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Showing most liked content on 05/28/2017 in all areas

  1. 3 likes
    If PvP isn't based on /roll I'm not playing.
  2. 2 likes
    It would be great to have Professions in my opinion! Adds another layer to the game I think lacks.
  3. 2 likes
    Well no point in not giving it a try
  4. 2 likes
    Woo, mods! To sound a little more serious, I just want to say that it's awesome you guys are taking such a big leap forward. Take your time, don't let anyone rush you, and do your best. c: We'll be waiting~
  5. 2 likes
    Just do it right, that's all i have to say
  6. 1 like
    Ingame- no I'm afraid. We want the chat basically cleaner lol, and the titles to make sense for the people and to the server. Titles will be earned from ingame events and happenings. If there's an event where a vegan is involved: then maybe, lol. We release when the product is there and when we are done. Let's say, Horizons won't be out until after summer. Your suggestions have been noted and will be taken into consideration
  7. 1 like
    He told me about it and tbh it sounded quite nice. If anything the vision he has for the type of PvP he wants is pretty damn good. I don;t know if he wants me to talk about it (I doubt he would care if I did) but, just in case. I don't think there's anything to fear after he had explained it to me.
  8. 1 like
    Why Would they play on a Server where the staff have no Initiative to do anything a bring back people, they have a right to do whatever they want its not ironic the server got borning asf NO ONE PLAYS. Xathas trying to think His Dungeons are a thing which they are not if it was good you'd have people back ( I only say this is because you keep bragging about it and its only thing you have probably done so far no offence) . Do something to bring people back... tsk tsk More PvP and Events (Such things like the summer rime with weekly events and such tsk tsk) Smh ive been saying this for a while and you guys said you would do something like this Months later....0.o
  9. 1 like
    After listening to the recording, it sounds like nothing is migrating.
  10. 1 like
    @LogiMadZ Khal Logo shall rise. #melonnation
  11. 1 like
    Sure these changes sound cool but I learned at least one thing in my high school education... Communism only works on paper
  12. 1 like
    Will trade choclate for ab pics?

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