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  2. @MisChiv simply because you do not agree with an idea that can potentially move us forward doesnt mean you have to bash it. And in what way would this new concept affect you or any other PVPer as a player. As I stated before this is how we make progress by not just appealing to the PVP community but to the RP community as well. For example, have you ever stopped to think why we dont have a bigger RPer playerbase? Well simply stated its because we dont have the tools, rules, or other such thing in place for RPers to thrive and come alive. The only time, in the time that I have played, have I seen RP in action and that was at events. I hardly ever if ever saw RP outside of events. This is a chance for us to move forward and progress so that we can appeal to not just our PVP community, which admittadly does take up alot of our population, and appeal to a new community of RPers which will help us bring in more people, bring people in that have been hiding, and so forth. This is not a move of deterioration but of progress. We should at least give it a chance and if it doesnt work out we can simply remove it. What is wrong with trying new things in hopes of progress that cannot be changed later. Im sure many of the staff will agree that progress is key and that this is a step in the right direction at least for now. IF ... and thats a big if.... it doesnt work out. We can simply remove whatever it is they have in mind be it plugin, rules, etc. Its not like its a hard thing to do and really all the PVPers hopping in here and saying its a terrible idea for the sake of leanining towards more pvp heavy aspects is a sign of hinderance towards possible progress.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Wish i was sometimes ;P
  5. Hi, I am currently working on a huge project and I am looking for some decent builders. Just send me a pm for more information if you're interested
  6. Last week
  7. I feel like as a PvPer on this server I've been discriminated against. 

  8. You're telling me that in the 4 year lifespan of an RP/PVP server, not a single person thought of this before now? And then suddenly when it's suggested every RP'er (of which a tiny minority actually log in) goes "oh my god what a new and original idea we love it and must have it!"?
  9. Because it's a new idea.
  10. Explain why no-one has ever made or suggested one then. Either the 'majority (over 50% of them) are really lazy in procuring things that they want, or you're bluffing.
  11. That's literally the opposite opinion of the majority of the RPers on this thread.
  12. i will raise the dead like the night king and bringing back Bastion to its former glory while mounting @werwew19
  13. If people wanted this sort of thing, it would already exist. It's a set of RP rules. If RP'ers actually cared enough about implementing an RP roll-based system, they would of made one themselves, ages ago. In the time that atherys has existed, this has never occurred. To waste even slight amounts of time on something that has so clearly never been needed is still a waste of resources, wether it be a big waste or a small one.
  14. I have no idea. @HaedHutner rise and shine little one
  15. Question: What is the mechanic going to be specifically, cause nobody has said at all in this whole thread what it's going to be. Like I said earlier in this thread, talking about the addition specifically would help people discuss the mechanic instead of spewing chaos. All the staff has said so far is that it's going to be for RP, completely optional, and that's about it.
  16. Yeah, I've said what I feel about this addition already, Peace out Girl Scouts
  17. I think we had many productive conversations in this thread though.
  18. I take it i missed a lot.

    1. Dannie


      YOU MISSED MINE AND RED'S BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. it's okay I forgive you
  20. Point taken. I'm going to remove myself from the discussion as well. You guys are right, I did often times reply with some pretty disrespectful comments of my own, though usually in response to people who were already being disrespectful. And yes, this thread did leave me very much frustrated, which resulted in some very frustrated replies. As you have very well pointed out. I try to avoid being hypocritical, but upon analyzing my posts from this thread that's pretty much what I've done in the end. With that being said, I'm going to withdraw from the thread as well.
  21. I'd personally think that you were one of the first people to start this argument with Destruct, you replied to him in a very hostile manner which lead to this argument. Also you can't act like this argument is something you yourself didn't have a big influence on when you did in fact make personal attacks on many players..... I know you're frustrated and at the end of the day know how players should act and how this argument gets resolved, but I genuinely think that you should look back on previous posts and realize how you've been treating this players is just wrong.
  22. Shut up. You have absolutely no right to say that when you yourself are to blame for the argument among others. You are the most childish person I have ever seen on these forums, and there are literal 11 year olds. Grow up. It's sad this needs to be said about an admin, a 19 year old at that. "The way all this gets resolved is by both sides trying to be more mature than the other. Not the other way around." You attempt to be mature, but throw multiple pernicious statements bashing people. Look back on what you say and better yourself or you will never succeed in a professional environment.
  23. My man, you literally entered the thread hostile. You even targeted someone by claiming they didn't know the definition of a word. You are equally or even more so at fault than others in the thread.
  24. And then you guys ask why we don't discuss ideas with you prior to implementing. Even this tiny, insignificant change which will in no way effect PvP has essentially devolved into a discussion on RP or PvP elitism with an "Us vs Them" mentality. An RP PvP system may not kill the community, but this attitude may certainly do. Both sides are to blame here.
  25. Just a reminder on this as some of you have forgotten. This feature would be completely optional and not enforced by staff or rules at all. And if it is to be used, all people using it at the RP event would need to agree to use it. If you are just a PvPer who doesn't RP like myself, this won't affect you at all.
  26. RP PVP already exists. This is simply a method to improve or make it a usable feature for RPers. Also, please get this ridiculous idea out of your head that this RP-PVP feature somehow replaces or is equal to minecraft PVP. Many RPers don't PVP and wouldn't do so anyways so how does adding this make the community smaller?
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