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    Yeah trying not to, but I keep clicking on buttons on accident
  5. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    4. Every single one. Nobody gets left behind
  6. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    This is getting quite exciting. I have a few questions, they may have been asked before, but I've been rather busy to look through the forums to search the anwsers. What is the total size of the entire map going to be? Is there only 5 nations to choose from, or is there 6? Is there a limit number of times you can change between them? Is there any concept plan how the economy going to be like in this new version? Are the ducks from Evo migrating to Horizons?
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    You need to not be one of those people that like their own posts if you want anyone to respect you.
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  9. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    Olle's still not had anything to eat since the last sellt's kitchen
  10. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    foooood pls
  11. Hello Atherys! I'm back from holiday! (which, btw. was fantastic! literally!, Orcs, Magic, Undead, Elfs and War!) And now back to work for Horizons, which is progressing slowly but steady. So lets recap where we are right now: 1. Map The Horizons Map is still a work in progress (a test of the Gennaian Isles can be found here: Map Topic). The map maker has been working tirelessly to create countless assets ( no, seriously, we got him to count them up, it’s crazy the amount he’s actually created thus far ). Anything from trees and mushrooms to rocks and crystals. You already know, of course, that we plan to use the Conquest Reforged mod. The Horizons map will utilize the new blocks to create truly breathtaking landscapes. For Some pics i would suggest to check out our Twitter which is regularly updated: https://twitter.com/AtherysHorizons Also you can join our build-server build.atherys.com to see what others are working on for Horizons and/or plan your own stuff! 2. Internal Coded Plugins/Mods AtherysTowns Plots. Gone are the days of having to deal with pre-determined chunks of the world. The new Towns plugin does not operate using standard 16x16 plots of land. Instead, each plot is an independently defined rectangular bit of land, with some caveats. Minimum size and maximum area requirements will be imposed. This is primarily to prevent the claiming of extreme shapes such as a 1x256 plot or a 1x1 plot. Obviously, these sorts of claims would be malicious or utterly inefficient, which is why the plugin would prevent them. This Plugin is basically finished and ready to go (but we want to add some more nifty stuff like automated town managing to keep town members on their toes to keep it active). It has all the positives of Towny + a lot more good stuff - the bad stuff of Towny. AtherysCombat One hell of a Plugin head is coding here. It will be far more versatile than Heroes was and its visual representation will also make it much easier to use. A lot of it is finished and head is now working on the database for it. I think he has a lot of fun with that part. Quests & PvE The Quest team has evaluated several Quest and Mob mods and settled for BetterQuesting and and CustomNPC. They are "training" on both and working on a unique Quest experience. If you ever visited the Baile in Aloreh you know that we have some talented Quest writes, and with these Mods i know they will do some truly amazing stuff. CustomNPC also allows for some very different Mobs for you to fight which will stalk the Shattered Lands. Mounts We are also working on custom Mounts (i posted a pic of one in an earlier diary). This work is going a bit slow because i'm not that experienced at mod making, but i still making progress. Even learning 3D modelling in Bender (fascinating stuff). 3. Lore Here i like you to visit this post, recently made by Xathas: 4. Your Story This part i'm also working on personally and its going great. Sadly i can't show you much cause seeing code isn't that interesting. You will be able to see all achievements in chronological order and all the things you did in the World + add your own story parts. People will be able to see what you did in the past, including things that were one time events. Hopefully making your story unique. Additionally stats will be visible too. 5. PR We got a bit of a reconstruction in the PR Department (see here: PR) which you should read and check out. At least follow our twitter for all the newest Infos: https://twitter.com/AtherysHorizons 6. New Gear We have some Artists working on Textures for new Armor classes and new weapon types! In Horizons you can run around with a Mace! This will also be part of the evil money making scheme, Some of the textures will be sold as skins in the shop (only skins. No stat changes). So i think this is it for today. a recap where we are right now and a promise that all is still going smoothly -Sellt
  12. Instagram?

    Thank you Ed. Also I have no idea why your profile pic is in the middle of the screen.,
  13. Instagram?

    Insta is one of the best platforms to grow, so widely used, especially with the target demo of Minecraft. Really worth keeping up with. If you want any pics for it, feel free to take some from: http://www.gazamobuildteam.com/ Could be good just to get some content on Insta, there is a few old A'therys pics on there.
  14. Instagram?

    Subscribed :-)
  15. Instagram?

    Hello! Today I've setup A'therys an Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/atheryshorizons) We will use this to post pictures similarly to all our other social media, such as for the weekly screenshot competition, Horizons progress etc. This is something new and not many gaming communities or none to my knowledge have tried this, so let's give it a go. Go ahead and follow the account and you will recieve updates first on everything we are doing. That is all folks, hope you are all having a good week!
  16. A’therys Horizons Picture Contest

    Gennaian Islands Vision Hello! just thought I'd submit something I've been working on. It's still a work in progress as I am waiting for the Gennaian Islands build style to be released but this was my vision for how the Gennaian Islands would look, terrain and atmosphere wise and judging on some of the screenshots I've seen on twitter I'd like to think I came pretty close! Anyway I hope you appreciate this is a work in progress and work will continue once I have the official build styles. But as for now I was just messing around with some terraforming and wall designs for houses and I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out, I've tried to use and incorporate the new Conquest Reforged blocks where possible but finding it rather tricky with the block ID's with WE (if anyone can help me out with that please PM me). Cove stockpile Island Birdseye view Bay house wall design Tunnel Cove (soon to be hidden Dock) - Quayley IGN: Lentropy
  17. Gennaian Islands: Prototype Download

    Actually, there is a sellt diary on its way very very soon, today or tomorrow.
  18. Gennaian Islands: Prototype Download

    Been checking the forums almost daily now for weeks. Yes the screenshots look amazing and this map download is more tangible and I'm sure I'll have a blast flying around it but I was just wondering if you guys will be releasing any new info anytime soon? Anything, build styles, information about the new town system or even a Sellt's Diary? Cheers.
  19. Good afternoon everyone! Our map maker DarthEnigma (@TrueDarthEnigma) has been hard at work with a prototype version for the Gennaian Islands. Please see below for the planet minecraft link where you will be able to download the world. https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/gennaian-islands-prototype-weareconquest-conquestreforged-atheryshorizons/ This world is obviously available publically, therefore it can be used however you wish. These islands are also a prototype so probably will not be used in the final Horizons map, but hopefully you get a good idea of the quality and idea we are going for Thank you for reading. -Staff Team
  20. Sellt Chat this friday

    Interesting... Ill try to make it. Unfortunately the Sellt Chat is the 2nd day of school RIP.
  21. PR Team Update

  22. PR Team Update

    a cold one with jayarrarr <3
  23. PR Team Update

  24. PR Team Update

    crack what?
  25. Nostalgia

    love you dude
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