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Cycle of Civilization


A draught struck snow into the hall as if they were hail. Nir wiped moisture off his cheeks and sighed: "Oh, the way a cold breeze bites is beyond me." The hall was loose in space; it introduced rooms in each point of compass. And at the centre, a gap stretched all the way up to a spire - stone stairs leading in its unison.

Beneath the first hall situated a parlour where fellow students routinely examined their textbooks. One book was of magic of the House of Eyes, another followed a study of the Cosmic Mesh. This time though, Nir didn't accompany them, but found a lone corner.


Time passed switfly as he decompressed into a comfy chair. But behold; the eyes of his fellows were tuned at him, for what seemed like a waiting game. Nir gave a slow gaze around the room and lifted his brows: "Alright folks. I'll tell you a story to pass the time"

"I narrate you a tale of a civilization.

'Once in the land of fine arts, a tribe of shepherds came upon lone ruins. The sun ascended from slumber and the vast golden fields projected its warmth and good fortune in abundance. Age-beaten structures were reconstructed and soon a sprawling city rose and blessed the day that was to come. Decades passed as a golden age unfolded. As the sun reached its apex on the zenith above, the desert was thankful of the harmony bestowed. At the shift of a century however, distrust and tension would perforce draw hearts apart. Hope disappeared below the horizon and the red afterglow incinerated everything in its range. The many years made their mark as the city fainted away. Desolated, the once prosperous sun abdicated its sovereign seat to a new hope. A blinding moonlight to wash away turmoil of old and to bequeath an illuminated scene of peace - such is the cycle of civilization."


(Cycle of Civilization is a painting located in Valzanttar Court House second floor. Check it out!)

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