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  1. The Vinh Caravan is a service specializing in literary, floral, and religious works internationally and cross-culturally. Working with the Caravan is a simple experience and enriching in some cases. The Vinh Caravan hopes to work with you soon! https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3626-the-vinh-caravan/
    The Vinh Caravan 24-02-2017

    In Companies
  2. The Outmaw Trade Coalition - Whether you wish to join us or perform commerce through us, this Daggerland founded company encourages the best prices with community cooperation at heart. If you'd like to buy/sell or work with us to earn yourself some yora, you'll be proud to know you'll also be supporting your own nation as well!
    Rhykker 02-01-2017

    In Companies
  3. “To bring wealth and commerce to the world” Amethyst Chaos Trading Company is an entirely new trading company, founded by none other than Krosus Chaos. A long time lone trader who has spent many years in the market. Krosus Chaos has spent most of his time selling wares, but has never tried to create a place of permanent residence or expand on his business until now. Krosus Chaos hopes to take the Amethyst Chaos Trading Company to new levels of influence, putting one shop in every major city. Although he may be a long ways off from this pipe dream. Krosus Chaos is determined to keep slugging on. Services Offered Although Krosus Chaos does not have a certain speciality ware, because everything has a value and can be sold. He prefers to sell dyes and tailored to fit items to his clients. Other items might be also for sale, but are not generally carried with the merchant. Advertisement Krosus Chaos offers his service in selling the wares of other producers to the general populace. Clients who work too much or who simply do not want to be bothered with selling to their clients. Whether a tenant trying to lease a property or a smith trying to sell your wares. Krosus Chaos will advertise for you directly to the public, in exchange for a 3% commission on every sale made. Exchanges Only done under rare occasions when the item needing to be exchanged is of a large value, and there is mistrust between the two parties. Krosus Chaos offers himself as a neutral third party to handle the middleman job. He takes what the two parties have to exchange simultaneously and handing them safely each to the other party, ensuring no foul play or trickery. For conducting this service. Krosus Chaos asks for a 4% commission after the successful close of the exchange. Writing While not trading, Krosus Chaos often has time to write and observe what is going on. He frequently travels around finding new places to document in his journal. He mostly visits market plazas to look at other people's wares and taverns for a good cold drink. This allows him to take a load off while listening to the bard's music in the background and listening to the friendly chatter going on around him.
    Krosus Chaos 01-01-2017

    In Companies
  4. Og Coil Bookstore Co. - "Read a Book" Visit our locations in the Salacia Markets or in Calastore just south of the Nation Shop (Not the admin shop!) to pick up a new book today, with a new location planned to open in the Monas Roth player markets after the holidays! Books will be 150y each in Calastore & Monas Roth (125y each in Salacia)! Are you a writer? Contact me on the forums or message me in-game (please message "og_coil" in-game) and we can plan to get your book on the shelves in no time, and you can make a profit as well!
    Og_Coil 20-12-2016

    In Companies
  5. Nandar Trade Union!
    Chronus_ 18-12-2016

    In Companies

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