank on the discord. Once approved, you will be solely responsible for your own guild. Oversight may be done at random by A'therys Staff to ensure you continue to meet the requirements. If it is found that you no longer meet them, then your guild will be unlisted. What are the requirements? Firstly, in order to create an A'therys Community Guild, it's name must contain "Atherys" somewhere within it. We won't limit your creativity, though keep it respectable. Names which degrade the A'therys name will not be accepted. Secondly, you must continue to be the person in charge of the guild, as per your application. If guild ownership is to change, you should inform staff about this, so that we may update the communication information properly. Thirdly, do your best to maintain a respectable atmosphere. We're not going to force rules down your throat, at the end of the day the guild remains yours, but if we receive complaints from community members, then we may unlist your guild.
  3. Last week
  4. Ryzo-rin


    Its been like 2 months. Wheres the updates man
  5. I just wanted to say @Xathas, wow. What a fantastic world you've built and are building. I can't wait to be a part of it.

    1. Xathas


      Thanks a ton dude! :)
      Glad to see you're still looking to play here for Horizons!!!

    2. Equitem


      Well done on the Kilnholdt lore, I absolutely love the Bloodfeathers.

  6. Thanks for the progress updates and here's to hoping there's many other people who can't wait to play too.

  7. Earlier
  8. ^ Try again Jownky
  9. InsanibleLector

    Can't connect to survival server

    Not sure if you've tried again today, but it appears to be working now.
  10. Hello! When I enter the hub and type in the chat /server survival, it pops a message saying: Could not connect to a default or fallback server, please try again later: io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException I tried yesterday and I waited until today to see if now it would work but it doesn't, but I can enter without any problem to the community server. Thanks for your time! 😀
  11. Dannie

    Looking for old maps

    *burns Brady alive*
  12. Xathas

    Official Lore Changelog

    December 6, 2018 Sorry for the hiatus; combination of reorganization, loss of a few folks, and general busy season at work / school. Today brings an update we've been working on for awhile; updating what you first see when you click into a Playable Nation! The Nation Appendix, as I've nicknamed it, is an overview of the nation's key elements. In addition, these pages will track Current Events and keep a record of active Player Characters and Player Cities once the server opens! Added Overview of Atvoria Added Overview of the Gennaian Isles Added Overview of Daidama Added Overview of Dalkun-Tir Added Overview of Kilnholdt
  13. Brady1233

    Looking for old maps

    Interestingly enough that’s what the staff said about getting server up and running... (this is only a joke please don’t crucify me)
  14. Dannie

    Looking for old maps

    Hello. Try https://atherys.com/downloads/ I am yet to upload the Evo map, I will get round to it this year.
  15. Guest

    Looking for old maps

    I guess this is the right place to put this, but forgive me if I'm mistaken. Anyway it's been like two hundred years since I was last on here, but my time on this server has always been a fond memory. So after recently getting into Crusader Kings I realized it would be a perfect fit creating an A'therys custom map to mod into the game. The only problem (as you can probably imagine) is after so many versions, site revamps, and literal years passing, there's quite a good chunk of information that my memory doesn't cover that's a needle in a haystack to find. Now of course I could just use the scraps I do have and eyeball the rest, but I feel like it would be doing A'therys a disservice to not go the whole nine yards. Chiefly what I'm looking for is any kind of political map, information on towns, notable players/server events, (or anything really that could be used for county/duchy divisions) from around the time of A'therys Evo (Or whatever the better designed V2 map was). Also anything from this current iteration would be appreciated, I haven't intensely looked through this site yet but I'm sure I'll get the hang of navigation eventually.
  16. DarkAtlantean

    Handmade DnD miniatures

    I'ma keep it a grip chief this aint it
  17. AidsMonkey

    Clearing The Air About An Old Project

    santerra quazimoto whats up
  18. Burnside

    Towns N Stuff

    Yeah i saw that but that post is about a year old as of now and i wasnt sure if the plans had changed at all
  19. Ryzo-rin

    Clearing The Air About An Old Project

    I gotta agree pretty freaking legendary question. GG. I was a chick then I wasnt. 10/10 does montage. 👍
  20. Knowledge will be filled in as it is discovered in the role-play, aside from basic ideas semi-necessary to getting a grasp of the world. Three question marks represent an unfinished article, with information yet to be revealed/attained. Basic World Knowledge The Requiem: Your anchor to this new reality. Your spawn point and your safe hall. The Requiem will often be one of the most commonly visited areas on your journey. Whether by entering the world, dying, or decaying, it is an unavoidable location. Though there are not many features of this bleak alleyway, I will go over them now. The Thing in Rags Believed have all knowledge hidden beneath that decaying shell, it will answer your questions though only under three strict conditions. You can only ask it three questions during one encounter. It will only answer three questions at a time. It will only answer each question with three words. The Thing in Rags will not always be there to assist you, it is of its own will that it reveals its self to you. ??? The Choice Returning or only just arriving at the Requiem, you will be given two choices as to where you will proceed. A wall of light at either end, almost always differing in colour. There are only a few ways to see where they will lead, otherwise you will have to throw caution to the wind and choose based off what you believe the colours are associated with. ??? Beyond the Blinding Doors ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Humans: An abundant race that lives mainly on the surface. Reliant on the demons beneath for warmth and any form of luxury. Very few exist who are not somewhat property of these under-dwelling monstrosities. Though there are many groups who have escaped the demons grasp, there are just as many who have willingly thrown themselves into it. ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Demons: Powerful creatures that almost all live beneath ground level. They rely on the warmth of the depths and the humans up above for sacrifice and sustenance. They are believed to be what remained after their star died and the husk took its place, but no one really knows for sure. ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Ahn’ques: Home to a majority of humanity and demons alike, a crescent nation which is located mostly along the shore of the Poison Expanse. It is covered in ancient, petrified plant-life and a great abundance of fungi, whose size ranges from a straw of grass to a sky scraper. ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Locrest: A scarcely populated scarlet sand landscape separating Ahn’ques to the west from the Sey Mountains to the east. Some humans and demons do inhabit this place but it’s most common residence is the shambling, undead corpses of an ancient race of creatures presumed half-human and half-demon. ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Sey Mountains: A mysterious sweep of mountains located all along the eastern boarder of Locrest. They are thought to be not made of any natural substance, rather an alien plastic white resin which is smooth and slightly warm to the touch. They reach all the way up to the sky, sharp and precipitous, and much like an ant hill have many holes and crevices to enter. Those of which are said to be home to a race of unnatural ‘metallic men’, though most consider this to nothing more then a myth. No one knows what lies beyond these mountains. ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Poison Expanse: An inhospitable neon green ocean in constant turmoil, with ‘water’ that acts far more like acid, melting anything that it touches in a matter of seconds. The further out you look the taller and fiercer its waves become. There is no known way to traverse the Poison Expanse and it surrounds all established land. ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Sey River: A great river that flows steadily from somewhere beyond Sey Mountains, courses through Locrest, and stops in the centre of Ahn’ques where it is greedily sucked up by the multitude of massive fungi living in Ahn’ques as well as its human residents. From this spot it is spread throughout the land and maintains all life in Ahn'ques.. ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Grimnight: When the husk sets, a blanket of tangible darkness falls upon the land. It is more akin to black fog rather then the lack of light. In this fog beasts of unknown origin and unknown shape will appear. The only safety is away from open air, the fog must be shut out to be protected from its inhabitants. Even demons dare not trespass above ground during a Grimnight. It is commonly wrote in all capital letters, possibly to emphasis the severity of the event. ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------- The Husk: Believed to be the shell of a dead star that this planet seemingly orbits. During a regular night, this translucent husk fills the sky and provides equivalent light to that of a giant moon reflecting the sun. ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Genesis Coppice: Believed to be an abstract for the material used to create reality, with many different trees which were coppiced to create the numerous aspects of time and space. Obscure legend tells that these trees will someday be ready for a second, greater harvest. ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Significant Organizations/Cults/Groups: ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Basic Character Knowledge Occulum Spectrum: An array of colours representing the varying types of amber petrified from the Genesis Coppice. Each colour has a unique power associated with it. When first leaving the Requiem, you will almost always spawn near a large grouping of this Amber so that you will have choice as to what abilities you would like to start out with. Multiple power types in a single person is possible but not immediately accessible. ??? Rarity Scale: 1=Low. 2=Medium. 3=High. 4=Extreme. 5=Immense. 2: Red – Conjuration Tier List: ??? 4: Crimson – Certainty Tier List: ??? 2: Brown - Life Tier List: ??? 1: Orange - Warmth Tier List: ??? 3: Yellow - Brilliance Tier List: ??? 2: Olive - Disease Tier List: ??? 3: Green - Control Tier List: ??? 4: Turquoise - Favour Tier List: ??? 1: Teal - Cold Tier List: ??? 6: Cyan - Mastery Tier List: ??? 2: Indigo - Transformation Tier List: ??? 2: Purple - Illusion Tier List: ??? 3: Magenta - Exchange Tier List: ??? 4: Pink - Force Tier List: ??? 5: White – Creation Tier List: ??? 5: Gray – Constitution Tier List: ??? 5: Black – Destruction Tier List: ??? 5: Transparent – Sight Tier List: ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Conduit Veins: When/if you have consumed amber from the Genesis Coppice, on the soft underbelly of your forearm two new veins will now protrude, gently glowing and pulsating with life. They run down from your wrist all the way to your joint. A red one on your left arm and a blue one on your right. The Red The red vein is essentially your health bar. If you were to be wounded in any way, the damage would be instantly healed and a proportionate amount of that vein would recede. When the vein disappears entirely, you become just as susceptible to damage as a regular human. Upon growing the red vein, you will no longer become hungry like normal. Your hunger will depend on the amount of Red vein left in your arm. The only way to regenerate this vein is to eat some form of viable sustenance. The healthier the food the more it will return. The Blue The blue vein is the resource you drain to use your powers. From all colours of amber you will have a default that doesn’t drain anything, but if you wanted to try and use your powers for anything beyond that, the blue vein would recede a proportional amount to how much power you used. Upon growing the blue vein, you will no longer become thirsty like normal. Your thirst will depend on the amount of Blue vein left in your arm. The only way to regenerate this veins is to drink water or a liquid with water in it. The purer the water the more it will return. Gaining Power: Invocation: The act of selecting and consuming an amber which will decide your ability set. Most are very broad in their strengths and weaknesses and require creativity to be used effectively. There are ways to change your amber colour and gain additional amber powers. ??? Solidification: Solidification is the process of gaining proficiency with your power. This involves ascending through the tiers, which will increase ability options and blue/red vein capacity... as well as other aspects. There are many ways to achieve this. You can consume additional gems that are the same colour as your abilities or push the limits of your abilities and use them in creative and unique ways. These are the two most simplistic ways to solidify. ??? Tiers: Milestones of power which increase the variety in which you can use your abilities. ??? Re-invocation and Additional Invocation: ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Artifacts The world is teeming with items of great power and significance, these are those that have been discovered thus far. 0/??? Found ???
  21. Mr Goodgood

    Towns N Stuff

    All the information can be found here: https://atherys.com/forums/topic/4061-looking-for-real-estate-town-info-post/
  22. Burnside

    Towns N Stuff

    So I havent been keeping up with everything the best, but reading back through the forums, im not finding much about how towns are supposed to work. I remember mention of a tax system of some sort to encourage larger towns, but cant find anything about what it takes to start a town. That said, is anyone making any plans for starting towns yet? I personally wouldnt mind trying my hand at running a town again, although this time around hopefully the server qill be active enough to recruit more than 5 active players im not certain where i want to live, although genaian isles has a nice vibe to it. Ill probably end up going where the most friends go qorst comes to worst though. I think ill be making a new character and whatnot, but should be getting the old group back together (me, tommo, veggie, lemon, jeff, remus, a couple new guys, maybe some of the oldies like sywave and maybe talking some of the other ithero guys into joining forces). hows everyone else looking though? Any other towns or groups looking to get back together, cause some havoc? Clearwater? Salacia, harvikir? What about them roreg boys?
  23. WARNING: The following thread can contain graphic descriptions as well as the occasional curse word. If this is not to your liking, please turn back now. It has no eyes, but you are sure it can see you. It has no ears, but you are certain it can hear you. It has no nostrils, but you know it can still smell your mortal stench. Even from an inconceivable distance in the sky, it can tell that you are there. Even if it brings about the refuge of night, it still does nothing to save you. From the demons that ooze from every orifice in Ahn’ques, the wretches that shamble across the plains of Locrest, and the enigmatic tribe of metallic men who scheme in their artificial Sey mountains. Never mind the ungodly horrors it abandons you to contend with when it decides to set beyond the horizon... and blanket the world in a veil of unquenchable GRIMNIGHT. So dark that even the most powerful luminescence struggles to prevail. Where only those unseen, cannibalistic abominations writhe and thrive, hunt and kill. It mocks you, it taunts you, it makes a fool of your very existence, but it doesn’t have to be this way, does it? You are gifted, you are chosen, you have been granted a chance to decide whether to destroy... or enlighten. Or perhaps another option, one not even it considered. Will you succeed or wither away into nothingness? Only one thing is certain. The Requiem has begun. (For information and to submit a character application, please use the following link)
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