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    Harath Khelazar yav-Sa'arav, better known as just Khelazar; is the younger brother of the infamous later Vizier Khurfu nav-Sa'arav. A brutally charming individual, he rules along with his wife Akila rav-Tajar over his 'Divine Mandate' City State of a'Ravhar. Using his philosophical studies, he aims to bring a porspering rule of reason to a city state immerced with black trade and political dissadance.

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  1. I've already spoken to Dani and also shown my intention to be nation head of the Gennian Islands That being said I will blackmail every Selukkite to join that nation (jks.... or am I....)
  2. Yes you will receive a special discount code. This is still being discussed among staff; among the possibility of other benefits but you will be compensated as a sign of good will. There will be a cut of date but as far as I'm concerned you bough it very recently so you will definitely get one. Don't worry however, this version of A'therys will still be around for a while; we have people in the community such as the town of Exodus who are still willing to charge on and still bring fun to Atherys Ascended, nor will any of the staff abandon it. Remember above all we are here to have fun, what is the point when things become an argument or just seeking out things to ruin? Remember what bought us to this server, and we can dare to do greater.
  3. I should probably complete that palace...
  4. o/
  5. MY Vizier character was called Khurfu nav-Sa'arav Spajn char was called Tul-mau nav-Zohnech (Vizier) lolbroek101's char was called (Radanir nav-Zohnec) - All the above where the Sa'aravine Dynasty Viziers
  6. I actually like this idea, what plugin as Jon said is up for discussion because we have towny and essentials already. I being someone who favours giving power to nation heads, believe that this would be very good; it would make little in the way for someone to just stand up and oppose a regime or a legitimate nation head. People could be prosecuted over nation laws, and I do think nations lack a legislative programme, Selukk being an exception but can still have national laws under the Regent. For example, Selukk's Temple Gov has banned the use of trading non-selukkite slaves since it ruins the internal slave economy of Selukk, if I was caught saying in ts i was doing the contrary, then I could be bought before Temple Government and tried. Ofc if I was in power I would use it to jail everyone who opposes my regimes.
  7. Shouldn't he be called Wooster then? o:
  9. To my dear brethrens in Sav-Synav, and all those who claim Ar-Selukk as their home. I Khelazar II, Sa'aravine Dheran-Prince of a'Ravhar, have usurped the Arch Cult of Sav-Synav from my sister in law Dowager Princess Akila yav-Tajar. I declare my unwavering fidelity to the High Priestess. I call now unto you my brethren's, particularly those who share my values in the Cult of the Patron, that now is the time! The omens have aligned and the world has been silenced for too long; this be our chance to dominate the world! Ithero has seen fit to conquest the Regents crown dependency of Sej-Ven and violate our nation. I say naaaaaaaaay! I declare those loyal to the cult of the patron, and those who wish to enforce the inspired legacy to march with us and form a task force to retake the city, and claim conquests across the world that are ripe for the taking in the other lesser nations! You the children of Sav-Synav shall do this in homage to your God! And for her Holy Majesty, the High Priestess Regent Raviyna IV! @Omega_Iota @Dani @Aurek @xxsethg95xx Yours forever devoted to Sav-Synav Khelazar II of a'Ravhar
  11. I've made some of her stuff.
  12. on a scale of 1-weeb how weeb is Lockuto?
    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Chadrian



      @lockuto he cant answer because he is locked in motion

    3. Lockuto


      chad fucking jump off a bridge

    4. Captain Sjielt

      Captain Sjielt

      lockuto he cant answer because he is locked in motion

      that response made my day

  13. On behalf of the entire staff team I want to take this chance to thank you all for making Dorrod Muth a reality for us once more! I am sure all the Loghecs will appreciate it so much, and the entire teams skills in building and envisioning a creative wonder. As the new Contents Team to A'therys, you have set such a great standard of building for many to achieve, and we all look forward to seeing more! Even better to go above and beyond what was expected and create a video to pull up the suspense! With all our best wishes, - A'therys Ascended Administration & Moderation Staff Team ============================= To all players who have chests and shops in the CURRENT Dorrod Muth we are intending to put in the build 7 days from now. To prevent duplication and any unforeseen problems, we ask all players that have shops and chests within Dorrod to clear them within these next seven days. Those that fail to do so will have to enjoy the feeling of tough luck. We will wipe all shops and chests from the current capital. We thank you for your understanding.

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