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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Thank you for reading. -A'therys Administration


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    After reading everything I see a few problems happening over and over. 1. people are talking as if they speak for a whole subset of people. The people's voice is not a smart stance to take. This issue was more so happening at the start so I am happy that more players are talking in a 'what I would like to see' format. As this prevents polarization and extrapolation of points made. 2. polarization of stances. the you are either for or against us mindset , Which is fundamentally a pitfall and one that is easily fallen into. Arguments such as: 'it is only going to work if you do this and nothing else' are ultimately non-productive as others are either forced to reject it completely or agree with it. So no room for nuances or discussion. 3. People are fundamentally argueing from different perspectives, about different things while assuming the 'other side' to be villains. So any counter argument is usually dismissed and most of the arguments do not actually address what the other is saying. In this regard I would say hats-off for the staff who are clear, concise and do address the points raised by the players. 4. acting as if 'your' group is simultaneously the majority and oppressed minority. Or any other contradictory claims. It becomes very hard to take someone serious when they first argue that they deserve something because of 'reason A' while directly afterwards claiming 'reason B' which negates 'reason A'. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay on to the discussion as I do have a few questions myself. A good pvp system does not only have the attacker in mind when it is about mechanics. How does the recipient of the attack experience said attack might even be more important. It is why balancing shooters such as splatioon and team fortress is so difficult. I named these two as they do have good examples on how it is done right. But in Atherys the fact of getting gimped over and over in a town where you spawned was no fun for me. And this is not a question of getting good as it was often 1 vs 5 and they camped it specifcally when only one or 2 people were around. So I was forced to just logg off during those times, which incidentally was the only time I could be on. So this meant I had to stop playing atherys. How can we prevent such a problem? Would some kind of towns guard be an option? As rampant killing in a town where law and order is rule is a bit strange. Why were towns created in the first place? To create non-griefable areas I presume. Were they also meant as safe havens against constant killing or did that come later? Do towns create new problems in the way that towns create hotspots of players? As in you won't find people to fight in the wilderniss as easily as in a town. @JupiterRome It seems to me that you view RP as a subset of PVP. If so I can understand where you come from a lot more. On the other hand I would argue that for me PVP would be a subset to RP. So how do we address this fundamental difference in thinking? As PvP to me can be fun, but I do not play on any PvP server for a reason. Without just cause it feels arbitrary and cruel to me. In that sense I do not agree what this Vorske person says about PvP and RP being opposites as this statement destroys any kind of discourse. In that sense a balance of yin and yang ought to be possible. Maybe magical protection of towns feels cheap, so what other ways are there to create a safe zone for people who wish to be relatively safe from raiders and killers. If towns do not have such a system I do not see a point in living in one as those will naturally become hotspots for fights. Which is something I would rather not have. If towns are not safe it would force me to the wilderniss which would paradoxically be the safer place. Griefing is possible yes, but I would not be camped by other players. On the other hand in the wilderness I can not sell my services as a redstone engineer, builder, or build large redstone structures as my inventory would never be safe, I would not start large projects as any can and will be griefed in time. Making my stay in Atherys pointless in the end. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why I come to this server (in no particular order): The interesting class system Nice map Interesting lore The chance to RP Developing my love for redstone that I found on this server. Nostalgia The chance to PvP reasonable staff So if those things stay true and remain possible I will continue enjoying atherys.
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    For 2 years, A'therys Evo has existed. It's crazy how quickly that time has gone by, remembering everything that's happened over the years and the people who have come and gone. But here we are again, preparing a new vision for our server and creating a brand new adventure for this amazing community that we are so grateful to be a part of. In exactly two weeks, A'therys Ascended will come to a close and then it's work stations for our staff. From today to the 30th you can still login to the server at play.atherys.com to explore, take screenshots and take in the last moments of A'therys Evo on our servers. 24 hours before we shut down we will accidentally disable important plugins and accidentally delete the ban list for our traditional Purge of which we expect you to turn the server off for us. After that, the website will close and you will be updated via our Twitter & Discord of important information regarding when it will be up etc. Some final words before I head off: Thank you to the players who have sailed this ship with us and an even bigger thank you to the players that have supported, donated and stuck with this community for as long as you have done. You are superb. Thank you to the staff who voluntarily support the players and other staff to create a safe environment for people to enjoy a game we all love. Without people like you A'therys would have been a one-hit wonder, but we are still here standing strong for 5 years. And lastly a thank you to @Sellt for taking on such a big responsibility this time last year. We appreciate it. Thank you for reading, and have a great weekend! @mercymike @Sellt @StealthMelon @MushroomMage @Vnthy @Aller @redninja685 @Edd @Muttgamer @speedyscorpion The New Era:

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