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    So for those of you who have not noticed the shiny red name, as of last night I have been promoted to Admin status! So what do I do? In addition to my Loremaster work, which I already had backend forum access to work on the wiki with, I have gained access to MythicMob creation and Command block/Dungeon programming. I'll be working closely with the content and build teams to streamline releases and design horrific death traps for you to die in. Over the next few days I'll also be learning the general administration commands, and will be able to handle admin tickets, and will be most commonly seen around late night A'therys
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    Hey guys long time no see!! Just poking in to see how things are going, I hope Selt is treating you right. For those interested I apologize for my abrupt departure I had quite a bit of personal and work things that lead to me being over committed and I was unable to spend anytime on Atherys. I hope you guys are doing well and I do miss the community. Hope all goes well and I see you guys are making some progress. Have a great one!
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    I should probably start counting how many times I pop on and off of the forums throughout the day. If I did, I can only guess that the number would be well over a lot and somewhere under too much. Now, the reason I do this dates back to when there would always be something new to read, and I mean always. Anyone call back to Buy/ Sell/ Trade forums? All the political theater? Anyone? Yeah, I know you're there, just like me, lurking in the shadows. It's time to stop that. Bring out your dead. Converse and have a good time. Talk about the old days, the new days, I don't care, just talk. Give me something to read, and maybe even come on A'therys and see all of the improvements that have been made. The conquest system is pretty sweet from what I'm told, and there's a problem with that line, I myself haven't even gone to see the system in action on the live server yet. We can talk about playing and what's good and what's bad, but if we don't actively engage with what's there, we're just couch quarterbacks or backseat drivers. Not sure why I really wanted to write this, just wanted to see something in the new threads spot I suppose, but I also really want to see how many of you are there watching, waiting, and sitting idle. Maybe push a few of you to come back into the fold and chat a bit. Edit: Just checked and in the past 24 hours there have been 80 people on the forums. That's a hefty number. Let's talk, reminisce a little.
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    Event 2 : Disappearance in Virion Alesce SOLUTIONS!!! Hi all! With 60 hours to solve the case, nineteen players submitted answers to solve the puzzle! Of nineteen players, six players were correct! The solutions are as follows : Hero Drink Weapon Drinks Theobald Whistwallow Crescent Rum Broadsword 3 Helghrian Toharus Cloud Wine Longspear 2 Ahlanna Jharov Forgefire Whiskey Scepter 4 Yai'vasa yav-Hashirem Legion Stout Crossbow 1 Corrigan Broad Dirty Parrot Battleaxe 5 So how does one solve this?! In-Game Clues The person who carried a Scepter drank four large bottles of liquor. Helghrian did not drink the Forgefire Whiskey. The male hero who drank Cloud Wine helped himself to two glasses. The female hero who carried a crossbow (who was not Ahlanna Jharov) was seen drinking a growler of Legion Stout. Theobald Whistwallow had exactly one less drink than the hero who drank the Forgefire Whiskey. Both Helghrian and the axe-wielding hero ordered more than one round of drinks. Yai'vasa yav-Hashirem was absolutely disgusted by the axe-wielding hero's flasks of Dirty Parrot. A dropped Scepter Wiki Clues Corrigan Broad's page notes his favored drink of Dirty Parrot Helghrian Toharus's page notes him as a skilled Spear wielder Your best means to eliminate most options was to use a Logic Grid, as below: All but one clue can directly be placed on the Logic Grid : which narrows down to a point where the player must make choices of trial and error to fit the remaining logic clues together : From here; it's a matter of comparing and contrasting possibilities, using the knowledge that Theobald and his equipment must have ONE less than the drinker of Forgefire Whiskey! FIRST PLACE WINNER @SethoMarkus SECOND PLACE WINNERS @Lemonbrainz1 @Jay-lee @lnShane @Chadrian THIRD PLACE WINNER @Gamma_Byte + an Honorable Mention to @StealthMelon, who correctly got who Disappeared, but did not have the other aspects correct. Thank you everyone who participated! Please feel free to discuss additional methods you may have used to solve the puzzle!
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    A neat thing that I think could be added to A'therys is jail (http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/jail/). It makes the Justice department of nations actually interesting and relevant and give actual punishments to criminals when KoS and Outlawing people is not effective. This could also be used against petty offenses of the server rules like swearing in nation chat or stealing from a nation member when banning or kicking is too extreme. There is a bail system within this mod which would act like a nice little coin sink and would motivate people to start making money to save their friends from the justice system. I know this could be easily abused but given to the right people, like nation heads or moderators this can add a interesting RP dynamic. dont hurt me if this is a bad idea.
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    We got a new Nether Island video out, hope you guys like it! Please thank Xathas, InsanibleLector, MercyMike, Altairas, and Dannie for bringing you this new Nether Island & Video out! Please Share This Around!
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    Plan Soft-Launch Saturday 25th 10am/12pm - Sunday 26th March Adding plugins / removing old ones. Updating server jar Heroes fixes Fixing small bugs, e.g. quickshop. Adding new config, e.g. chat, mod cp, help command, etc. Conquest Launch Saturday 1st 10am/12pm - Sunday 2nd April Introduce AtherysConquest plugin (Test battles) End of competition (Conquest event) Small video Nether Island Launch Saturday 8st 10am/12pm - Sunday 9th April (To be confirmed) Introduce the Nether Island world Setup portals to connect it to the main server Introduce nether mobs, drops, etc. Small video Plugin additions / removals ADDED AtherysCore CoreProtect REMOVED HeroesAddon (Condensed into AtherysCore) Announcer AtherysExtra (Condensed into AtherysCore) AuctionHouse CFD (Condensed into AtherysCore) Denizen (Completely gone. Everything that was denizen is now in JAVA) Logblock Voting Plugins Sentinel and more. New minecraft features, e.g. blocks, animals, items, etc. We now have all the new animals available to us, such as llamas, polar bears, husks, strays, vindicators, evokers and vex mobs. In the next upcoming couple of days you can expect to see a wide range of these being integrated into our Mythic Mobs in PvE aswell as us adding the new animal eggs to the shops so you are able to buy them with yora. There are the 1.11 and 1.10 blocks now available, such as shulker boxes. These can be used to store items in, like a chest, and then can be broken with a pickaxe and moved. Very useful item and has towny and griefprevention support. To see the other Minecraft related changes, visit: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/1.11 Hoppers As of today, hoppers are no longer blacklisted however the timings on them are not default, they are now set to be ½ the speed of vanilla in order to just prevent excessive lag in areas. We will see how this goes, and if things look good we may change this. GoLevel From today, we have a different approach to travelling to the golevel. You are now able to create your own portal and light it using flint and steel. When you enter the portal it will take 3 or so seconds for a message to pop up saying you are now travelling. Note: since this is now a thing, we have removed the golevel command on the main server and the /home command is no longer usable in the pve world. Nevertheless, when you are done leveling and decide to go back to your town, you simply go back to the spawn of the PVE and enter the portal. You will be brought back to where you last were before you entered golevel. Jenkins We are now using SCABB to compile all our custom code. As soon as we commit, it will get auto-built and put onto our testing server which has greatly sped up this update quite considerably. We are also in the process of setting up a global issues page so that it is easier to report bugs and get them fixed. Mob Spawns The PvE server is now spawning really really well. There may be tinkering with the spawns this week to get them more and more stable/ optimised, however this will be done during the daily restarts to ensure we don’t interrupt anymore playing time. Heroes All skills have been updated to 1.11 and hopefully all the errors from before are fixed now. If you find an issue then please report it to an Admin asap. Chat, tablist, MOTD and Server Spawn All of these have been given a bit of a make over and a clean up. When you join now you will be shown this: There is also a new help command: /help You’ll have to look at it yourself ingame to get the general gist of it New tablist: Bit more colourful The server spawn is coming along well. We are now working on the section where the player will meet the class paths and then be taken through to the next section where they will learn how to use their chosen class. After that will come the nation choice. Expect some more info on this in posts to come! And a load more of optimisation of plugins. (Can now restart the server in just over 10 seconds which is great). What to do Now We need as many submissions as possible for @HaedHutner's item competition he posted about earlier this week. Once we have the items for the Conquest plugin, we can begin finalising alot of it and then getting it out possibly even sooner. If you have a spare bit of time, I urged you to make atleast 1 item That is all. Thankyou for reading.
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    Howdy lads and ladettes, my name is Snavillus, or just Snav for you friendly type. I'm just a guy who pops in sometimes to see if my old friends are around from the V1 days. Not too much to say about me, i live in a cave underground as a hermit as is my sacred duty as the final resting account holder for Fendel. I joined way back when in the V1 days and joined a town in Ithero after some wondering. Shortly after I became a mayor of my own town (Repping those Freyport peeps babbbyyyyy!) Soon after became a sage briefly before becoming a full on mod, which i served for around 2 years? I don't remember. I took the honor of playing as Fendel for the back half of that due to its former being inactive. I was mostly just a goof who liked to play pranks on people and did treasure hunts and stuff. Other than that I helped build the V2 world before quitting sort of in mass exodus fashion with others due to being burned out. Now-a-days I just pop in to say hi to people. Shortly after leaving I was a key piece in building up other MMO type servers before going off grid for a while doing IRL type stuff (Being an adult is gross). I hope to be around to chat with ya'll occasionally
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    -1.10.2 -Fixed Java Arg issue -Updated JEI> -Updated FoamFix 0.4.3->0.5.3 -Updated Optifine D4->D6 -Replaced WAILA with Hwyla 1.8.9-B23_1.10.2 -Updated VoxelMap .15->.21 -Edited Configs -1.11 -Fixed Java Arg issue -Updated BetterFPS 1.3.3->1.3.4 -Updated FoamFix 0.4.3->0.5.3 -Updated Hwyla 1.8.5-B19_1.11->1.8.9-B22_1.11 -Updated Optifine B2->B6 -Updated Schematica .1.5.6->.1.5.7 -Added TabbyChat and dependencies -Updated VoxelMap .16->.21 -Updated Macro Mod .1->.3 -Edited Configs -1.11.2 -Starting to build... Let me know of any issues and I will fix when I can
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    Man gotta Love these quality posts that you see on the forums nowadays
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    Today I discovered a cool open source voxel editor and decided to take it for a little spin. Naturally my go to is oriental stuff - surprise, surprise. Potions: It has an internal renderer that can toggle; emission, glass and metal. You can get some interesting visuals. Katanas: Old Guy and Hannya Mask: Sushi and Sake: For those interested the editor is MagicaVoxel.
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    Hi Atherys! Today we talk a bit about rumors and why you shouldn't believe them. In the last two days i heard: 1. Monday a map reset happens <- seeing its Tuesday already and still same old map.. clearly a wrong rumor 2. Ar-Selukk gets deleted <- i can't even begin to wonder why someone came up with this and why you even believe it a little... if we ever would do something that monumental you would see posts from admins and me way in advance. That said, no plan to delete Ar-Selukk exists. 3. We are letting the server go into the darkness quietly. <- hell no. A while back i promised the server will still be around in a year. That hasn't changed. 4. All towns get wiped and only 5 per nation controlled by staff <- uh no. Just no. Player owned towns are part of atherys and will ever be. 5. Everything else <- if you didn't read it in a post from me or another admin look at it as wrong. About point three: Right now we are still working on getting the nether island out with all the features and there is still other things planned. Short post from me to point out some wrong rumors. Sadly still in the most active time at work right now (2-3 weeks to go. Then i get a lot of time back yay). But i'm still around, you can still hit me up on the forum, skype, when i get time to play or are on TS. If you heard a rumor ask me. I will tell you the truth. -Sellt
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    I heard a rumor that Sellt decided to never post a recipe again...
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    So, as you have hopefully read, the Rise of the Nether begins with a series of stories leading up to the launch of the Nether Island. This first event leads to the realization that something is amiss in the world of A'therys. Something has crossed over, and it may not be the first... This is also my chance to experiment with a few different styles of events Our first event is designed for small parties of 4 - 6 (although I can modify difficulty depending on participants) To the northwest of Ithero, a series of island ruins long sleeping have begun to react strangely. Concerned, Fleet Captain Lionel Decker has arranged a scouting party to investigate the island and it's ruins for signs of occult activity. Your party is a part of this investigation, and must search and solve the ruins dangers to discover the secret within... Each instance will take 1 hour. The event times are as follows : SATURDAY, APRIL 8th: - 10:00 AM ATZ / 3:00 PM UTC - 11:30 AM ATZ / 4:30 PM UTC - 1:00 PM ATZ / 6:00 PM UTC - 3:00 PM ATZ / 8:00 PM UTC SUNDAY, APRIL 9th: - 9:00 AM ATZ / 2:00 PM UTC - 10:30 AM ATZ / 3:30 PM UTC - 12:00 PM ATZ / 5:00 PM UTC A small addendum : The event is repeated in each time slot. Gather your friends and show up the time that works best for you!!!
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    Hello all! We now have Conquest on A'therys! Conquest is a plugin created by @HaedHutner which features several conquest points across the map which people within that nation, or enemies of that nation can go to to garrison! Also at each conquest point, you will not only find players, but occasionally mobs will spawn. These mobs were hand crafted by a new admin, @Xathas and have a 3 in 4 chance of spawning at each point. Each mob has a minimum drop rate of 50 exp, and some have a max of 100, so it is worth getting your blades and shields and travelling to these points. Annnnd, finally, there is a shop designated for each nation where armor and tools can be purchased. This shop uses a special item for the heavy price tags that are on this loot... I'll let you figure out how to obtain it To access the shop you can use "/cq shop" and for other help with conquest "/cq help" More information on this patch and plugin can be found here: Thankyou for reading fellow A'therians! Have a wonderful weekend! -Admin Team
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    Hello Atherys! 1.11 So, finally we got 1.11 out! Sever seems a lot more stable, but can’t say for 100% certain until we had a bigger fight. But the timings are better and server starts in about half the time it did in the past. We also tried to run around spaming skills and whatnot and it looked good. Right now the two new animals (polar bears and llamas) are not obtainable but we are about to add them to the Admin store for the same price as horses. Econ Bug Ok, this is a weird one. On the test server this was solved and for the few first days after we upgraded the main server it did work too. But it looks like its back since at least yesterday. The Tech Admins are on it and should have a solution soon. My apologies for the circumstances. Conquest & New Capital Man, I’m looking forward to this weekend. The addition of Conquest AND as its planned atm, the opening of the new Capital. I hope you all can come and have some fun! Nether Island And then its only one more week till we most likely get the nether island with all the new resources. As far as I can see the build team (the same that did the new capital) is working on finishing it and what I saw looks really good. And let this be the first warning: The Nether Island will be deadly. Correction: The overland part is planned for in one week. The Nether part a bit later (more to do there). I was slightly misinformed. Sorry. What comes after I can promise you right now that we will be still around in 1 year (and most likely way beyond that). What that means will be revealed in the next few weeks/months. But don’t worry. We are working on a future for our beloved server. Sellt’s Kitchen Uiuiui… I’m here at work writing this diary entry and I have all my notes and recipes at home. So for this week you will need to survive without a new one. I’m sorry.
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    Hi Atherys, Just a small update so you know whats going on. Most of the update has been done, but as expected we run into problems (even after 1:1 copy from the testserver). We are now in the middle of fixing these (one after the other. seems just a question of time). So its all going as expected -Sellt
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    And you people wonder why they delete your posts...
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    @HaedHutner so i tried out conquest for the first time, pretty neat but here are some extra suggestions/features that might be also neat: - congealed blood would be given to the players to captures the points - a daily/hourly timer would give yora to the nation who caps it - players would only drop 1 blood but if there are other players near by the amount of blood would multiply. so if there was a 20v20, each player would drop 40 congealed blood - conquest points should be easier to get to - the ability for players to solo cap points - use NPC towns for nations that do not have capture points, nobody really uses them anyways - the ability to hire guards to defend the capture points kinda like the old capital guards. they would spawn in once there is a player within 100 blocks or something. these guys would but pretty expensive (10k?) and upgradeable to be stronger. They would also require a upkeep of food or they wouldn't spawn IF YOU WERE TO BUILD UPON THIS SUGGESTION: - the ability to spawn prebuilt towers and other defenses? so each point has 3 defense points and people can choose what to build on each points, so for an example you can build towers that will shoot arrows at the attackers, or barracks to buff and hire guards, or a house which will spawn in barracades, or even a small farm to generate or lower foods for the guards and therefore no two conquest points would be alike and therefore a new experiance everytime -guards would have a random personality trait? so to buff the guards for x amounts of time you can feed them potions, or gift them diamonds, or give them better equpiment
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    Event 3 : "For Science!" With elections settled, the minds of The Daggerlands turn away from politics and towards their true love : the tinkering of technology. It's Worlds' Faire season in the city of Monas Roth, the greatest minds of the nation have gathered to demonstrate inventions, innovations, and discoveries. Even old Aldric Ironstride and his latest airship have arrived in time for the season's occasion. Come join in the merriment, browse the wonders of the Daggerlands, but be wary - for someone has come for more than just the science... This Event, like "The Reacting Ruins" is an instanced event that will be run on timeslots. UNLIKE the previous two events; the results of this event will be factored to determine the next part of the story. This will be done by tallying the results of each instance's participation. The following playtimes are available for this event: Saturday. April 22 : 8:30AM A'therys Time, 10AM A'therys Time, 9PM A'therys Time Sunday, April 23: 11 AM A'therys Time, 3 PM A'therys Time, 6 PM A'therys Time, 10 PM A'therys Time This event is a "tower defense" type mob event; in that you must defend specific locations or against a set number of waves. Be mindful of additional objectives that may be given along the way; for they may yield bonuses!!!
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    https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/123-memes-dedicated-to-sundvallo/ Deal is you keep public threads clean.
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    Can i haz SAGE?
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    I appreciate the legend mike chen, aka the @Velkas, the true pirate king, long locks, the six pack shortcuts trainer, the chen boi, mikel, maniacC-miichael, friend of burger and fries, 50 yen, Mr maxgreenayrat, the king of the north, the leader of harvikir, and the coolest guy I met on the server.
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    Ah, yes. Clearly, we have been bested by our own feelings of pride. Woe is us, how we refused time and time again to bend to the will of the evil PvPers, whom we despised so. I'm not aware of the others' feelings on this, but you sir have convinced me. Where may I repent my sins against the PvP community, and what tribute must I pay to have their approval again? Guide us, oh wise one.
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    Hello all! Glad to announce that after 2 months of working on 1.11, we are now live! There will be a changelog shortly which will show whats been added/removed and the new game features and 1.11 stuff. For now, enjoy it, report any problems you have or have found to myself or @HaedHutner and they will be fixed asap. Thankyou for your patience!
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    THE ARCHAIC MINESHAFT A new Dungeon has opened in the PVE world! Featuring all new mobs, five mini-bosses, one Final Boss, and new loot! Recommended Party Size : 4 - 6 Players Special Requirements : 1 Player with Blink or Fire Resistance Entry Coordinates : 1513, 1766 Special thanks to @Dannie for the backend work; build server - and map overlay @Iris93 , @Darklore123, @Jynxi, and @Sanders for being mob testers & punching bags BETA TEST DUNGEON DELVERS: @TranceXhumaN, Sanders, @IceePirate, @ThatGuy_777, @_Chrono and RuddyF View full record
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    Today my fellow comrades, we have vanquished The Staff and created our own kingdom, a place of peace and prosperity We no longer have to live in fear of our glorious posts getting deleted We no longer need to adapt to the categories in the forums Here we are safe and here we are... Free!
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    Solution, meme on your private wall rather than cluttering the public forums. This isn't tumblr/reddit/4chan/etc. ((Or perhaps request a memes subforum)) I agree that staff could be a little more proactive about informing people of reasons, rather than being reactive. You give reasons when people are kicked/banned, same should go for posts. Just common courtesy and eliminates the guess-work and rumor-mill.
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    Hey Everyone, Sorry for this late Topic. For those who are or are not aware, I became a moderator for the server not to long ago. Reasons for this not being posted earlier is because I hate how I cannot compose my thoughts as well as everyone and I make myself sound pretty stupid in some cases...Anyways pushing reasons aside, Why did I come back to being moderator? I wanted to help the server in any way possible and I believe Helper would of been a position that could of represented that; however, Dannie wanted me to join the Staff. Personally, I was on the fence with saying yes or no to this so I ask the only question that can convince me, "Does Sellt want my help?" (*Said as confident as presented*). Supposedly, Dannie came back to me saying, 'Yes, Sellt wants you on the team.' Currently, I do not know if what Dannie said was true nor going to further pursue understanding if my question was truly answered. (Ain't calling Dannie a liar, he was just a middle-man between the conversation with Staff, himself and I) What is your main intentions for the server? I am planning to help code Mythic Mobs with Xathas as soon as my college workload has ceased. I helped created some of the new mobs in the first event of the Rise of the Nether Isle. I am also have dabbled in everything that I can to pretty well-rounded. I am planning to do some animations for the server to promote A'therys as whole and then the nations afterwards with roles cast by nation heads themselves. I plan to be active as best as I can and to work with tickets at a moderator level I want to provide a strong voice of the community in the Staff, so none of them will lose their touch of the player-base Hopefully, I want to migrate the A'therys TeamSpeak to Discord to give it a better feel to join in conversation with the players and the community without downloading an application (Currently doesn't have Discord downloaded on his desktop) What might be your downfalls? My Charisma...I ain't the best person to sway many people to my side, but nevertheless I try. Typing...I am notorious slow at typing...typing as fast as two fingers can type Doubts himself... Miscommunication...I am pretty much like Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy, very literal and find it tough to understand some. (Now that I think about it. My character has a resemblance to him...Wow...not intentional) "Okay, those are some faults. Why are you even a mod?" are what some of you are saying and I understand that. At first glance, I am suppose not to be Moderator material; however, here is some plus to who I am. I am helpful, literally helpful. I usually put the Server over my needs and wants in game before becoming a moderator. Drive: I am willing to work through anything to reach my end goals and try to bypass any barriers placed in front of me. Being there for others in their times of need. I been through many fires that has scorched my personality and well-being; however, I became a better person because of it and willing to guide people to be successful in and out of game. Loves to be busy. Currently, doing College Full-time, delivering newspapers as part time, now part time as a moderator or full-time, and while being a functioning human being with the most time in the world. Okay... are you Jinx from League of Legends and do you hate Vi? "'She's such a loser, always ready to cry!' T-t-t-ta!" Do you only play A'therys? Nope, I do go on Hypixel to play Bed Wars which is currently in beta (would like to play with ya peeps if y'all are up for it.) Do you play only Minecraft? Nope, I play competitively in Hearthstone and Online Chess. Also, I do take time to play War games at board game shops from time to time. (Love to play everyone in Online Chess though) I believe I've talked everyone's ear off enough in this post. If there is anything else that you want or need to know about me being moderator do not hesistate to ask me in here or on TeamSpeak before we move over to discord. Anyways, Hope everyone has a good Holiday weekend. -Mr. JynxInx
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    Hello all! My name is Russell/bogsaxe, I am 17 and live in England. I used to play this ages ago and I am back! It's kinda funny I'm sitting here trying to take a break from revising for my A-Levels but can't actually find how I apply to play or something... I remember the server being great with loads of friendly people always willing to help so I am sure someone will point out the obvious to me. Anyway nice to meet you all. Have a great day!
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    hmm this is a very helpful post, really helped me through a rough time, I really feel like that this position will really help the community in a positive way.
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    What, removing Ar-Selukk? It's a good thing but without any notice? <3
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    Joke's on you guys, it's not Selukk we're wiping, it's Roreg. And we're not so much wiping it, as we are putting it under Vrovonic occupation. Now, for any loghecs reading this, you need not worry. Your new Vrovonic overlords will be merciful, and as long as you throw away your outragous reverence for that damp cave you call Dorrod's realm, and adopt Vrovona's teachings within 14 working days, you will be left relatively unharmed. Additionally, please note that any sort of organized or military resistance to the occupation will be taken most seriously and any conflicts will be resolved with the wiping out of whole regions of the jungle, starting with the most-populated ones. Signing off, Your friendly neightborhood General Secretary of the Occupational Government in Roreg Logh.
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    To my dear brethrens in Sav-Synav, and all those who claim Ar-Selukk as their home. I Khelazar II, Sa'aravine Dheran-Prince of a'Ravhar, have usurped the Arch Cult of Sav-Synav from my sister in law Dowager Princess Akila yav-Tajar. I declare my unwavering fidelity to the High Priestess. I call now unto you my brethren's, particularly those who share my values in the Cult of the Patron, that now is the time! The omens have aligned and the world has been silenced for too long; this be our chance to dominate the world! Ithero has seen fit to conquest the Regents crown dependency of Sej-Ven and violate our nation. I say naaaaaaaaay! I declare those loyal to the cult of the patron, and those who wish to enforce the inspired legacy to march with us and form a task force to retake the city, and claim conquests across the world that are ripe for the taking in the other lesser nations! You the children of Sav-Synav shall do this in homage to your God! And for her Holy Majesty, the High Priestess Regent Raviyna IV! @Omega_Iota @Dani @Aurek @xxsethg95xx Yours forever devoted to Sav-Synav Khelazar II of a'Ravhar
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    Grind at Sanctum, get killed, pray to the gods you gets your items back before clear lag. Good days...
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    Hello everyone, welcome to the Daily Event megathread! This thread is meant for general inquiries, discussion of previous day's riddles, explanations, questions, screenshots of loot, of adventure, stories about fighting people at that location, whatever. This thread is NOT for posting, asking, or soliciting tours to the location of the current event!. Do not mention today's riddle or attempt to solve it in this thread. This will be moderated heavily and posts will be removed if they break these rules. You are free to discuss yesterday's event, and how you solved it, but not today's. You can also post any questions about the purpose of these, or how they work. Contact @redninja685 or @Dani (myself) if you have any further questions!
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    As both a PvPer, a heroes team member and someone who tries to integrate pvp and RP as much as possible, I can also say that the lag is my biggest enemy. I run my game on a very ordinary computer. It's a bit old, a bit crap and a bit outdated, but it works. My limitations are already rather low, so when the slideshow style lag starts, people without high-end gaming rigs like me get hit the hardest. As someone who's meant to lead fights I simply cant, due to not being able to reliably call targets or give information because I'm consistently 5-10 seconds behind the fight. We have had to change the core mechanics of one of the server's most infamous classes purely because of the lag. The heroes team is now at the point where it must balance around lag. Too me, this should be a big and worrying red flag on the admin side of things. The lag cannot be ignored. Just like @Chadrian I've had new players start up, join in, level a class a bit. But as soon as I say "Hey, lets try fighting each other so you can see what it's like" they notice the lag, make their excuses, log off and never return. It happens A LOT. I know full well those who don't use heroes will be sitting here scratching their heads going "Wait, what lag?" but please, come and join in on a fight, watch what happens to your game. PvP numbers have dwindled again too what it was 2-3 weeks ago and yeah, once again I resonate with Chadrian about the fact that it gets a bit repetitive just fighting the same town again and again. Fights are decided mainly about who has the Most AoE and managed to capitalise the most in the 4-5 seconds in between lag spikes. It's not a fun fight if you suddenly take about 20 damage ticks from nowhere because you think you're in the backline, but the server has other ideas. Consistantly we've been hitting way over that $500 goal, a couple of times we've doubled it! Surely we can move some of that overflow into hiring a coder to do this professionally. I would say hire Apteryx, but he has enough on his plate as is. @Sellt thank you for pinning this and taking our replies seriously. It should great respect to the pvp community that frankly, we haven't felt in months and months.
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    When we have mob events 40 people make the server unplayable. We used to be able to have 151/150 with people fighting with no problems. I'm curious what was the change that caused this slowdown. Did someone downgrade the server expecting that there will never be more than 40 people online at once anymore?
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    you lot are so funny
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    Jokes on you! Vrovona kidnapped a Loghec nation head!
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    PS: THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS PRANK!!! Just realized the timing of this release was not the brightest
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    I'm you but stronger.

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