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Sellt's Diary 03/16/2017

Hello Atherys!




Sorry that this diary again was a bit late, but I have a good explanation why! :D

Some of you may know that I work for a river-cruise company with a few dozen ships. These ships don’t cruise in winter and so have no crew on-board and no issues, which means I rather have few things to do in winter. But come March the ship start again, crew comes aboard (which have forgotten EVERYTHING about how to do their work) and then around the end of March all of these dozens of ships start cruising. This leads to a massive workload for this week plus the next three. So if I appear a bit distant at the moment, it’s not because of me personally, it’s just this time of the year. :D




Now on to happier things!




Roregs Capital

As you may have heard the build team around cuddles has finished their version of the new Capital and it's gorgeous! As I said in December when the competition was running out, the first one to finish and deliver one that we (staff and roreg) can all accept they win and it will be put in. So there is that. Right now we are planning the opening ceremony and events which should happen in the next two weeks!




What comes after the Capital

The buildteam that made the capital isn’t finished with Atherys and will now go on to other build projects for the server. So expect more stuff to come!





Last Sunday I got to test out Heads new Conquest system and I personally love it! Seeing that it's ready to go we will not wait till the heroes update to bring it out and are now looking for good spots for the conquest points in the different nations. Soon you will be able to capture and hold them for the glory of your nation (and some stuff you get personally. More on that later).





Jess, Dannie and Head are working tireless on compiling the skills for 1.11 (never saw admin chat THAT active and never did I understand less :D). I’m not sure what the exact eta is but from what I do understand it seems to go very well.




Friday’s Sellt Chat

Thanks to the real life workload and the need to sometimes go to the ships personally to fix some issues I will not be around tomorrow (Friday) and sadly can’t make Sellt Chat. I’m very confident I will be able to do one next week. My apology for that.





Sellt’s Kitchen

Today we talk about omelets. As far as I know this is mostly breakfast thing in most countries, but here in Switzerland, it’s actually a lunch or dinner! And there is one kind of omelets I personally love and probably could eat every day: Spinach omelets. Before you judge you need to try it ;)

What you need for 12 Omelettes:

200g flour

¾ teaspoon salt

3dl sparkling water (normal one does it too. But the sparkling helps make the omelet fluffier)

4 eggs

1 teaspoon oil

150g creamed spinach

250g (or more if you like) bacon cubes




Take the water, eggs, oil and salt and mix them well. Then slowly add the flour and mix that well. Then slowly add the spinach. Best if you use a real mixer for this to get a smooth liquid that you can pour into a pan.

Now roast the bacon cubes in a pan, move them into a storage container (bowl). Put a tiny bit of oil into the pan, lower it to a medium-high temperature and pour the liquid into it (remember it should be enough for 12 omelets, or if you like me and like them a bit more thickly for around 8 omelets).

Sprinkle bacon cubes over the omelet before the liquid hardens.

I personally keep the oven at 50° Celsius and store the finished omelets there until I’m through with all of the liquid.




There exists something called Maggie seasoning sauce. I’m not sure how widespread its use is (it’s here in Switzerland used a lot). I often use it on my spinach omelets and I love the combination, but it’s not a taste for everyone for sure.





Original thread by @Sellt can be found here: https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3704-sellts-diary-03162017


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