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  3. I absolutely love this resource pack! I discovered it back in 2013 together with Hypixel's adventure maps. It's sad that the pack doesn't work with the current version of Minecraft, but I understand that it's not really a priority to continue a pack that's no longer being used for what it was originally designed for. Still, it's sad to see my favourite medival resource pack go. I just hope that one day someone finds the time to continue this amazing pack
  4. Some of the ogs may filter back.. you never know
  5. Dragons are still dumb.

  6. 😀

    1. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      add me on disc @ dan!?!#8849
  7. At long last! Can't wait to pop on soon and see how everything is going!
  8. Treebear's BACK BABY

  9. Hello lads if you're looking at this you might've known me when we used to play on this server all day in 2013-2014

  10. Just glad I wasn't the only one considering it.
  11. yo everyone donate your TrumpChecks™ to atherys so they can release it in another 20 years
  12. I foresee a future here once again.
  13. It has been 6 years... and I have rediscovered this community...

  14. I've added some information on the battlegrounds system.
  15. Solid effort
  16. any way to protect ur builds and shit? or just ffa until towny release?
  17. It wouldn't be an A'therys release without problems, would it? To give context on OptiFine and why you need it and why you have to add it manually: In the last moment, a decision was taken to include a large number of custom textures ( which we planned to have anyway at some point during the server's lifespan ). While not planned for the release, it was done anyway. Unfortunately, at around the same time, we got news that a lot of people were having issues with the custom launcher. Thus, we realized that we would also need to either fix or redo it ( from this post, you can tell which one we had to go for ). While in the process of redoing the launcher, we also realized that the OptiFine mod we had included ( we included it purely because Conquest Reforged had it as well ) was subject to copyright, and explicit permission was necessary to include it as part of the modpack ( See the OptiFine FAQ Section ). I've sent them an email as soon as we realized this, though I've gotten no reply back yet. And judging by their GitHub issues page, the chances don't look good that we'd get permission anyway. It seems there are a few modpacks which are including the OptiFine mod either without asking permission, or regardless of it. So, we're stuck. We can't go and release without OptiFine, because half of the things on the server wouldn't have textures. And we can't include it in the modpack without potentially getting in trouble. Hence the need for the additional step of adding the OptiFine mod manually. We hope you guys enjoy the release tomorrow, and we'll see you there!
  18. Here, have some more links. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/atherys-horizons-full https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/atherys-horizons-lite
  19. yo thats actually sick yo cant wait
  20. Helloo Since the Custom Launcher hasn't been playing ball lately for everyone, we've added both our 'Full' and 'Lite' modpacks to the Twitch Launcher. You can download Twitch here: Unnecessarily Named Link ______________________________________________________ Make an account/sign in then navigate to the 'Minecraft' section through 'Mods' <- Like so ______________________________________________________ Click 'Browse Modpacks' and search for "A'therys Horizons" or just "A't" will probably suffice. <- Another pointless arrow ______________________________________________________ Download whichever version you believe will not make your computer suffer for all eternity. (Full contains Dynamic Surroundings, Better Foliage, Sound Physics and all that good stuff) ______________________________________________________ OptiFine has to be added manually because reasons. This can be found here: Yes, another link Make sure you run 1.12.2 in the Official Vanilla Minecraft Launcher before trying to install. I recommend OptiFine 1.12.2 HD U F5. Press '(mirror)' to get the download before you get the ads (for your own sanity). Download and open, navigate to your 1.12.2 mods folder in the vanilla launcher and click 'Extract'. (This downloads OptiFine as a mod) <- ... to navigate folders (Sorry it's a Mac) Then simply copy the mod into your Twitch Instance Mod Folder - The folder can be found by clicking the cog and pressing 'Open Folder' <- That cog ______________________________________________________ If you choose not to download OptiFine. Please be prepared to have an axe for a sword and vice-versa. We will continue to work on fixing the Custom Launcher and that won't require you to do all these extra steps. ______________________________________________________ Hope this helps and I look forwards to seeing you all on the server. Owl
  21. No. Our damage system ignores the cooldown.
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