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[Dungeon] Allaka's Stockade

Enter the ruins of an Imrantian prison, full of the dragon Allaka's dedicated servants; and containing some of the most dangerous 'air breathers' that threaten his plans. With 12 new enemies to encounter, more loot, and a unique raid-style boss; this dungeon is certain to challenge even veteran raid parties! This dungeon is designed for a minimum of 6 players. It contains 9 mini-bosses, 1 tough boss, and 1 final boss. While there are no required classes to complete this dungeon, at least one dedicated healer is recommended.
Allaka's Stockade is now open to public beta!
This dungeon can be located Underwater at 1970, 1100 in the PVE world.
Concept and Mob Design by @Xathas
Built [email protected] with elements from @Chrisblox and MyRa1n
Pump Station modified from @Joebricksy's tank.
Final Boss Chamber built by Johnzz555 and Iemand_112 off PMC.
Please note that as this is in Beta Mode, there may still be bugs. I think I got them all, but let me know if you find any!!!
Huge thanks to the Alpha Test Team
and Sanders

[GAME RELEASE] The Nether Rifts Open

On Sunday, April 30th, at 12:00 Noon ATZ (17:00 UTC), several rifts will open in Virion Alesce.
Through these rifts, a terrifying planescape lies beyond.
Will you find treasure, death, or worse in its confines?

Please note the following patches: 
On Saturday, April 29th, several Corsairs and their ships  will begin dotting the Isle of Virion Alesce on the overworld side, looking for treasure! These Pirates are not to be trifled with alone! Be on the lookout for new items from these pirates: including "Flamberge", "Razor's Edge", "Pirate Rum", and more!!!
  Starting April 30th, there will be multiple rifts to locate within, Virion Alesce. Nether-side will be mostly free to build and mine. However, the use of LWC/chests will not be permitted. Any loot you get you have to carry out of there in one piece!

[Dungeon] The Archaic Mineshaft


A new Dungeon has opened in the PVE world! 
Featuring all new mobs, five mini-bosses, one Final Boss, and new loot!

Recommended Party Size : 4 - 6 Players
Special Requirements : 1 Player with Blink or Fire Resistance
Entry Coordinates : 1513, 1766
Special thanks to @Dannie for the backend work; build server - and map overlay
@Iris93 , @Darklore123, @Jynxi, and @Sanders for being mob testers & punching bags
BETA TEST DUNGEON DELVERS: [email protected], Sanders, @IceePirate, @ThatGuy_777, @_Chrono and RuddyF 

Disappearance in Virion Alesce

Event 2 : Disappearances
In the port city of Virion Alesce, five heroes met by chance and exchanged stories over drinks before parting their separate ways. None chose to stay the night, as each had their own destinations and adventures to be had, but in the moonless night a sudden scream was heard. No blood to be found, no signs of struggle; whoever it was simply.... vanished.
This is not the first occurrence according to the locals, who rarely choose to venture into the wilderness and abandoned mines, but it is the first time such an incident has been brought to the attention of the Mage's Guild. With the recent activities involving planar breaches in Northwest Ithero; we need to properly investigate this disappearance.
Virion Alescce and its Warps are now open! Warps can be accessed from any Capital City for 100 yora.
Or you can sail to it at coordinates :  9480, 10900
According to witnesses, each hero at the pub drank something different, and they had either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 rounds of that drink. No hero had the same amount of drinks. Each hero was also seen carrying a different weapon. Your task for this puzzle is to identify the following :
What each of the five heroes' drink of choice was How many drinks did they have (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) What weapon they carried. Who disappeared?  
There were Five heroes partaking in merriment that evening.
Theobald Whistwallow (Male) :  An Alor noble known for traversing the world slaying all manner of "dragons". Although his tales may be bravado, his bravery and ability should not go underestimated!

Helghrian Toharus (Male) :  The man who took two-dozen; modern politician and slayer of undead throughout the Laoner of Roreg Logh. Much like Theobald, he refuses to allow age to deter his adventures.

Ahlanna Jharov (Female) : A scholar of the Rubious Lantern and associate of the Arcane College, Ahlanna Jharov has bridged many gaps between the Vrovonic clans; earning entry to Northern Bravnikh territory and the sacred grounds of the Ghost Wall.

Yai'vasa yav-Hashirem (Female) : Treasure hunter, tomb robber, and gem trader; she has been deeply involved in Selukkite politics for the last thirty years. Although not a member of the courts of Qhul Rahav, her power and influence stretch well within the walls of the city.

Corrigan Broad (Male) : Alcoholic, collegiate dropout, yet one of the sharpest minds that sail the seas of A'therys. Seeing the world in his own way, the wily pirate has seen many an adventure over the past two decades.
Locals were on edge during the entire evening, as the heroes were far from non-threatening with their bragging and brandished weapons. One leaned upon a Scepter, one kept a hand constantly upon their Battle-Axe, another one had a loaded Crossbow that nearly fired into the dart-board in jest, one hero kept pointing out towards people of interest with a Longspear, and the last hero had a massive Broadsword strapped to their back.
Dirty Parrot
Forgefire Whiskey
Cloud Wine
Legion Stout
Crescent Rum
There are SIX CLUES hidden within the island of Virion Alesce There are an additional TWO CLUES hidden somewhere in the A'therys Wiki Once you have finalized your answers; use THIS FORM to submit them!!! Answers will be taken in the ORDER THEY ARE RECEIVED! You may only submit your answers one time. Choose carefully! Deadline for Submission : Sunday, April 16th, at 23:59 A'therys Time (Monday, April 17th, 4:59am UTC  
Will receive:
1 Box of Holding [Shulker Box] in any color of their choice 1 Head of any player of their choice 10,000 Yora Lost Cloak [Wings : Unbreaking X]  
Will receive:
1 Box of Holding [Shulker Box] in any color of their choice 1 Sellt Head 5,000 Yora  
Will receive:
1 Sellt Head 2,000 Yora  
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Special Thanks
@Dannie for heading the backend side of it all; server host, MCEdit overlay, and voxel cleanup.
@[email protected] @Altairas for all their work at getting the island presentable to interact with

The Bard's Tale

It is not uncommon for the Daggerlands' youth to concentrate heavily on studies of mathematics and engineering. Buried in their books during after-school hours, tinkering away at the next great invention, and ever serious to the grim land they live upon; seldom to the children enjoy tales as may be found in other nations. 
But every so often, a child approaches the grizzled and grinning man clad in a glittering patched cloak of many colours at his puppetry stand on Market Street. The gods, the old heroes, and stories of the modern era all make their way to the makeshift stage; perhaps more truth than fantasy to their tale...
The child stares wide-eyed as puppet wielding a spear fashioned lovingly from a copper coil strikes out towards the blackened mesh of steel wool, pinning it to the proscenium and away from the mortal men below. He bows, and turns a page of the storybook when the boy cannot help but request a tale from the seventh cycle.
"Theobald and the Strovorach perhaps?"
His head swings towards a no.
"The Illustrious Captain Fluffers and his marvelous journey!"
The boy laughs, knowing the tale of the thrice shipwrecked Itheri cat; Rivetwhistles recognizes that bright face and grins slyly, this is a child who has seen him many times - knows every twist and turn of the tales. The puppets return to their chest and he kneels to meet the child at eye-level.
"A new one then, that's what you seek."
The boy's smile matches his own, and the bard takes a seat.
"Once upon a time; there was a clever rogue who sought to capture the heart of a lady fair. He traversed to her hidden grove for weeks, beseeching that she grant her favor. Every time she denied his request, for he had sinned greatly in her eyes. Every breath of the word no wounded him further; for though he repented his sins there was to be no atonement. Desperate, he searched for a means to escape the wounds that ached his heart, and stared and the innocent sky. He longed for it, perhaps more than he did her; and so his plan grew bolder - to capture the sky itself.
He planned his heist for weeks on end, but alas was he for no allies were to be found whom would turn on their neighbor; and so he commandeered the doomed ship alone as the clocks struck midnight;. But with no man to aid him, he could not steer as he flew too high and into the choking cloud of smog that blanketed the city that night. With none to save him as the ship plummeted downward, the lakes of fire swallowed him whole for his crimes; for the Daggerlands do not take kindly to lone wolves and exiles..."
The eyes of the boy lit with a strange fire, "What of the lady? When she found what he had done?"
"She flees from the memory; to this day. For his soul was stained with sin, that the Underworld would not take him, that the maw of Shol itself spat him back out. He wanders, lost; haunting the one thing he knows he can still find; and he must never find her..."
"What if he does?"
Rivetwhistles is no longer sitting, he has already packed his things in the blink of an eye; taking a final bow as he winks, "That, my dear friend, is a story for another day...."

[Conquest] Call to Arms!

A'therys Conquest
Know thyself, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.
~ Sun Tzu
Greetings, A'therys! I come bearing gifts. Today, I am going to go into an in-depth explanation of the new Conquest. Not only that, but if you stick around until the end, there is also a competition in it for you! Anyway, as some of you may know, I have been working on a new plugin which aims to achieve similar goals as the previous denizens-based system. Those being as follows:
To create an environment where the PvPers of A'therys have a reason to collect within a limited size area in the world, so that it may be easier to find a fight if you're looking for one. To give nations a greater importance in the day-to-day lives of players. To offer an alternative way to gain experience To offer unique rewards based on one's participation in PvP I believe the plugin I have developed will accomplish all of these goals. And I hope that you will join me now as I go into as in-depth of an explanation as I can.
Let's start from the beginning by defining some terms:
Conquest Point - This is a location in the world which can be captured and held by a group of the players from the same nation. The plugin will automatically group players by nation, and will only allow a nation to interact with the point if there are more than 3 of it's citizens within the point's capture radius.
- A Locked Point is one which cannot be occupied or garrisoned.
Capture Radius - A sphere surrounding the very middle of the conquest point, which is marked by a beacon with the color of the occupying nation ( pic below ). Players must be within this radius in order to capture or garrison the point.

Conquest Area - A larger sphere surrounding the beacon in the middle of the conquest point. If one is killed within this area by a citizen from another nation, they will drop a certain amount of Congealed Blood ( the Conquest currency ). If they already had some of this currency in their inventories, they will drop 30% of it instead.
Garrisoning - When there is a recognizable group ( more than 3 players ) from a certain nation hanging around within the capture radius of a point which is already occupied by the same nation. These players will receive periodic awards of experience. Each time they do, there is a percentage chance for an amount of mobs to spawn within the capture radius.
Ok, so far so good. I hope you're still with me. It's not crucial that you remember the above dictionary by heart. Fact is, you really don't have to think too hard about any of the underlying mechanics ( which I am about to explain ) while you're fighting with your buddies for the glory of your nation. Now we can get into the heart of the matter: 
The Mechanics
This part of the thread will go over how to capture and hold ( aka occupy ) an area, what the benefits are of doing this, how to use the Conquest Shop and finally, a few words on the Resurrection Point mechanic.
The first one to go over is occupation. It really is quite simple. If you see a point you like ( and one that's unlocked ), all you have to do to capture it is round up at least 2 of your buddies ( from the same nation ), go over there and hang around in the middle, around the beacon, until it's yours. There is a helpful progress bar at the top, which will display your progress. Thought really, capturing is currently so fast you really don't need to hang around for much longer than a few seconds until your nation occupies the point.

The interesting bit is what comes next. A point will remain occupied by the same nation, until challenged by another. In simpler terms, your nation occupies the point until someone with a couple of buddies from another nation doesn't come over and take it from you. Garrisoning your point offers you a passive experience gain ( while you're still in it ). while at the same time there is the chance for a few mobs to spawn and spice things up for you and your mates.
  Conquest Shop
If you're lucky enough, someone will indeed try to take your nation's point away. Well, you're not just gonna let that happen, are you? Physically defending your nation's point ( you know, with swords and bloodshed and all ) will allow you to gather something called Congealed Blood from the corpses of your enemies. Their items will still drop as normal within the Conquest Area, and that is where they must die in order for their corpses to yield the currency I mentioned.

This is a physical item which you hold in your inventory. If you die with it within a conquest area, you will drop 30% of it and on respawn regain 70%. Upon killing another player ( from another nation! ), they will drop 1 - 2 Congealed Blood, which you can later use in the Conquest Shop.

The shop I've mentioned multiple times until now is also very simple to use. Each nation has a double chest sized GUI ( 49 items ) to fill with nation-specific items. The competition I mentioned at the beginning of this is to do with these items specifically. But, more on that later. Any player can execute a command ( /cq shop ) and access their nation's conquest shop. The plugin will automatically detect the player's nation and display to them the proper shop.

The items you will be able to purchase should be unique to your nation and serve as not only worthy battlegear, but also as a status symbol, showing everyone around you that you have fought in Conquest, and you have prevailed. Not only that, but I have recently been able to figure out a way to attach Particle and Sound effects to an item. This is what will give Conquest Items that extra bit of bling bling to make you stand out from the crowd.
  Resurrection Points
And lastly, it is time to introduce you to the Resurrection Point mechanic. They look something like this:

They look odd at first, but their presence is what makes Conquest a very tolerable system to PvP in. Simply said, the plugin has a resurrection mechanic. If you die within the Conquest Area, you will have the opportunity to get back into the fight as quickly as possible.

Upon dying within a Conquest Area, you will lose your items as usual, with the exception of any Congealed Blood you might be carrying around. You will save 70% of that at least. The rest though, is gone, and will probably be picked up by the person who killed you. Don't worry though, cause you'll have your chance for revenge as soon as you respawn at your town. Conquest will give you a certain amount of time ( currently set to 40 seconds ) within which you should hopefully be able to pick up any spare bits of gear you might have lying around.

If you manage to get geared up within the time limit, you can then execute the /rejoin command. 15 seconds of darkness later, you will be teleported to one of the many Resurrection Points scattered around within the Conquest Area, and you can get right back into the fight. The Resurrection Point you respawn at is selected randomly only if there is nobody else from within your nation who is hanging around the Conquest Point. If any of your fellow countrymen are still in there, fighting the good fight, Conquest has an algorithm which will attempt to teleport you to the Resurrection Point which is near as many of your nation-mates as possible.  
And that's that. It really is quite simple to work with. Conquest was designed from the ground up as an intuitive system. When you're out there, slashing your enemies to bits, I hope you won't have to think about the underlying mechanics too much. And now, on to the fun part...
The Competition!
As I mentioned previously, there is a competition involved. The Conquest Shop should launch with as full of an inventory of items to buy as possible. But, considering there are 6 nations and many possible items to make, there are only so many of us to make them. This is where you guys, the community, come in.
We are offering 1,000 yora per item, created by a player, which makes it into the final shop inventory. It's not nation specific, you can suggest items for any nation. And if your suggestions make it into the final shop, you will get the yora for it!
So, where can you submit? Why, right down here, of course!
> Click Here for Competition Form <
I wish all of you good luck, and I'm looking forward to checking out your suggestions!

Sellt's Diary 03/16/2017

Hello Atherys!
Sorry that this diary again was a bit late, but I have a good explanation why!
Some of you may know that I work for a river-cruise company with a few dozen ships. These ships don’t cruise in winter and so have no crew on-board and no issues, which means I rather have few things to do in winter. But come March the ship start again, crew comes aboard (which have forgotten EVERYTHING about how to do their work) and then around the end of March all of these dozens of ships start cruising. This leads to a massive workload for this week plus the next three. So if I appear a bit distant at the moment, it’s not because of me personally, it’s just this time of the year.
Now on to happier things!
Roregs Capital
As you may have heard the build team around cuddles has finished their version of the new Capital and it's gorgeous! As I said in December when the competition was running out, the first one to finish and deliver one that we (staff and roreg) can all accept they win and it will be put in. So there is that. Right now we are planning the opening ceremony and events which should happen in the next two weeks!
What comes after the Capital
The buildteam that made the capital isn’t finished with Atherys and will now go on to other build projects for the server. So expect more stuff to come!
Last Sunday I got to test out Heads new Conquest system and I personally love it! Seeing that it's ready to go we will not wait till the heroes update to bring it out and are now looking for good spots for the conquest points in the different nations. Soon you will be able to capture and hold them for the glory of your nation (and some stuff you get personally. More on that later).
Jess, Dannie and Head are working tireless on compiling the skills for 1.11 (never saw admin chat THAT active and never did I understand less :D). I’m not sure what the exact eta is but from what I do understand it seems to go very well.
Friday’s Sellt Chat
Thanks to the real life workload and the need to sometimes go to the ships personally to fix some issues I will not be around tomorrow (Friday) and sadly can’t make Sellt Chat. I’m very confident I will be able to do one next week. My apology for that.
Sellt’s Kitchen
Today we talk about omelets. As far as I know this is mostly breakfast thing in most countries, but here in Switzerland, it’s actually a lunch or dinner! And there is one kind of omelets I personally love and probably could eat every day: Spinach omelets. Before you judge you need to try it
What you need for 12 Omelettes:
200g flour
¾ teaspoon salt
3dl sparkling water (normal one does it too. But the sparkling helps make the omelet fluffier)
4 eggs
1 teaspoon oil
150g creamed spinach
250g (or more if you like) bacon cubes
Take the water, eggs, oil and salt and mix them well. Then slowly add the flour and mix that well. Then slowly add the spinach. Best if you use a real mixer for this to get a smooth liquid that you can pour into a pan.
Now roast the bacon cubes in a pan, move them into a storage container (bowl). Put a tiny bit of oil into the pan, lower it to a medium-high temperature and pour the liquid into it (remember it should be enough for 12 omelets, or if you like me and like them a bit more thickly for around 8 omelets).
Sprinkle bacon cubes over the omelet before the liquid hardens.
I personally keep the oven at 50° Celsius and store the finished omelets there until I’m through with all of the liquid.
There exists something called Maggie seasoning sauce. I’m not sure how widespread its use is (it’s here in Switzerland used a lot). I often use it on my spinach omelets and I love the combination, but it’s not a taste for everyone for sure.
Original thread by @Sellt can be found here: https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3704-sellts-diary-03162017

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