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So I 100% fell off the once a week updates, partly because we’ve hit a few stop-and-goes, I moved apartments and had no internet, and then got slammed with the big summer festival tech rush. BUT thankfully there’s a team behind me making sure ideas are put in and moving forward. 
Nation Lore Kilnholdt nearly completed. Will not be adding to the Wiki until closer to launch. Daidama roughly 75% completed; undergoing large rewrite. Atvoria roughly 50% completed. Gennaian Isles and Dalkun-Tir still in notes & concept phases. Shattered Lands in concept & reference phases.
  Updates to Player Characters Early in, I promised to find a better transition means between player characters and canon characters. New system in the works. No, I won’t be going LOTC crazy PS: Highly disappointed their shit doesn’t even come close to the actual world of Lord of the Rings, which their name implies at a glance. Right, player characters. New system to be implemented (unrelated to “My Timeline” which Sellt has mentioned) to streamline PC’s into the Wiki. Working out system of checks & balances. Also working out plans of attack for storyline events. Goal : prevent the win or no goodies mentality Better means of prize selection. Possible point system based on factors of participation and individual achievement, rather than “my side won”.
  C is for Contest! Submit a Creature to be considered for the Bestiary of the A'therys wiki. Creatures submitted must contain the following information. Name Environment/Region Physiology/Description Height/Weight Breeding Habits Unique Abilities (if any) Environment/Region (Does this creature reside in a particular region, or is it broady found? Which environments does it thrive in) Organization (IE: a group of lizards is called a lounge) OPTIONAL : Additional Information, Sketch, etc.  Creatures may not exist in another setting, world, etc. Submit by August 31st : winners will be announced on September 14th.


Enter the ruins of an Imrantian prison, full of the dragon Allaka's dedicated servants; and containing some of the most dangerous 'air breathers' that threaten his plans. With 12 new enemies to encounter, more loot, and a unique raid-style boss; this dungeon is certain to challenge even veteran raid parties! This dungeon is designed for a minimum of 6 players. It contains 9 mini-bosses, 1 tough boss, and 1 final boss. While there are no required classes to complete this dungeon, at least one dedicated healer is recommended.
Allaka's Stockade is now open to public beta!
This dungeon can be located Underwater at 1970, 1100 in the PVE world.
Concept and Mob Design by @Xathas
Built by@Xathas with elements from @Chrisblox and MyRa1n
Pump Station modified from @Joebricksy's tank.
Final Boss Chamber built by Johnzz555 and Iemand_112 off PMC.
Please note that as this is in Beta Mode, there may still be bugs. I think I got them all, but let me know if you find any!!!
Huge thanks to the Alpha Test Team
and Sanders

On Sunday, April 30th, at 12:00 Noon ATZ (17:00 UTC), several rifts will open in Virion Alesce.
Through these rifts, a terrifying planescape lies beyond.
Will you find treasure, death, or worse in its confines?

Please note the following patches: 
On Saturday, April 29th, several Corsairs and their ships  will begin dotting the Isle of Virion Alesce on the overworld side, looking for treasure! These Pirates are not to be trifled with alone! Be on the lookout for new items from these pirates: including "Flamberge", "Razor's Edge", "Pirate Rum", and more!!!
  Starting April 30th, there will be multiple rifts to locate within, Virion Alesce. Nether-side will be mostly free to build and mine. However, the use of LWC/chests will not be permitted. Any loot you get you have to carry out of there in one piece!


A new Dungeon has opened in the PVE world! 
Featuring all new mobs, five mini-bosses, one Final Boss, and new loot!

Recommended Party Size : 4 - 6 Players
Special Requirements : 1 Player with Blink or Fire Resistance
Entry Coordinates : 1513, 1766
Special thanks to @Dannie for the backend work; build server - and map overlay
@Iris93 , @Darklore123, @Jynxi, and @Sanders for being mob testers & punching bags
BETA TEST DUNGEON DELVERS:  @TranceXhumaN, Sanders, @IceePirate, @ThatGuy_777, @_Chrono and RuddyF 


Event 2 : Disappearances
In the port city of Virion Alesce, five heroes met by chance and exchanged stories over drinks before parting their separate ways. None chose to stay the night, as each had their own destinations and adventures to be had, but in the moonless night a sudden scream was heard. No blood to be found, no signs of struggle; whoever it was simply.... vanished.
This is not the first occurrence according to the locals, who rarely choose to venture into the wilderness and abandoned mines, but it is the first time such an incident has been brought to the attention of the Mage's Guild. With the recent activities involving planar breaches in Northwest Ithero; we need to properly investigate this disappearance.
Virion Alescce and its Warps are now open! Warps can be accessed from any Capital City for 100 yora.
Or you can sail to it at coordinates :  9480, 10900
According to witnesses, each hero at the pub drank something different, and they had either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 rounds of that drink. No hero had the same amount of drinks. Each hero was also seen carrying a different weapon. Your task for this puzzle is to identify the following :
What each of the five heroes' drink of choice was How many drinks did they have (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) What weapon they carried. Who disappeared?  
There were Five heroes partaking in merriment that evening.
Theobald Whistwallow (Male) :  An Alor noble known for traversing the world slaying all manner of "dragons". Although his tales may be bravado, his bravery and ability should not go underestimated!

Helghrian Toharus (Male) :  The man who took two-dozen; modern politician and slayer of undead throughout the Laoner of Roreg Logh. Much like Theobald, he refuses to allow age to deter his adventures.

Ahlanna Jharov (Female) : A scholar of the Rubious Lantern and associate of the Arcane College, Ahlanna Jharov has bridged many gaps between the Vrovonic clans; earning entry to Northern Bravnikh territory and the sacred grounds of the Ghost Wall.

Yai'vasa yav-Hashirem (Female) : Treasure hunter, tomb robber, and gem trader; she has been deeply involved in Selukkite politics for the last thirty years. Although not a member of the courts of Qhul Rahav, her power and influence stretch well within the walls of the city.

Corrigan Broad (Male) : Alcoholic, collegiate dropout, yet one of the sharpest minds that sail the seas of A'therys. Seeing the world in his own way, the wily pirate has seen many an adventure over the past two decades.
Locals were on edge during the entire evening, as the heroes were far from non-threatening with their bragging and brandished weapons. One leaned upon a Scepter, one kept a hand constantly upon their Battle-Axe, another one had a loaded Crossbow that nearly fired into the dart-board in jest, one hero kept pointing out towards people of interest with a Longspear, and the last hero had a massive Broadsword strapped to their back.
Dirty Parrot
Forgefire Whiskey
Cloud Wine
Legion Stout
Crescent Rum
There are SIX CLUES hidden within the island of Virion Alesce There are an additional TWO CLUES hidden somewhere in the A'therys Wiki Once you have finalized your answers; use THIS FORM to submit them!!! Answers will be taken in the ORDER THEY ARE RECEIVED! You may only submit your answers one time. Choose carefully! Deadline for Submission : Sunday, April 16th, at 23:59 A'therys Time (Monday, April 17th, 4:59am UTC  
Will receive:
1 Box of Holding [Shulker Box] in any color of their choice 1 Head of any player of their choice 10,000 Yora Lost Cloak [Wings : Unbreaking X]  
Will receive:
1 Box of Holding [Shulker Box] in any color of their choice 1 Sellt Head 5,000 Yora  
Will receive:
1 Sellt Head 2,000 Yora  
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Special Thanks
@Dannie for heading the backend side of it all; server host, MCEdit overlay, and voxel cleanup.
@mercymike @InsanibleLector and @Altairas for all their work at getting the island presentable to interact with

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