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    After his Father's dedication to Sav-Saynav sent him mad, Irzu was suddenly rushed into great power, rising up through his ranks as Dheran, he was picked out from other Dherans to become the next Vizier due too his strong leadership and fierce devotion to Sav-Saynav and too this day, leads the golden wastelands.

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  1. K

    My Boy! I need a word with ya. Hit me up on Skype. Now for the serious bit. When you posted this, what did you hope to achieve? Show the community that the server isn't the best shape, because we are all unaware of this issue? Did you maybe want to do the whole "Hey look I was the only dude online!" gag which has definitely not been overdone. Or maybe this was to point out that SKYFALL 1.0 has just been released and you want some mates to play this AWESOME new minigame with? Maybe if you didn't quite understand my sarcasm, I'll spell it out. This solves absolutely, categorically, nothing. It's not even worth anything from a humorous perspective. Grow up or offer some legitimate help. -Chiv
  2. Yeah that NPC guard idea sounds cool as hell
  3. Try now
  4. Caw, this old horse just doesn't die does it.
  5. yeah you know i like your sand, hot stuff.

  7. I quote from a few months back "Is Loremaster as Adminnnnnnnnnn?"
  8. Nah for real, decode this: You don't need to teach me the whole entire heroes when we already know it like and trying to show that were dumb the petty comment of where do i start with you two comment litteraly can be taken any way so And taken offensive something you should know. Hell yeah that would be op an invis demi but what you write is that I'm inferring that it should be in the game and decide to tell us everything we already know. I just said its not as op as you make it out, because there always are it's imperfections. I myself dont want it in the game. Also why need an invis demi when you got vinny on your team. I got that he didn't like me questioning his knowledge of heroes on a larger scale (after suggesting invis pots wouldn't be that bad because they have downsides). I also managed to get that he didn't want me to say offensive things, followed up by something designed to be offensive; "Also why need an invis demi when you got vinny on your team.". Am I missing anything?
  9. Yeah, I gathered after the massive lack of grammar in that last paragraph made it impossible to read.
  10. Where to start on you kiddos. Atherys is a game of archetypes and classes. Certain trees of classes can perform certain actions and complete certain tasks within a fight. Giving any class the element of surprise and the ability to move around totally unnoticed is for the rogues only. In a game where positioning is everything (hence why CC is so valuable), giving a tank, healer or frontline warrior the ability to simply disappear is massively unreasonable. Massinvis is a high-cost, high-cooldown spell which breaks as soon as any form of interaction happens with the player. Potions last for 8 minutes and cannot be interacted with. Sure you can sometimes see the particles, sure you can set them on fire, but that isn't for 8 minutes straight and if it did genuinely negate the positive effects of the potion you wouldn't be arguing for it in the first place because it wouldn't been seen as an advantage in your eyes. If I could put an invisible demilune in the back of all my fights, purely only using their fists and healing spells, I damn well would. Good like trying to pin that one down. I hope the both of you are actually only arguing for argument's sake and because atherys players like to wave their e-peens about, because if you genuinely think that this is a legitimate thing, your idea of a balanced heroes system is MASSIVELY beyond repair. -Chiv
  11. You MUST be joking. Whats bad about giving any class the ability to remain invisible for 8 minutes with no armour on? HMMM
  12. plzplzplzplzplzplzplz make sure not to use the invis potion again. My heart sank a little when I saw people merrily stashing them away.
  13. i putted some things in
  14. ufkinwotm8
  15. Not until past 1.11 releases.

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