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    I'm a goat. Aston is a bad cousin.

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  1. Changing notification settings is on this site is strange.

  2. Crowd Funding Thank you.

    I see three of Blue's accounts in the green list. You are crazy girl.
  3. Ithero national meeting

    Is the meeting still on despite Atherys' launch delay?
  4. Ithero Comic Strips

    I stand corrected. THIS is the best post on the new forums 2015
  5. The Hottest Duck LP!

    Best post on the new forums 2015
  6. Ithero national meeting

    It was a joke!
  7. Ithero national meeting

    My question; Why is Ithero run by this Aston scrub? amrite guys?
  8. Oh, hey its the Goat-Girl i talked comics with on TS that one time while aston was designing that big palace.

  9. your profile picture is really scary ;_;

    1. CuriousMinds


      Don't know what you're on about, it's beautiful.

    2. redninja685



  10. :o   Is it really you?  http://tinyurl.com/qbarafm

    1. Freedom


      I will destroy you.

    2. Barnie


      xD.  I had to.  I saw the opportunity and couldn't resist.




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