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  1. A'therys Horizons

    Good luck with that, you're two years late
  2. My Final Post.

    Thank you for giving us AA! Will you still be involved with FEH btw? (If that is still a thing, haven't been around for a while)
  3. Heroes Community Input #2 | Leveling

    How that? I found it extremely easy to level now that the main Skill does AOE damage Everything that has a main skill that does magic dmg is quite easy to level imo. Low damage warriors have it alot more difficult because the higher mobs reduce their damagy by quite lot
  4. List of Commonly Used Effects

    Very nice!
  5. Gazamo Time Zone.

    Why not Gazamo Main Time? Does that mean it is in sync with the server now, ie Towny, or does that still use US time?
  6. I am not sure about it, leveling a class is a good way to learn how to play it. They might be a bit overwhelmed with all the skills and whatnot. A temporary exp boost just for new players, or for the first 100 levels you level would proabably work out better, but I am not sure if its doable.
  7. Griefing

    Saw your previous thread, pretty anti social if you ask me. Some people just like to destroy the work of others, what a shame to have scum like that play on the server. Tho it is true that you could have easily protected the ship with some town plots. You got more than enough to protect it...
  8. Couldnt resist.

    Classic It probably was the guys brother too.

    Fear not my friends, for your search has come to an end! May I present you... Mr. Happy Coal!
  10. Feedback for CC and Bulk Smelter

    Anyways, won't be using the smelter, way to expensive. Everyone who is still not using lava buckets is doing something wrong xD. And a bucket of lava is not worth that much, to me at least, especially since buckets can be reused. Add and NPC that empties your bucket and smelts and I might consider, but probably wont because it will be too far away. Best way still is to sell the coal and buy yourself a backpack to carry more lava buckets.
  11. Feedback for CC and Bulk Smelter

    Just saw the thread. Ignored it at first because of that obnoxious title
  12. Feedback for CC and Bulk Smelter

    Crowd Control and Bulk Smelter? First I thought its about Hero skill reduction but it doesnt look like it lol since everyone talks about furnaces. Was something new added to the server?
  13. Feedback for CC and Bulk Smelter

    What exactly is this thread about?
  14. Stepping Down

    You'll be missed :c
  15. [Discussion] A Proposal For Motivating More PvP

    I've seen quite a few people in just my town quit playing because the following happened: They go outside, a bunch of raiders sneak up up them (often smoked) and kill them before they can type help in chat. There is not much you can do against it sadly. And that kind of pvp makes up huge portion of the pvp we experience. I hugely despise this kind of pvp. I have nothing against organized fights however. This is not a pure PvP server, it never was. PvP is just one of its aspects beside PvE, RP, Building, Merchanting and the like. This vote isn't just about promoting more pvp. I'm certain it will get more people into pvp. But it is also about making the server more appealing for people who do not like PvP, and also more beginner friendly. And that is what the server really needs, new people. This is how I'd do it: Leveling: Armor and hotbar protection Could do full protection too, not going for it though because there needs to be at least some risk, even in PvE Normal: Armor and held item protection So you can actually right back after you get ambushed in your own town, without having to grab a full set of new gear. Conquest: none None in conquest because you know what you are getting into, this should be THE PvP world. I think if you really want those perks for your nation you should put some more effort in it than just dying and jumping right back in without consequences. Overall I'd try to push most rearding pvp towards the Conquest world so that the normal world is somewhat more enjoyable for people who are not into PvP that much.

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