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  1. Yesterday
  2. Yea it's great. You mean Curse? Yea, we can
  3. What would you name an Alor town in Daidama?
  4. Can't you just use the twitch launcher
  5. Last week
  6. Is it good and easy?
  7. yeltauq=Quayley
  8. We are thinking of keeping with our custom launcher that @Ares Vendencia made (and continously maintained ) From what I heard Technic is a bit strange with updated and stuff
  9. Quick question, will the mods be available as a modpack in the techniclauncher?
  10. I do indeedy have an incredible pixel artist! Unfortunately, she is in art school, younger then I, (shocking), and doesn't like responsibilities. Much like me. So, this entire post was useless. Just my kind of post! =D
  11. Medieval China? So are we talking more Ming, Yuan, Tang, or Song dynasties? I've only put out those dynasties as they're the major imperial dynasties that ruled over the bulk of medieval China-proper instead of one of the many times China broke. I'm guessing more Yuan since the Mongols were the ones that actually ruled over Tibet under what was essentially a major successor of imperial China and the Mongol Empire. Unless you go into the early modern era in which the Qing would be a good candidate. In fact, considering A'therys has a range of influences that go up to the early 20th century (thank you Alor radio for the benchmark), the Qing might be appropriate. Also, now that I know Daidama is more of a China-based nation I can potentially justify an Alor trade/treaty port there! <3 <3 <3
  12. yelyauQ my boi!!!! Welcome back
  13. @Dannie Yeah I saw that I hopped on but no ones seems to be talking?
  14. hey, we have a discord now quayley you can join if you wish
  15. Hey, I'm Quayley, not sure if anymore remembers me but I've been around since V1, I haven't been playing of recent but A'therys is and always will be very dear to me, I come back and check the forums every now and again to see whats happening and have been wanting to jump back into A'therys for awhile now and I think I just found a reason to with Horizons. Just got a few questions if anyone could answer them? been trying to answer them myself via news and the diary but no luck. I think I'm correct in thinking Horizons is rather early development but was wondering if there is any sort of window for its completion? Also from what I've read this is a fresh start, really like that it's going modded so much potential, but with the custom mods and plugins does this mean potentially improved performance in PvP? As when I used to play there was nothing more aggravating than PvP lag in big team fights. Lastly would I be somewhat right to make a WynnCraft comparison at all? with how the game play mechanics would work? Completely custom weapons ect? Thanks in advance!
  16. I swear to you that it actually has a hidden meaning that relates to Daidama, and it's not just random Mandarin-sounding words.
  17. i made a crowd of like 100 people dance to fireflies by owl city last night

  18. And we are back. -Money is fixed from what I can tell, if there is something I've missed be sure to raise it. -Portals will be back soon, for now "/golevel" is our replacement. Head is really busy working on our sponge plugins! Thankyou

    1. redninja685




  20. Ching Chong Cheng
  21. tbh the capital's name sounds kinda racist but okay
  22. Ima get Head to adjust the way they work, existing ones will be fine tho
  23. Quickly checking for clarity; will we need to remake Netherportals or will existing ones automatically change over?
  24. To be fair... I wouldn't mind seeing A'therys' version of a world martial arts tournament :3
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