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  1. "im not going to read your entire" essay on minecraft. peace out girl scout
  2. be careful!!!!! @JupiterRome
  3. take a seat*
  4. Well I applaud you for doing something different. I'll keep an eye on this. @MisChivpvp stuff please Can you give us a rough date like is it going to be 4 months? 8 months? 1 year? Just something, of course it doesn't matter if it comes on time hut at least a minimum amount of time would be nice. @Sellt
  5. thats good to hear!
  6. terrible reply hehe admin on ded sevre!
  7. The staff trying to defend the server not being dead is the funniest thing yet I have experienced here, from deleting posts for no reason in any players mind besides staff, too the stubbornness of the staff. hehexd
  8. even Kainzo dont do dis
  9. coolbro
  10. nice video, i couldnt see any of the builds because it was night time! good work!
  11. hey friend
  12. think its shots fired MATE
  13. dragoon
  14. i want to be the king of the ladder, i will crush you @JupiterRome
  15. @Jon30

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A’therys Ascended is a Minecraft 1.10 Roleplay/Pvp Server. We are committed to bring enjoyable content for all players, which since 2012 has grown into one of the greatest communities within the Minecraft community.

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