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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Thank you for reading. -A'therys Administration


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    Hello all! We now have Conquest on A'therys! Conquest is a plugin created by @HaedHutner which features several conquest points across the map which people within that nation, or enemies of that nation can go to to garrison! Also at each conquest point, you will not only find players, but occasionally mobs will spawn. These mobs were hand crafted by a new admin, @Xathas and have a 3 in 4 chance of spawning at each point. Each mob has a minimum drop rate of 50 exp, and some have a max of 100, so it is worth getting your blades and shields and travelling to these points. Annnnd, finally, there is a shop designated for each nation where armor and tools can be purchased. This shop uses a special item for the heavy price tags that are on this loot... I'll let you figure out how to obtain it To access the shop you can use "/cq shop" and for other help with conquest "/cq help" More information on this patch and plugin can be found here: Thankyou for reading fellow A'therians! Have a wonderful weekend! -Admin Team
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    I should mention, you should now be able to easily access information on the Conquest points ( such as their exact location and rough estimate of amount of players available ) from the Journal. Most of this is available only through the journal, mostly because Head was lazy and didn't update the /cq info command as he added stuff to the Journal menu for Conquest. Anyway, I hope you enjoy Conquest and I wish all of you many successful battles.
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    @Dannie cheer up maybe in 3-5 months things will look up again
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    Server cant lag with nobody on it, got em.
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    Hi all, Xathas here with a few small patch notes on the MythicMobs encountered whilst Garrisoning a conquest point. They'll be uploaded tomorrow morning once Dannie gets the adjustments copied over to the main server Elementalist: Added 1s cooldown timer to EarthSeal and LightningStorm Rammatite: Fixed the glitchy message on its Hallucination skill Hired Mercenary: Added 1.5 seconds to the cooldown of Ram Added Throw Velocity to Ram so it will push back players it strike Flashpowder now has a cooldown - Should stop spamming you as badly with darkness. Angry Bear: Unfortunately as a normally passive mob, it's not able to be fought in towns because of towny protections. Working on a fix for this! Until then, these baddies won't spawn inside of a Conquest Point for the time being, but are in the bank for fun Reduced Slash's power by 5 and Maul's tick damage by 2 - hopefully its attacks are abit less brutal with this fix! Slash now has a cooldown and is not simply an on-hit proc.
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    PS: THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS PRANK!!! Just realized the timing of this release was not the brightest
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    Veggie started following ultravioletpixie 11 hours ago --- Yay! Hey, Veggie <3
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    As both a PvPer, a heroes team member and someone who tries to integrate pvp and RP as much as possible, I can also say that the lag is my biggest enemy. I run my game on a very ordinary computer. It's a bit old, a bit crap and a bit outdated, but it works. My limitations are already rather low, so when the slideshow style lag starts, people without high-end gaming rigs like me get hit the hardest. As someone who's meant to lead fights I simply cant, due to not being able to reliably call targets or give information because I'm consistently 5-10 seconds behind the fight. We have had to change the core mechanics of one of the server's most infamous classes purely because of the lag. The heroes team is now at the point where it must balance around lag. Too me, this should be a big and worrying red flag on the admin side of things. The lag cannot be ignored. Just like @Chadrian I've had new players start up, join in, level a class a bit. But as soon as I say "Hey, lets try fighting each other so you can see what it's like" they notice the lag, make their excuses, log off and never return. It happens A LOT. I know full well those who don't use heroes will be sitting here scratching their heads going "Wait, what lag?" but please, come and join in on a fight, watch what happens to your game. PvP numbers have dwindled again too what it was 2-3 weeks ago and yeah, once again I resonate with Chadrian about the fact that it gets a bit repetitive just fighting the same town again and again. Fights are decided mainly about who has the Most AoE and managed to capitalise the most in the 4-5 seconds in between lag spikes. It's not a fun fight if you suddenly take about 20 damage ticks from nowhere because you think you're in the backline, but the server has other ideas. Consistantly we've been hitting way over that $500 goal, a couple of times we've doubled it! Surely we can move some of that overflow into hiring a coder to do this professionally. I would say hire Apteryx, but he has enough on his plate as is. @Sellt thank you for pinning this and taking our replies seriously. It should great respect to the pvp community that frankly, we haven't felt in months and months.
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    I'm on the heroes team and I find it frustrating to be on there sometimes. Don't get me wrong I love helping out the server. For me, its the lack of resources that frustrates me. We need more coders, and that's not just for heroes. Spencer is a great coders, probably the best coder we have ever had on atherys, but one great man against the broken, laggy, unorganized mess that is Atherys is next to impossible to fix (within 1 year).
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    When we have mob events 40 people make the server unplayable. We used to be able to have 151/150 with people fighting with no problems. I'm curious what was the change that caused this slowdown. Did someone downgrade the server expecting that there will never be more than 40 people online at once anymore?

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