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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Thank you for reading. -A'therys Administration


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    Probably not. But if you remember us, Good on you. As some of our friends on here know, We've been together for a good, I dun know, 3 years now? Yeah let's go with that. As a fun update for Atherys, I figured ay, Let's share what happened now, shall we? For one; Meagan moved! That's right, we're closer now. No more 30 hour train rides! And as a second yet main reason why this post exist's; We Got married! That's right, We met on this very server, 4 years ago. Even though we aren't active anymore, we've gained friends, and family, from this very minecraft server. We always sit and talk about the old atherys, and how much it's changed, but in the end, this server started a long life of two people who were over 1,000 miles apart. And that's thanks to a few people (That I won't mention but they know who they are) Thank you Atherys, For making us who we are. Two very happy people, who'll always have you as a part of our lives. <3 Sincerly; MeaganNessen96 (Now known as Marppy)
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    I think it's about time to take a step back and look at this in a broader perspective. As you both correctly point out, it's a matter of motivation. For the entire lifespan of A'therys, the primary motivation to PvP, besides the general enjoyment of it, has been obtaining loot from the players that you've killed. This is all good fun, but if you actually analyze it as a piece of game design, you will find it to be an incredible cheap method of motivating PvP. One could even argue that it's rather lazy, seeing as you're not actually motivating players with actual content that you're producing, but instead just leaving them to themselves. I'm not here to tell you whether it's a good or a bad system, since both have their benefits, but I will however attempt to paint a larger picture. A'therys as a game is meant to be played extensively, meaning that it's not played in matches like a MOBA, RTS or FPS. As with all games we play them for the sake of progress. That's the motivation that keeps us playing, but the key difference is the way progress is portrayed. In said game genres your progress typically exists in the form of ranks. You play a match, lose all your items, and then move on not caring about having lost your items, because that's not a core part of your progress. It's typically here that you will find a design system similar to the one we have on A'therys. The important thing to take from this, is that this design philosophy fits well into these types of games, because their extensive progress is a separate entity from the game itself i.e. ranks, prestige etc. That's why you see them using system's similar to the one on A'therys. On the flip side you will see that in games that are meant to be played in extensively such as RPGs, one of the main means of progress comes from items. The better an item is, the harder it is to obtain. As HeadHunter pointed out, one of their goals with Horizons is to introduced a larger variety of items to be obtained. With the old trend of very easily obtained gear, it made sense to simply have players lose their items upon death. However with this new larger variety of gear, I can definitely see how the system that HeadHunter is suggesting would leave room for more design space. The main thing to take from this though is that you're removing the currently only bit of motivation that incentivizes PvP. To make up for this you need content, and this is where the main problem arises. By now it should be obvious that their are pros and cons to each bit of game design. Personally I am a firm believer that item diversity and keeping items on death leaves room for overall more and better game design, but it will only ever work if you have a replacement for the motivation that it removes in the form of content. If the staff is not up to the task of designing and implementing reliable content, then it's basically suicide to implement a system like that as it would just remove the only incentive people have to play the game. On the other hand if executed properly, you'll see an overall more enjoyable game with additional elements of progress which will help with player retention and general satisfaction playing the game. To end off this post, I would like to quickly address an alternative to both systems; a hybrid if you will. I personally believe that this is a good solution as you're not risking nearly as much while satisfying both sides of the argument. Players will not lose their armour and weapons upon death, but everything else in their inventory would be lost. By making PvP be active everywhere and fast travel harder to come by, you essentially force players to transport materials around, which allows other players pray upon them. To come by the rare types of items and materials, you will have to enter a different type of zone, where players will lose everything upon death. This will create a risk-reward situation, which I personally believe would be good for the game. Players aren't forced to bring their best gear, but doing so will increase your chances of winning in battle and obtaining more valuables. By doing this you're essentially combining the best of both designs, while not relying on staff to produce nearly as much quality content to keep up motivation. On top of this you could add objectives in- and outside of the battle zones, so everybody's needs would be tended to. In short you won't risk anything that you don't want to risk, while increasing design space for future content. I hope that this brought some light to the discussion that you were all having, as it seemed to me that you we're both talking without taking into consideration what the other persons intentions and motivations were. When it comes to general game design I think it's important to not forget to listen to what others are saying and to constantly reevaluate which systems could potential solve the larger amount of concerns. Thanks for reading. - Aller @Destruct @HaedHutner
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    A'therys Build Team Application! Application Hotlink -> Here A'therys Build Team Information Hello A'therys community, so far progress on A'therys Horizons has been going great and the Build Team is excited to be looking for fresh talent to join our ranks. We look to bring the vision of Horizons to life by working closely with The lore Team. You can help us out greatly with this project by being given the opportunity to work alongside a team of talented builders who support one another to create an amazing & interactive environment for members of this community to experience in the future. If this initial application is accepted you will be contacted via the A'therys forums in regards to a 72 hour build trial which will be built on the A'therys Plot Server. This trial build will be voted either Pass or Fail by all members of the Build Team, if your trial build passes inspection we will discuss places to improve and where your talent was most apparent. If your trial is not a passing build, we will discuss ways you can improve in the future and you will be able to attempt another build trial once a week has passed. General Rules 1. When building as a team, coordinate effectively by working in the Build Team Chat on the A'therys TeamSpeak. If you do not have a functioning microphone, it still helps to be able to hear what others are discussing by being in the channel with them. 2. Attend a minimum of one meeting per month if called. It is preferred that members attend as many meetings as possible to keep everyone on the same page and in the loop. 3. Activity is judged based on overall work completed, not how much you are around. Discussion in relation to the team's current project is expected, as well as actively working on the project at hand. Life is something we all experience and down time is a must to maintain a healthy mind, though projects do need to be completed in a timely manner and joining the team does mean you are a part of project completion, please keep this in mind. This team is composed of builders and doers, not title collectors. 4. There is no priority given to A'therys staff members, current or former. All ideas are welcome and all have a say within the team hierarchy. Build Team Ranks Build Manager: This individual is head of the build team and oversees all projects to ensure everything is being created at a quality level and on a timely fashion Architect: These individuals act as heads of design for projects and have total authority when it comes to planning and structure placement, they also look after the builders and help them understand where to put structures and how to build them Builder: These individuals are normal members of the build team and help with tasks which are asked of them, they are able to express creativity and try new things with their designs and can check with the Architects and or Build Manager to ensure their creations are of quality
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    After reading everything I see a few problems happening over and over. 1. people are talking as if they speak for a whole subset of people. The people's voice is not a smart stance to take. This issue was more so happening at the start so I am happy that more players are talking in a 'what I would like to see' format. As this prevents polarization and extrapolation of points made. 2. polarization of stances. the you are either for or against us mindset , Which is fundamentally a pitfall and one that is easily fallen into. Arguments such as: 'it is only going to work if you do this and nothing else' are ultimately non-productive as others are either forced to reject it completely or agree with it. So no room for nuances or discussion. 3. People are fundamentally argueing from different perspectives, about different things while assuming the 'other side' to be villains. So any counter argument is usually dismissed and most of the arguments do not actually address what the other is saying. In this regard I would say hats-off for the staff who are clear, concise and do address the points raised by the players. 4. acting as if 'your' group is simultaneously the majority and oppressed minority. Or any other contradictory claims. It becomes very hard to take someone serious when they first argue that they deserve something because of 'reason A' while directly afterwards claiming 'reason B' which negates 'reason A'. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay on to the discussion as I do have a few questions myself. A good pvp system does not only have the attacker in mind when it is about mechanics. How does the recipient of the attack experience said attack might even be more important. It is why balancing shooters such as splatioon and team fortress is so difficult. I named these two as they do have good examples on how it is done right. But in Atherys the fact of getting gimped over and over in a town where you spawned was no fun for me. And this is not a question of getting good as it was often 1 vs 5 and they camped it specifcally when only one or 2 people were around. So I was forced to just logg off during those times, which incidentally was the only time I could be on. So this meant I had to stop playing atherys. How can we prevent such a problem? Would some kind of towns guard be an option? As rampant killing in a town where law and order is rule is a bit strange. Why were towns created in the first place? To create non-griefable areas I presume. Were they also meant as safe havens against constant killing or did that come later? Do towns create new problems in the way that towns create hotspots of players? As in you won't find people to fight in the wilderniss as easily as in a town. @JupiterRome It seems to me that you view RP as a subset of PVP. If so I can understand where you come from a lot more. On the other hand I would argue that for me PVP would be a subset to RP. So how do we address this fundamental difference in thinking? As PvP to me can be fun, but I do not play on any PvP server for a reason. Without just cause it feels arbitrary and cruel to me. In that sense I do not agree what this Vorske person says about PvP and RP being opposites as this statement destroys any kind of discourse. In that sense a balance of yin and yang ought to be possible. Maybe magical protection of towns feels cheap, so what other ways are there to create a safe zone for people who wish to be relatively safe from raiders and killers. If towns do not have such a system I do not see a point in living in one as those will naturally become hotspots for fights. Which is something I would rather not have. If towns are not safe it would force me to the wilderniss which would paradoxically be the safer place. Griefing is possible yes, but I would not be camped by other players. On the other hand in the wilderness I can not sell my services as a redstone engineer, builder, or build large redstone structures as my inventory would never be safe, I would not start large projects as any can and will be griefed in time. Making my stay in Atherys pointless in the end. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why I come to this server (in no particular order): The interesting class system Nice map Interesting lore The chance to RP Developing my love for redstone that I found on this server. Nostalgia The chance to PvP reasonable staff So if those things stay true and remain possible I will continue enjoying atherys.
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    Hello Atherys! A little Diary from me today, hopefully I can tell you guys a lot more next week or the one after. Website I want to remind you all that at the end of the Month the Forum will get wiped so we can switch to the new Nations setup. This will also solve another issue we have; the forum takes up way too much space (years of posts and pictures). So make sure you save what you want to keep and prepare to fill up the new Forum! We already added the first new thing to the website: https://atherys.com/forum/gallery/ End of Atherys Ascended So, soon we will take down the Server to enter the next development stage off Horizons. For that we wonder if you would join us for a final purge event + TS party! Saying goodbye to a good time and getting ready to say hello to the next. Weapons and Armor We are now detailing what kind of new Ores and Ingredients can be found In the shattered lands. With these you will be able to craft he highest tiers of Weapons and Armor. We are also finalizing the list of weapon types we will have (way more than just a sword, an axe and a staff!). We also will create additional textures (skin) or all of them. Some can be found in game, many others will be sold via the shop. Plugins & Mods Still work to do there, but head is making progress working on the combat plugin at the moment. I still work on the mount mod (soon we will know who won the contest! Hope not too complicate to make ). Build Team As you can see on the Forum, we are looking for more Builders. So if you think you are a good one fill out an application! Twitter I you want to keep up with the newest Atherys news follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/AtherysHorizons Hurricane And as the last part of the Diary I want to ask you to pray and have your thoughts with all the islands and Florida and hope that the Hurricane will not hit to hard. If you are in the area or have people there, I wish you good luck and hope you stay safe. -Sellt
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    A’therys was always populated by a majority that were PvP focused. My biggest mistake with A’therys was trying to please both parties, this led to countless arguments, loss of staff and loss of countless players. Fact of the matter is, PvP will win out every single time in terms of numbers. Having PvP safe zones or allowing towns to turn off PvP will always piss of the bulk of Pvp’ers as it makes the server not fun at all. You can’t segregate PvP to certain zones either because its just not fun (unless it’s a specific minigame). Learn from my mistakes, decide what you are going to do from the start of this new server, market it as such and DO NOT CHANGE IT, or you will end up with the same miserable mess I did. Its either going to be a PvP server or its not, you cannot have both and expect a good result. I tried, I failed for almost 6 years.
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    Leaked Horizons combat against an zombie in UHD 4k gameplay.... @MisChiv @HaedHutner @Dannie @Dani @Sellt @Xathas @redninja685
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    Ok guys, let's all take a step back here and get back to the actual discussion of the topic at hand. Athena, stop saying the guys arguing for pvp are biased, they're merely arguing for a part of the server they enjoy. If you want to argue counterpoints, be my guest, but yelling bias won't get you any points. The rest of you, stop the k spam. I don't want this thread locked, cause you guys can have a good discussion, but I will if I have to.
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    Because the only motivation for PvPing is items dropped on death, and you'd be destroying that. I like to PvP mainly on your server, and if I'm not motivated to PvP, I'm not motivated to play. Also, don't take from one archetype of a server to give to another without proposing a replacement for what you took away or something equivalent. People who concentrate on that archetype will just be angry - no matter what archetype it is (RP, Trading, PvP, etc.). Merchanting and Trading has been mostly dead in recent iterations of A'therys, the only time I've seen it thrive was in V1 (where market towns thrived and there were MANY items available). People liked to hoard all their items and goods and things in recent iterations of A'therys - find a means or reason to make them circulate and trade or sell those hoarded goods and there's your solution. Yora was simply a number in recent A'therys, you didn't do much with it, and people that had a lot of Yora didn't spend it at all. If you have many people just keeping their assets that's not helping anything. Furthermore, If you make people keep their items on death you're just contributing to people hoarding goods (since people will just go PvP with what they're able to keep on death on them) and PvPers will only fight PvPers in PvP fights cause raiding towns on A'therys is a no-no cause people can just toggle PvP in their towns or just have it off all the time. If you want to make the Merchanting/Trading archetype aspects of the server better, don't mess with PvP rewards and ect. fix the "hoarding" problem first.
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    Horizons is a sequel server to the current A'therys. Think of it as a sort of V5. And it's not just a few slight changes. The ENTIRE server is being renewed. Some notable changes are that the current six nations are being deleted. Five new nations, Kilnholdt, Atvoria, Daidama, Dalkun Tir, and the Gennaian Isles are being created. It is described that the new nations are completely separate from the current six, existing on the other side of the planet. Each nation has a unique culture, build style, landscape, and government. There is also a sixth new nation, known as the Shattered Lands. This nation is unplayable, and is the most massive of the six. It will be filled with loot and monsters, making it the new PvE world. The map will be a bit smaller than it is now, with the nations being about the same sizes as the current ones, along with reduced ocean sizes. Many new features are being added, and most old ones are being scrapped. While some features are just plain cool(mounts and player lore integration), others are just really good improvements, like the town and combat systems. Heroes and towny are being completely scrapped in favor of more versatile, and easy-to-use systems. For example, towns no longer get purchased from the store. You earn them based off ingame achievements. Also, the store. No longer will purchasing from the store give you gameplay boosts. The store will ONLY sell cosmetic items, like weapon skins. Also, custom weapons. For actual in depth info though, you should really check these links: Oh dear lord have I glitched out Xathas' lore log... Seems I can't get into the most recent one, and on Sellt's link it shows this comment....
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    The idea that an system cannot be put in place to please both PVPers and RPers is a flawed point. This server is designed for both PVPers and RPers. Atherys has beautiful lore, a detailed map, and in-depth nation politics for this specific idea. It is quite blatantly obvious that some people only like one or the other. For a PVP/RP system to work, people need to understand that both can happen and should happen under their own right. I have much experience and enjoy both RP and PVP. Our lore team does just as many wonders as our PVP team. A'therys is a very special server indeed in the fact that it tries to accommodate and encompass both systems. TL;DR We should try our damned hardest to incorporate PVP and RP in this server as both systems have the same right to exist. I can think of some things, but I won't extrapolate too far past the idea: 1. An international war system. 2. Drawing the point of PVP past raiding and more to organized team fights or wars. 3. Having an Event team that helps make in-game events and other players start their own events. (This includes RP and PVP Events.) 4. Encourage player events in general.
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    Guys, back on topic. I really don't wanna stop the main conversation, but I will if I have to.
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    I can't stop people having screenshots Athena. I am not a wizard. I can ask them not to post it, that is all.
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    The server was dead with ~10 people online at a time until Tir Zyhul and and Harvikircame back and the server population shot up to 60+. I think you need to realize that whether you like it or not PvP is what keeps the server alive, (Who donates money to buy levels??? PvPers to PvP or people who sit in a town talking in chat???) I feel like if you actually want people to take you seriously you shouldn't randomly add your political views to it, also I'm 100% going to say how I feel about something and I feel like you calling me dumb and bias towards PvP (ofc I will be for something because I enjoy it) is just ignorant and childish. PvPers will and forever will fight for something they enjoy, thats how logic works. Thats what I'm saying we are in fact focusing on the wrong things, I don't think we should focus on RP at all and thats my opinion just as yours is that we shouldn't focus on PvP. The fourms are a place for discussion and I feel like ending discussions when people are simply voicing their opinion accomplishes nothing but aggravate both sides. tl;dr @Athena we weren't flaming anyone and were simply giving our opinions and I don't think you should come in here and just straight up flame us for sharing our opinions simply because you disagree with them. EDIT********** I find it hilarious how you bring up his profile picture being Rick Sanchez, who is a character in some cartoon when yours is another one from some random cartoon.
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    I think forced PvP is the way to go and PvP hotspots will never work simply because the people who work on them have said they will try to do this over and over again and can never get it right but w/e., I don't think you can call anyone looney when you literally told someone you're going to hire a hitman because they made fun of you on the internet. You're just wrong in saying you're catering to a large community because the fact of the matter is that you're not catering to PvPers and never have been, and with the people who are making the decisions you never will be. People aren't jumping bandwagon because "things are going south" they are jumping ship because they tell you exactly what they want and are ignored over and over again until they just quit. I'm genuinely impressed that vorske said something like that and you decided that the only thing to take from it is to learn from his mistakes. He says things that I and a few other people working on the PvP team have been saying since Evo died. He Literally says that in his experience "Atherys was always populated by a majority that were PvP focused" Which everyone who isn't in denial will agree with. He also says that the "Fact of the matter is, PvP will win out every single time in terms of numbers" which I also agree with. You need to realize that whether you like it or not you need to look at things from a logical business perspective, I get you wanna get your way and do the server you want but at the end of the day that server will never be successful because the server always has been a server that attracts PvPers more then RPers Look at any times the server has had higher numbers in the past and you'll realize its because PvP is something that brought it back, certain people are straight up denying things that everyone without a blindfold on can see.
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    V1 was wilderness pvp at all times and even forced pvp in towns on Wednesdays... Atherys is a PvP server no matter how many people refuse to admit it. If you want to be safe in your town, build high walls and tactical structures. If you want to be safe while travelling, have a protection detail or take routes where people won't find you. The way the game works shouldn't be tailored around a person or group of people, said party needs to adapt to their environment and learn to work around it. There's always a way.
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    Well, if LoTC can do it, I'm sure I can figure something out. I'll look into this further.
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    A wonderful combination build by myself and Baurrus. Started off with my tower, then his command centre, then the walls.
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    Hi all! With the server closing down on the 30th, I thought I'd get together one last set of dungeon delves for those who wanted to take one last crack at the dungeons! Below is my planned schedule of delves. Tuesday, September 19th: The Archaic Mineshaft: 7:00 pm Eastern Time Thursday, September 21st: Boss Hunt : Habirah the Inferno, Durg the Deathreaver, and the Netherdragon: 7:00 pm Eastern Time Saturday, September 23rd: Allaka's Stockade : 12:00 noon and 5:00pm Eastern Time Sunday, September 24th: Parkour, Parkour : The Voiceless Chambers, The Crescent Depths : 12:00 noon Eastern Time Tuesday, September 26th: The Archaic Mineshaft: 7:00 pm Eastern Time : Boss Hunts after if time allows Thursday, September 28th: Allaka's Stockade 7:00 pm Eastern Time
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    My post was not directed towards anyone. I just wanted to voice my opinion. Dani was right saying I posted it in reference as a joke to the last bit but I stand behind the principles I outlined in the first bit. I don't think it's wise to have a preset system such as an admin shop which determines the price of a product indirectly of the purpose the shops were meant to serve. I will not get in the way of people wanting to make their own price lists as they have been done before, and price list tends to vary, though I wouldn't find it amusing if those price lists were taken by canon word for every single trader out there. Prices should always be dictated by bargaining power and what players believe their effort and resource values to them. If we preset the prices then we will begin to lose out on competition and bargaining power. We cannot stop people from bartering, you may find in the early days people will barter simply because they don't have yora, we cannot stop that. In v2 I had to barter a lot simply because I could not get yora because there was no accissible fund to it; because of situations like that we are reviewing the way in which yora comes into the economy very carefully. You see, if staff say dirt is worth between 0.30 yora -1.10 yora you would live your whole life believing that is law. It does not factor in the worth of what people gained the resources for. Even worse, think about the scenario staff would be having, would we have to chase up every ambiguous trade deal to find out if someone has been sold things unfairly. The more you establish regulations on things, the harder it becomes to sell those things. Whilst I accept your opinion, I can see that we are both on opposite sides of the economic spectrum. I believe in a free market dictated by what players believe the price of a product is worth, that creates bargaining power, and that determines the end price. If we eliminate that form of competition, we would be no better off than the past two iterations of A'therys economy. These prices would have to change constantly to understand the underlying economic and market conditions; that would be hard if it were all having to be constantly reviewed by staff when in actual fact every trade that operates determines the underlying conditions itself as a player takes in the factors it took to get that resources and determine their prices for it. We indirectly constricted the pricing of products on accident at the start of Evo with the Admin shops, and we saw the effect of that. I don't think we should make that mistake again. Yora stands as a separate subject as well and there is already much discussion amongst staff to determine this, factoring many lessons learned over the 3 iterations of this server. It's probably best I remind everyone that a single staff member doesn't jump wagon and pursue their ideas and ideologies as the final end product of A'therys, and this applies to things beyond the economy. My word on matters of the economy factors in little unless I'm on the economic team, of which I'm not. They are always kept in check by other staff members, and I believe we have a good mix of political and economic ideologies to lay out a decent path, and again learning lessons from the past 3 iterations. This is why we have a mix of people with different experiences and interests. At the end of the day, we want to make sure the economy is worth the time and effort put into it. We have proved that whether on purpose or by accident constricting the economy can be fatal. The less interference there is, the less likely things would become messed up. Remember this is a game, after all, it doesn't have to abide by the economics of real life, but I respect those who want to create that form of playstyle; that is why it's always worth having a merchants guild who can create an EU style non-tariff free trade or even an exclusive price sheet for its members. This server originally advertised itself in V1 as a 'player driven economy' not a staff-driven one.
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    First off, this was a lot of fun to read, and I will definitely have to host another contest like this again sometime. Thank you to everyone who entered into the contest! But I had to pick one; and the winner is.... *Drumroll......*
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    I will preface this by saying I haven't read all of the diaries for conquest yet, so if this is already planned I'm sorry. Currently on the server crops are able to be grown just about anywhere. Potatoes can be grown in the desert, wheat can be grown underground, watermelon can be grown next to the planetary core, and etc. Now in real life crops were a bit more spread out in the medieval era, with sugar being almost exclusive to tropical regions, rice being almost entirely produced in east Asia, and cocoa mostly being restricted to near the equator. Being produced in different regions caused them to be traded from country to country. I would like to see certain crops be restricted to different nations or biomes in conquest. Not outright banned to be grown, but heavily restricted. Maybe they would grow only if lots of fertilizer, sun, and time is given. If one of the tropical nations gets an almost total monopoly on sugar production, people will have to trade to get it cheaply. (Or conquer a region that can grow the crop if something like that is added.) This would encourage a semblance of world trade, at least in the food area, if somebody wanted to get a low price on exotic crops. You could even extend this to trees and animals. Most livestock could grow pretty fast and have lots of offspring if they lived in the steppes, but grow slower and birth less if they were in the tropical islands. This also might encourage the trade of exotic animals.
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    *Insert overused clap gif here*
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    And we're arguing that attempting to cater to everyone isn't a viable option as has been proved in the past. Not everyone cares that much about the roleplay and pve aspect of the server, and while we agree that they should be looked into and improved, the vast majority of us see PVP as the primary focus of the server. It's what brings back the majority of the playerbase, and at the end of the day, we all want to play a server where there are actually people on and not the random 10-15 people you see randomly on when PVP stops being prevalent.
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    Never seen so many people on a post.
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    Preaching equality while simultaneously telling a specific group of people that the things they have to say aren't as important. :thinking: Nobody is being bias here. PvPers are advocating for things that benefit pvpers. The only reason you see a lack of support for things other than PvPers, is because there is a lack of people to support those things. Why? Because PvPers are, and always will be the majority. It's time for you to open your eyes and realize that PvPers are just simply the majority, and should be treated as such.
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    I'm gonna break down piece by piece as to why I think your argument is dumb. 1. In the first paragraph, you bring up a form of content that almost all of the main PvP towns partook in during V2/EVO, (I've only personally played during these two maps, so I have no room to comment elsewhere.) this isn't a huge idea that was mysteriously forgotten. However, this is only some of the content in the world, and in turn, limiting content to that just to appease another group has not and will not ever work on this server. It will continually make either side upset, and will just end up with more people leaving. Now, I think PvP should be enabled everywhere (except capitals/leveling world) at any given time due to this: 2. In the second paragraph, you bring up the point that people left because of 'forced PvP,' but in reality, there's a significantly more reasonable demographic of people in the PvP community that left because of PvP being limited, due to the fact that it is absolutely impossible to adapt to no-PvP zones without breaking the rules, or having content limited. It is significantly more feasible to say that PvE'rs should adapt, due to the fact that they can do any one of the many things listed below to avoid pvp altogether. A. Build an underground town. You can RP, build, and do whatever you want down there while avoiding pvp as long as your borders aren't stupid. (*cough* zirda *cough*) B. Build 25+ block walls. Literally impossible to get into without exploiting/breaking the rules. (walls should be bigger than surrounding terrain by a marginal amount) C. Build a sky town. Again, literally impossible to get into without fly hacking or breaking the rules. D. Build a box town. Once again, literally impossible without exploiting/hacking/breaking the rules if you make it right. (If you mess these up, and people get in legitimately, it's even more content for you to fix it!) 3. In the third paragraph, you mention that we target those we know who can't defend themselves. This is one of the most idiotic statements I've ever heard. Minecraft PvP is literally looking at someone and clicking quickly with a weapon out. If you can type quickly, you can click quickly. (Butterfly clicking is allowed, so even more so.) Or, if you're a mage, you look at someone and use your skills using binds or macros. The entry-level skill mentality is a close second to the aforementioned statement in terms of idiocracy. Furthermore, not only have PvPers attempted to help people who don't know how to "defend themselves," this by making video tutorials on installing macros, making noob towns for training PvPers, and much more, but we've also given back items to builders, and in no way do we intend to ruin a given player's time just by killing them. The time being ruined for you is absolutely on you, not PvP.
  29. 3 points
    I did read Vorske's post. And his advice was to learn from his mistakes. The biggest of which involving changes in direction between sides, rather than deciding what we're gonna do, and sticking to it. The final product will be the result of discussions dating back to March, most of which we have solidified and others which are in the final stages of refinement. We are catering to a large community; and members of both sides have jumped the bandwagon when things seem to be going south; be it RP communities to LotC or PvP to Herocraft. At the end of the day, there are five+ years of lessons learned from this server and we are doing everything within our abilities to provide an experience that everyone will be able to enjoy.
  30. 3 points
    You lot are looney. PVP should never be forced upon any community. Just because you back it doesnt make it right. I say appeal to all parties.
  31. 3 points
    This needs to be heeded. If you're not going to take advice from the man who ran this community for half a decade, old mistakes are only going to be repeated. There was never a huge problem with forced pvp. Only a tiny handful of players 'quit' because of it. In reality, It was very, very easy to make your town a pain to raid or make yourself defensible enough to where you can get away. PvP in horizons is no where near as geared towards Ganking and roaming as it is towards large scale fighting and nation vs nation combat. Take that from the person making the damn things (With bink and Jupiter ofc). Shun PvP and this server gets pushed aside by servers with an already established RP community.
  32. 3 points
    Forced PVP did not come in until the last summer of V1; after being nearly a year open; the main reason being a complaint that people would hide back in their towns in order to heal and escape PVP (which was a part of the No PVP hopping rule; if you decide done fighting, fine - but if you flee heal up and get back in the fight - that's a hop) The goal near Evo's end was to get PVP out of player town range entirely, making hotspots to PvP at that give rewards for doing so. While I disagree with Aerun's "I want a builder class that makes me immune to PVP". I also disagree with forced PVP in towns. If someone has a town they should be free to decide whether they want it set to PVP or not - as even PVP towns in early V2 complained when they couldn't build up their fortifications without interruption when PVP was on all day every day. Also @Celeras; Enderpearls have always been disabled, limited teleportation and mobility skills to class features.
  33. 3 points
    Huh. Didn't think I'd be back at A'therys any time soon. It's been a while....
  34. 3 points
    The issue with food isn't that it is able to be mass produced, its that it is able to be kept indefinitely. If you spend time planting 1000 potato plants, and you gain say 3500 back, what use was it planting 1000 when you only ate 350 before the other 3150 went rotten? In Atherys and normal minecraft rn you plan 1000 potatoes once, then don't need to plant another field of crops for a month because you can live on your DCs of magically preserved potato. That was a really long winded way of saying more realism would make it more fun when it comes to this aspect of a 'survival' server.
  35. 3 points
  36. 3 points
    ~ | Rʜʏᴋᴋᴇʀ's Jᴏᴜʀɴᴀʟ | ~ Tᴏᴘɪᴄ Oɴᴇ - A'ᴛʜᴇʀʏs Asᴄᴇɴᴅᴇᴅ Strange, isn't it? After... ALL this time... I still return to the place of my youth. This server? This place? It's a part of me, just as much so as any arm or leg on my body. Yet... if that's the case, where have I been all this time? Does anyone even remember me? Does it matter? These are all questions floating around in my mind, and in old rumor long grown stale. Yet, here I am... but, why now? Many probably remembered me. Nation head of this place, moderator of that, mayor of this and yada yada yada. Useless titles that meant nothing to me. This server? This place I grew up in. I was still just a little useless kid in, hell, middle school of all places when I joined up. This server, was my family, was my friends, was my go to place to forget the world and enjoy myself with others from other backgrounds entirely. My connection away from life. My well, sanctuary for lack of a better word. As time rolled on, I soon learned this place was just like any other. A'therys could be a haven of joy and entertainment, or a place of needless abuse and sorrow. We'd lose friends, and make new ones in the same week, and those of us who couldn't have enough, kept holding on through thick and thin, through every server event, through every forum post. We kept playing. There were players, numerous in number, who's whole entire goal was to ruin this thing we cherished so much. I learned quickly, that to keep together this server, I had to step up, for you, for my friends, and for me. A'therys isn't a unique scenario. Every gaming community is like this, though in all truth, this was the first that seemed to directly link and connect with the player-base in such a way. Everyone felt like they could become anything, and that every one was special in their own little ways, not so much like most modern communities, where you are lost in a sea of overachievers, or simply unimportant, masked in a cloud of disinterest by the very creators of their vast communities. There came a day, where the fun did end for me, not for the worst, but for the better, in my personal opinion. The day I was granted moderator status, and nation leader, was the official start to my time here in A'therys. My one true test of mettle and self worth. Arguably, I could say I did an astounding job, under the circumstances. Though truly, I believed I could do more, always improve, keep pushing myself further and further until I broke. I was a kid then, the day I left A'therys behind. A teen in high-school. I've learned a lot since then. It seems so long ago, that old version of me. Though honestly it wasn't that far in the past. I regret it, every day. To pursue my life goals, I had to give up the one thing that kept me sane all those years ago. I had to give up A'therys Ascended. I put another in charge for my position, to help keep things moving forward as I was incapable of doing so myself, but no offense to that replacement, no one could fill such big boots so easily. It was a momentous task, and that burden I had created, I couldn't simply pass to another and expect it so easily taken. When I think back on it now, I wonder if it was all worth it. I managed to achieve a good fourth of my college goals, but the consequences of my actions meant that Aloreh would fall to it's knees, and crumble into dust, scattered by the wind. I wished I could have been there, to keep the motivation going, being that pillar that supported the community, but I couldn't, and many other life related issues arose that would further hinder a strong return. I returned, a few years later, as an assistant for the nation head of The Daggerlands. Long after my college work was done, I was met with barely a speck of what once was Aloreh, and I had no where else to turn but the next most active nation. After a few months of assisting him, the nation fell to me to run, but almost as soon as I had received it, the real world came back to bite my in the bum all over again. Needless to say, another scenario of pass and throw, ending in a failed catch, and I felt I was to blame. Hmm... perhaps the very reason why I write this entry is just so I can read the very thoughts running on the top of my mind, or maybe its to assure others I'm still here. But I can tell you, it isn't for pity, or boasting. It's an apology. To those I could not be there for, for those positions I was once charged to uphold and could not. For those who needed me, and I wasn't there. I truly am sorry. I have every right to not be, to say it wasn't my fault. That I did everything in my power to prevent the downfalls and keep the server running at full efficiency, at least in places I had control of to improve. But I don't feel like that's right, and that I must, at least, before I do anything further, ask for some form of forgiveness before things feel right again. However, whether you know me or not, or simply are a forum browser, and never played the game... whether you are a moderator or a common casual PC gamer. I return to A'therys, now... for one reason alone. I want to rebuild the community. I don't mean to say it's dead, not in the least. It's still here, full force, just waiting patiently for the release of A'therys Horizons, which I must admit, seems rather impressive. What I am saying is, for others to join us in our next adventure in a whole new chapter of our community, we need to be here, online. We need to be chatting again, playing together, fighting in arenas, selling goods, growing farms, or being the political scum a few of us know we are and run some nations. If we want the launch of Horizons to be the best success it can be, we need A'therys Ascended's end, to be strong, and a reminder of all that we did. I want to remember these last few months of this server, before it's gone for good. I want to run around, highlighting the grand builds of our great builders. I want to encourage friendly events and fun gatherings. Make memorable moments, share jokes. And ultimately, I want this community at it's peak, ready to take on that next challenge. I want to get the backbone of this server built up and ready, so when launch of Horizons is upon us, everything is ready to go. I know, I know... I'm saying "I want" a lot, like some spoiled child. But above all else, I want this community back and at it, like the good old days. Whether you are new or old, I want to meet you, I want to enjoy a fraction of my time with you, and I want to get to know as many of you as I can, before something happens one day, and I can't. Whether you are with me or not, doesn't matter, though I'd be ecstatic for you to join me for one last run of this server before it's all just a memory. The only reason I return now, of all times, of all places, is to get this community ready for what is to come. What say you?
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    http://imgur.com/a/EKV6H my build for a Tavern/Guildhall with interior etc.
  38. 2 points
    These leaks are getting out of hand. The media are intruding where they ought not to be. FAKE NEWS.
  39. 2 points
    The system has been compromised
  40. 2 points
    This is the cusp of the problem; lack of effort. People have to put in work to make this server work. You don't put much work into a PVP faction server because players know what they are doing. You don't put much work into a RP only server either because players also know what they are there to do. This server is special in the fact that it was made to have both in mind, and the moment you want to specialize one group over the other WHILE calling it a PVP/RP server is the point where you fall back to every single major argument in the past. The staff are creating this server for both purposes and argument that is shouldn't be uproots the entire point of the server. Why have it be any different from a faction PVP server? Why have it be any different from an RP server? A'therys is the server that wants and should accomplish both of these.
  41. 2 points
    I have to somewhat agree with @vehnehdapooh. Except if player-characters become canon in lore. You'd need RP staff to manage character applications and what not. Other than that though, finding roleplayers to play here doesn't need dedicated RP staff. Yeah, heroes was a big selling point for me as well. I can't stand vanilla MC pvp. So from what I've gathered, I assume you are against no-pvp towns, correct? What would you feel about something in-between? Like NPC guards or some other form of protection based on players having to gather resources or build power in some way? Also @Athena The Wolf are you totally against pvp being enabled in towns, and would you be willing to compromise on another solution? For the record, I don't think disabling pvp in any situation is a good idea. Its unimmersive and can be too easily abused.
  42. 2 points
    To add on to what jupiter said, I play for the RP that is coupled with the PvP. For example, war events and fighting over certain areas that have exclusive resources (nether island) or good leveling zones (tireneas farm)
  43. 2 points
    I really think that it's perfectly fine to cater to PvPers. Especially when it comes to forced PvP. As I stated before, there are lots of ways to play around PvP: High Walls Underground Towns Protection (my town has taken money in the past for mercenary services many times in the past) Stealthy and mobile classes for travelling Tactical timing for transporting valuables (times where less people are online) Bribing (offer something for your enemies to leave you alone) Make allies Don't make enemies As you can see, there are many methods to avoid the complications that force PvP brings. However, there is literally no way for PvPers to get around magical safe zones. It forces us to do boring and barbaric tactics like camp outside a safe zone for hours just to pick up 1 or 2 kills. As we've seen in the past, it is quite possible for players interested in all aspects of Atherys to successfully coexist. Thinking about it, RP is almost completely player driven. There's not much staff can do to promote it other than hosting events. However, PvP is a very sensitive and the way it is developed can make or break the server entirely. To be completely honest, after so many years on Atherys, I rarely saw RP UNLESS driven by PvP. For example war events featured heavy RP but were completely driven by PvP. Saying "We shouldn't cater to PvP because it hurts other parts of the server" just doesn't make sense. Also, I don't mean to be rude in any way, but I have seen multiple posts from staff members claiming that "It's not going to be the same, It'll be better". Can we have details? To be quite honest, from my point of view this is just staff trying to seem like they have control of the situation. I've even seen someone specifically say "It's going to be different and you have no say in how we do it". How can the community as a whole possible be expected to trust the staff at this point? Once again, not trying to be rude, but the server has failed consistently. There may be new ownership, but it's still majorly the same structure and the same staff members. I personally can't just see "trust us" and be okay with it. I also know for a fact that there are countless posts and sections of the forums hidden from everyone but staff where extremely important aspects of the server are being discussed. I think these things need to be brought to us after very brief discussion among staff members. Secrets will get us nowhere, if we want the community to be happy, and the community needs to know the ideas that are being created. TLDR; nobody suffers if you cater to PvP, and staff need to be more open about what "a specific plan to offer a unique gameplay experience that we haven't previously explored" and " What we plan on offering should be more than enough for anyone to enjoy and appreciate for what it is: NEW." entails.
  44. 2 points
    .... Wilderness PvP? Yeah. Forced PvP in towns: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. "Vorskes Week of Killing", VWOK was introduced AFTER I joined. It was not "normal". That was something introduced to please PvPers, and EXCLUSIVELY PvPers in my book. And people keep telling the non-PvPers to adapt, but then forget that perhaps it is them who may need to adapt. There used to be a time where towns were SAFE. A'therys existed BEFORE VWOK, it really did. And you know what? People talked and organized PvP events for themselves... SHOCKING. I know that every time I bring this up people just play it off, but I know so many people that left because of all the FORCED PvP that wasn't there in the beginning. It really wasn't, and anyone who's been around that long will be able to tell you that. At the end of the day, forced PvP ruined A'therys for me personally. I know it made a lot of people happy, but I also lost a lot of friends on the server over PvP. I'm perhaps too old with a memory too crisp of people looking to fight specifically those they knew could not defend themselves. It's why I switched to exclusively working on Lore myself.
  45. 2 points
    Yeah and that will be the version we release for download later.
  46. 2 points
    Given that the EVO world is coming to an end soon, will it be put up for download the way we did at the end of v.2? If not the whole world, any possibility of throwing the capital and/or NPC cities up for download? Also, any ETA on when we can expect details on town creation in Horizons? Likewise, any ETA on the lore and/or aesthetic direction of the new nations? (I'm assuming we're waiting for the forums purge to happen, but as I'm currently in the process of designing my town for Horizons, I've been getting antsy for dem deets). Also, hello mortals. I do still exist. No, I'm not an admin anymore. Yes, I do intend to re-enslave you all. Again. #GolgoraiAsthas4Lyfe #THELAWX
  47. 2 points
    There is another server I know of that seems to be going through the same problem regarding pvp and rp. I won't say the name but it is very similar to this one. The difference with that server though is that there are pvp worlds with towns and then there is one world were people go to rp. You can't build a town in that world but there is no pvp in it. I'm not a fan of having the role players and pvpers segregated like that because in my opinion, it just causes division on the server and makes one aspect feel more or less important than the other. On the other hand, a lot of the role players on that server would never have stuck around and supported the server had that separate world not existed so Its kind of a tough situation. I don't personally roleplay, and I'm not hugely into PvP but I think both sides have a place on the server, we just have to find the right fit. I honestly think that without either group, the world would not be as fun to play in. You guys might want to look into ways of making the world feel more dynamic and reactive, and give players more opportunities to create their own stories if you want to get an advantage over other RP-PVP servers. I like the idea of having player lore on the website but there needs to be more than that if you are going to draw attention and have rpers actually try to survive. Maybe have some kind of random quest system or nation/town progression. Maybe even player-created nations down the line? Something to think about.
  48. 2 points
    With a smaller, more modded server this is much more viable. Or give food a time limit before it goes rotten. Edit: People will meta game, set up a mass farm on another nation and just fast travel to it for all their crop needs.
  49. 2 points
    I think I've seen this somewhere before...
  50. 2 points
    Maybe you're thinking of "prestige" or "renoun"? Kinda an old player and haven't played since v2 so I doubt anyone remembers me ? I like what the new management has been doing recently, their ideas are great! I hope this server will return to be very populous again. Plan on seeing me this next go round. I have some ideas for the economy I would like to contribute. I don't know if there has been anything said about how automated buying/selling shops will be done but I know that is something I really liked about the previous versions of the server. Whether it be by chest shop/npc etc... They are important because by selling raw materials to admin shops for terrible rates is how many people make money in beginning of the server. You have to becareful with this though, too high of a buying price and you have mass inflation (easy money) and too low of a selling price will discourage player ran businesses. A selling price on an admin shop should act as price ceiling, guaranteeing the supply of an item so we can build with it but also protecting its value because you should beable to get it cheaper from a player. I think there should also be multiple cash "sinks" to pour our money into once we become fat cats so there won't be players who just sit on their money. This could be done by the selling of special points you mentioned to get unique items. That would give a chance for the non-pvpers to also obtain these items. Towns and plots for money is another good cash sink that I think is already part of the server plan. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this.. Perhaps a semi-mandatory tax that is voluntarily paid to the governing party that gives rewards unique to each nation.. for example for the gennaian islands to stay as a legitimate ruler of a kingdom you have to pay a certain amount.. say monthly, if not you will be declared illegitimate and can be overthrown and replaced by someone. How transition of power is decided should also tie in with the nations customs and lore. This would add alot of flavor to the game, keep those in power acountable and make rp fluid thus every player feels like they too can be king one day if they play their cards right. I realize alot of this would have to be overseen/enforced by an admin but since we are going modded It would be cool to have an (in) place auction system. Not to be mistaken for a global auction system, those are abused because they can be used to transport large amounts of resources across large distances.. What I mean is one that is assigned to a specific area such a capital or trading post that is nation specific. Ideally if a nation is at war with someone an enemy player shouldn't beable to trade there. I think early v1 there was a system like this in place. To help give rise to a banking system ran by players and encourage pvp, when you die you risk losing a random roll of 5%-25% of your money. Players would need to store money either in their towns or give it to trusted individuals on the server. These are just some ideas I had off the top of my head I hope they were helpful and if anyone would want to add something to them go ahead

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