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  2. Happy bday Senor Chen @Velkas

  3. Rip the only one who gave a fuck. Whelp, I'm Audi, have a good afterlife atherys.
  4. Today
  5. * OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE OFFICE OF LADY ADMIRAL * Effective Friday, April 28, 2017, I, Khari Draegze (@ultravioletpixie), will resign my post as Lady Admiral of Ithero. I am exceedingly grateful to my countrymen for their support, wisdom and patience during my tenure. Without question, serving the people of Ithero has been my lifes greatest honor, and for that honor, I thank you, my comrades. For now, I will return to my home in Salacia, where I will reside for a brief time, before departing for destinations yet unknown. As such, Salacia, which has served a haven for those new to our lands for some years, will no longer be able to serve in this capacity. It is my hope, however, that from among our neighbors and friends, another Itheri town may take up the mantle, and fill the void that will be left behind. In closing, I want to thank you all again, and offer my sincerest hope for continued growth and prosperity in Ithero. I will always remember my time as Lady Admiral with the fondest of memories, and hope that you can say the same. Thank you, and goodbye! Khari Draegze, Lady Admiral of Ithero ~May you find happiness and success in all you pursue, and may the twin gods light your way when your journey becomes shrouded in darkness.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I think if they just change up the timelines in history for each game, then it won't feel like your playing the same thing over and over again(Black Ops 3,Advanced Warfare,Infinite Warfare) True
  8. If it's as accurate as BF1 is we can expect to see lazer guns and force fields in WWII.
  9. Morgan Webb from about 12 years ago shudders in horror at yet another WW2 game, a COD game at that, coming out.
  10. Why are all you merchants/rpers so freaking cringey lmao 

    "My point was to laugh as the server sinks slowly into the grave"

    "Also I love the anger. It feeds me."

    "Now I'm just laughing at it because how pathetic it is for a server like this to go whimpering into the dark."

    1. Sund_Wixius


      Lmao shut up nerd you dont even rp like me, I get all the girls and you are just jealous LOL

    2. Captain Sjielt

      Captain Sjielt

      I like how I'm suddenly "alloy rpers/merchants"

  11. The Loghec are already free to live out their lives. Whether or not it's under foreign occupation is another question however.
  12. "This is like getting back together with an ex because they swear they've changed. ... I hope they've changed." - a comment on reddit
  13. I've been waiting a long time for Call of Duty to come back to World War 2, that time has come and it looks gooooood
  14. With fire and blood.
  15. Sooo... should I not be getting the ducks ready?
  16. #FreeRoreg
  17. I cannot confirm whether or not I have made any agreement with the suzerain of Vrovona and the self-proclaimed Regent of Ar-Selukk.
  18. Also I'm marrying @kingsransom cause politics.
  19. Also I'm marrying @kingsransom cause politics. Like this.... I feel betrayed ;-;
  20. the goverment of Vrovona had learned that our long standing ally have betrayed us! there was a secret pact with the High Mediator Xinxet to hand over VROVONIC roreg to Aloreh and his goverement. Furthermore ithero has procured a slanderous screenshot which was clearly photoshopped. Therefore we ransacked the allied nation shop in calastore and have conducted a naval bombardment of the city of Salecia. The facade has faded. @ultravioletpixie Your move. Also I'm marrying @kingsransom cause politics.
  21. I think you guys are forgetting one thing. Dan is the grand marshal. He doesn't have that kind of power to give out.
  22. This is hot
  23. finally playing and performing my music in front of a crowd on monday was the most surreal and amazing experience of my life and im so very very excited for the future :)

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    2. Dannie


      What was the name of the music show ?


    3. Aurek


      it was just one at my school -  nothing crazy. but i may be playing a local festival in june :)

    4. Captain Sjielt

      Captain Sjielt

      You should really try to get some footage next time man. I for one would love to see it, but also if you think it's something  worth pursuing, it couldn't hurt to get a YouTube/SoundCloud out for it.

  24. if you want it for your signature. could only do 700 x 300 ( did 700 x 200 ) 725 x 200 would show it good but we have a sig size limit. But yeah there ya guys go.
  25. Last week
  26. You do know me being quiet like.... Isn't a thing right?
  27. It feeds you huh? I dont know about you but i was taught that you shouldnt talk with your mouth full. disrespectful
  28. Nice to see positive feedback, kinda hard to get noticed on YouTube. If anyone would like to add me on Battlenet the name's "RandumbCrits", it's nice having people to help me with the little skits like at the beggining, and join me in games.
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