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  1. Make it so you can turn it on, so you dont have to remove it everytime I log on because it takes up a huge part of the screen
  2. Yeah, they ran away to another server
  3. Money is not moving because the playerbase that play at the moment doesnt interact much with the economy. And many people dont use the warps because they have conduit
  4. Lol, i used to use "Jace Blueheart"
  5. M'lady
  6. Can i haz SAGE?
  7. What, removing Ar-Selukk? It's a good thing but without any notice? <3
  8. I have a hard time saying that I want the old days back. You most of the time glorify it, but you surely lived it. But that was then. Now it's a new day and new fun things will happen.
  9. Trailerparktownnumberone
  10. OlleNyman
  11. I got very center
  12. Hi

  13. Stuff like this is what happens when an illiterate swede has to announce what the staff are doing. Aka, all shops buying stuff are gone and most of the ones selling stuff. Thanks for the insult. Have a great day!

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