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The City of Dabii: A Historical Summary


The City of Dabii: A Historical Summary


Early History

As nomadic and hostile the nature of Selukkites and Loghecs tend to be, this was not so by the original inhabitants of the “Dew’th Isle”, an island entity composed with a mix of both Loghec and Selukkite origins. In the early days of the island’s history, the formal tongue was a distinctive dialect of the Huad Logh, in which passersbys had trouble understanding.

Many years went by, and few noticed the Dew’th Isle. Merchant ships occasionally swung by on a trip from Roreg Logh to Ar-Selukk to make a trade and bring news, however it was off course from the primary route to Qhul-Rahav and happened few times a year.

As far as how the locals themselves made their home here, some legends say they were outcasts from both Roreg Logh and Ar-Selukk of a distant past that were soon forgotten and forced to create their own civilization. Others claim that the original settlers were refugees from the Anur yav-Qar’ren, which over time attracted Loghec sailors.  

As time went on, tales of mighty conflicts and admirable diplomacy slowly reached Dew’th Isle, however they were often left on their own in the grand scheme of things. They knew of few lands, their maps in this period usually only depicting Ar-Selukk, South Western Aloreh, Roreg Logh, and the Western Daggerlands, all of of which were poorly drawn. Their understanding of government was far from the advanced forms such as the Priesthood of Roreg Logh and Orator Court of Aloreh, but instead resembled Ar-Selukk’s tribal system, with a diplomatic twist.


The Second Calling

When the decree of Llyrrh took the Gods away from A’therys, even the isolated Dew’th Isle could feel the remains of shattered societies. As tribes fought for power north of the island, some a’Ravhari forces sailed to Dew’th Isle with hopes to use it as a private military station, keeping forces safe without threat of invasion.

One tribe that overtook the island was the larS’isUs, a hostile tribe that sought to eliminate the culture of Dew’th Isle and establish a new order. Because of their crusade, little knowledge pre-second calling remain. They renamed the island Yaren-Zahar, after their leader, Zahar, and the name of the ship that sailed him to the island.

When the larS’isUs discovered they also were infused with Loghec customs as well, locals with Loghec origins were put to death and some Selukkites were persecuted. A shift in social structure began to emerge within the locals themselves, them considering themselves middle class, below larS’isUsese and above Loghecs.

When the Regent Raviyna av-Kulthanz came into power, many of the larS’isUsese abandoned the island and left back to mainland a’Ravhar, however the few that did stay were mostly scholars and politicians established on the island. With a completly different society emerging at Yaren-Zahar, the political advisers to the Cheiftain demanded a new political system.

As a more modern form of government began to rise from the ashes of the past, a dark period settled over the island in which Magic was banned and punishable by death, and Heresy the same.


The iAiel Arrive

Horrific horrors unfolded for a period ~50 years as the new government struggled to take effect of a ethnocentric society against itself. Soon, a wealthy tribe from the Nandar region of Ar-Selukk made the journey to Yaren-Zahar, and re-settled when they noticed the opportunity to rule the island. Former larS’isUsese demanded that the iAiel change it’s name the the iAiel larS’isUs in order to take the island government, to which the peaceful tribe did.

The Dabii Family, who lead the iAiel larS’isUs, finally restored order to Yaren-Zahar. They changed the island’s name to Dabii after themselves.

The Dabii family implemented the government designed by the failing former order, with renamed properties. The city of Dabii was properly founded after a history of struggling.

Dabii now promoted cultural exchange and tolerance, and the people’s adoration for the Dabii Family happily changed their social structure to match their image. A new shift occurred on the island- for the better, modernistic lifestyle now approaching them.


Emerging as a Capital

The iAiel larS’isUs overtook the region of a’Ravhar, and named the city of Dabii it’s capital accordingly. With a cultural exchange and natural defense from other tribal forces, Dabii was an ideal location.

Using ships bought from the state of Gala, their armies made routine trips around the cities of a’Ravhar to ensure they followed the laws implemented by the Capitol at Dabii.

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