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    Little is known about the Ascendant named Vorske, he is a creature of mystery that floats around the A’therian skies occasionally dropping in to say hello to the mortals, or sometimes when he is in a particularly mischievous mood, mess with their minds. Many have seen him in person yet are always left confused as to why his shape and size is not like their own. Some claim he represents a Panda, others are confused as to what a Panda is as there is no such thing in the world of A’therys. One thing we do know though, is he does walk on two feet, stand like a man and due to an over active hormone imbalance has a massive amount of black and white fur all over his body. Vorske in his infinite wisdom, considers himself a God, a widely debated idea that has often been met with criticism or in some cases, false prophets that have been designed to take him down. One particular event was “operation rebel scum” otherwise known as “The Sakage incident”, where a group of misinformed troglodytes that thought it wise to slander the great Ascendant Vorske and his people, tried to destroy A’therys. They of course were unsuccessful due to Vorskes cunning plans, known as the “Unleash the Hinder protocol”, a super effective method that has and will always slay the most demonic of foes. For the most part, Vorske is a docile creature unless he comes across wrong doing then his mild temper flares into a rage. Sometimes, Vorske can come off as grumpy and un-approachable, this can be countered with a cold glass of milk, a plate of caramel cookies and something shiny that will distract him. All in all’ Vorske remains a strange creature, never truly understood by the mortals that roam A’therys. If you are lucky, he will interact with you and if you are extremely lucky, you may on occasion get a gift from him.
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    "You shall be there tomorrow morning," said the Abor Zhuruf, "but remember your promise. You need only lay your ring on a table before you go to bed, when you have a mind to come back. Farewell Ella Grom." Abor Zhuruf sighed, as usual, bidding her good night, and Ella Grom went to bed very sad at seeing him so afflicted. When she waked the next morning, she found herself at her father's, and having rung a little bell, that was by her bedside, she saw the maid come, who, the moment she saw her, gave a loud shriek, at which the good man ran up stairs, and thought he should have died with joy to see his dear daughter again. He held her fast locked in his arms above a quarter of an hour. As soon as the first transports were over, Ella Grom began to think of rising, and was afraid she had no clothes to put on; but the maid told her, that she had just found, in the next room, a large trunk full of gowns, covered with gold and diamonds. Ella Grom thanked good Abor Zhuruf for his kind care, and taking one of the plainest of them, she intended to make a present of the others to her sisters. She scarce had said so when the trunk disappeared. Her father told her, that Abor Zhuruf insisted on her keeping them herself, and immediately both gowns and trunk came back again. Ella Grom dressed herself, and in the meantime they sent to her sisters who hastened thither with their husbands. They were both of them very unhappy. The eldest had married a gentleman, extremely handsome indeed, but so fond of his own person, that he was full of nothing but his own dear self, and neglected his wife. The second had married a man of wit, but he only made use of it to plague and torment everybody, and his wife most of all. Ella Grom's sisters sickened with envy, when they saw her dressed like a princess, and more beautiful than ever, nor could all her obliging affectionate behavior stifle their jealousy, which was ready to burst when she told them how happy she was. They went down into the garden to vent it in tears; and said one to the other, in what way is this little creature better than us, that she should be so much happier? "Sister," said the oldest, "a thought just strikes my mind; let us endeavor to detain her above a week, and perhaps the silly monster will be so enraged at her for breaking her word, that he will devour her." "Right, sister," answered the other, "therefore we must show her as much kindness as possible." After they had taken this resolution, they went up, and behaved so affectionately to their sister, that poor Ella Grom wept for joy. When the week was expired, they cried and tore their hair, and seemed so sorry to part with her, that she promised to stay a week longer. In the meantime, Ella Grom could not help reflecting on herself, for the uneasiness she was likely to cause poor Abor Zhuruf, whom she sincerely loved, and really longed to see again. The tenth night she spent at her father's, she dreamed she was in the palace garden, and that she saw Abor Zhuruf extended on the grass plat, who seemed just expiring, and, in a dying voice, reproached her with her ingratitude. Ella Grom started out of her sleep, and bursting into tears. "Am I not very wicked," said she, "to act so unkindly to Abor Zhuruf, that has studied so much, to please me in everything? Is it his fault if he is so ugly, and has so little sense? He is kind and good, and that is sufficient. Why did I refuse to marry him? I should be happier with the monster than my sisters are with their husbands; it is neither wit, nor a fine person, in a husband, that makes a woman happy, but virtue, sweetness of temper, and complaisance, and Abor Zhuruf has all these valuable qualifications. It is true, I do not feel the tenderness of affection for him, but I find I have the highest gratitude, esteem, and friendship; I will not make him miserable, were I to be so ungrateful I should never forgive myself." Ella Grom having said this, rose, put her ring on the table, and then laid down again; scarce was she in bed before she fell asleep, and when she waked the next morning, she was overjoyed to find herself in the Abor Zhuruf's palace. She put on one of her richest suits to please him, and waited for evening with the utmost impatience, at last the wished-for hour came, the clock struck nine, yet no Abor Zhuruf appeared. Ella Grom then feared she had been the cause of his death; she ran crying and wringing her hands all about the palace, like one in despair; after having sought for him everywhere, she recollected her dream, and flew to the canal in the garden, where she dreamed she saw him. There she found poor Abor Zhuruf stretched out, quite senseless, and, as she imagined, dead. She threw herself upon him without any dread, and finding his heart beat still, she fetched some water from the canal, and poured it on his head. Abor Zhuruf opened his eyes, and said to Ella Grom, "You forgot your promise, and I was so afflicted for having lost you, that I resolved to starve myself, but since I have the happiness of seeing you once more, I die satisfied."

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