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[Conquest] Call to Arms!

A'therys Conquest

Know thyself, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.

~ Sun Tzu


Greetings, A'therys! I come bearing gifts. Today, I am going to go into an in-depth explanation of the new Conquest. Not only that, but if you stick around until the end, there is also a competition in it for you! Anyway, as some of you may know, I have been working on a new plugin which aims to achieve similar goals as the previous denizens-based system. Those being as follows:

  • To create an environment where the PvPers of A'therys have a reason to collect within a limited size area in the world, so that it may be easier to find a fight if you're looking for one.
  • To give nations a greater importance in the day-to-day lives of players.
  • To offer an alternative way to gain experience
  • To offer unique rewards based on one's participation in PvP

I believe the plugin I have developed will accomplish all of these goals. And I hope that you will join me now as I go into as in-depth of an explanation as I can.


Let's start from the beginning by defining some terms:

Conquest Point - This is a location in the world which can be captured and held by a group of the players from the same nation. The plugin will automatically group players by nation, and will only allow a nation to interact with the point if there are more than 3 of it's citizens within the point's capture radius.

- A Locked Point is one which cannot be occupied or garrisoned.


Capture Radius - A sphere surrounding the very middle of the conquest point, which is marked by a beacon with the color of the occupying nation ( pic below ). Players must be within this radius in order to capture or garrison the point.


Conquest Area - A larger sphere surrounding the beacon in the middle of the conquest point. If one is killed within this area by a citizen from another nation, they will drop a certain amount of Congealed Blood ( the Conquest currency ). If they already had some of this currency in their inventories, they will drop 30% of it instead.


Garrisoning - When there is a recognizable group ( more than 3 players ) from a certain nation hanging around within the capture radius of a point which is already occupied by the same nation. These players will receive periodic awards of experience. Each time they do, there is a percentage chance for an amount of mobs to spawn within the capture radius.


Ok, so far so good. I hope you're still with me. It's not crucial that you remember the above dictionary by heart. Fact is, you really don't have to think too hard about any of the underlying mechanics ( which I am about to explain ) while you're fighting with your buddies for the glory of your nation. Now we can get into the heart of the matter: 


The Mechanics

This part of the thread will go over how to capture and hold ( aka occupy ) an area, what the benefits are of doing this, how to use the Conquest Shop and finally, a few words on the Resurrection Point mechanic.


  • Occupation
    The first one to go over is occupation. It really is quite simple. If you see a point you like ( and one that's unlocked ), all you have to do to capture it is round up at least 2 of your buddies ( from the same nation ), go over there and hang around in the middle, around the beacon, until it's yours. There is a helpful progress bar at the top, which will display your progress. Thought really, capturing is currently so fast you really don't need to hang around for much longer than a few seconds until your nation occupies the point.

    The interesting bit is what comes next. A point will remain occupied by the same nation, until challenged by another. In simpler terms, your nation occupies the point until someone with a couple of buddies from another nation doesn't come over and take it from you. Garrisoning your point offers you a passive experience gain ( while you're still in it ). while at the same time there is the chance for a few mobs to spawn and spice things up for you and your mates.

  • Conquest Shop
    If you're lucky enough, someone will indeed try to take your nation's point away. Well, you're not just gonna let that happen, are you? Physically defending your nation's point ( you know, with swords and bloodshed and all ) will allow you to gather something called Congealed Blood from the corpses of your enemies. Their items will still drop as normal within the Conquest Area, and that is where they must die in order for their corpses to yield the currency I mentioned.

    This is a physical item which you hold in your inventory. If you die with it within a conquest area, you will drop 30% of it and on respawn regain 70%. Upon killing another player ( from another nation! ), they will drop 1 - 2 Congealed Blood, which you can later use in the Conquest Shop.

    The shop I've mentioned multiple times until now is also very simple to use. Each nation has a double chest sized GUI ( 49 items ) to fill with nation-specific items. The competition I mentioned at the beginning of this is to do with these items specifically. But, more on that later. Any player can execute a command ( /cq shop ) and access their nation's conquest shop. The plugin will automatically detect the player's nation and display to them the proper shop.

    The items you will be able to purchase should be unique to your nation and serve as not only worthy battlegear, but also as a status symbol, showing everyone around you that you have fought in Conquest, and you have prevailed. 
    Not only that, but I have recently been able to figure out a way to attach Particle and Sound effects to an item. This is what will give Conquest Items that extra bit of bling bling to make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Resurrection Points
    And lastly, it is time to introduce you to the Resurrection Point mechanic. They look something like this:

    They look odd at first, but their presence is what makes Conquest a very tolerable system to PvP in. Simply said, the plugin has a resurrection mechanic. If you die within the Conquest Area, you will have the opportunity to get back into the fight as quickly as possible.

    Upon dying within a Conquest Area, you will lose your items as usual, with the exception of any Congealed Blood you might be carrying around. You will save 70% of that at least. The rest though, is gone, and will probably be picked up by the person who killed you. Don't worry though, cause you'll have your chance for revenge as soon as you respawn at your town. Conquest will give you a certain amount of time ( currently set to 40 seconds ) within which you should hopefully be able to pick up any spare bits of gear you might have lying around.

    If you manage to get geared up within the time limit, you can then execute the /rejoin command. 15 seconds of darkness later, you will be teleported to one of the many Resurrection Points scattered around within the Conquest Area, and you can get right back into the fight. The Resurrection Point you respawn at is selected randomly only if there is nobody else from within your nation who is hanging around the Conquest Point. If any of your fellow countrymen are still in there, fighting the good fight, Conquest has an algorithm which will attempt to teleport you to the Resurrection Point which is near as many of your nation-mates as possible.


And that's that. It really is quite simple to work with. Conquest was designed from the ground up as an intuitive system. When you're out there, slashing your enemies to bits, I hope you won't have to think about the underlying mechanics too much. And now, on to the fun part...


The Competition!


As I mentioned previously, there is a competition involved. The Conquest Shop should launch with as full of an inventory of items to buy as possible. But, considering there are 6 nations and many possible items to make, there are only so many of us to make them. This is where you guys, the community, come in.


We are offering 1,000 yora per item, created by a player, which makes it into the final shop inventory. It's not nation specific, you can suggest items for any nation. And if your suggestions make it into the final shop, you will get the yora for it!


So, where can you submit? Why, right down here, of course!


> Click Here for Competition Form <


I wish all of you good luck, and I'm looking forward to checking out your suggestions!

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A long time coming. This looks really good, and hopefully it'll be as fun as it appears to promise - I'm definitely stoked. 

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