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  1. Welcome to the team! :)

    1. StealthMelon


      Thanks duckling

    2. Galindaan Thewisy

      Galindaan Thewisy

      Oh goodness

  2. Hello
  3. Amazing!
  4. No sellt
  5. You are bad
  6. Oh jona, you're back?
  7. What about players that already joined Atherys? Will they have to do a whitelist application too?
  8. Wings of Icarus? Dragon Ball Z
  9. Oh I didnt die bro @MisChiv
  10. I like the idea! But i think its too much rewards for such 'easy' thing. what i mean is a group of people can go to a capture point when nobody is there and just get the rewards. U see what i mean? so i think when a group of people standing on the capture pointbit will inform the nation and make the capture time longer so the nation have time to prepare. Very good idea anyway!
  11. Parties and heroes are the same plugin
  12. Take ur time bae
  13. Amazing statue! good job Eojinn
  14. I voted yes some people complain about raiders ... You cant really hide ur town for a long time.

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A’therys Ascended is a Minecraft 1.10 Roleplay/Pvp Server. We are committed to bring enjoyable content for all players, which since 2012 has grown into one of the greatest communities within the Minecraft community.

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