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    Monas Iaeon
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    The current Pithkeeper of The Daggerlands, Monas Iaeon spent his time as a baby amongst various nannies. He never knew his mother, and his father, the late former Minister of Foreign Affairs Gale Iaeon, was often away on business. After he was old enough, he was sent to an Itheri Academy for many years, then proceeded to a university in Aloreh for his higher education. Upon his return to The Daggerlands, his father had fallen from the Momentum Tower, fatally. The spotlight contributed to his growth in his political career, which led up to where he is today- Steward to The Daggerlands.

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  1. Welcome! Let me tag an Alor who may be able to help you: @CarterJennings
  2. oh my
  3. All of them, there's five new ones. Out with the old in with the new!
  4. there's only five nations now vs six
  5. At first, who will make up the Council? 13 diffrent staff members?
  6. DEVINEMINE101 LOL @Helious
  7. It would be great to have Professions in my opinion! Adds another layer to the game I think lacks.
  8. What day?
  9. y'all can't even welcome a returning player back to the community without spazzing and blame the staff for low numbers
  10. ?
  11. Hopefully ancient, evil plans don't make their way to the classroom. History is not a blueprint, and I doubt it was a historical record that was found. Yes, some can be useful. But even a fork can kill somebody; Athas-Tech could cause mass destruction. Any information needs to be heavily analyzed before released to the public! oh dear
  12. he doesn't need any works revived you can just toss it
  13. nice bro!! I like it! My only suggestion is to play around with voice distortion at certain parts for some sound thrill Keep it up!
  14. I think Mabelle is a Loghec character, not dagger And in Aloreh, there used to be a town called Vendencia, I have my roots there. Character name Hyperion Vendencia. My town in The Daggerlands is called Mirammat I like this!

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