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    After his Father's dedication to Sav-Saynav sent him mad, Irzu was suddenly rushed into great power, rising up through his ranks as Dheran, he was picked out from other Dherans to become the next Vizier due too his strong leadership and fierce devotion to Sav-Saynav and too this day, leads the golden wastelands.

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  1. Me and Sellt decided it would be best if we finalised on everything before we started talking about it publicly. If you're in Discord I'll happily chat about the current theories and concepts we have going on. But rest assured it's nothing like heroes as you know it (A fault system to begin with).
  2. There's a macro for that
  3. ^ What he said
  4. Lemme check if I can just make a post about it instead of having to contact people. It's got aspects that a similar to Guild wars so personally you should be pretty hyped
  5. Once the lore for all these places comes out, you'll realise thats not quite how that nation works
  6. If anyone has any questions about the new way PVP will work, don't hesitate to contact me!
  7. ur askin 4 a smak in yer face m9.
  8. I love how you talk like you're some old vet. You've been around what, 6 months at most? You're a spoilt brat and nothing more. Go back and ask mum for a hug and your action figures back. Jesus Lord.
  9. @ExecutionSty1e There are plenty of reasons to stick around, I can assure you. Atherys has it's dips and highs. Right now there is a dip, it's exam period, it's to be expected. However when the server has an active population it is one of the most addictive and enjoyable experiences in minecraft and indeed any game. Whilst the activity online is currently low, the community is still around, and it's still a great bunch of people. I know i've met lifelong friends here. Don't listen to the kid I've quoted above. He didn't get his way once and he's so used to being spoon-fed by mummy that he threw a tantrum and finds great solitude in being your typical downer about a server he once loved. Each to their own.
  10. You genuinely didn't hit tab throughout the entire thing. I'm impressed.
  11. Moo

    Hello again Mutt! Nice to see you stop by!
  12. @Eojinn Says on that there forum post about building stuff that you're the special kid of the group. I wouldn't take that kinda badmouthing from inferior builders!

    1. Eojinn



      Oh I I understand what you mean now, lol!

  13. just don't ever hit tab whilst recording yeah
  14. K

    My Boy! I need a word with ya. Hit me up on Skype. Now for the serious bit. When you posted this, what did you hope to achieve? Show the community that the server isn't the best shape, because we are all unaware of this issue? Did you maybe want to do the whole "Hey look I was the only dude online!" gag which has definitely not been overdone. Or maybe this was to point out that SKYFALL 1.0 has just been released and you want some mates to play this AWESOME new minigame with? Maybe if you didn't quite understand my sarcasm, I'll spell it out. This solves absolutely, categorically, nothing. It's not even worth anything from a humorous perspective. Grow up or offer some legitimate help. -Chiv
  15. Yeah that NPC guard idea sounds cool as hell

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