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Roseberg Company




Under the Tyrant God’s authority, select slaves from the coast colonies were ordered to provide his nation with seafood. The task was for technologically versed fishermen who knew both how to utilize machinery to catch seafood and enhance human labor with those machines. Such was their life for centuries.

During the Age of Balance an event turned the tides. Some fishermen, who arguably lived more comfortably than most of the population, hid a plot of green soil under the Tyrant’s eyes. A practise of a fool. Planted with flora, especially roses, it was a tribute of courage to the mystical Mortal Heroes who were but words carried by winds far away.

It was under compulsion that they were eventually caught. Their plants were turned into ash and a punishment to remind them forever was executed. A large rose was burnt into their flesh with hot iron. Only a handful of the most proficient fishermen were allowed to live, their workload threefold. The following day a grey smog coated the sky as furnaces reminded them of their actions.


Roseberg Company

Descendants of the 'Rose' people, adopting the surname Roseberg, deviated from fishing and gained reputation as inventive merchants in the mining industry. They worked for Mr. Ironstride of the West Anvil Trading Company. After the company ceased operations, the Rosebergs continued as independent backers for the Merchant’s Guild. They proved to be more efficient as their own lords, doubling their fortune which allowed a move to international waters.

Nels Roseberg is the current chief executive of the company, leading it from Sablemarch. His daughter, Nereza, extended the company to its roots and moved to Thessia in AU 256 where she remains today. The Roseberg Company’s influence on Thessia’s impressive fishing industry has been massive. Their state-of-the-art Daggerland designs were superior to those of the Thessians, allowing for a cutting edge to gain many lesser companies in the city and leaving a scarce rivalry. Nereza is currently a representative on Thessia’s town council and has no plans to return to her homeland as of yet.


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