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  1. Hello community, making this thread to inform you about the new system by which you can obtain plots to expand your town. Now instead of making a ticket and giving your money to an admin you will buy plot deed papers from your nation which you can then redeem through a ticket. These new plot deeds are much cheaper and flexible than the current standard of having to buy 10 plots for 20,000 yora. We do ask though that you don't redeem singular plots at a time as to not tie up the admins time.
  2. Vote of no confidence?
  3. Competition is healthy.
  4. Interesting idea, i will bring it up at the next staff/econ meetings. Oddly enough this has been an idea that i threw around awhile ago but has been left dormant for awhile. I will be keeping an eye on the supply of resources such as rare blocks as the map ages and something like this would not be a bad idea to implement if any of them become to difficult too obtain. I have already asked the Treasurers of each nation in the AMF skype chat to provide 2-3 suitable locations for their national gold mines. I am hoping to have the nation gold mines constructed by the end of this week with the neutral gold mine coming in the next few weeks. NPC towns (as far as i am aware) are nearing completion, more to come on those from staff when we have our ducks in a row. Thanks for reminding me about this, added a link to that thread to my Admin Shop removal post.
  5. Just as a heads up, the economy team is looking to overhaul the drop tables for caches to make them more rewarding, while avoiding returning to time when caches spawned ten tons of rare blocks. If you have any suggestions please send them to me over a pm or as a reply to this thread, any feedback is most welcomed.
  6. You are just a contributing fanatic lately! So much good content comes from you! Well done man!

  7. Check out the winning entry for the art contest I held back in Violetvale. Belongs to @Eojinn


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    2. GodOfGales
    3. threesevens


      @Eojinn Im no good with art, so I can hardly tell. Is this hand drawn or did you use a program to make it?

    4. Eojinn


      @threesevens Digital art, done in Photoshop if I recall. :)

  8. The only protection the national mines have will be world guard to prevent griefing and the like so yes pvp will be on. I also hope the larger neutral gold mine will prove to be a pvp hot spot.
  9. @MisChiv a plan like that is already being worked on
  10. Yeah you can craft leather from zombie flesh but it takes awhile to get any real amount.
  11. The difficulty of getting leather has been a topic for awhile, staff are currently working on a way to make leather and similar items easier to obtain but i am not not sure if i can discuss it at this current moment. Hopefully it will be done soon and then we will make a post about it.
  12. Atherys Monetary Fund A new organization has been created called the A’therys Monetary Fund. This organization is the only organization with the right to print new money. The way it works is in a tiered system based on gold. In the past, nation heads have complained that their nations have not had constant and reliable sources of income. This has prevented them from spending freely, and distributing large quantities of yora to players. The AMF aims to change that. Each month, nations will have the right to sell gold reserves to the AMF for a set price. Nations will have the right to purchase gold from players at a price they determine beneficial to them, with a MINIMUM offered price of 9 yora. That means for every gold ingot you sell to your nation, or any other nation, you are guaranteed a price of 9 yora. Depending on scarcity, reserve requirements, and previous purchases, your nation bank advisor may be able to offer you more yora for this gold. The next step is between the 6 national bankers and the AMF heads (Chronus and Aston). Neither player makes any profit from this to avoid conflict of interest, and neither player can hold positions on national banks. The nation sells the gold it has acquired at a guaranteed profit. The price for which nations can sell gold to the AMF will be randomized within a range on a monthly basis by Sellt. Therefore, nations will always make profit when prices are set at 9 yora each, and players will always be guaranteed a profit of 9 yora per gold ingot. Banks have a set of requirements they must fulfill, and will be heavily monitored. The gold is removed from the economy. Of course, we realise that gold is not the easiest to mine, and much has already been stripped from cave surfaces. However, we are introducing constant ways to get new gold. Currently planned is the creation of 6 small gold mines, one for each nation. These mines will serve as a primary form of generating gold and will be set up in a way that the amount of gold the mines generate is controllable and changed if need be. There will also be a larger neutral gold mine situated at a currently undecided location. This mine will generate more gold than the national mines and will be a good source of revenue for the nations with the power to hold it. By doing this, the AMF will control inflation rates and ensure that a healthy amount of money is entering the economy. Unchecked inflation is bad for a number of reasons, the basics of which you can find on your own. A healthy number is usually found to be 2-3%, and this is something the AMF will be aiming for. Tl;dr Sell your gold to the nation, receive a minimum of 9 yora per. Nations sell that gold to AMF, get guaranteed profit. That money is then spent on national projects. Money enters the economy, and increased player to player trading allows for more yora circulation. We know that this system seems complicated. To many, it may be overly complicated. But the basic principles are quite simplified, and we do think that this allows us to constantly track and improve the inflation rate, as well as provide nations with constant money streams. - Monster killing will also create new yora. - Quests may in the future give yora. - Gold mines with slowly regenerating resources. - Other methods of keeping a healthy inflation rate will be considered. This rework is a work in progress. We will be consistently monitoring the changes to the community, the economy, and the gameplay caused by this. If we see this isn’t fun or possible for the majority of players, we will adjust our plans as we see fit. For now though, we want to see if we can use this to prevent further infinite inflation, and redirect the active yora to the nation banks, and from there to you to distribute among yourselves.
  13. Where did my shops go? When the server was preparing to go live, admin shops were planned as a means to ensure that there would not be shortages of basic building materials. They were meant to be coin sinks – that offered ridiculously low prices (pennies on the yora) for items players did not need. Players were meant to be able to turn to the person next to them and be able to get a better deal by sheer mathematical disadvantage of the admin shop. This was intended to encourage player to player trading (why sell for a huge loss when market prices mean a simple “who’s buying x” will be better for you?). They also were meant to sell to you at exorbitant prices. This also was to encourage you to seek player trading instead of buying from them, however in the case of an absolute shortage, the availability was there. Expensive, but possible. Building projects would in times of shortage be more difficult to finance, and there would be incentive for players to mine or gather those materials to fill the market with a now scarce product, but they wouldn’t grind to a halt. Unfortunately, this didn’t end up working as intended. The price ranges were too narrow. The shops offered far too much for products, introducing an ever-present buyer, and the lost “profit” essentially was a convenience fee that players would rather pay than find a buyer. This was evidenced by the lack of player to player trading, a lack of desire and effort to reach player markets, and a price fixed economy where players had to match admin shop ranges or be priced out of the market. The admin shops were too powerful of a competitor, and therefore we decided to remove them altogether. We are aware of the ramifications of this move, from almost all possible angles. All materials must now be mined or obtained – making them (for a while, at least) more valuable, especially in bulk. This will possibly lead to a temporary shortage of material and a spike in material prices. However, over time the lack of resources will lead to more player incentive to mine and sell those materials themselves. This in turn will allow for you, the player, to set market prices collectively. If a certain resource is more difficult to obtain, or rarer, it will be more expensive. A balance will be found between availability and price, and this will allow for more dynamic profit margins, more deals, more incentive for actual economic participation. Yes, we’re aware that “it’s just a game” and “real world economics don’t always apply to minecraft.” We still think these are more realistic moves that will benefit those who do care about economics. Some challenges are posed by this, of course. First of all, it requires that all materials previously available in admin shops be obtainable in other ways. The relatively mined world may be difficult for this purpose, but we have a number of projects planned to introduce the harder to find items. It also eliminates a source of income for newer players. However, we have new sources of income being introduced, which leads us to our next point. Edit: Link to list of remaining admin shops, minus the ones in the Mage's Guild. IE: End rods, chorus etc. https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3437-admin-shop-removal/
  14. As many of you know, there has been a bit of an economic rework recently. This rework has been in progress for a few weeks now, and is perhaps overdue. We do believe it is still worth attempting, and we hope that we will be able to improve the health of economics on the server to a point where it is challenging, yet fun. This thread will serve as the hub for the Economy teams various rework projects. Special Thanks to @Dani for typing up my ideas into cohesive threads :). I am good at thinking of ideas and planning them but when it comes to putting it on paper i freeze up. There are two major changes that you should be aware of. 1) The removal of admin shops. https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3568-admin-shop-removal/ 2) The controlling of inflation through the creation of the AMF. https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3569-atherys-monetary-fund/

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