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  1. Hey guys, so I was just looking through 3 capitals and shops and I am very concerned for the future of the economy. With few people high cost of warp signs and basically zero shops... this doesnt bode well. Ive been trying to set up business but am waiting for the problems to fix. Thoughts?
  2. I remember joining Petrium run by masternathan and treeboy and the third guy i can never remember his name. I was their chief architect and builder. After we moved underground I designed and built a large amount of new petrium. I remember going to nearby sanctum with those troublemakers lol. The starting my own town nearby (the vale) and having fights on our towers and trading with exodus and courtney. Meeting lance and all the cool exodus peep. Hating cauli for ruining the one big raid roreg tried to do on valinta by hiding the aloreh defenders with invis potions while flying -.- I still hate aloreh haha. And seeing the great crossroads markets and all of the business. Hanging out with the aussies late at night. Talking to deav and hemp. Exploring other cities. Taking on chancellor of roreg. I miss the good ole days <3 great memories. Also they showed me league.
  3. With fire and blood.
  4. Sooo... should I not be getting the ducks ready?
  5. Would love to see pictures after this is finished!
  6. Hey! Would love to open a stall in your busiest market! Thanks!!
  7. I appreciate all things olle.
  8. Hey! So per the treaty our countries have entered and held up faithfully, it encourages trade. I'd love to try and rent a stall in one of your markets. Thanks!
  9. Okay Ferngully was mentioned. Quality thread. @Foe
  10. Im also happy to summon or port you to a nation of choosing for around 100yora. 50% off
  11. @Dan The Derp GAA is reporting Roreg is still unoccupied. And yet the animal life in Roreg is basically extinct. This usually the result of mass conflicts. @Secretariat Gris How does the GAA explain the absence of life in the Seas and Jungles surrounding Roreg Logh?
  12. Widespread rumors of over-fishing by the Loghec peoples has flooded the Itheri state news. Flotillas are claimed to be under way towards Roreg to introduce new duck populations and bolster fish numbers. Can the GAA confirm?? @Secretariat Gris
  13. I've heard reports of ocelot rights abuses during the transition to a Vrovonian Occupational government. Can the GAA confirm? @Secretariat Gris
  14. I remember when reporters used to report the FACTS! Fake News! Sad!

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