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[Dungeon] The Crescent Depths


The mages guild had grown weak in the past few millennia. How they had allowed Kaherii to escape. The first council would never have allowed such peons to become mages. Times had changed, moved on without her, but her freedom from the Tear of Winter had renewed something she thought she had lost long ago in the eternal battle within the pocket dimension... Determination.

She would not judge them further, no... she would strengthen them, put them through the trials of old; the trials her master had forced upon her as she desperately sought to control the magic that flowed around her. The mages of this generation would know true training once more. The Summer Rime had thawed, the guild would move on as it had before. Merdicor pulled the hood over her head, and retreated to create her trial... It would take some time, but it would be worth it....




The Crescent Depths can be accessed from the Crypts, whose entry point is 6450, 10300

From there, follow the stairs down and follow the Redstone Waylights to get to the dungeon. Speak to Merdicor, located outside of the Crescent Depths.



Entering this Dungeon may be done once per week. Triggering the NPC Merdicor to enter the Dungeon will start a seven-day cooldown; despite if you succeed or fail.

You may choose to work in a group, or alone. Whichever method you decide please use common courtesy and allow those ahead of you to complete the puzzles ahead of you before moving to the next room. 

This dungeon disables Heroes Skills and Vehicles.

As always, if you come across any bugs or glitches in the room, please report it to a Moderator!!!




There are Prizes at the end!

Screenshot your Victory Message upon choosing a prize and submit it in this thread to be entered into a Raffle for a ONE-OF-A-KIND ITEM : the Imrantian Tunic.


By victory message: I mean this : 


Submit Victory photos by MARCH 17th!!!

This dungeon and its prizes will remain open past this deadline :) 

* As with the Daily Events, you are not allowed to use Alt Accounts to bypass the Dungeon's 7-day cooldown.

** Don't use teleportation skills to tp people inside the dungeon or any other way to get around it.




 PATCH NOTE : 2/19/2017

  • The final Puzzle has been altered so that it no longer matters which order the Eyes light up in.
    • To do so; there has been one additional switch added to the puzzle.
  • Fixed an error where the Lava Fishing Chamber in Stage 6 was not playing the "you got it" song 
  • We've blocked the /Accept command in the Dungeon, but Teleport is still receiving the trigger command.
    • We're working on a fix for this; but as earlier noted: Do not use this to access the dungeon. Those caught WILL receive warnings.
  • Patched the two-deep holes in the Ice Parkour of Stages 3 and 7. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Note Block "you got it" song was double-playing in Stage 4 (the Phoenix puzzle)
  • We're aware that the Anti-Fly an Anti-Cheat is giving some trouble still.
    • Jess is checking out the plugin for us <3
    • If you turn off Auto-Jump, this seems to happen less often.
      • Auto-Jump can be turned off in Options -->  Controls






Original thread by @Xathas can be found here: https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3574-dungeon-the-crescent-depths/


User Feedback

23 hours ago, Killer4xxxx said:

Is this still open?

The dungeon is still open with prizes at the end!

The raffle bonus has expired.

The entry method is now via a Tchest entry pass on a one week cooldown.

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