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A'therys Teamspeak Guide

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TeamSpeak Guide.
Typing in game can sometimes get annoying. In a busy server you will find that the chat box moves very quickly. Despite the fact that in the server there is a local and global chat channel, it is much better to communicate with your friends in real time.
TeamSpeak is your answer. TeamSpeak offers people a chance to join channels and sit with their friends and chat about what ever game you are playing, or even whatever topic you wish to discuss. It’s a great place to meet new people and it’s also a great place to get the attention of staff members. We are always in the TeamSpeak and love to chat to our players. TeamSpeak is completely free to use and the software is safe, it’s been around for many years. 

Our TeamSpeak Rules are simple:
Treat everyone with respect
Watch your language
Do not hassle others
Do not broadcast audio over TeamSpeak.

You will need to download and install TeamSpeak and you can find the link here:

Please make sure you download the correct one for your operating system. Either 32 or 64bit.
Once you have that downloaded you will need to go through the setup. After that’s complete it brings up a box to input your nickname, IP and password.

The IP is: chat.atherys.com
There is no password.
Once you are logged in you will see various different channels. To join these chats, you must request the Member rank from a staff member. You can pm a staff member on the forums or ingame for this rank.

Once you have the member rank, pick the chat that is appropriate for you. The staff channels are password protected so these will be off limits, the rest is free to use. Enjoy.

Edited by Dannie

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