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  1. The staff trying to defend the server not being dead is the funniest thing yet I have experienced here, from deleting posts for no reason in any players mind besides staff, too the stubbornness of the staff. hehexd
  2. even Kainzo dont do dis
  3. coolbro
  4. nice video, i couldnt see any of the builds because it was night time! good work!
  5. hey friend
  6. think its shots fired MATE
  7. dragoon
  8. i want to be the king of the ladder, i will crush you @JupiterRome
  9. @Jon30
  10. amen brother!!!
  11. bastion was op, we had people with clients on with fastmine to mine out the hill.
  12. basically they are saying if you want to keep your 20 man server go ahead but if you want to make the server populated again you have to revamp.
  13. 3rd map, v3
  14. i applied, they said I need to be seen playing/helping, yet I can't play because there is nothing to do.

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