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    The current Pithkeeper of The Daggerlands, Monas Iaeon spent his time as a baby amongst various nannies. He never knew his mother, and his father, the late former Minister of Foreign Affairs Gale Iaeon, was often away on business. After he was old enough, he was sent to an Itheri Academy for many years, then proceeded to a university in Aloreh for his higher education. Upon his return to The Daggerlands, his father had fallen from the Momentum Tower, fatally. The spotlight contributed to his growth in his political career, which led up to where he is today- Steward to The Daggerlands.

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  1. This is great!
  2. extra
  3. Oh this is great, I'll get some together this afternoon! Woot
  4. Hey, everyone! I'm currently setting up a starter town, and a building in said town is currently being purposed as a "Hall of Nations"- an area for new players to explore all the different nations. While I would love to repopulate The Daggerlands, a good starter town must acknowledge that the server needs more than a single-nation operating starter town. Unbalance is no fun. The Hall of Nations will showcase each nation, and include their flag. Additionally, there is a flagpole for every nation outside the building. I am searching for at least five flag banners from each nation, and an additional six banners with the A'therys logo. I would greatly appreciate donations as I am showing off other nations than my home, but a small fee is acceptable. Thanks! Currently: Ar-Selukk: 1/5 Aloreh: 0/5 Ithero: 5/5 Roreg Logh: 0/5 The Daggerlands: 11/5 Vrovona: 5/5 A'therys Banner: 0/6
  5. of all the movements how did this one succeed
  6. throwback to the time I was upset because @redninja685 tricked me that he got demoted when he was really promoted to admin and i had a roller coaster of emotions








    from happy back to sad






    1. redninja685


      awwwweh xD hahaha

  7. I mean of course it wouldn't be, but shouting that someone isn't staff without even interviewing them isn't a successful method either. Maybe we'd have some functional teams if staff didn't talk down to interested players and cause a divide. Not that all staff does that, but it's a horrible and demeaning excuse. As for dan exclusively, he has been active here a long time and hasn't given much due credit. You, on the other hand, resigned from Admin but was regiven the position within a month because you changed your mind. How is that fair? Because you were once staff? If I walked up to Sellt and said, can I have Pithkeeper again, the answer would probably be no because I resigned, totally understandable. But apparently not universal. The Staff-Player divide has bugged me for so long but I just felt like vocalizing now. but I won't chat more on this thread because it's very nice and I don't want to draw away from it
  8. that's a horrible reason
  9. more male heroes than female????? hehe jk very cool!
  10. I enjoy that you strove to use correct punctuation and capitalization in your formal introductory announcement of moderator but fails to add an a to "bout". haha jk nice man!!
  11. ATZ is also CST so you could always convert your time into CST
  12. At least the Vrovonics never stooped down to fake news!
  13. @Chadrian
  14. Hey! Welcome back. Sadly, the server is at a low point in population right now. On the good side, don't worry about applying!! Whitelist closed this map. Lots have changed; most notably, an owner chance from Edd (Vorske) to Sellt. Again, welcome!
  15. @Foe if Cinderpolk is still operating

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