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  1. Past hour
  2. that looks hot
  3. Also if anyone wants the mp4 file let me know.
  4. It seems I have been outplayed. Sorry dan.
  5. Thats just the name of the font. Grow up
  6. Dope.
  7. Was testing a plugin in After Effects and used the A'therys logo for the test. Here's the result, thought someone might enjoy it here. Might take a while to load.
  8. Thanks for the info, you'll see why I asked in a post coming right about now. Although I didn't need the actual font for it in the end.
  9. Uhhh why not WhiteChancery? Rascist
  10. This one of those classic meme videos 1+
  11. Today
  12. Wanna bet? @Dan The Derp @Chadrian @Brady1233
  13. Amirite?
  14. Yes Madame. Vro owns Ithero.
  15. Eh nvm I changed my mind. Defend my honour!
  16. I like the end animation with the dude and the machinegun. Perhaps choose a style of font for your channel and use it for the previous montage etc. Also, in my opinion just having the thanks for watching line in the description rather than the vid would look more appealing. Other than that that is some solid footage. Good job bud
  17. nice!
  18. no problem
  19. K

    There is only so much you can know bud. We have said this many times: A'therys isn't dying anytime soon. We've been around for what, 5 years and we arn't stopping at that milestone. You might think its over, that's your opinion. We are still fighting as a staff team to continue A'therys for as long as possible and we have no intent to stop. Heavy comments, people trying to prove us wrong - it just makes us stronger. Also you arn't the first person to say that its fun to see the server die. Most people we ban, who have 0% chance of coming back on their banned accounts, say that too! I think it must be the common comments to make when you don't get your own way. But, please do give me some examples of things we have 'shut down' without a reason, I am curious.
  20. K

    My point was to laugh as the server sinks slowly into the grave Not so much at the server dying, more jut the fact that ppl are letting it happen So to sum it up K This is fine I'm allright with this K Also I love the anger. It feeds me. The moral bussybodying is just.... Just great. I've tried what I can for this server, and it either didn't work or got shut down. Now I'm just laughing at it because how pathetic it is for a server like this to go whimpering into the dark.
  21. Great Question needed to know this! Thank you Dannie for the Info!
  22. When you are looking for a laptop for gaming but is reasonable to do AutoCAD and SolidWorks and with Photoshop and Blender. Look at my priorities...Sigh I am a mess xD

    1. Dannie


      Anything is better than the family chipset Dell laptop I used to use. Utter crap.

  23. Yesterday
  24. K

    My Boy! I need a word with ya. Hit me up on Skype. Now for the serious bit. When you posted this, what did you hope to achieve? Show the community that the server isn't the best shape, because we are all unaware of this issue? Did you maybe want to do the whole "Hey look I was the only dude online!" gag which has definitely not been overdone. Or maybe this was to point out that SKYFALL 1.0 has just been released and you want some mates to play this AWESOME new minigame with? Maybe if you didn't quite understand my sarcasm, I'll spell it out. This solves absolutely, categorically, nothing. It's not even worth anything from a humorous perspective. Grow up or offer some legitimate help. -Chiv
  25. too many meme to not like
  26. I worked pretty hard on this so a like or sub would be awesome, I know there are some people in the A'therys community who love Overwatch so here ha go.
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