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    After his Father's dedication to Sav-Saynav sent him mad, Irzu was suddenly rushed into great power, rising up through his ranks as Dheran, he was picked out from other Dherans to become the next Vizier due too his strong leadership and fierce devotion to Sav-Saynav and too this day, leads the golden wastelands.

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  1. Hit up Razrivon or whatever his IGN is now. He's awesome at this kind of build!
  2. It doesn't need to affect me, if I think it's a waste of time, why would I support resources being put into it? And if I disagree with something, I'm naturally going to bash it. What kind of argument is "This is awesome but I don't want it"? The RP community has always been the smaller aspect of the server. There is two reasons for this. RP'ers tend to be reserved and clique'y. they distrust anyone who isn't in their circle and don't do much interacting with the rest of the populous. Of course this isn't all RP'ers, but in my almost 5 years on this server this has summed up most I have met. The second reason is, frankly, we are outclassed by Lord Of The Craft. Why join a half-assed RP/PvP server when there is a dedicated RP server that is just as easily accessible? I don't want to bash Atherys but trying to lean towards an RP heavy server (which has been happening ever since Edd stepped down, whether it be intentional or not) only ends in a dead server. Atherys was most successful in terms of a sustained playerbase in the days where it was a PvP server with interesting backstory and other enjoyable elements like town building and community. We offered a vastly enriched PvP experience. What does Atherys do now that other servers don't? It's RP side is trumped by LoTC because they have more lore, focus and the player base for it and we're trumped by Herocraft on the pvp half because the people who log onto that all want to pvp and don't have to deal with clashes on conflict. Saying there doesn't have to be an RP/PvP debate is like asking someone if they want tea or coffee, then giving them a mix of both together. At the moment Atherys is a compromise of 2 major components, and until it is settled on what one focus it wants, it's going to be outclassed by more specialised servers such as the aforementioned LoTC and HC. It's not a positive view of the server, but its a realistic one.
  3. You're telling me that in the 4 year lifespan of an RP/PVP server, not a single person thought of this before now? And then suddenly when it's suggested every RP'er (of which a tiny minority actually log in) goes "oh my god what a new and original idea we love it and must have it!"?
  4. Explain why no-one has ever made or suggested one then. Either the 'majority (over 50% of them) are really lazy in procuring things that they want, or you're bluffing.
  5. If people wanted this sort of thing, it would already exist. It's a set of RP rules. If RP'ers actually cared enough about implementing an RP roll-based system, they would of made one themselves, ages ago. In the time that atherys has existed, this has never occurred. To waste even slight amounts of time on something that has so clearly never been needed is still a waste of resources, wether it be a big waste or a small one.
  6. He threatened to kill community members. Or at least "Hire all the hitmen and hackers" to do so. Don't know about you but if Healos is still banned for telling saterra that he's coming round with a shotgun, so should Zorin for making similar threats.
  7. Why are you not banned...
  8. How about noooooooooooooooooooo
  9. What a Baby. He's so young!
  10. Yeah, you're thinking of Hydranoid
  11. We literally use the Mos Eisley Cantina music whilst raiding.
  12. @MimeOverMatter Basically this ^ My nation has always been very close-knit and very good at balancing cooperation with the lore of the nation. Me and Red would both like to see that community stay together through to the next form of atherys, hence why this meeting was called. Last time I messed up by not putting GMT+1 and so all the non-UK people turned up an hour late (to no fault of their own). Given it was only me, Red and Destruct, I thought it only right that I re-host so everyone has a chance to give a say.
  13. I'm always the perfect size bb Sorry but I did say before now that the team is full. however I'll put this away somewhere should the occasion arise that we need more people or a vacancy opens up. Thanks for the feedback bud!
  14. Please make them not all detached from the shattered lands. It should be a pangaea apart form the Genanian isles. Water is aids.
  15. Disappearing for 9 months and expecting everything to be how you left it? Boy is the Horizon wipe gonna hit you like a truck.

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