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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

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    “FOR THE PAST FEW MONTHS.” I’m going to start this off with that quote. This has been going on for MONTHS. A great deal of respect would’ve been given to Blue if he were to admit the wrong he’s done BEFORE being demoted. The fact that it required Blue to be demoted in order for him to apologize, I don’t understand how anyone can respect that. In addition to that, “A good deal of what you did was for the good of other players, so you shouldn't be too hard on yourself” … using those powers to benefit other players does not justify his wrong doings. And “Plus, there are a lot of other staff who have done the same at some point at least..” I find this REALLY unfair for the other staff members. There are a lot of staff members who put time and effort into the game, legitimately. This comment basically degrades the image of the staff, and essentially making it an idea that people can’t trust staff members. All in all, this is my opinion (so please don’t hate, just voicing mine like everyone else is doing) and i’m sure i’m voicing the opinions of others who don’t want to say anything. NO HATE <3 <3 <3 Edit: I really don't want this to be looked at as a flamey comment. I usually don't comment my opinion on things but this is something I feel strongly about. I'm not one to put down others, I'm actually VERY against it.
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    Hello Atherys! First of all, Thank you for your Feedback, this will hopefully help us to get better and provide you a better experience on the server! If possible please wait with comments and question till the Sellt Chat were i will be more than pleased to answer them all. Comments and ratings for Staff stays private (they can share some of it if they want) and actions taken on them will be handled in Staff Meeting and shouldn't be a item in any discussion in this topic. Thank you. The Numbers The range you could select was 1-5 while 5 was the best. Keeping that in mind i classified all under 3 as not good, 3-4 as ok and all above 4 as good. I will add two more numbers to this You were asked if the Staff Member fulfills basic staff duty and interacts positively with the community. The Average of fulfilling basic staff duty is: 3.72 The Average of interacting positively is: 3.95 So while staff overall is good at interacting with the community, we still have a lot to catch up on communicating needed information. And while staff overall is doing its basic duties, we lack a bit in the professionalism department. We also see here that the event team clearly needs to step up its game. The biggest problem for me personally are the 5 ones under issues brought to the staff. That number should always be 0 and I apologize to these 5 people that this happened. If you wish please contact me via PM and explain to me what happened so we can prevent it in the future. Same goes for the 5 that put in a two. Overall the numbers aren't as bad as they could be but leave a lot of room for improvement. Staff Meeting on sunday will workout a plan to improve these. The Comments I saw several comments on certain staff and from the last page I want to quickly address in public. Comment: About Jess, Crash and Head not being active or not known what they do. Answer: These 3 are doing their jobs in a way you don't personally see and a post is forthcoming to explain a bit in more detail what they do and why they are admin. Comment: Asking certain people for nudes, or complaining not getting any. Answer: Whoever you are, you disappoint me. Grow up and treat human beings with respect. If i ever see this happen I will ban you (and depending on age this could also have more far reaching issues for you than you may think). Comment: Too many mods / not enough mods Answer: Funnily I saw both appearing several times. The Important part here is to keep in mind that I don't have a max. Mod rule. So nobody is blocking the addition of other people as Mods/Admins. If you think you could be a good mod then please apply. A post about this is also forthcoming (i think 1 or 2 more mods would be good anyway). Comment: About the rule that staff needs to be 18 and it is written "no exception". Answer: Yes, this is true that we DID make exceptions. Both cases (from the numbers i saw on this feedback) turned out to be very good exceptions. It is also the only thing on the application we MAY think about. If you don't deliver good answers to the other questions it will have a huge impact on if you become Mod or not. Comment: Get cheaper hosting Answer: You really think i wouldn't like to safe money? Up to this point of time, all the options i was presented by people weren't good options. Hosters, while cheaper, with abysmal reviews. I rather pay a bit more and have the server actually online. And the support we get from phoenix NAP is THE BEST i ever saw in any field of customer service. With this provider I can be 100% sure if the issue is on their side it will be handled and solved in no time. Comment: Lore, nation heads etc missing from the survey. Answer: Yes, my fault. I didn't want the survey to be too big and this is basically the first time I did something like this. I will include them in the next. Overall, the positive comments are far more numerous than the negative which makes me a bit happy and i hope to turn at least some of the negatives to positive in the near future. --- We will repeat this Feedback once a month so we can see what improves and what not. Thank you all again for your feedback. It honestly will help us a lot in planing for the future. -Sellt
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    As some of you will know, our community received some shocking and tragic news. As of 2 days ago our friend zxIce was pronounced deceased in his home. He's been around on atherys for years, and was a friend to many. Ice was the original Taco Bell internet. Ice was the original speed 10 exemplar. Ice was always trying to make the server more enjoyable through pvp, or through just larking about. Below is some links where you can find out some information surrounding his death, if you so wish. There is also a gofundme page set up by his mother and cousin to try and help cover the funeral costs. Please donate if you can, even if it is just a fiver. RIP Alex. You will be missed. Gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/alexs-funeral-fund-2v4z9xt8 Imgur post by his cousin: http://imgur.com/gallery/WuQpb
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    ***I probably cussed a few times in here, so if you don't want to see it/can't handle it, leave the post now*** ***IF you came on this thread to flame or start a pointless argument, leave now.*** Hey guys. I usually don't make posts like these, and I usually don't even post too often on the forums. For those of you who don't know me, a little introduction. I am Velkas, but most of you know me as Mike. For V1 and V2 I was known as ManiiaC_Miichael. I have been a member of the A'therys community since December 2nd, 2012, since I've joined I've had the pleasure of being the First Captain of Valinta Carte (V1 Pirates Guild), holding numerous military ranks across a few nations, being the mayor of two towns who have won town of the month, and most recently, I was the nation head of Vrovona. I've had the opportunity to meet many fantastic people on A'therys, some of which I've met in real life, and some I've kept in touch with for years now. A'therys has been a wonderful community to me, and I wish more players in the minecraft community would get to experience what A'therys has to offer. There is truly- no other server out there like ours. Usually minecraft is just filled with very basic mini games servers and PVP faction servers. A'therys goes way beyond all of that. I think we can agree that is what attracts us to it, its complexity and its community. As a longstanding member of the A'therys community, I can say that I do enjoy and respect every aspect of A'therys and what it has to offer. From the lore, to the amazing player builds, to the unique player PVP experience A'therys delivers. But I think we can do more- and I think we can do better. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, most of these suggestions will be long term issues to fix. I'm not expecting anyone to do any of these within the week, or even within a month. A huge problem for A'therys has always been new player retention, this is generally speaking up to the community to fix (there are some things outside of the community's control) I would ask you to look at V1. I know what you're thinking, I am a V1 enthusiast and want to go back to the glory days; While I loved V1 with all my heart, I am not dumb enough to think that is possible. But there are things we did in V1 as a community that made it easier to support new players. One huge thing I think, was actively recruiting towns. Think of how many towns had town posts with applications you could submit to join their town? Or towns that would just be ready to recruit you the second you joined their nation? There are some of you around who do this (thank you) but it could always be more. The only reason I don't do it for my town is because we have weeks of activity and inactivity and that isn't very suited for new players. So I'd like to encourage more of you to open up your doors, be more friendly with new players. Show them the ropes, invite them to your town or find someone that will. If you don't, there is a good chance nobody else will. Show them what A'therys has to offer, and what made you stay here all this time. If you don't know how to help a new player. Here are some things you can tell/ask them. 1. Welcome to A'therys! + your nation or town 2. What aspects of the server are you interested in? Building, PVP, RP, etc...(Helps you figure out what to talk about how to put them in the right place) 3. Have you checked out the forums? (Also ask about teamspeak, its easier to explain things and easier to have a more sincere interaction) This gets the conversation going and gives you an idea about why that person decided to put in the A'therys IP and join it. Also, there isn't jack shit to mine anymore. Not going to lie, I've contributed my fair share of sucking up all the ores you can find underground but A'therys needs places for new players to gather materials like that to make money, especially with the player to player transactions not being all to active. If there is a way to take a day or two and have someone go through and replenish the mines, that could be a good idea. I've heard some negative things about the current spawn where new players join, I haven't actually been able to see it myself, but that may be an issue that could be looked at. (Just heard this) Now onto some other things, Bugs There are TONS of bugs on live right now. Piggify kicks you for flying, (a lot of things kick you for flying actually), mounts are bugged, and hero skills don't work properly. For example, I can position swap my party members but not my enemies. Oh yeah, and you can use some skills on people in no PVP. I don't know how soon you guys plan on releasing the new heroes update but if its not for a while yet, if someone has the time to address these bugs, it would be great. I know I'm not the only one who is frustrated with it. I also heard you are fixing the regeneration and hunger bar in the new update, THANK YOU. Arenas are pretty buggy too. PVE- I've spent some time in the /golevel world over my winter break, and I have a few suggestions. For one, some classes excel at leveling in the PVE world, while others are helpless and need someone else to hold their hand and power level. Add something to the classes that struggle so that people aren't discouraged from leveling them. (Terramancer is a perfect example of this, think of how good haruspex is, and how awful terramancer is at leveling) Another thing is, honestly, just remove deadeyes. Now to address caches, I honestly think the rewards from the caches are pretty terrible. I know there is a randomized plugin or whatever, but if there is another plugin that you could use instead to fully customize the drops so that they aren't completely and utterly useless and really, not even valuable that would be more incentive to visit the PVE world more often. I talk about this issue a little more in my previous suggestion thread about this Continuing on PVE, Edd had promised dungeons before Evo had started and even teased us with pictures. Personally, I would LOVE to see dungeons. Especially ones with great builds. I know there is a post up on A'therys right now about submitting designs and all that, but I think if the staff would personally reach out to some of the amazing builders that A'therys has and try to get a team together to pump out some awesome dungeons. When I find the time to do one (I'm heading back to my University tomorrow and will be on a 13 inch acer with like 20FPS, not to mention school work and all that) I am probably going to crank one out personally. But seriously, have some of the guys who know the lore like the back of their hand create an awesome backstory for a dungeon, have some amazing builders create an epic, jaw dropping dungeon, and drop in some mobs. (YES I DO REALIZE THIS ISN'T EASY I AM JUST SAYING, it would be epic to have in game. For new and old players.) I also heard the nether island is in the works, so I won't suggest a PVP/PVE area with boosted XP. (THANK you to the team working on this, some of the greatest memories were on the nether island.) BUT please, please, reset the the nether island after a certain amount of time so it doesn't become a griefed hellhole with no resources. (also go back to my point of possibly refilling caves with ores/ restoring caves) Now to PVP To begin, I'm not going to be talking about the new heroes update, so if you've come here looking for it, sorry. I haven't really had a chance to really give it a try, or form an opinion on it. While I have fixed feelings on the concept of it, I'm haven't been around it enough to really talk about it. So I won't. Most of the talk about PVP will be targeted at the community. It seems there is an ongoing war between PVPers- and the people who enjoy the other aspects of the server. I truly wish this would stop, but there are negative attitudes, remarks and grudges. There is toxicity on both sides, don't deny it. We as a community need to sit down and try to have a conversation as civilized as possible to make rules that benefit both sides of the community as much as possible. Make negotiations, even if you don't like them. Not everything on the server will be suited to your preference, and that is something you will have to deal with. If both sides refuse to make negotiations and refuse to budge, then no progress will be made, and this will be a never ending argument. I'm actually currently sitting the Sellt chat and witnessing retarded arguments take place. People saying: "pvp doesnt create problems. non pvpers do" This logic is so incredibly stupid, and is the reason there is no progression. Oh yeah, and the response from the other side "PvPers cause toxicity to become an issue" This stupid, petty, immature, pre-pubescent argument is what causes a bridge in the community and leads to 0 progression. I have 13 and 14 year olds in my town, I would have never guessed some of these people are that age, because there are people in their 20's on A'therys who are less mature then they are. Grow the fudge up, be respectful of other opinions whether it clashes with your opinion or not. Don't make people wait an hour, or two hours at your town for you to ./hero whois every single one of them, change your comp, and gather more number than them. It wastes time, and makes PVP anti-fun for everyone involved. Try to be honest with your numbers, can't tell you how many times throughout Evo people tell me they have X amount of numbers, we match them and then they come out with more. It discourages PVP, and discourages activity on the server. Another problem currently on A'therys is EGO. SO many PVPers refuse to PVP under certain circumstances because they don't want to fight unless they are sureshot to win. This leads to abuse of bugs, unfair PVP, and will ultimately lead to a decline in server activity all together. (This hasn't been happening recently really, but I'm sure it could come up again) Honest PVP and good fights, regardless of the winner will lead to more of that type of good PVP. Economy I don't really have an idea about how to help the player to player economy interactions on the server, because that is the area of the server where I least participate. I'm listing it as an issue because most people on A'therys have the money that they do because they just spam sell to admin shops. Make players interact with each other to sell items. Once again, I don't really know how to approach this issue because its really not my domain. I'm just listing it as an issue because I used to have to make money by selling things and joining companies, and collecting supplies to send to players in need. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, that's about all for now. If you have suggestions to add, please add them to the comments. I will probably come back to this thread and add more to it later. Once again. If you're going to drop some flamey comment down. Leave the post now. I'm trying to be progressive and positive here, for the better of A'therys. There's a reason I've been here for four years and why I plan on sticking around. No TLDR, because then the points I made wouldn't get across. Thanks for reading. Mike
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    "i feel as if i might actually be hitler now" - ByTheBurnside after he watched this vid
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    Below you will find an extensive timeline of every date in canon lore. I will hopefully update it as more events appear, and if you see a mistake please let me know. A’therian Timeline 1C270: Completion of Methes Avonthes (Link) c. 1C310: Calastore is finished for the first time (Link) 1C440: Consolidation of the western peoples of Aloreh (Link) Last centuries of the first Cycle: Ithero returns to the seas with new vessels (Link) 1C560: Tensions between Vrovona and Ithero at their height, Sundering of the Eclipse begins (Link) End of the first cycle: Tensions between Ithero and Vrovona find their way to Aloreh (Link) c. 2C30: Crestwright School of Navigation is founded (Link) 2C240: A stalemate in the war is reached (Link) 2C300: Thesse mediates between Vrovona and Veser and Naios, ending the war (Link) 2nd Cycle: The Ghost Prince’s state if founded (Link) Early 3rd Cycle: Koszka Dzedt’s nation is destroyed (Link) 3C114: Birth of Kassenias Anton (Link) 3C134: Anton goes to Calastore (Link) 3C142: Birth of Agosto Marcolo (Link) 3C145: Anton returns to Aloreh (Link) 3C149: The Twingods choose to destroy the realm of Corata Aiya (Link) 3C169: Agosto Marcolo explores the region of Steryon (Link) 3C174: Agosto Marcolo departs Calastore in his mission to circle the globe (Link) 3C177: Agosto Marcolo first circumnavigates the globe (Link) c. 3C205: Death of Agosto Marcolo (Link) 3C206: Crestwright moves to a larger campus in Calastore and begins accepting international students (Link) 3C294: Ithero delivers the first ship not built for itself to Vrovona (Link) 3C419: Ithero has taken over all smaller nearby states, save Corata Aiya’s, which is destroyed; the Twingods disappear (Link) 3C420: Mortal-ruled nations are all but gone (Link) 3C422: Itheri Admiralty institutes martial law in absence of the Twingods (Link) 3C427: The School of Trade is started at Crestwright (Link) 3C431: A human-led thalassocratic government is instituted (Link) 3C507: The Itheri Priesthood begins formally advising the Office of the Lord Admiral (Link) 3C519: The Board of Admirals votes to disallow the Church from investing in businesses (Link) 3C670-700: Ithero is fully settled into military rule (Link) 3C626: The Itheri Navy begins arresting supposed shapeshifters (Link) End of the 3rd Cycle: No mention of Tovikh legionnaires in Vrovonic archives (Link) 4C51: Ithero now exists in a state of fear induced martial law (Link) 4C157: The Aspirants’ Hall is no longer used as a barracks (Link) 4C268: A new Lord Admiral takes legislative action against the Itheri church (Link) 4C275: Most clergymen have been replaced (Link) 4C691: Ithero reaches out to Vrovona for aid to mend their image (Link) 4C850: The empire of Limnas Von disappears (Link) 5C112: Ithero grants sovereignty to states that it can’t afford to take over forcibly (Link) 5C469: Caswell Carver graduates from the Crestwright School (Link) Mid 5th Cycle: Sjilea claims land (Link) 5C507: Caswell is executed for murdering a beggar (Link) 5C703: Ithero begins to resemble its former self (Link) 5C773: The School of Engineering is started at Crestwright (Link) 5C798: Colonization of Virion Alesce (Link) 6C267: Colonization of Halion as an argentate mine (Link) 6C612: The name Parashel is first seen in Loghec records (Link) 6C729: Appearance of the Aristocrat in the Court of Thesse (Link) 6C733: Appearance of the Mortal Heroes in Aloreh (Link) Late 6th Cycle: Irin becomes capital of Paladosa (Link) 6C837: The last hunter known to have visited the Red Forest is killed (Link) 7C0: The Second Calling (Meh) 7C4: Raviyna returns to Qhul Rahav and takes the throne of Ar-Selukk (Link) 7C14: Provisional government in Monas Roth (Link) 7C14: Trade agreement between the Daggerlands and Aloreh concerning education (Link) 7C26: Aloreh fractures into separate states (Link) 7C32: An Alor supply shipment arrived after the annual envoy from Eztalpaltl didn’t arrive on time (Link) Early in the 7th Cycle: The last furnace in Monas Roth combusts (Link) 7C34: A set of argentate armor is gifted to patriarch Ludovic Longweather after a treaty is signed between Halion and Aloreh (Link) 7C48: Umber and his followers go to Vrovona and begin tearing down statues to Sun God, but are executed (Link) 7C49: First hot air balloon takes flight east of Ciondel (Link) 7C63: House Blackstone runs out of business (Link) 7C102: Calix Moraeos invades Halion successfully (Link) 7C104: Tension between the Noble Houses (Link) 7C108: The Daggerlands reform their Alor alliance (Link) 7C132: Alor vessels sent to the Kestrin and Marcolo Seas (Link) 7C141: Peasants in Aloreh put to work improving infrastructure (Link) 7C148: WATC is founded by Aldric Ironstride’s grandfather (Link) 7C176: The first Synod of Blades (Link) 7C179: Birth of Ravas av-Haresh (Link) 7C182: Birth of Jonathan Winnow (Link) 7C190: Aloreh begins to resemble its former self (Link) 7C201: Birth of Calon Gwyrhelm in Rhyn Ueald (Link) 7C208: Winnow and Sons is founded as Winnow Demolitions and sells gunpowder (Link) 7C212: Birth of Theobald Whistwallow (Link) 7C218: Birth of Genedi Coldhaven (Link) 7C219: Invention of the phonograph by Alor scientists (Link) 7C219: Birth of Oscelle Ashwalker (Link) 7C226: Negotiations with Daidama for merchant passage (Link) 7C226: Birth of Erassios Shroudbearer (Link) 7C226: Birth of Celese Farriese (Link) 7C226: Birth of Selett Galewind (Link) 7C228: Theobald becomes Orator Prince of House Whistwallow (Link) 7C229: Birth of Kurrick Flint (Link) 7C230: Aloreh and Ithero develop their rivalry (Link) 7C231: Last of the argentate is drained from Halion (Link) 7C231: First demonstrated short-distance telephone call in Aloreh (Link) 7C231: Birth of Symahl rav-Sane’eim (Link) 7C231: Corrigan Broad is found with the Chancellor of Crestwright’s daughter and is expelled (Link) 7C231: Birth of Ennoc Gyrebolt (Link) 7C237: Ravas av-Haresh becomes Archmage of the Mages’ Guild (Link) 7C239: Tholses Murrhon becomes Solemnus of Roreg Logh (Link) 7C239: Birth of Ventus Benivatore (Link) 7C240: Conflicts between Ithero and Aloreh begin (Link) 7C241: Solodav Ksavik becomes Paragon (Link) 7C242: Kurrick’s father is injured and his family relies on him for providing (Link) 7C242: The HQ of the Merchants’ Guild blows up after experiments with re-purposing a soul furnace (Link) 7C243: Mentions of Cazmiro disappear (Link) 7C243: Selett travels to the far wastes and becomes a Mirekeep (Link) 7C245: Oscelle Ashwalker wins the Redcoast Magisterial (Link) 7C243: The Merchants’ Guild almost moves to Sablemarch but due to space allocation issues instead choose Port Roslund (Link) 7C247: Ennoc begins an apprenticeship at a small library (Link) 7C249: The WATC commissions the Mirekeepers to protect their Loghec trading (Link) 7C250: Ithero and Aloreh have established themselves as the most powerful nations in the eastern hemisphere (Link) 7C252: Ennoc ends his apprenticeship and opens a library in the Scar (Link) 7C253: Selett moves to Monas Roth and works in the Mirekeep chief offices (Link) 7C254: Selett relocates to the Scar (Link) 7C254: WATC submarines arrive at Virion Alesce (Link) 7C255: Ennoc sells his library; becomes a founding member of the League of Progress (Link) 7C255: Thyron Parashel leads his flock to Pariadh Fel (Link) 7C255: Thyron Parashel’s name is first mentioned (Link) 7C255: An Alor spy is found in the Admiralty’s Council chambers (Link) 7C255: Founding of the League of Progress (Link) 7C256: Baldovino Baldassare becomes Lord Admiral of Ithero (Link) 7C257: Cazmiro begins his prophesying (Link) 7C257: By this time Ventus had gained a reputation for making a profit (Link) 7C257: Aldric Ironstride announces he intends to travel A’therys for exotic locales (Link) 7C258: Selett almost successfully negotiates the third International Exposition for Scar (Link) 7C258: The Merchants’ Guild returns to the hands of Daggerlanders after a short ownership from House Adrano (Link) 7C258: Bandit attacks between Ithero and Aloreh subside (Link) 7C258: Kurrick becomes the Master Merchant of the Merchants’ Guild (Link) 7C259: Ventus is expelled from the Itheri Navy; flees to the criminal underground (Link) 7C259: The Eventide War begins between Aloreh and Ithero (Link) 7C259: After an attempt on the Admiral’s (Baldovino) life on Alor ground war begins (Link) 7C259: The Eventide war begins (Link) 7C260: Selett runs for Magister of the Scar, but fails (Link) 7C260: Captain Vierad and his smugglers revive Steryon (Link) 7C261: Ithero prepares its first land assault on Aloreh, frees Captain Vierad and his pirates to hire them 7C261: Mages in Cyridon Spire use the frozen stone of Kaherii to push back Itheri forces, which cracked the seal of the stone (Link) 24th of Stormshift, 7C261: Valbert Moscriefe’s family is killed; he works for a Selukkite caravan (Link) 7C261: The rebuilding of Monas Roth begins (Link) 7C262: Genedi Coldhaven becomes Magister Elect (Link) 7C263: Vierad and his pirates move to Steryon as the Eventide ends (Link) 7C264: Peace treaty signed (Link) 7C264: Ventus returns, having to flee during the Battle of the Crescent Run, and moves to Aloreh, later moving to Halion to become dockmaster (Link) 7C264: Oriane Nicodon almost captures Calastore in the Crescent Run (Link) 7C264: Oriane Nicodon petitions for barony on Halion (Link) 7C264: Symahl reappears, leading a tribe called the Rahavine (Link) 7C264: Peace treaty between Aloreh and Ithero (Link) 7C264: Celese becomes Lord Admiral after Baldovino is ousted (Link) 7C264: Selett runs again for Magister of the Scar, this time succeeding (Link) 7C265: Valbert moves to Halion and purchases a casino (Link) 7C265: Steele and Grim move to Halion after getting blacklisted by Port Roslund and the WATC (Link) 7C265: Calon Gwyrhelm has finished notes on 4 of his possible deaths (Link) 7C265: First radio broadcast for entertainment from Methes to Tireneas (Link) 7C265: Monas Roth is complete (Link) 7C265: Selett implements new trade agreements with Roreg and Vrovona (Link) 49th of Sand’s Song, 7C265: Ice cultists attack an Itheri trading vessel (Link) 67th of Sand’s Song, 7C265: Ravas av-Haresh arranges a transport of the stone to Methes Avonthes (Link) 78th of Tides’ Flux, 7C265: Loghecs attack Steryon but are defeated by the possessed brigands (Link) 3rd of Stormshift, 7C265:: Possessed Vrovonic Legionnaires march into the Daggerlands (Link)
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    I'm starting to lose hope. PvP is practically at a standstill. Most of the pvp on the server occurs between two towns, Harvikir and TZ (Bahir_Dar). Fighting the same people gets really stale really quick. I've noticed the server population is down in the past week or two, as well. PvP lags quite a bit even during small fights like 5v5s. I just want to ask one last time; PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, FORGET everything other than fixing the lag. Take the server down for a month or a year. Delete my masteries (I have quite a few and paid for quite a few). Delete my town. Delete my items (I have an elytra, its probably worth more than 90% of the towns on the server). Delete everything if you have to. Just PLEASE fix this lag. Give @Farnsworth a chance. Hire a professional server admin. ASK FOR HELP IF YOU HAVEN'T; it's not shameful to do so. I get this server doesn't get the most money from donations and doesn't have the most experienced coders/staff, but that shouldn't be an excuse. Why? If the server is too big or complicated to be run in its current state, simplify it. Remove things that are inefficient. Reinvent the server and free yourselves from the box that the tech admins/Edd always placed themselves in. You don't HAVE to keep Towny. You don't HAVE to keep Heroes (yes I'm serious, there are alternatives). You don't HAVE to keep everything on the backend. Your community is the most important asset you have, not some poorly coded server files and annoyingly large/cumbersome map. Case and point is Sinister PvP. Please, please, please don't lose them. I honestly don't care what A'therys looks like at this point, I just want it to be playable. Sellt: i renamed the title so people know what this topic is about.
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    Greetings! It is I, your ever-mysterious administrator with no purpose. The title of this thread is actually a direct quote from one of the reviews I got. Figured it was as good of a quote as any to start the thread off. Others include: Alright, I take your point. My work on the server really is more behind the scenes. Few people know what my involvement exactly consists of, and most of those don't even know what I work on half the time. So, who am I then? Well, hello, my name is HaedHutner, and I've been part of the A'therys Ascended server for a good 4 years now ( joined January of 2013, during the Jesse Cox wave ). During V1, I really didn't do much, mostly just stuck around Vrovona and helped out my fellow countrymen. I stuck around Dreghorn during my early days on the server, after which I transitioned into PvP and went through a couple of PvP-centric towns like Tear and Ilusia. I'm sorry to say that most of the people I interacted with back then have moved away from A'therys, and I really haven't seen many ( if any ) of them since V1. During V2, I switched nations a few times, initially joining the Daggerlands and being townless for a bit, after which I went back to Vrovona and helped out with Dreghorn, until that died early on. Clearwater was next, where I spent some time PvPing ( or trying to ), and immediately after that skipped over to the Mages Guild where I finally got to scratch my itch for some proper RP. After spending some time there, I got a bit homesick, so I made my way back to Dreghorn in Vrovona, where I sort of became the lead-architect and helped @Hype and @Rynelf lead the town. In early Evo, I really just dedicated myself to helping Dreghorn from the start, and it seemed for a time like the town was going to flourish during the new version. Too bad that didn't work out. I believe Rynelf still gets on every now and again and slaves away at building Dreghorn's new keep, but I'm sorry to say I haven't been keeping much track as of late because of my involvement with the Staff team. And speaking of the Staff team, what is my purpose there then? Well, in short, I write plugins. Or, I try to, anyway. Programming for the server has been an adventure by itself because I've been learning as I've been coding. I'm not some sort of professional with years of experience, I'm just some guy who does programming as a hobby ( and maybe in the future, as a career ). I coded a couple of skills for the upcoming Heroes patch ( You know, the one @Farnsworth has primarily been contributing to ). Right now on the server, Caches are a plugin I created, followed by the Journal. It's not a very impressive resume so far, I know, but there are far more things in the works than there are on the server right now. And I really do wish I could tell you what they are, but I promise you not even @Sellt knows all of them. The way I tend to work is I just sort of come up with a concept for something new ( or something we have already but need to replace ) and just start doing it. I never announce I've started working on something new, since there really is no guarantee I would finish it. Recently though, after working on a few plugin projects I ultimately decided weren't viable, I've gotten to work on something big which A'therys has needed for a very long time, one which the spigot community has been unable to provide. The reason you don't get to see much of me is because I really don't spend much time on the server or interacting with the community. My thinking is that instead of playing in-game, I could be spending that time in front of an IDE, creating something which could improve it. Additionally, I personally do not enjoy having to deal with community drama. I think it not only removes from the A'therys experience, but it also scares off players who learn of it. Another reason you might think I'm inactive is because of my timezone. You see, I'm from Bulgaria, so there's a timezone issue there. Not only that, I'm also a student, which means I'm not always available. I don't do Events ( nor do I like them ), since I don't believe they're an efficient way to deliver content in any shape or form. Instead of spending my time organizing an Event, I could spend that exact same time working on a plugin which could introduce a new mechanic to the server, which would mimic the event ( and as an added bonus, it could be automatic and completely independent of any one person's availability ). My plans for the future are to see A'therys transform, and help it through this transition. It's no secret that A'therys is changing, and I think of it as a privilege to be able to not only see it, but also to help with it. It's our job to make sure this server is a truly unique experience with a wonderful community. For those of you who read through this, thank you, and I don't know how you managed through my terrible writing, but good job!
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    So. You’re here, looking at this thread. Either you’re simply curious, or you want to join. Either way, I have some things to set straight. Firstly, there is a strict set of rules to adhere to- If these are broken in any way, shape, or form, you will be kicked for doing these, no questions asked. Breaking blocks- Steryon is a town that was built in creative, and may have fancy, oh-so desirable blocks here and there. There are plenty of places to mine, and our lovely island is not one of them. Exploiting actual(i.e:, Snare Shot, not Doomsayer) glitches in any way- I do not care if it’s the only way you can win a fight. If I catch you doing this, I will kick you. I know, I’m a tyrant. If you are banned at any time during your stay in Steryon, even if it’s only temporarily, consider your membership revoked. We have a reputation to uphold, after all. If you are inactive for more than thirty days without giving proper notice, I will kick you. Breaking any of those four rules will get you kicked out, just in case you didn’t get it the first time. For all but the first and last one, I’ll give you time to move your stuff out of town and even help you do it. This all may seem pretty harsh, but it’s all pretty generic stuff that you’d find in any guild, other than the third rule. That’s more for my sanity, than anything. Now, more rules. Just what you wanted to see, I’m sure! You may not like to RP. That’s fine. At the very least, I’d like you to have some respect for people when they do roleplay, or for when we do events that involve it. Listen to your higher ups. I don’t care if you don’t respect them or like them. If you think they’re abusing their authority over you, tell a captain. Treat your fellow brigands kindly. If you hate somebody, suck it up and be the bigger person. Do not raid our allies. I don’t care if they’re the only people on. If you raid them, you will be reprimanded. I’ll make you cut down a double chest of wood and burn it all right in front of your eyes. Continuing on that rule, if people ask you to leave or are very clearly not going to come out, leave. No local or global flame. I know, I’m so stifling! But I mean it. This is for your own good. The average “gg or gf” is fine, but if you’re calling people trash for not being able to track your mountebank ass down and kill it, then you are not the type of person we want in this town. Of course, this comes pretty naturally- Follow A’therys Ascended terms of service. Shouldn’t need to be said, but it never hurts to make sure. Here at the Marcolo Brigands, we are actually pretty organized and have a rank system- I’m currently looking for Captains and High Captains to help me keep everybody in line. I won’t just give out these titles to people who walk up, ask for it, and start kissing my ass so much that their nose is brown. More than anything, that’ll prove that you’re simply meant to be a lowly deckhand for the rest of your life. Needless to say, when you join you’ll start at the same rank everyone else does, Swabbie. From there, they go as follows: Cabin Boy(or girl I guess. Gender doesn’t matter, it’s the internet.) Rigger Mate Boatswain Quartermaster Captain High Captain Pirate King(This is me. Wanting this is mutiny.) Currently, no one holds any of the ranks below Pirate King. Naturally, I’m quite lonely, so if you’d like to join even after reading all of the boring, law-filled stuffy junk, the application is here. ~Click for Link~ For current members, I’m going to keep you in town until February 5th. If you haven’t reapplied by then, I’m going to kick you. This is more of an activity checker than anything, and to see whether or not you really care enough about the guild to put in the effort to stay in it. Exceptions to this are of course, zxIce, the speed 10 exemplar who we’ll never forget, and Crunch, who is an admin. On a sidenote, sorry for the terrible formatting- It looked pretty in the google doc, I swear.
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    Right so, after speaking with md_5 the founder/head developer of Spigot and after he's taken a look at the timing reports we've been able to deduce what may be causing the lag. I was looking in the wrong spots to begin with, however everything has a contribution to the lag issue one of the main non-plugin issue seems to be the amount of mobs in the world. The PvP world, not PvE. However he also pointed out that the amount of RAM that has been allocated to the server is too high which can in fact be a bad thing. So, basically the way the garbage collector works in Java is once it's reached a certain limit of objects in memory the collector comes and collects all the not used objects off the heap. So, it's storing around 16GB of garbage objects on the heap before collection however if we had less RAM allocated the garbage collection will happen more often reducing the amount of load happening on the server when the collection happens. Anyway, this has resulted in me wanting to host a test fight on my server a 5v5 is fine. It'll hopefully have the exact same configs and files as the A'therys live server and will allow me to properly diagnose the lag while also trying various things to remedy the lag as I don't have back end access to the live server as of this time.
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    From The Office of The Pithkeeper This will be my final statement at Pithkeeper of The Daggerlands. My time as a nation head of the best nation on A’therys has been an extremely enriching experience. I’ve met amazing people. People who I consider some of my greatest friends on a real scale I met through my time as nation head. I am stepping down because of real life reasons. Nothing bad, nothing bad. I just don’t have the time to run this nation like it deserves. I did my best when I could, but I realize to continue this, it can’t be done under me anymore. I could honestly name so many people who picked me up along the way, and make a mega post about my experiences; however, I’m just going to list a few out of the very many I could. @Helious & @Sellt @Ravyhn/@Athyna & @Jay-lee @Rhykker @Foe @HelloImWeird @Galindaan Thewisy @Everybody who served in the Daggerlands' government @Gauth Ironstaff, @lnShane, & @_JailBr3aK_ And to everybody else. Nobody has hurt my time as nation head; on the contrary, you only inspired me to continue on. It’s what was making me typing this so long, teary-eyed and clouded mind, about what this community has given me. Thank you all so, so much. I know I left people out. It’s impossible that I didn’t. I’ll be editing this post like crazy, I’m sure. I’m not leaving A’therys; let me clear that up. And to all the future applicants for who pursues the nation head of The Daggerlands, treat it right. This nation is like a baby to me. Other nations have had old timers come back and revive people. That’s not what we did. We had a new kid on the block come in, and grow a whole new group of people, sprinkled with some aged wonders. I have faith whoever takes office will respect that, and more importantly, respect our democracy. I’ll always be on speed dial if you need me; or need help with your application. I, Magister Elect Genedi Coldhaven of the Democratic Daggerlander Union of The Daggerlands, officially give an honorable discharge of duties to Pithkeeper Former Monas Iaeon. add on: As I clicked post, I forgot to add a title, so it wouldn't let me post it. A single tear did fall in that moment, typing the title: I couldn't believe I actually resigned from the best post in all of A'therys.
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    Hello A'therys! Yesterday we had the Sellt Chat where I introduced what will happen with A'therys and where we are going. In two words: A'therys Horizons Yes, we are working on a new A'therys, it wont just be another iteration with small changes, it will be basically a new game. First, the bad things that will happen: All player data will be wiped, everyone will start new. This means no towns, no money, no exp and nothing that was sold in the Store. Now, the good things and why we have that wipe: Atherys will go modded. For what we want to do we can't stay with just plugins, but need to expand and going modded was the logical step. This also means a switch from spigot to sponge, which means our old plugins will not work anymore (no Towny and no Heroes). But don't fear, @HaedHutner is already working on our own custom town plugin (which incidentally allows us to have a town plugin that doesn't have a tonne of stuff that we do not need and also could possibly slow down the server!). Same will happen with the pvp plugin. Classes and skills will be entirely new, as will be the way you level. Store bought items, including towns, will not be available anymore for real money. All these things you will need to play for in order to obtain them. We will have some things we will sell, however, they will be entirely cosmetic. Towns will be more restricted than it's now. You will need to fulfill some requisites to create a town (how many players join, resources etc). Titles will also not be buyable from the store. You will earn titles through playing which also gives a lot more meaning to a title than it is right now. Map One of the big mods we will have is ConquestReforged which will add over 6000 new blocks. Luckily, we got one of the best ConquestReforged map-makers to make us a custom map and from what i already saw it will be fantastic. Size wise it will be smaller, while the landmass will be about the same, (a lot of ocean has been remove). A big part of the map will be the Adventure Zone (Shattered Lands) and so the actual land where you can build your towns will be about half of what we have now. Nations Another big thing: We are turning the globe and will move to another part of A'therys! You will be able to choose between 5 new nations and explore a sixth one that fell into ruins. The last one also will be the Adventure Zone with mobs, traps, dungeons, quests and an expanded Conquest System (for all the pvpers). The 5 new nations: Gennaian Islands: The Gennaian Islands are a collective of Kingdoms under a single national banner; akin to Ancient Greece. Daidama: Daidama is a ‘paradise’ of walled cities; where crime is swept away by justice, and atonements are swiftly dealt out. Dalkun-Tir: The lands of Dalkun-Tir are lowland scrub and rocky steppes, inhabited by the spurned and exiled; hardened nomads who navigate the harsh landscape. Atvoria: Once ruled by the god Nalageos, Atvoria is a land saturated with glamour due to the dragon Zahatmos’ tampering with fate. As such, the people are involved within a constant story, where superstitions and fables come to life. Harugraun: Rugged terrain of mountains and forests; a land that pioneered gunpowder and rivaled only by the Daggerlands in ingenuity. It is a shame, therefore, that they happen to take five steps back every generation from sheer spite and strife. More Information on the Nations will be forthcoming, including their buildstyles. My (your) Story We heard you and we want to give you more influence on the story of this world. As such, each player will get a profile page on the forum connected to the A'therys server. If you achieve something, (slaying the evil endboss, becoming Nationhead etc), you will get you an entry in your personal timeline and if appropriate in the Nations Timeline (Nationheads, Wars etc). You also will be able to add your own personal entries to your own timeline (only difference will be that the official stuff will have a "official" sign). Depending on all these things and our own ideas the world will also evolve. How far and in which direction, I can't say. Release Date We don't have a deadline. We don't want to do another Evo and actually take the needed time to implement everything we actually planned. Further Information I will resume my weekly diary where I will keep you all up to date. Additionally posts will be made to go into more details of what we are doing, what mods you can expect and what we are planning but didn't mention here (several things, but we need to be a bit further with it before it will be revealed). Callout If you are a coder, builder, artist, pr specialist etc. and you want to help. Contact me or use one of the forms (builders) to join the team! I can't promise your money but i can promise you to work on a fantastic game and the pride that will go with it -Sellt Pictures
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    Probably not. But if you remember us, Good on you. As some of our friends on here know, We've been together for a good, I dun know, 3 years now? Yeah let's go with that. As a fun update for Atherys, I figured ay, Let's share what happened now, shall we? For one; Meagan moved! That's right, we're closer now. No more 30 hour train rides! And as a second yet main reason why this post exist's; We Got married! That's right, We met on this very server, 4 years ago. Even though we aren't active anymore, we've gained friends, and family, from this very minecraft server. We always sit and talk about the old atherys, and how much it's changed, but in the end, this server started a long life of two people who were over 1,000 miles apart. And that's thanks to a few people (That I won't mention but they know who they are) Thank you Atherys, For making us who we are. Two very happy people, who'll always have you as a part of our lives. <3 Sincerly; MeaganNessen96 (Now known as Marppy)
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    From my experience during the past three or four days of coming back, I've seen the reworks of each class on paper and and in execution, it will not be good for the server. The reason I say this is due the fact that a lot of these classes can, and will be stacked- it remains the same as is currently. People who know how to comp will still win teamfights, even quicker even. It won't make new players begin to win fights; instead those who know how to comp still will. Towns such as TZ or Harvikir would most certainly win almost every team fight still as it's been for a while. People who know how to comp around situations will always win compared to those who do not, and it will be even worse in this current situation. I will genuinely be as blunt to say that a majority of these class concepts are actually stupid. Lurker can one shot itself against adjudicator. 3 dooms can be taken in a teamfight and if you don't GA every 11 second cooldown livingbomb if they're synced properly (client permissions are disabled, so echo...) you will lose the fight. Two exemplars can loop 50% damage reduction. Plague has an infinite AOE unheal, according to people I've talked to (havn't tested this myself, though.) Terramancer has a 6 second cooldown on tackle with exemplar armor. It has 10 walls that can be infinitely used regardless of how many you've placed with a 1.5 second delay on every 10 walls. Lurker's backstab does absurd damage. Pyromancer does 70 damage every .5 seconds. Urthkeep stacking with pyro will be absurd. I suppose it could be balanced, however, why not try to fix how it is now, rather than implementing and fixing an already broken system? If the reason this is happening is to make it easier, whoever thought of this is actually denser than osmium. PvP will not be made easier, it will be completely about execution of stacked classes... Please, just do not ruin the server past the point it already is. I may sound rude, disrespectful, and even downright toxic. However, please, just please, figure out another way to do this without making teamfights last 2-3 seconds. If skill reduction is seen as necessary, might I reference another heroes server that begins with H, they have had addition of heroes skills since 2012 with their Zeal map, with people still enjoying their PvP without the need to reduce skills. I have played heroes servers for almost 5-6 years and it genuinely pains me to see heroes be starting to transform into this. Even if you don't agree with me; please just offer to have a conversation with me about why this is a genuinely bad idea. I beg you, even. This will not make your time on the server any easier, just worse. If you don't like being raided, you won't like being raided now even more due to the fact you will die so much quicker. @JupiterRome @MisChiv @Sellt @vehnehdapooh @jonathanbak @Chadrian Sorry in advance for possibly missing tags, did it in a hurry.
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    ~ Winter Wonderland ~ Merry Christmas A’therys! ~ Credits ~ This Christmas we will be celebrating in style with our very own Christmas Wonderland... Built, laughed over and put together by our Staff Team. On Saturday 17th, we will be opening up the Winter Wonderland Island to you and each nation will have a warp to it for FREE! At the Winter Wonderland, there is… Parkour. Collectable food & drink. The naughty and nice list. A Christmas Tree. A Snowman. A gingerbread man factory. Carol Singers. Snow. More snow. Ice. Sweets. Presents. And the Polar Express. So, on December 17th, a week before Christmas, I will be opening this place to you lot. There will be a warp at each capital’s warp rooms so you can come visit the project which has been worked on for hours! Have a wonderful Holiday you awesome lot. - The A’therys Staff Team xox
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    Hello A’therians and season’s greetings. Figured I’d pop my head in and say hello and wish you all a happy holiday season (at 2.42am apparently). Hope all is well with you all, great job with the server, extremely happy to see it all work out! All the best, Edd (Vorske)
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    A'therys Custom Loot Upon killing a mob in our PvE world, you may receive a Cache of Wonders. Upon opening the Cache, you will notice that the GUI looks completely different. One of our Devs, HeadHunter has transferred our Loot Cache system over to Java language in order to decrease the amount of scripts we have running via Denizen. Things to note: The chance of receiving a cache is the same, that has not been changed. The blocks have not changed in amounts, however we have added some which were missing and added some which we can afford to add. Tools and Armour obtained from the cache are now completely random. By using our suffixes and prefixes, the items are able to generate randomly with random enchants based on the name of the item also, so have fun with what you get from those. The annoying of where you would lose a cache if you misc-licked, fumbled around in the GUI.. Fixed. Doesn't happen now, sorted that. Here is an example item I got when playing around with it earlier: Quite a nice item. But, there are many many more awesome ones out there which you can get. As always, if there is something we haven't spotted, possibly a bug or quite a severe exploit, please come to any staff member and report it, it is appreciated. However, if you choose to try and be clever about it and think we won't find out, you won't be here very long if you do. Thankyou all for reading, enjoy cache hunting!
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    Greetings, all who voted in @BlackRuins poll on how they would like to see heroes progress! As we all saw, the option "5-6 Active skills" Was by far the most picked, achieving almost 3 times as many votes as other categories. With 7-8 and 4-5 coming in behind. Given that feedback, we've come up with a new structure for all our heroes classes. All classes will have 5-6 active skills, as well as 1 or 2 passive/toggle skills. The heroes team thinks this is the best way to reach a balance between those who want simplified combat options with those who value the more complicated style of combat. Let me give an example concept. Sentinel -600HP -Diamond Helmet -Diamond Chestplate -Diamond Leggings -Diamond Boots -Dia. Sword: 20 (Numbers are subject to change in balance) Skill Level Cooldown Description Values Kick 1 20 - - Resolve 1 (Passive) Players nearby the Sentinel can’t take more than 50 damage from any single source. Radius: 3 Guard 10 15 - - Rescue 20 20 - - Innerlight 40 30 - - Battlecry 50 25 - - Ram 70 30 - - Divine Strength 100 (Passive) When the player hits 90HP, they fly 15 blocks into the air, heal, then come crashing down, knocking enemies up, dealing damage and silencing them. HP Restored: 60 Radius: 8 Silence: 3 Damage: 45 Cooldown: 120 As you can see, the sentinel has 6 active skills, only 6 buttons need to be bound. This can easily be done in binds and in macros. It also has 2 passives, one of which is a nice, small buff to allies, and the other is a high-impact, high cooldown passive. So whilst you do not have to bind "Divine Strength", you still get to utilise it with ease. (Note sections with '-' in them just mean the values are the same as the configuration right now) We hope this is a good option for all parties concerned! Thanks for reading -Chiv
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    A beloved friend passed away Thursday morning, Nov 24. Jimmbear was a kind soul. He cared for everyone who crossed his path and stuck his neck out to people he didn't know. He made friends with many people throughout the years he played on the server. He was a true friend and I am happy to say that I got to know him. He was the first person I met when I was brought to the server along with @Foereaper and @SengySama. I was happy to talk to him any chance i got. There were times i got in trouble for staying up so late talking to him about life and the future and weeaboo horror stories. (Very fun to listen to when you can't get caught talking). He was truly a great friend to have. I am disheartened to say that his family is having a hard time paying for his funeral and has made a gofundme so that they can make enough money for his funeral. I will link it down below for anyone wanting to help out. https://www.gofundme.com/jimmy-nguyens-funeral-fund
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    Hi Atherys! And welcome to my first Diary entry Please forgive me if this first one is still a bit uncut but i promise to get better at this. Announcements Heroes Team The heroes team got a bit restructured and now @MisChiv and @jonathanbak will "lead" the team. Both don't have executive power and their job is more or less organizing the team, meetings, votes etc. While the decision making will be democratic. Spencer stepped away as a Heroes-Dev and while Jess and take up some of the work we are actively looking for new coders to join the team. Content Creators In the last weeks i was approached by several individuals who wanted to help creating content for the server. To help this we created the Content Team which is overseen by @redninja685 who will distribute projects and keep Staff and the teams up to date. Now every team that wants to help us create content (Builds, dungeons, Quest etc) can contact @redninja685 and become a Content Masters. You will not be forced to do stuff (but if you never do you will be stricken from the list). We will show you all what we need and you can pick and work on it. Of course if you have your own ideas we love to hear them an most often will be approved. So if you have some friends and you guys are good builders, show us what you can do and become a team. Even if you only want to build something or do something every few weeks or month. Coders As mentioned up under Heroes Team. We are actively looking for coders to join us. Primarily to help finish the skills, but we can also use help with our plugins (guessing streamlining them never hurts! :)) Lag We still are running tests to pinpoint the issues. We have several leads and as soon as we have details i will of course share them with you. Bias One of the biggest issues we have and I read in the feedback is Bias. Now what I also see is that most often its just perspective. First and foremost, nobody is bias free when he interacts with people on a daily basis. And you know what makes it worse? Yelling at the staff, being disrespectful, or outright malevolent. There is a reason why convicts are nice in front of a judge, because even the guys trained for this can't stay 100% bias free, so why do you expect more from normal people? A problem is also that you don't see everything. While you know exactly what happened because you were there, a mod is new to the scene and needs to work of the proof he gets (because while you may tell the truth, the same may apply to the other person). And while you see the mod standing there he most likely is talking to people via msg, gathering information, looking at screenshots. So don't get mad if it takes a moment for possible punishment. Rather appreciate that the mod takes the time to get to the truth. And just because a decision was made against you doesn't mean the staff member was biased against you. If you have an actual case of bias please report it via: https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/92-report-a-staff-member/ or https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/91-report-a-player/ TL;DR: Bias has become something of a buzzword and is use way too much. Brewery Still working on the ingredients that don't work and changing most of the recipes because of the recent leak. Work got slowed down because if a illness wave in staff. Official Announcement will come when its finished. 1.11 We are also working on upgrading the server to 1.11, checking the plugins, replacing the ones that don't get updated anymore, looking for less laggy replacements. The upgrade itself probably helps with the lag too. Also trying to get the numbers of plugins down, combining what we can. Money The last few days i heard a lot about how much money we make and why we don't use it. So let me explain. Only in the last two month we made a lot more than the needed 500.-. Now these were the two month in the year were one can expect spikes (Christmas and after Christmas). So yes, right now we have some money saved, but this money is there for potential low months, possible expenses (emergency money) and the future of Atherys. At some point in the far future I think we all want a V4. But if we ever do that i want to do it right, that means a lot of time. Possible down times. Jobs that need to be done by externals (costing money) and i would like to do that with the normal income and not with a donation run like for Evo. I can guarantee you that the money is used to pay stuff and people for atherys and that i personally have not taken out 1 cent for myself (rather the opposite). Thoughts I probably forgot to add some points but I promise if that's the case I will add them next week. Between this diary and Sellt Chat you have now two points in the week to get the information you want/need. Of course we will still announce stuff outside of this diary and so probably nothing gets missed again (of course you also need to read the forum :D). Ofc, i'm always reachable via forum pm and skype if you need anything or want to tell/ask me anything. Till next time! -Sellt
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    Greetings to my esteemed countrymen and respected neighbors! It is my honor to be addressing all of you today as the newly appointed Lord Admiral of Ithero. I am so excited to have this opportunity, and I plan to get right down to business! As anyone who knows me can attest, I have many plans for helping us revitalize the nation. However, these plans represent only part of overall objectives; the other part will come from you, my fellow Itheri. Therefore, over the next few weeks, I will spend time visiting towns across the nation to meet one-on-one with players and town leaders to assess their needs, discuss potential opportunities, cultivate solid working relationships, and freely dialogue about the future of Ithero. At that time, I also hope to scout out other potential candidates for current and future leadership roles. In the meantime, I invite you to come to me with any questions, ideas, or matters you would like to discuss. If, however, you are a city who would like to schedule a townhall-style meeting with me in which to address the things mentioned above, please comment below, and I will contact you to set something up. And, for those of you who just want to hang out in Calastore and get to know me, I am more than happy to do so, and can even throw in a shoddy tour of the capital to sweeten the deal. On another note, I would like to invite you all to the Inauguration and Valediction Ceremony, set for Saturday, December 17, at 2:30 PM ATZ at the Palace of Calastore. This event is open to all who are interested, and complete details will be included in a future announcement, so keep an eye out for that in the next few days! Additionally, I am looking to schedule a Nation Meeting within the next 2 weeks, so I would like to get some input on what times would work well for everyone. The last Nation Meeting was held on a Saturday at 3 PM ATZ, and I am happy to host it at the same time this Saturday (Dec. 10th), if that is still good for everyone. Just comment below or in our Ithero Nation Chat on Skype to let me know what works. And finally, a big thanks to everyone for your interest, collaboration and support as we move forward; I am amped to begin meeting with all of you! ultravioletpixie (“Pixie”), Lord Admiral of Ithero ~May you find happiness and success in all you pursue, and may the twin gods light your way when your journey becomes shrouded in darkness.
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    Some of you may know me, but to those who don't - hi! My name is Rae, and I first joined the server October 28th, 2012. I started out in a town called Ebon Hold in Vrovona with some people I met on a Tekkit server over the summer, and stayed there until January, I think. I moved to Winds of Thesse in Aloreh after meeting some cool peeps. ( @CarterJennings @Rokat @Yvetta Pravi ) There were lots of cool fights, lots of laughs, and lots of drama. (even though the town was 99.9% guys..) I became a Sage early 2013, I think.. Where my old Sage peeps at? In July I became a mod, even though I just turned 17 in April. I stayed on the staff team until Novemberish 2014, and was banned soon after that lol. I'm sure some people know why, but I was a silly 18 year old girl who liked to get a rise out of people. I grew up a lot, I moved out to California to live with my boyfriend, Carter, and next semester I'm going to graduate with my Associate's and move up to a 4-year university to get a degree in History and to get my teacher's certification. I just recently got unbanned, and now I'm back in Vro! I hope to be more active in the community and to make a bunch of new friends, and reconnect with some old.
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    For those who didn't know Ice, you should know that he was a great person who was always there for his friends and could always make people laugh. If you ask around, you can find plenty of stories about him. Ice had great ideas, not just for the server but for a lot of things in general. He was a fun, great guy and his family deserves all the support they can get. Funerals are very, very expensive.
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    Whats good A’therys, It has now been a year since I decided to move on and I am happy to see A’therys still up, good on you Sellt for keeping it going, takes balls to have wanted to take it on and keep it going. Seems like a whole lot has changed, also good to see but also seems like a classic problem still occurs. So I check the website as I sometimes do, memories and all, see this one Ahole who was “leaving” the server, still around giving people crap, spreading his own brand of toxic waste. On a post about a player wanting to return nonetheless. Community guys, your community, get rid of these types, work together and protect what’s yours. Kids who don’t get their own way and then set out to harm A’therys have always been a thing, they never have anything substantial to be pissed about, just that they didn’t get what they wanted. Nothing more, nothing less. Oh and yo, staff you need them and may not always get on with them but fighting against them is cutting of your nose to spite your face. You will never win. So learn to work with them, love the people you think you hate and all will be right. Love it, protect it, keep it alive guys. Wish you all well. Peace.
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    A labor of love, time, and blood. We present to you the first Content Team build, Dorrod Muth. After a long design and development phase, Dorrod Muth is ready to be unveiled. The plague will be fought back, and the sacred mountain where Dorrod Muth resides shall belong to Roreg Logh once more. Produced by @InsanibleLector and @mercymike Build designed by @mercymike Built by @InsanibleLector, @mercymike, @Altairas, @Scickar, and @Aller. Special thanks to @AkilaTajar, @redninja685 for access to build server and @Chrisblox for cavern terraforming.
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    omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg if you stare at that long enough it kind of looks like Hindi script So guys, some of you know, I have been praying and running about to get into this program that is competitive and honorable. And, against all odds, I got in! I will be representing the United States as a youth ambassador, and in turn, they are funding me for a full year in India. This opportunity is absolutely invaluable!! All things said, I would like to thank everyone here. If you were wondering the hidden reason behind my nation head resignation, hopes of getting into this program was that reason. The past week, the highest anticipation before denials and acceptance came out, I was too big of a mess to focus. I missed a lot, most publically notably, the Magister Debate! I hope everyone is participating in that event. With this, comes the news I will be practically completely inactive in-game. I'll be on the forums, though. If you guys want to follow me on my journey, shoot me a PM! I don't want to hand out any deets to just anyone, yeah yeah safety and stuff. But a big purpose of this program is building bonds cross-culturally, so I do want to reach as many as I can. I have a few things to tie up, thanks for hearing me nervously type as I am freaking out that this is happening. Special shoutout to @Ravyhn & @ThickerDragon2 who has literally been by my side since my interview. So much support through them! I didn't expect to get into such a program so they were a lot of emotional help. Thankssss guysss Oh and my man @HelloImWeird
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    The Ratification of the Ithero-Vrovona Alliance An event to rejoice & reclaim the glory of the past! Hear ye, hear ye! It has been announced that the Empire of Sun and the Empire of the Lunar Twins has both agreed to meet in Calastore and Vrovona to discuss their ancient alliance! Rumor has it that it will end in the forging of a new set of treaties: the Treaty of Calastore and the Treaty of Vrovona. Everybody has been invited to attend the conversation, which will start in Calastore on the date of Toldei, 13 Wind's Revival 268 ((Mob event on Saturday, February 11th, 2017, 4pm EST))! This so happens to fall on the same day as the annual Festival of the Flux, so be sure to attend this after the momentous discussion! Furthermore, a rarity has been announced; Vrovona will openly welcome foreigners of all nationalities to listen in on discussion of the Treaty of Vrovona on, Toldei, 13 Wind's Revival 268 (February the 12th, 4pm est)! As fate has it, the Festival of the Shield also occurs on this day, so be sure to optimize this luck and attend it as well! Keeping the trend of a Vrovonic festival, there will be a 2v2 tournament at the end! Here is a form you can mail to the Vrovonic Office on International Tournaments (comment below) to enter! ~ IGNs: Nation(s): Town(s): Classes intended to play: ~ This will be an open registration, so impromptu teams can be formed on Sunday. ((OOC: This Saturday at 4pm est, Ithero and Vrovona will discuss the terms of an economic/commerce/trade treaty. Afterwards, a mob event shall be hosted. The next day on Sunday 4pm est, the Treaty of Vrovona will be discussed and will escalate into a 2v2 PvP tourny event! Prizes will be announced on a later day. No banned classes, but no duplicates per pair.)) Thanks to @ultravioletpixie for working with us. Calender Links:
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    Hello friends, Vrovona, to the rest of Atherys. I’m grateful and honored to announce that I have been selected as the nation head of Vrovona. The nation head of Vrovona has always seemed to be a cursed position with many leaders of the past being short lived (All the way to V1). I am aware of how heavy this duty is and I’m eager to end this curse. My legacy will be, Did Chad revive this nation, or did he fail? I’m looking forward to the challenge of reviving this nation to its former glory. I already have a few plans, but I’ll need the help of the current nation members and possibly the cooperation of other nations during my time as nation head. I’ll get straight to it to what I’ll generally look for in my first few weeks. Right now what this nation needs the most right now is a repopulation, and from history the way super populous nations are always formed is through new player towns. Taking a page out of Ithero and Roreg’s history I will be establishing a new player hub town and employing the capital to teach them the ins and outs of the server as well as figuring out what focus that they want to be a part of. From there new players will move on to different towns that they so choose, even a different nation if they wanted to. I will also be reworking the government to work with my needs as a leader. I’ll admit it, I will be weak in some points in the government and I’m going to need a cabinet of members to help me run the government so I’ll be bringing back the praetors. I will be tough in pointing out people’s inactivity/motivation in government roles. The legion will also be reworked and I may restart the monthly Vrovonic tournaments that I used to run. For now, I have no plans for a nation meeting unless people are interested in it. I’d rather talk to people more personally (I’m not that good with bigger crowds) and I encourage to do so. If you have any concerns, questions, comments, or suggestions, just poke me on ts, pm me on the forums or server, I will do my best to answer to you and concerns, ideas, whatever it may be. This goes out to anyone not just nation members but to the other nations as well, in particular, other nation heads. I’m looking forward to cooperating, feuding whatever it may be, but once again I will always be open for discussion/talks. Forgive me ahead of time for my weak rp game.
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    A’therys Ascended Daily Event The Daily Events are brought to you by the event team; they are small scale events revolving mainly around riddles or puzzles leading to a location in the world. Daily events are a form of motivation to help players have an objective every day. Using a new plugin, everyone has an equal chance of getting something everyday! That's right! It is not a first come first serve system, everyone can participate and earn something. Each chest will contain something for everyone that opens it. The puzzle or riddle will indicate an area on the server where a treasure chest will be hidden. It is your objective to decode the riddle/ puzzle and find the chest! Be aware though, sometimes it can be found in plain sight, sometimes it may be very well hidden. The riddles and puzzles will for the most part surround lore based locations, which will encourage you to read lore and explore the world! There are of course some rules accompanying the daily events; it is meant to be an individual objective and not a shared one! Information on the current Daily Event can be found on the main forums page. Daily Event Rules: Do not ask Staff for help regarding the location of the Daily Event. Do not use any in game public chat channel (Global, Nation, & Local) to ask for assistance on the daily event or reveal its location; this will be moderated. Private messaging and teamspeak conversations about the daily event are allowed, however it is discouraged and staff will remind you about that. You can help new or confused players, but we urge you to instead point them in a direction rather than revealing the location. Selling 'tours' to the location or selling information about it is also illegal. Claiming the daily reward shall be limited to one per person. Do not use alt accounts to bypass this rule. The first daily event will be released soon!
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    Auction House We have swapped out the old Auction House plugin with a newer, more structured plugin. Like before you have to be in a national market to see or start an auction. Currently you are limited to 4 listings at a time. Listed below are the important commands you need to know to use the plugin. If you have any questions just feel free to ask. /ah - Opens the auction house. /ah sell <price> - Sell the item you're holding for the price you want. /ah expired - View and manage your expired listings. /ah listed - View and manage your currently selling items /ah search <keyword> - Search for specific items in the Auction House.
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    I've been on the server for a while now, for 5 years now, (but not exactly because I missed all of V2), but yeah I have never made one of these in my entire existence on the server and I wanted to make one because of how similar my story is to Brady's or Josh... (but really only the doge and pvp part but whatever). So yeah, my ingame name is Chadrian. Which is just a combination of my name, Adrian, and the first two letters of my dog's name, Chewy. At first, I didn't really like the fact that people called me Chad, but over time I got used to it. So a little bit about me irl, I'm 20, from San Diego, and I work as an apprentice electrician. I also like corgis. This server was always something special to me, It had an allure that always got me back to playing and that reason without a doubt is the community and the pvp. I started in V1 in an Itheri town called Riftweld, it was led by the earlier Lady Admiral, thequestingbeast. Other names in that town I recognize is tonydamore, jsterwart, conman, exxonic, etc. At the time I was amazed at how pvp worked on the server, it was heroes, not just vanilla pvp so I thought the skills were amazing at the time. I also liked the fact that it had rpg aspects like nations too. All I did was level, level, level, so I can join the big fights. For the old vets, you know what I'm talking about. V1 had massive fights. The class I primarily played was marauder, ya know the one that had the 30 block tackle, tether, wrestle combo. Riftweld fell a part, and I'll be honest with you, I'm not quite sure why. There was a massive move to the Winds of Thesse in Aloreh. This is where I think I made my first real mark on the server. This town had a lot of recognizable names like Carter, Goddess, Osiris, commando, rokat, and other names that came from Riftweld too like conman, tony, and properbo. I also met two of my all time favorite people in this town too, Keems and Shibonator. I had the pleasure of fighting with and against famous towns like Svelty, Golgotha, SSB, Exodus, Clearwater, Wintersong, the list goes on. The Winds died down and I found myself in Butterfly Haven in the Daggerlands(And to this day wtf is that name lul). Keems was the mayor and had members like blindsniper and Dr Potato, another favorite member of mine. I played under the account Chemmenue at the time just playing paladin and chilllin, Not a lot of pvp before I went on a massive hiatus. I missed all of V2, I think I was absorbed in league and I was burnt out on the server, but I came back in 3vo because I heard a lot of rumors of another restart. I thought I would join again. I joined back, not many people remembered me (I forgot to mention I also refused to use the mic in V1 so I was a pretty forgettable dude). I joined Hearthcrest for a few days so I can scout the server (Thank you to those at hearthcrest even tho I didn't have the intention of staying long you guys treated me well). This guy named Velkas msged me and told me he was maniac michael or whatever. Anyone in v1 would recognize that name as a pirate in v1. They took me in and I made my second major mark on the server in Vrovona's Harvikir. Going all the way up to one of the leaders of the legion and becoming a mod a little later, but I lost that after going inactive again hehe. I'm on injured leave for a bit so I've been active recently but ya, dis place pretty tight tho. All in all, I'm just a dude that likes to kill things, but rest assured I'm friendly even though I'm a pvper/killer thing. Sorry this kinda turned out to be more of my server history then an intro, but I like to think of where I've been.
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    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's an awkward teenage gamer who has no friends ( ಠ◡ಠ ) Hi, I'm Rez, but you can also call me Liz. I kinda joined like 2 days ago but I honestly didn't know what I was doing then and I still don't (⊙‿⊙✿) A'therys seems really interesting, but I still have to figure out how to do literally everything (◡‿◡✿) I sure hope I can be part of this community! I've never really been part of something like this, so I hope I manage to do well here ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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    Welcome to A'therys Administration @Sanders, @HaedHutner & @jonathanbak. I'm very confident you will be great additions to the team. For those of you who don't know, Jon was recently handed over responsibility of the Event Team. I no longer run the team. Jon will continue to run it aswell as being an admin and hopefully we will have some new and cool events soon Much much thanks to you Jon for your hard work after being back. Haed has been working on developing several things for A'therys recently, including the new caches plugin. He completely re structured and re-coded the whole mechanic and is now what we use ingame. Many many thankyous to him for all his hard work recently and hopefully soon we will have some more things to show Sanders now handles the Public Relations sector to A'therys and the social media, youtube etc. All the links to them can be found under the Media tab above. He has worked brilliantly as a Mod and we saw no reason to not make him an Admin, so many congratulations to him and apologies for not announcing this in a post sooner. That is all from me to tonight, many thanks for all your continuous support these past couple months A'therians, we will and always do appreciate it. Goodnight.
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    I'll do it in 2 blocks, as past and present are just a quick update on what has happened and why. Past and Present: From roughly October, the Heroes team was working on what we now call "The MOBA" update. This was a trail run thing designed by one of our members. It got to it's late stages, however most of the heroes team, and indeed the pvp community had fallen out with this idea due to it's blandness and lack of different play styles. After some re-assessment, many polls on the forums and talks after self chats with people who were interested to listen, the heroes team decided on a rework that would reach a middle ground between those who wanted super relaxed, small skill pool pvp, and those who liked having lots of skills to play with. This was 8 skills and 1 passive/toggle. The heroes team then knuckled down and spent several months basically reshaping the entire heroes roster. Including the creation of 61 new skills for classes. At this point it was late January and the server had wained a considerable amount. PvP was a very rare occurrence and the population was at a worrying place. It was at this point that I was let in on the concept of Horizons and that, actually, the heroes update was pointless as we were no longer willing to put money into it (About $400-$600 was needed for the skills to be coded) due to the fact that the server was going kaput soon. That anecdote is why you haven't seen much activity from the Heroes Team since December. Because quite literally there has been no point in trying to make the big changes, and in fact we were instructed not too. Now, onto the fun bit where I get to explain the current CONCEPTS for Horizons. The Future: Goodbye, Heroes! I for one will certainly not miss you and your garbage code! Remember EVERYTHING I talk about here is COMPLETELY CONCEPTUAL. NONE of this this could happen. As we are going modded, there is 0 point in using a plugin for our pvp system. Instead @HaedHutner and his team of sparkly new dev have offered to code a custom work of art for us! How lovely! From this point on, anything we want is only limited by our imagination (and what Haed can be arsed to code)! Since february, me and a couple of select helpers have been dreaming up a brand new PvP system. One that will put Heroes to shame. It is formed of two major components we called "Branched Levelling" and "Attributed Armour" Branched Levelling: If any of you have played Path Of Exile or Borderlands, you'll already have an idea on what kind of system this is going to be. There is a total of 4 classes; Warrior, Mage, Priest, Rogue. Each will have a tree of skills that can only be accessed by unlocking the predecessor skill. The trees will look something like this (Presume the lines join together at the ultimate skill): As you can see, each class has 2 'major' trees, with 2 'minor' trees coming out the sides. In addition, the player gets to choose 1 of 4 passives right at the get-go, the player will progressively unlock a skill point every 5 levels (1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. Max level being 25). This means a total of 6 skills and 1 passive for a fully levelled class. If you wish to change your build, there will be an in-game fee and it will have to be done in very certain locations. Just in case people are still confused, let me create an example. I am playing warrior. At level 1 I picked 'Defensive Skill 1' as my first skill. When hitting level 5, I have a choice of; 'Offensive skill 1', 'Support Skill 1' or 'Defensive Skill 2'. At level 10 the choices will change again based on what I picked at level 5. Hopefully this system will create a sense of uniqueness with every class, giving the player room to switch and change their 'build' in ways they think will improve their effectiveness and counter the meta. You can specialise down one tree, or try and spread out more in order to cover more bases. Attributed Armour: This is where the game gets VERY interesting. Within the game we will introduce a number of attributes which will add passive bonuses to the base characteristics of a player. Let me give some examples. Strength: +0.5 damage with Swords, Axes, Maces and Hammers per level. (With modded, custom weapons are a thing! No more farming tool combat!) Intellect: +1 damage per level on skills that deal magic damage. Piety: +1 total healing on all healing skills you cast per level. Endurance: +5 Max Hitpoints per level. What does 'Per Level' mean? Well, ALL armour will have these stats randomly assigned to them. No armour piece can have more than 3 different attributes on it at any time, and the total number of attributes that can be found on one piece of armour is as follows: Helmets: 5 Chestplates: 8 Leggings: 7 Boots: 5 So in total, a player can have up to 25 attribute points at any one time. What stops you from just piling on 25 Endurance and having 150 extra hit points then? Well. No player can benefit from more than 10 in one attribute at any time. That means if a player has a total of 12 points of Endurance on their armour, they will still only benefit from 10 points worth. This creates a system where players must mix and match their armour pieces in order to create the best set of bounces they can. for example, a Warrior may want 10 Strength, 10 Endurance and 5 Resolve (+0.5 health regen per level). This not only creates a fun system of armour in which players can further influence their own play style. But it creates a whole new, very large market in which players can haggle for the perfect pieces of armour to complete their sets. Got a helmet with +5 intellect? I'm sure a mage will pay a hefty price for that. Oh, he has one with +2 endurance and +3 strength? Maybe a swap can be organised. With terms of player-crafted armour, the current idea is that it will be fixed so that the armour will not spawn with maximum attributes. If you want that sweet 25 point set, you're going to have to venture into the shattered lands for it! What do you all think? Do you like this new CONCEPT? Do you think it's a step up from our current old and outdated heroes plugin? @J2BH @jrr5556 @KingNate42 (You guys all asked about it, so I'm tagging you so you get to see it) Thank to people such as @JupiterRome, @BlackRuins and @Brady for their input in this so far. But wait, there is more! The heroes team is uneeded for all intensive purposes. What I do need, however, is a team for Horizons pvp. I've already had a bunch of people offer their time to the cause, however I wanted to extend a formal invite to anyone who wishes to apply before accepting/denying those who have already asked. If you wish to join in, please fill out this form. Note, even if you are denied, you will be put on the 'playtesting' list of player who will have first access to this as it gets coded in order to play-test and trouble shoot. Name/IGN: Age: Time On Atherys: Experience with PVP across gaming (Not just atherys, but keep it relevant. I don't care if you're no2 US in Clash of Clans): What you will bring to a new pvp system: Ability to take no for an answer: Other comments: Thanks for reading! Sorry for the mega-post. -Chiv
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    So for those of you who have not noticed the shiny red name, as of last night I have been promoted to Admin status! So what do I do? In addition to my Loremaster work, which I already had backend forum access to work on the wiki with, I have gained access to MythicMob creation and Command block/Dungeon programming. I'll be working closely with the content and build teams to streamline releases and design horrific death traps for you to die in. Over the next few days I'll also be learning the general administration commands, and will be able to handle admin tickets, and will be most commonly seen around late night A'therys
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    Hello Atherys! Last week we started to ask your opinions on some ideas that were brought to me and wow what a reaction. Didn't think we would get anything near so many votes. Later today I will post the next one, which hopefully won't be THAT controversial as the modpack one (almost 50/50 split). Mob-spawn in PvE World On a good note I can tell you guys that the mob spawning rate has been improved again (jess fixed some of the issues) and I would like to ask you to give me some feedback if it's now enough, too much or still to low. 1.11 Admins are now starting to compile and fix the skills for 1.11 and should be done soonish. After that we can upgrade to 1.11 which looks like will solve a ton of lag issues. Roreg Capital Wow, didn't think we will ever see it, but it looks like the capital for Roreg is almost done (as far as I understood it's just some finishing touches and some interior works left)! Expect a huge post about it and a big celebration in-game! Buying Plots Since a few days, you now don't buy plots from us Admins for a fixed price but from your Nationhead (or the person/s he makes responsible for this) for the price he/she sets. This was done to give more power to player NH's and to give more work to the Governments. NPC Towns Are finally finished building and are now setup with animal farms and warps. We are also discussing to lower the warp prices a bit. Staff Feedback I know I am late with this month staff feedback, but that's just because I'm running out of time every day. I hope I can get it out tomorrow or the day after. Friday's Sellt Chat This week there will be no Sellt Chat because I will not be around. Sorry for that. Next week then again! Sellt's Kitchen Today I thought i show you a recipe from my own hometown! For this one, I actually have more or less accurate measurements. All that below is for 5 5 people. What you need: 25 swiss chard leaf ( in german: mangold) 500g minced pork meat 1 butter bun, soaked in milk, pressed out and minced 1onion, minced and steamed 1 tablespoon parsley 1.5 tablespoon butterfat 1/2 dl white wine 1/2 dl bouillon Salt Pepper garlic Take the chard leaves and blanch them in hot water and then lay them out. Take the minced pork, minced bun, onion, parsley, seasoning and mix them together until they are one mass. Split them up into 25 balls and then pack each ball into one leaf. Preheat the oven to 200° Celsius. Let the butterfat melt in an oven pan and then put the packed leaves on it and sprinkle salt over them and pour a bit of the white wine and bouillon over them. after 15 minutes flip them over and pour the rest of the liquid over them. This is called Laubfrösche in german which means this in English (from translation page): greenbacks (the frogs).
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    Hey guys long time no see!! Just poking in to see how things are going, I hope Selt is treating you right. For those interested I apologize for my abrupt departure I had quite a bit of personal and work things that lead to me being over committed and I was unable to spend anytime on Atherys. I hope you guys are doing well and I do miss the community. Hope all goes well and I see you guys are making some progress. Have a great one!
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    Hi Atherys, Today we have some News that not many will call good. Dannie has stepped down from being an Admin effective Today. While we knew this was coming and planned for it, it never the less will leave a huge hole in our roster and heart. I personally think I would never have been able to get as far as we had with Atherys in the last 3 month without him. In his time as an Admin he was one of the pillars of Atherys, putting in work throughout the day, never stopping to work on Atherys (probably even dreaming of it). With that i wish him well on his path and hope he finally finds time to do his school work We will always have a place for you! May he and his ducks live long and prosper! -Sellt
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    I can make it so people who are in towns/safe zones cannot be pushed or pulled. If the administration agrees that would be the best action.
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    OMG; MORE POSTS FROM XATHAS? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!!??? So this one isn't a lore update (gasp!) Just thought I'd let you all know that starting tomorrow (December 20th) until January 1st, there will be an NPC named Uncle Klauss traveling around A'therys. Every day, refreshing at 4pm ATZ, he will give you a daily gift. Each day is different, so make sure to drop by daily!!! Uncle Klauss will be at the following locations each day of the event: December 20 : Vrovona (Vrovona) December 21 : Qhul Rahav (Ar-Selukk) December 22 : Baile Caislean (Aloreh) December 23 : Steyon (Marcolo Sea) December 24 : Monas Roth (Daggerlands) December 25 : Dorrod Muth (Roreg Logh) December 26 : Ritrak (Vrovona) December 27 : Calastore (Ithero) December 28 : Llan Ruth (Roreg Logh) December 29 : Ydhevas (Ar-Selukk) December 30 : Sablemarch (Daggerlands) December 31 : Methes Avonthes (Aloreh) Enjoy this little twelve days of Christmas/advent calendar style fun from us to you!
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    Hi Atherys! Something that for me was already a done thing came to my attention that it really wasn't. So without much further ado: @Valaen is the leader of the heroes team. A function he already had in my eyes and a function he also already filled out. He deserves this being official and I hope the Heroes team and all players will go on supporting him in this endeavor. -Sellt
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    Hi Atherys! Today i present you another goody at no additional costs in the store! For this month, for every 50.- USD you spend on the store you will get one entry into the Lore Lottery (if you spend 100.- USD you get two and if you spend another 50.- USD on something you get a third etc etc. i think you get the picture?). At the end of the month we will run the lottery and the winner will get a one on one with Xathas to create your own character, town or landmark for the official lore! You will become an eternal part of Atherys official story! Money spend counts to the person who paid it and not for the account (if you bought stuff for 50.- USD for one account and 50.- USD for another account you still get the two tickets). All money spend from the 1st of the month till the last day count for this. We will take about 2-3 days to count how many tickets all people get and then run the lottery on the 3rd of the next month. There are of course some terms and conditions: - It cannot be from an outside source (IE: Fendel the Great is from the Misenchanted series); the name will be run by a google test to see what pops up. - No seizing of power through a character. (Cannot write yourself into a government position or claiming yourself an independent nation) - Your lore may be edited to fit wiki standards - Your character may be utilized for server events, posts, and media. - @Xathas has the final word. If this works well we will repeat this in the following months. -Sellt
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    Hello everyone, Selukkites and non-Selukkites alike. Since January, I've had the pleasure of being your Vizier not once, but twice. It's been an honor, and quite the experience, but one that meant a lot to me. Ever since I joined the server at the beginning of 2014, I've been in one town, one nation, and had one goal - to lead us forward. While my time was definitely more of a behind-the-scenes reign, I do feel proud of our collective accomplishments and relative drama-free year. We've all gotten along for the most part, and done some really cool stuff. We've handed out sandstone, built cool monuments, towns, and kept our community alive. Now, before I go off on a sentimental rant, I'll keep it nice and short. I understand the nation is at a crossroads. We're getting new players logging on daily, and the time has come for me to step down and let the nation go forward in a more direct path. I think the nation needs a defined push for activity, and someone more visible to be the face of Raviyna and the nation. My preferred leadership style is to stay in the shadows and step in before things go wrong, or prevent conflict from getting out of hand - but now is not the time for that. That's all been said and done, and now that we're on the same page, we need someone to step out and draw people in, be it through PvP/RP/ts/skype/passenger pigeon. I have been presented with a really cool proposal by a group of players, and I am largely in favour of it. I hope you are too. My time as Vizier will be ending as soon as a replacement is chosen - @Sellt will soon post an open application - I invite all interested parties to apply. I'll still be around, still a staff member, still a nation member. I'll focus on mine and @Omega_Iota's town, and keep an eye on what's happening around the sands. If need be, I'm still always here to help, and to offer whoever succeeds me whatever they need. I leave you with a few new toys to play with - the sandstone mine (hooray!), and two new NPC towns, located in a'Ravhar and Zelarath (still needs to be finished, most likely today), respectively. I will post separate topics for those additions. As always, for the glory of Sav-Synav and his eternal and ethereal daughter, the splendid Regent of the Sands, Raviyna av-Kulthanz, yours truly, Dani. Ps. thank you to everyone that made my time as Vizier a very enjoyable one! That includes all of you.
  44. 17 points
  45. 17 points
    Ice was someone who I honestly loved on the sever, and was friends with on various Social Media Sites. He was someone who was always fun to be around making people laugh, coming up with crazy ideas, running around with speed 10 armor on exemplar, and having glorious taco bell internet. Seeing this on Facebook was one of the most shocking things I think I have ever seen. Ice is someone who I know a lot of people will miss. Funerals are very expensive though and every little bit counts. I'm sure Ice's family will greatly appreciate anything given and I know that this community will give everything they are able too because that's just how all of you are, honestly this support for his family is tremendous.
  46. 16 points
    ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Above Dorrod's holy halls, His people worship and sing His calls, Through Shol's Maw the great Dazrynes will flow. There is much more to His city down below... ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫
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    Good evening A'therys! Firstly, I would like to announce the winner of our Lore Raffle. Any members who spent more than $50 in the store this month were entered, with multiples of 50 giving one additional entries. All names were submitted, put into a hat, and drawn from. Of our six entries; the drawn winner was @Chronus Blazebringer . Congratulations!!! This month I will be doing things slightly differently. As you all know, Christmas is coming up!!! So I thought I'd run my lore raffle as follows Anyone who posts in this topic will receive a free entry! In addition, to account for the big Christmas sale: tickets will be given to anyone spending $25 or more in the store this month! Multiples of 25 will count for the first two tickets 25, 50, 100 In addition, on the 25th of December, I will be releasing "Hidden Lore", that is to say my oft-noted red text; to the public. These will include secrets, schemes, and other goodies One additional piece of "Hidden Lore" will be released per $500 the server makes this month.
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    Welcome to the updated version of the A’therys Ascended website! Will be more updates to the site in the coming weeks, but for now enjoy the new stuff! Please go ahead and look around the forums and see whats new! We added custom header options (Camera icon) and color themes (Paintbrush icon) for people to choose from on the forums! We also have classifieds as well, which is a place for merchants Buy, Sell, list jobs and advertise companies to the A’therys economy! Take a look at our new social media as well added links to Teamspeak, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for you guys to keep track of! We also have a new front page for A’therys which is an easier way to find and download the resourcepack and modpack! We also have a leaderboard which is a way you can keep track with all your forum stats and rankings. (If there are any problems about the site, just put them in this post) (Might need to hit F5 to see the new front page if you cant see it) Please Give A Big Thank You To @Dannie @Jessica @HaedHutner @Sanders For Working On The New Website/Forums
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    Hey all. After speaking to Cuddles, have added an NPC to the Dungeons today to allow you to buy Armor / Weapons and Food when you are leveling. If this is a good thing, let me know and we can maybe put more of these around the place. The position of this NPC is right at Settlers Landing near the market stalls. Let me know what you think x
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    Hello Atherys, When you checkout the store you will find a new tip jar under extras called "Development Tip Jar". As before this will be used firstly to pay for the testserver where the heroes team is working on the new classes. But recent information shows that right now the heroes team would take forever to implement all that is needed to finish these classes, to remedy this the heroes team approached me with the option to get an external developer who has experience with heroes to help finish it a lot faster. To support this developer we decided to donate money, after the testserver is payed for, that goes into the "Development Tip Jar" to this Developer. If you wish to support his work please use the "Development Tip Jar" for your donations. Link to it: http://store.atherys.com/checkout/packages/add/2093182/single This is a on/off thing to get heroes running so we all can enjoy it soon rather than late. -Sellt

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