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    Hello A'therys! Yesterday we had the Sellt Chat where I introduced what will happen with A'therys and where we are going. In two words: A'therys Horizons Yes, we are working on a new A'therys, it wont just be another iteration with small changes, it will be basically a new game. First, the bad things that will happen: All player data will be wiped, everyone will start new. This means no towns, no money, no exp and nothing that was sold in the Store. Now, the good things and why we have that wipe: Atherys will go modded. For what we want to do we can't stay with just plugins, but need to expand and going modded was the logical step. This also means a switch from spigot to sponge, which means our old plugins will not work anymore (no Towny and no Heroes). But don't fear, @HaedHutner is already working on our own custom town plugin (which incidentally allows us to have a town plugin that doesn't have a tonne of stuff that we do not need and also could possibly slow down the server!). Same will happen with the pvp plugin. Classes and skills will be entirely new, as will be the way you level. Store bought items, including towns, will not be available anymore for real money. All these things you will need to play for in order to obtain them. We will have some things we will sell, however, they will be entirely cosmetic. Towns will be more restricted than it's now. You will need to fulfill some requisites to create a town (how many players join, resources etc). Titles will also not be buyable from the store. You will earn titles through playing which also gives a lot more meaning to a title than it is right now. Map One of the big mods we will have is ConquestReforged which will add over 6000 new blocks. Luckily, we got one of the best ConquestReforged map-makers to make us a custom map and from what i already saw it will be fantastic. Size wise it will be smaller, while the landmass will be about the same, (a lot of ocean has been remove). A big part of the map will be the Adventure Zone (Shattered Lands) and so the actual land where you can build your towns will be about half of what we have now. Nations Another big thing: We are turning the globe and will move to another part of A'therys! You will be able to choose between 5 new nations and explore a sixth one that fell into ruins. The last one also will be the Adventure Zone with mobs, traps, dungeons, quests and an expanded Conquest System (for all the pvpers). The 5 new nations: Gennaian Islands: The Gennaian Islands are a collective of Kingdoms under a single national banner; akin to Ancient Greece. Daidama: Daidama is a ‘paradise’ of walled cities; where crime is swept away by justice, and atonements are swiftly dealt out. Dalkun-Tir: The lands of Dalkun-Tir are lowland scrub and rocky steppes, inhabited by the spurned and exiled; hardened nomads who navigate the harsh landscape. Atvoria: Once ruled by the god Nalageos, Atvoria is a land saturated with glamour due to the dragon Zahatmos’ tampering with fate. As such, the people are involved within a constant story, where superstitions and fables come to life. Harugraun: Rugged terrain of mountains and forests; a land that pioneered gunpowder and rivaled only by the Daggerlands in ingenuity. It is a shame, therefore, that they happen to take five steps back every generation from sheer spite and strife. More Information on the Nations will be forthcoming, including their buildstyles. My (your) Story We heard you and we want to give you more influence on the story of this world. As such, each player will get a profile page on the forum connected to the A'therys server. If you achieve something, (slaying the evil endboss, becoming Nationhead etc), you will get you an entry in your personal timeline and if appropriate in the Nations Timeline (Nationheads, Wars etc). You also will be able to add your own personal entries to your own timeline (only difference will be that the official stuff will have a "official" sign). Depending on all these things and our own ideas the world will also evolve. How far and in which direction, I can't say. Release Date We don't have a deadline. We don't want to do another Evo and actually take the needed time to implement everything we actually planned. Further Information I will resume my weekly diary where I will keep you all up to date. Additionally posts will be made to go into more details of what we are doing, what mods you can expect and what we are planning but didn't mention here (several things, but we need to be a bit further with it before it will be revealed). Callout If you are a coder, builder, artist, pr specialist etc. and you want to help. Contact me or use one of the forms (builders) to join the team! I can't promise your money but i can promise you to work on a fantastic game and the pride that will go with it -Sellt Pictures
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    I'll do it in 2 blocks, as past and present are just a quick update on what has happened and why. Past and Present: From roughly October, the Heroes team was working on what we now call "The MOBA" update. This was a trail run thing designed by one of our members. It got to it's late stages, however most of the heroes team, and indeed the pvp community had fallen out with this idea due to it's blandness and lack of different play styles. After some re-assessment, many polls on the forums and talks after self chats with people who were interested to listen, the heroes team decided on a rework that would reach a middle ground between those who wanted super relaxed, small skill pool pvp, and those who liked having lots of skills to play with. This was 8 skills and 1 passive/toggle. The heroes team then knuckled down and spent several months basically reshaping the entire heroes roster. Including the creation of 61 new skills for classes. At this point it was late January and the server had wained a considerable amount. PvP was a very rare occurrence and the population was at a worrying place. It was at this point that I was let in on the concept of Horizons and that, actually, the heroes update was pointless as we were no longer willing to put money into it (About $400-$600 was needed for the skills to be coded) due to the fact that the server was going kaput soon. That anecdote is why you haven't seen much activity from the Heroes Team since December. Because quite literally there has been no point in trying to make the big changes, and in fact we were instructed not too. Now, onto the fun bit where I get to explain the current CONCEPTS for Horizons. The Future: Goodbye, Heroes! I for one will certainly not miss you and your garbage code! Remember EVERYTHING I talk about here is COMPLETELY CONCEPTUAL. NONE of this this could happen. As we are going modded, there is 0 point in using a plugin for our pvp system. Instead @HaedHutner and his team of sparkly new dev have offered to code a custom work of art for us! How lovely! From this point on, anything we want is only limited by our imagination (and what Haed can be arsed to code)! Since february, me and a couple of select helpers have been dreaming up a brand new PvP system. One that will put Heroes to shame. It is formed of two major components we called "Branched Levelling" and "Attributed Armour" Branched Levelling: If any of you have played Path Of Exile or Borderlands, you'll already have an idea on what kind of system this is going to be. There is a total of 4 classes; Warrior, Mage, Priest, Rogue. Each will have a tree of skills that can only be accessed by unlocking the predecessor skill. The trees will look something like this (Presume the lines join together at the ultimate skill): As you can see, each class has 2 'major' trees, with 2 'minor' trees coming out the sides. In addition, the player gets to choose 1 of 4 passives right at the get-go, the player will progressively unlock a skill point every 5 levels (1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. Max level being 25). This means a total of 6 skills and 1 passive for a fully levelled class. If you wish to change your build, there will be an in-game fee and it will have to be done in very certain locations. Just in case people are still confused, let me create an example. I am playing warrior. At level 1 I picked 'Defensive Skill 1' as my first skill. When hitting level 5, I have a choice of; 'Offensive skill 1', 'Support Skill 1' or 'Defensive Skill 2'. At level 10 the choices will change again based on what I picked at level 5. Hopefully this system will create a sense of uniqueness with every class, giving the player room to switch and change their 'build' in ways they think will improve their effectiveness and counter the meta. You can specialise down one tree, or try and spread out more in order to cover more bases. Attributed Armour: This is where the game gets VERY interesting. Within the game we will introduce a number of attributes which will add passive bonuses to the base characteristics of a player. Let me give some examples. Strength: +0.5 damage with Swords, Axes, Maces and Hammers per level. (With modded, custom weapons are a thing! No more farming tool combat!) Intellect: +1 damage per level on skills that deal magic damage. Piety: +1 total healing on all healing skills you cast per level. Endurance: +5 Max Hitpoints per level. What does 'Per Level' mean? Well, ALL armour will have these stats randomly assigned to them. No armour piece can have more than 3 different attributes on it at any time, and the total number of attributes that can be found on one piece of armour is as follows: Helmets: 5 Chestplates: 8 Leggings: 7 Boots: 5 So in total, a player can have up to 25 attribute points at any one time. What stops you from just piling on 25 Endurance and having 150 extra hit points then? Well. No player can benefit from more than 10 in one attribute at any time. That means if a player has a total of 12 points of Endurance on their armour, they will still only benefit from 10 points worth. This creates a system where players must mix and match their armour pieces in order to create the best set of bounces they can. for example, a Warrior may want 10 Strength, 10 Endurance and 5 Resolve (+0.5 health regen per level). This not only creates a fun system of armour in which players can further influence their own play style. But it creates a whole new, very large market in which players can haggle for the perfect pieces of armour to complete their sets. Got a helmet with +5 intellect? I'm sure a mage will pay a hefty price for that. Oh, he has one with +2 endurance and +3 strength? Maybe a swap can be organised. With terms of player-crafted armour, the current idea is that it will be fixed so that the armour will not spawn with maximum attributes. If you want that sweet 25 point set, you're going to have to venture into the shattered lands for it! What do you all think? Do you like this new CONCEPT? Do you think it's a step up from our current old and outdated heroes plugin? @J2BH @jrr5556 @KingNate42 (You guys all asked about it, so I'm tagging you so you get to see it) Thank to people such as @JupiterRome, @BlackRuins and @Brady for their input in this so far. But wait, there is more! The heroes team is uneeded for all intensive purposes. What I do need, however, is a team for Horizons pvp. I've already had a bunch of people offer their time to the cause, however I wanted to extend a formal invite to anyone who wishes to apply before accepting/denying those who have already asked. If you wish to join in, please fill out this form. Note, even if you are denied, you will be put on the 'playtesting' list of player who will have first access to this as it gets coded in order to play-test and trouble shoot. Name/IGN: Age: Time On Atherys: Experience with PVP across gaming (Not just atherys, but keep it relevant. I don't care if you're no2 US in Clash of Clans): What you will bring to a new pvp system: Ability to take no for an answer: Other comments: Thanks for reading! Sorry for the mega-post. -Chiv
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    Hey guys, Brady here with another late nighty post. I've seen a lot of really stupid and unecessary arguments and as entertaining and childish as they are, they bog down the server and staff and get good ideas lost in the crowd. So as someone who has some experience in people telling you they hate everything you've worked to create, let me fill you in on some key points that allow your ideas to be heard and come across in a way that doesn't make the reader automatically hate you. With the new Horizons coming up I just wanted to give everyone, staff and community a reminder on how they should approach this kinda stuff. 1. Don't assume you know better than the staff/player base. Nobody here professionally runs mine craft servers for a living or is highly educated in the practice of doing so, so there's nothing that any of you can hold above another in that regard. There's no reason to say that one person's ideas are irrelevant simply because of their track record or because you know them. Look at all ideas from the perspective that these people probably are seeing things from a different perspective than you are therefore have different views and that's completely okay, that's how the server advances and shapes to fit its community's needs. 2. Look to people who have more experience than you as resources and not people who's minds you have to change. This is kind of the counterpoint to no. 1 but all things considered, there are going to be people like Chiv who have been at the development of PvP for years and you may not agree with these people however you have to respect that they do have experience and you should look to be a sponge and learn from their experiences instead of trying to always prove them wrong. 3. Swallow your pride. Anyone who's been on the heroes team can attest to the fact that we've wasted more time than we care to admit on pointless arguments simply because one or more parties doesn't want to admit that there's a possibility that they're wrong. This doesn't mean we were doing a terrible job it just means we're humans. Everyone is guilty of it and it gets you nowhere so just remind yourself that there's always a chance that someone has a better course of action than you. 4. Don't be hateful. Whenever you're just all around mean, passive aggressive, or riduculously stubborn, nobody is going care what you have to say, so don't waste your time on being a jerk. Pretty simple. Once you've checked all that off your list your job now is to look at the idea you want to present and take a step back and not get so emotionally invested in it that you aren't thinking clearly. When you look from the perspective of the person you are presenting your idea to you tend to see things a lot clearer. Thats all I got happy arguing.
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    So I figured I'd hit hard with today's lore log. The biggest question everyone seems to have, and it's a huge make or break for a lot of people picking nations; is about the upcoming governmental systems. In this topic, I'll be discussing : The Role of the Nation Head or Ruling Body, the amount of Staff Oversight intended, and how these roles are chosen. Please DO note that anything in [[Double-Brackets]] refers to an in-development name and is subject to change. Gennaian Isles: { Jen - eye - an } The Isles, for those who want a shorter term, is a collective of kingdoms under a single national banner. For those who want a real world comparison: Ancient Greece and its kingdoms. Our mapmaker needs to get the Isles made yet, but upon doing so I'll have an exact division and number of 'kingdom areas' sorted out. The central kingdom is Falkynthos, whose capital shares its nation name, and will serve as the starting [[High King]], as a moderator starting role. Each kingdom will have its own ruler, and form a collective senate in regards to national decisions. The [[High King]] may be the national face, but each kingdom is to some degree, an autonomous area. There may indeed be cases where a King should decide to go against the collective decision, and seek alliances of the other Kingdoms to take command. This is allowed within the constraints of the nation. Alliances are limited to fellow kingdoms A successful rebellion may result in the victor claiming the title of [[High King]] The other Kingdoms may reel in defeat, but will still exist. For example; it is not possible to completely take over the kingdom and kill off the other Kings to become an absolute monarch. Daidama: {Dye - Dah - Muh} A nation dedicated to justice, and its due process; there is quite some history behind it - but I'll bring you past that into the modern era =P Daidama is presently ruled by the Imperator, and his justices. The Imperator rules as a Dictator - both overseeing national and judicial matters This is a Roleplay Staff Account, due to its unique position of power. Consider this akin to the present system of Nation Head; with players playing a stewardship role. He can assign Justices to oversee the nation and dole out his will These are assigned player roles Think a combination of beat cops with Avatar's Dai Li. Unlike our previous example; the political climate is more stable; thus the leadership will not change. That noted ;this is an excellent opportunity to roleplay within a long-standing society. There's a fair amount of intended geologic variance here; so expect a fair deal of culture. Will there be roleplayed crime and punishment? Nothing that breaks the game or you; but if you wish to roleplay out the idea of serving penance; it is doable within the system. Furthermore; it should be noted that Daidama is not a society of prisons and executions; but of chains and atonement. There is a weight to one's crimes - which Mosech-Tan dealt quite literally to better humanity. How can one atone if they are simply killed or left to rot? Dalkun-Tir: {D-all - Koon - Tier } I've been toying this one with and without the dashes; so feel free to offer a which looks better option. Dalkun-Tir is the second designated Roleplay Head nation; this time with a player in the role! it is also a nation in which its former God (Orvesu), still watches over the people; albeit in a less direct manner than he once did; Orvesu's chosen Prophet is known as The Outrider. It's a roleplay position that will initially be managed by staff to start with; but will transition to a player-played nation head. In this case; the player utilizes THEIR OWN CHARACTER as the Outrider; That noted; please expect to stay In Character as much as possible during your tenure. The Outrider always is chosen in the same manner; and is granted signs to mark who he is. Dalkun Tir itself is a collective of nomads, raiders, and tribes; all who were at one point exiles guided across the scrubland by Orvesu or his Outrider. Their capital city is less a place of government, but a central trade hub along the fork of the nation's only river. Because of this factor; the Outrider will have to earn his nation's respect. While most who see him know who he is and the god who empowers him; some may not be willing to outright follow him Atvoria: {At - Vore - ee-ah } Alright; this one's a bit of a doozy. There IS a staff oversight role; but in this case it's not a position of power, but of observation and oversight. Optimally, Atvoria will be led by a Council of Guildmasters Each Guild is named after one of the Thirteen Characters of The Quest Exception: The Manslayer is represented by the Prison Warden; because you do not want to invite a homicidal bastard out of The Gorge to a dinner party. Guilds are intended to be run akin to castes; with a series of masters and apprentices; with the guild leader (Prestige) seated at the council. Within the nation itself, it is a world of stories - meaning players can coin themselves as kingdoms, shires, hollows, dukedoms, etc. These lands may battle within themselves over territorial disputes, outright war with an enemy, or choose to attempt political assassinations within themselves. This is the reason for The Council of Thirteen; to quote myself earlier : "There are hundreds of stories in the world; but only one Great Story which is superior to all” Kilnholdt (Formerly: Harugraun ): {Kiln - Hol - T } This one might sound like a new name to the mix; mainly because Harugraun sounded a hair too Asian and it didn't fit this one's theme. As Sellt noted; everything on that list was subject to edits until release! The present ruler is simply entitled the Despot; though personal titles may choose to claim themselves as they wish. Towns are loosely aligned, but distrustful of one another. Circumstances of rule may change at the drop of a hat. To sum this one up shortly; the strongest rules. Any person wishing to rebel may declare themselves so, and vry for power. In the case of multiples at one time; factions are allowed. Faction ‘leaders’ may recruit from within the nation, or from outside the nation; for their cause. In addition, betrayal may be allowed within factions. The goal of this was to give the capital city of Korth an "Iron Throne" feel to it, no ruler should feel safe upon it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note that all of this is still highly in draft form; but it should outline my intentions: That there be both stable and changing options in the world's governments. That governments not adhere to the present cookie cutter format we presently have That there is an option for both Staff and Players to hold a role of an immersive roleplay nation head. That there be an option for full on fights for leadership. Please feel free to leave comments, constructive critiques, and bribes below!
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    Disappearing for 9 months and expecting everything to be how you left it? Boy is the Horizon wipe gonna hit you like a truck.
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    Hello Atherys! Welcome to my next Diary entry! Website First I want to tell you that In case you didn’t hear. We moved our website to a new hoster (mykinghost.com) because on the one we had we were very limited in diskspace which lead to crashes and other problems, which we now don’t have anymore! We are still tweaking the performance but it should already be more stable. If you find bugs please report them to us and we will take care of them ASAP. Talking about Website. We have a person that is making a new Theme for our Forum Software which should be a lot closer to an RPG feeling than the current one. Which most likely will be introduced with the release of Horizons. Overall Progress Right now the different teams are working on their stuff. Head is working on our own Town plugin (making it perform a lot better than Towny!). PvP Team is refining the pvp/skillsystem concept, the buildteam is working on the capital styles and on some dungeons (for current version and for Horizons) and the mapmaker is working on all the flora for the different nation biomes (including some cool glowing crystals). So right now all is proceeding at a normal pace and it’s mostly grunt work. But I think next week I can show you some cool stuff! The Artists We now got a new team lead by @Altairas which is working on pixelart for new weapons and armor. This will be used for higher tiers of gear but also as skins you can buy in the store then (only skin. Stats will not be influenced), staying in line with my promise that we will only sell cosmetics to finance the server. If you are a great artist (pixelart) don’t hesitate and contact Altairas. I’m sure we can use some more help there. More People We can always use more help in any form, but right now it seems that most of the teams have a good amount of people in it, only one group could really use reinforcement: Coders. I like again to call out to all modders, coders, plugin wizards and all around geniuses out there. Atherys needs you! -Sellt PS: SneakPeak on what i'm working at the moment: This is Spike, my mount
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    The very day I set foot back on land to leave ship work; I got roped into one hell of a conversation How does one go about concepting a new map? Well, the same way I make my D&D world maps; a lot of discarded doodles. Disclaimer : While these doodles may contain small elements you might notice in the final map, none of these are the final map that will be produced. First; you sketch out ideas of what you might want your lands to look like. - Photo - - Photo - - Photo - - Photo - Sometimes you mix and combine pieces to make a single nation look better, Then you start piecing them together like a puzzle of metaphorical tectonic plates. - Photo - - Photo - - Photo - - Photo - Occasionally @Sellt tries to help Sometimes you get REALLY EXCITED WITH AN IDEA DURING LUNCH AND DOODLE ON A NAPKIN And it's a lot of "back to the drawing board" - Photo - And try other programs to render ideas. Then @Sanders changes your crappy drawings to proper Black and White renders And you take the options with the Admin team to figure out how large it needs to be compared to plot squares. Then you take it to the professional mapmaker; show him your ideas - and he re-arranges your stuff further into a proper map render; which he's working on as we speak! Hope this was a fun and educational insight into the process of Horizons' map creation!
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    There's been a good deal of debate going into the creation of Daidama. Being based off of Imperial China, we have to approach the source material itself with a great deal of respect and with no small sense of awe. When you contemplate a subject as large and diverse as an alternate Asia, you face challenges. Not only does Daidama have its own history to deal with, but our fictional version's timeline must heavily tie with its neighbor and enemy, Dalkun-Tir; whose history and backstory is heavily reliant on Daidama's lore being a stable bedrock to build upon. How do you encapsulate thousands of years of history spanning thousands of miles into a single nation? Asia is the birthplace of two of the world's greatest religions, home to a family of cuisines, and is responsible for the development of technology used around the world today. We wanted to tie in Daidama into the established world of A'therys and to the intricate lore backstory, but we also want it to stand alone so that did not simply become an "Orientalization" of Aloreh or Ithero; or an "A'therianized" version of a martial arts movie. In addition, we need to capture elements of the culture we wish to represent, without outright pilfering from the source material we wish to homage. And if that were not enough, we have to find a way to present this information with which many players are at least remotely unfamiliar - medieval Asia and the martial arts, albeit sometimes more from a cinematic perspective than a historical one. History-wise, we've created our own timeline - with a few elements from the historical dynasties; and geographically we are focused on mainland China. The lands that make up Daidama vary as much as the people who live it in; from jungled cloud forest to highlands and frigid Tibetan-esque glaciers; there is much beauty and wealth, and more than a little danger. So we are still in a lot of development, and there aren't any spoilers outright; but here are a few fun facts to note Capital City: Cheng Tian Tan; most naming conventions follow a "three-part-name" system. Language and naming conventions is going to be written out, akin to how we have Hauad Logh - the language is loosely based off of Mandarin. Historical "Three-Kingdoms' War" in which the nation divided and reconquered itself. ((this name is still in-dev)) The people of Daidama are highly oriented on atonement, and this is perhaps the epicenter of Daidamese theology. The law of the land coexists with atonement practices, with the core being The Ancient Law , a holy book written by Mosech-Tan before her depart from the mortal plane.
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    Notes @redninja685 and @Grunt McBlaster was on time. @HaedHutner came 2 minutes late and said he was on time. @Sellt arrived 4 minutes later shortly followed by @Crash. @Chrisblox then unmuted himself and said he "was totally there all the time". It started of with questioning the need for the meeting and almost leaking stuff. Then they took the Waitingroom from me and forced me to the basement. They held me there through the meeting ;(
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    Hello Atherys and welcome back to my weekly Diary! As promised in the last Sellt Chat I shall return to make these weekly updates to keep you folk up to date on what is going on in the wonderful world of Atherys. First let me tell you I’m absolutely blow away by the Support and offer of help we got since we announced Horizons and I just love seeing people planning for the future on this new and glorious new continent. Now to what actually did go on since the announcement. 1. Build Server Atherys now has its own Buildserver where you all can claim a plot or more and work on your projects for Horizons. You will have access to the complete ConquestReforged block palate and WorldEdit. When you join for the first time you will already see some great builds by the community and I’m looking forward to see more of this! Right now we host it on another (third) Server but soon we will move it to one of our main Servers. We do this because… 2. Overworld & PvE World We move the PvE World onto the same server as the Overworld. This will solve some issues we had with the Data Transfer between both servers. Originally I planned to shut the second server down and save some money, but now we actually have a use for the second server and so I’m Happy. 3. PvP Team After the Announcement the PvP Team opened up for applications and now it looks like we got a good bunch of people together to hammer out a fantastic PvP system. Some of you may have already seen MisChivs post on the forum about the concept they are working on. 4. Ticket System Ever got mad that you can't really write much in a ticket in game? Or attach screenshots? Then we got something for you. Soon we will launch a new ticket system that will work outside of Minecraft where you can write a ton more, add screenshots, get reply’s by staff, etc. We will beta test it for a while and if it’s promising we will work on connecting it to the in-game system. This will allow you to report bugs not just in atherys but also on the website, buildserver etc. 5. Nation Buildstyles I know many of you are waiting impatiently to see the different build-styles and while some are pretty much set others are still somewhat in the air, there are just to many ideas floating around at the moment. Hope we have it down soon. 6. More People We are still looking for more people, coders and artists (creating new gear!), to join our team! So if you are able to code sponge plugins/mods or are a great pixel artist or know someone, apply/tell them to apply! 7. Donations Because that was a bigger topic in the last few days I wanted to use a bit of today’s diary to clear somethings up. Some people wish we would make it very clear which dollar is used for what, but that’s just not possible seeing that these requirements are shifting all the time. I only can promise that the money would be used wisely and to the best possible effect. For example in a crazy universe where we would get hundreds of dollars of donations I would use them probably to get mythicmobs converted to sponge (the makers are asking for a lot of money before they would do it sadly), cause it’s just a fantastic tool to make some cool content (see xathas creations, and there is so much more possible with it). 8. The End So yeah this was it for this week’s diary. I hope you all are at least a little bit enjoying this journey to make Horizons and I thank you all for just being here! 9. Sellt's Kitchen Today I will not again add a recipe but a tipp! A while ago I had some chicken legs at home but no butter to put between meat and skin (to make the skin crisp and the meat moist) so I checked my fridge and saw I had some cheese (cheap sandwich cheese like this: https://goo.gl/iggIS1) and just put that between meat and skin. Safe to say that I will do this now always! It was delicious and the meat still didn’t dry out.
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    Greetings A'therys, It is I, your most magnificent technical admin, coming at you with the proposition of a lifetime. Do you know your way around Java? Have you ever tried to seek out that excellent hobby programming project. You know, the one that can keep you entertained during the boring parts of the semester, when actual learning is meant to be happening? Yeah, well, so was I until 8 or 9 months ago. But then, I came across the most unique opportunity of my lifetime! That's right, I was given the chance to come into the A'therys Staff team and ruin everything with my then sub-par code! And what a laugh it's been. We all remember Caches, right? Or what about that time the Journals were first introduced, and when you opened one while in a capital, your connection to the server would get trashed... Yes, fun times indeed. Well, I would like now to extend this opportunity to any other aspiring developers out there. A'therys is working on ( perhaps ) it's biggest update or change yet. A'therys Horizons promises a lot, and we have no intention to disappoint, however I can't really do it all on my own. There's a lot of work to be done, and not enough hands physically present on my body to do it. For that reason, we have now opened the Developer application form, which you can find right here: https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/124-apply-for-developer/ Don't be frightened by it's looks. It seems all serious and harshly worded, but I promise you, after filling out one of these bad boys, you'll have taken your first steps towards entering the dankest club ever, the A'therys Developer Team. Don't rush now, form an orderly line, and one by one, you'll all get your chance to help us make A'therys the server it has always deserved to be. I'm looking forward to seeing your applications.
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    A'therys Horizons Build Server Hey folks. Through the whole of yesterday I've been setting up a build server for Horizons which you can now go on, claim a plot of land and build on for whatever purpose you so desire. Below I'll explain how it will work. How to join You will need to acquire the ConquestReforged launcher, the download page can be found here. The version you need is 1.10.2. If you need a hand with installing the launcher please contact us and we will help you. Moving on: once you have downloaded and installed that, you will be able to connect to the build server on the IP build.atherys.com. Once you have joined the server you will spawn inside a building (currently under construction) where you will be able to warp to people's plots, or just explore yourself. The spawn is currently being built, however you are still free to use the build server whilst this happens (it will come later on). [Please note, when adding people to your plot, it is completely your responsibility as to what happens in that plot. There are commands you can use to only give people access to build when you are online.] How to get started We have a plot system in place on the build server which means that each player can claim a (maximum of 1) plot, add people to their plots, merge plots with friends, etc. To get a plot, simply do /plot auto and you will be teleported to the nearest plot available. You may want to fly out a ways to find an area where you and your mates can merge your plots to form a bigger plot. For example, a group like Exodus are quite big, therefore they can merge their plots to get a bigger area. (Merging plots should work, however if it doesn't please contact an Admin and we will help you.) Anyways, if you fly out and find a plot you want, you can also type /plot claim to claim that specific plot. Rules All rules from A'therys Ascended apply on this build server with the addition of no griefing other people's plots. If no staff are on, please screenshot and send to staff over the forums/skype/discord as usual. There are a few rules with this build server that you must follow, they will be stated later. Staff will be monitoring this server as much as any of our other services. If you are on the server and require help, you may use /helpop to contact staff (similarly to the ticket system on A'therys). This server works off a simple punishment system, if you are seen to be causing havock for staff, distrupting other builders, just being a pisswank in general, you will be straight up banned/tempbanned. To put it simply, don't be an idiot and you will be fine. Bugs If you find a bug on the build server, please send me a PM via the forums and I will look into it when I can. It's good for you because it means we can iron them out and provide you guys with a good service to work on. Alternatively, you can also submit a topic in our bugs forum which can be found here. Known Issues Some people have said there is an issue with the default Conquest Reforged mod that the launcher provides. Please use this version if you are getting this error. To use worldedit with conquest blocks, you must put "conquest:" infront of the ID. For example //set conquest:ice_lilypad_1 I think that covers everything, but if you have any questions feel free to ask. Many thanks!
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    I have been withholding some information that will tar your perception of @Dannie; something I witnessed last Monday evening at a local pub, and something which I can no longer stay quiet about. I witnessed your beloved "duck-loving" administrator REFUSE to approach a series of ducks that passed by our bench. There is no love for ducks. It is all a lie. @Dannie has been EXPOSED. He showed more love for an Asda truck passing by.
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    Exodus is a town situated on the northern tip of the Shol’s Teeth Mountains, in Roreg Logh. It was founded before the server first launched back in 2012 and has been here ever since. Exodus prides itself with a long-standing history of being a newb friendly, merchant and production town, doing bulk orders all over A’therys. Nowadays, the town has scaled down production and started to focus on community engagement and building the greatest merchanting town that the server has seen. Trust us, it’ll be yuge! City Council First Officer (Mayor): Naomi210 Master of Coin (Mentor in economics): raxiam Master of Law (Mentor in RP): FunnyBusiness Lord Commander of the Navy: Tristan_vr Guilds To keep the chestroom stocked and the town organised, guilds have been introduced that each serve a specific purpose. Members are encouraged to look through the guild’s notice boards for jobs and tasks they can help with around town. The Seafarers (blue): Fishing & exploration The Apothecaries (yellow): Consumables & fireworks The Miners & Demolition (orange): Mining & excavation The Farmers (green): Farming & forestry The Scribes (brown): Lore The Merchants (lime green): Economics The Clerics (black): RP & events The Tinkers (red): Redstone The Mercenaries (pink): Dungeoneering & escort The Workers (cyan): Building Town rules Build something on the build server before building it on A’therys. Don’t raid other towns. We have PvP off in Exodus. Be nice to other players and town members. Check the Guild Halls for something to do. Ask our First Officer if you need a house. Return your diamond tools to the chest when done. Don’t break tools. We have a repair chest for that. Need enchants? We have a chest for that as well. Join our Discord server. We speak English in Exodus. Ignore Naomi’s spelling. It’s for your own good. Remember to be weird. How to join You can either ask to join us in-game or join our discord and talk to us directly.
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    When you were gona drop fire in the heroes thread but the staff locks it
  16. 7 likes
  17. 7 likes
    I'm going to be honest and straight forward about this- Why waste time with fancy text or build up? Pirates are allowed to come and go from the island as they please. In real life history, when have pirates ever lived in one place as one entity? You shouldn't have to be in a secluded town on an island to take up the mantle of a bloodthirsty sea dog. This also stems from some concerns where people thought guilds were soaking up players that belong in nations. From here on out, once you've applied to be a pirate, you'll always be one. You're always welcome to join Steryon if you need a place to go, but you don't have to. It might seem redundant for things to be like this, but I want to give a shot at pulling off what the Assassin's in v1 did- Minus the contracts, of course. And there you have it. Short, sweet, and maybe a little pointless. We'll see how things go from here and make changes as needed.
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    Job 1:21 "...the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD".
  19. 6 likes
    To anyone who didn't get on the team, don't let it discourage you from offering up your opinions and ideas on the forums!
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    Hmm, I don't exactly understand what was promised here, also I've spoken with many people from different towns in the game who all liked a lot of changes the heroes team did, what I can say is, you can't please everyone. You say that you get told what to provide, and its your job to provide which is a bit harsh considering life comes up and we are all in school, which Is something I personally prioritize over a minecraft server but thats just me, You keep bringing up money like someone was actually getting paid to do this. Nobody on heroes team received any money besides Coders, who are just that, Coders, not Heroes Team Members. You also say that we provided nothing the community asked for when we were consistently talking about new skills/class ideas in teamspeak and made multiple poles, and even went back on a rework some of us spent many hours on trying to please a community who may have wanted it at first. Yes it is 100% true that heroes team hasn't done much since Januaryish, but to be completely honest what can we do? You complained that you want us to listen to the community (which I personally think we have been doing) but there is no way for us to balance based off of what the community wants when there is nobody to provide proper feedback. You talk about members of the heroes team fixing an entire class in one day, but if they finish "fixing" an entire class in one day, then how much time do they have to ask the community how they feel and what they want for the class? One member fixing an entire class in one day flat out shouldn't happen because Heroes Team is a Team and one Member shouldn't decide everything about a class like that. You keep talking about heroes team in terms of an Employer asking for something to be done, but at the end of the day we are all just kids/young adults volunteering time in our busy lives to help a minecraft server and receiving nothing in return but criticism from people who have done nothing to help the server but hack and kill newer players, which is probably one many of us get frustrated. I genuinely think your obsession with @MisChiv is reaching unhealthy levels, like I get you don't have to like the man but c'mon dude, it seems like whenever I see you saying something in chat or ts its a shot at him and for all hes done on the server, bringing back Ar-Selukk in v2, helping the server out as a mod, and doing a lot of work for Heroes, I don't see why someone who hasn't done anything for the server thinks they have the right to rag on him like you do.
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    If PvP isn't based on /roll I'm not playing.
  22. 6 likes
    Best change so far. Really excited for all the new stuff coming up!
  23. 6 likes
    Why have economic depression when you can have crippling depression
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    I've put it on Skype but I'll put it here too. The selukkites are convening on TeamSpeak this afternoon at 6pm GMT (1pm Eastern) to discuss a mass-migration to one nation in Horizons. As the nations most renowned for its cohesion and anti-toxic-behaviour community, we would like to extend the opportunity to all Selukkites, new and old, to attend in order to help decide what nation we will be moving too, if at all. Non-Selukkites (Heretics and otherwise) are also allowed, but I request you remain all but silent as your input will be null and void. Trolls and disruption will be swiftly dealt with by the Filipino. Thanks for reading and I hope to see as many Selukkites as possible there! Your Vizier Irzu Nav'Zyhul -Chiv
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    Atherys Modpack 1.10.2 v4.4 -Updated BetterFPS 1.3.2->1.4.5 Foamfix 0.5.3->0.6.3 Hwyla 1.8.9->1.8.13 Optifine D6->D8 Forge 2185->2316 JEI .401->.420 A'therys Modpack 1.11 v4.4 -Updated Foamfix 0.5.3->0.6.3 Hwyla 1.8.9->1.8.15 Optifine B6->B8 Schematica .157->.161 Forge .89->99 Atherys Modpack 1.11.2 v.1.0 -Added All mods from 1.11 version Let me know of any bugs with this release in the comments below and I'll get to them when I can
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    Seems quite clear the community is still with the server no matter how many times it dies and then goes through a revamp, but we all love it right? So this is me making my return to the server and community I once left in 2014 although i did jump in a few times to check in. RIGHT! so some of you may recall a player known as a few various names, most likely those of; - PreadatorHD (2012) - xEu4n (2013) - Vyren (End of 2014) DISCALIMER: My younger brother used to share the account with me so i always let him pick the names and skins etc... Now im playing again i bought him his own account so its back to what i want. I first joined the server in mid-2012 and found my 13 year old self running mindlessly around Calastore and have never left Ithero since. Apart from Trading and Raiding Aloreh exclusively i was a fairly quiet player so I'm not expecting many to recognise me. I jumped around various towns of Ithero and by that i mean i spent 2 weeks in each town then left until i eventually made my own town built it up. I ended up selling that and moving back to Kings Landing where i belonged. Through tout the 2 1/2 years i played i exclusively played the mage classes and tried to master each one in both PvE and PvP situations but only ever found success with the spell-thief and so that's what i stuck with. Out with the old and in with the new, I'm now under the alias of "Lexia_" and looking forward for the server wise it looks like it could be alto of fun, hopefully we can recapture the 2013 magic of the server we all used to loved. Although i dint think we will see darkrooms anytime soon... your town wasn't a real town if it didn't have a darkroom. As one last note if someone wants to tell me what times the server is most active in BEST so i can hop on, that would be appreciated.
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    At the very least, you can redesign the HUD. Currently, the systems we have of doing things with serverside modifications rely pretty heavily on scoreboards and text. I don't know much about either Sponge or Forge, so I can't say anything about efficiency, but I'm fairly certain you can do most if not all of this with a Forge mod. Custom, non-particle-reliant VFX (seriously fuck particles) New sounds Seriously, with the above two things you could finally have non-shit skills. Even my skills, compared to what could be, look and sound like the equivalent of setting off a firecracker in a biscuit tin. UI: Smarter, cleaner guis Actual resource meters that aren't basically text messages or scoreboard update packets An overlay/hud with status effects (with a visual timer, like a ring around the icon that depletes) Built in cast bars overhead Roots/stuns that don't feel like you are undergoing intense lag That skill tree thing you had would look way better as a custom display and not a fuckin' item menu or even the new "milestones" system or whatever the hell it is Microsoft thinks they're innovating. Skills as game keybinds and not commands, which is disgusting by the way More mobs. Way, way more mobs. Interesting mobs. Mobs that aren't 400 of the exact same thing reskinned with a different name. (Cough, every current rpg server.) Custom materials Again, I'm not sure what Sponge provides the capability for (last time I checked their docs were less "what is this for exactly? why the hell should I use it lol" than "look how awesome our platform is and how amazing our code is", idk if it's been updated since as that was a long time ago), but that's just an idea.
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    I'll take a large detailed map to explore over a 500 * 500 murderfest any day
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    Hello! So today I bring good news to PvPers! Back in 1.9 we had arenas installed on A'therys where you could duel other players. However, the plugin was never carried over to the server again after 1.11 due to some of the underlying bugs in the code and the issue with class configs. BUT! They are now back with a few things adjusted to allow them to work properly. Please read below: Arenas There are two arenas now, one at New Kelin and one at Vrovona. These two arenas are chosen at random when you type /arena duel <username> to give some variety in where you are PvPing. (We will be adding some more arenas soon!) Upon spawning in the arena you will obtain the items for the class you are playing whilst all your day-to-day items are stored in a database until you are finished dueling. The reason for this being added today is to add another way for pvpers to train and another thing for pvpers to do on the server in hope to reduce the boredom It was also added after getting some feedback off some peeps the other day Healthbar Ok so, I did a poll earlier in the week based on what people think of the heroes scoreboard and whether they like/hate it. Here's a link: Now, in order for Arenas to work properly, I had to disable the scoreboard on the main server and enable the old healthbar. The reason for this is that the Arenas plugin uses scoreboard, especially when you are duelling people, and can cause errors and issues if you have both Heroes and Arenas using scoreboard (glitchy side panel, players have weird playernames, etc). In order to prevent this, I've disabled Heroes scoreboard (the thing on the right) so that Arenas can run fluently without Heroes in the way. The arenas scoreboard is needed so that you can see which players you are fighting (especially in FFAs) are still alive, friendly-fire etc.) However, you can still see your party and other people's health because of Healthbar. Due to the less need for scoreboard in the PvE, we can keep the Heroes scoreboard enabled there which means when you are going through the dungeons / leveling by fighting bosses and mobs you can still see your party's health, etc. and use the scoreboard. TLDR: Arenas are now back, Heroes scoreboard is disabled on the main world (replaced with the light-weight healthbar) however still active on the PvE world. It's complicated to read all this but it's the only real way for Arenas to work properly, so I hope this works for everyone! That is all. Have a good afternoon.
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    Blackmail like this?
  31. 5 likes
    It would be great to have Professions in my opinion! Adds another layer to the game I think lacks.
  32. 4 likes
    Only dapi could manage to steal a town. He's still got it ladies and gents
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    1 Boosting Acknowledged Albion Online-Galahad Update Warning issued by Dannie March 13 Penalty Given 1 points Restricted from posting - 1 day Note for member Please do not advertise. You will be punished for advertising competing games/communities/products. You may talk about games and discuss them, but you certainly do not advertise about them. Many thanks - Suspended from posting for 24 hours. - Content Moderated for 48 hours after being unsuspended.
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    Hey guys I just wanted to let you all know I have some new youtube videos out if you wanted to check them out! I was really happy with how many of you viewed the Panda Adventures video with me and Trance! I wanna do more like that but you guys gotta let me know when and where to hop on! Much love to everyone! Enjoy the new videos!
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    Where has the citizenry gone? What events have transpired to so thoroughly dissolve the once bustling throngs of plebeians that once made up this server? I once co-operated a fine establishment well known for it's evil orbs and mounds of sand. When I returned to my glorious and shining example of what can be created when one decides to not be poor, I found that it was renamed to some disgusting sand person name.
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    The "My little Kingdom" Islands hype is real jesus Honestly you lot (The lore nerds) should consider seriously lowering the amount of guilds there are there. Atherys will not have the player base to have 13 government figures being run by players. It will result in an Aloreh style "everyone is a minister of something" as the population count wont be high enough to sustain it. Plus, only a small number of the guilds will actually appeal to people. You're guaranteed better off with less guilds, each with a population, over 13 guilds with 1 or 0 people in each. @Xathas @Dani
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    Atvoria was created by the god Nalageos. He was the god of quests. At one point, he gathered thirteen humans to join him on an ultimate quest. Where to? No one knows. For what purpose? No one knows. All that is known is that if you were chosen, it was a death sentence. Nalageos would return from quest after quest, completely alone. He wouldn't discuss what happened to the humans, he'd just be excited to go on another quest. And every quest after the first one followed the same design. Each human had the same qualities. For example, the Manslayer, the Wretch, the Shipwright, the Minstrel. The group would leave the capital filled with glory, as people celebrated their departure all around. Yeah, if you look at each nation it's pretty obvious which god ruled each one. Kilnholdt was ruled by Agavres. The Gennaian Islands were ruled by Sjilea. Mosech-Tan ruled Daidama. Orvesu ruled Dalkun-Tir. Atvoria was ruled by Nalageos. (I know most of them have already been officially revealed)
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    So i can still post my comments which barely contributes to anything?
  39. 4 likes
    I can't swallow all this pride and that is saying something bruh. I ain't no quitter.
  40. 4 likes
    As someone who didn't really enjoy Evo as much as I would have liked, this sounds promising. Hope this does great.
  41. 4 likes
    The 5 player nations are together about half as big as the current Map. And the idea is of course that we get a lot more players again than as its now
  42. 4 likes
    I might start playing again. Seems like a good idea.
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    Hi, They are not needed per se. But if people want to support us in keeping Atherys alive and help us fund somethings then this is the option for it. We had several people asking for this so we put it up (keep in mind that we had that option open too in the past. We just removed all other options). I can't tell you for what the money will be used exactly in the end. Only that it will be used for Atherys (i think if you see what we remove from the stores for horizons to make the player experience better shows i'm not in this for the money :D). Possible uses: Mapmaker Additional Coders Artists (new items, pr stuff, etc) Webdesign Helping me keeping the server up (which i do gladly but i'm not above of accepting help in that regard :D) Etc. -Sellt
  44. 4 likes
    1000% support. You got this guys.
  45. 4 likes
    @LogiMadZ Khal Logo shall rise. #melonnation
  46. 4 likes
    Just do it right, that's all i have to say
  47. 4 likes
    Woooo, new version of A'therys (and conquest reforged has piles of money as an item).
  48. 4 likes
    This looks really awesome. Gonna look forward to your blog posts.
  49. 4 likes
    Those pictures.... new collection to have as my desktop slideshow
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    I guess the cat's out of the bag, here you go. 10/10 Solid guess work by our clairvoyant, MimeOverMatter.

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