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  1. So, is Fleet Captain Lionel Decker by any chance related to Dr. Decker?
  2. The Removal of Masteries

    I have an idea for the compensation part. Remember back in V1 where you could pay money to switch classes, well what we could do now is to have everyone keep their masteries but are required to pay/ use some sort of token to switch classes. You could have more than one mastered class back then but you had to have an admin switch you to that class and you would be mastered in that class if you already mastered it before switching. If you didn't , then you lost all of your levels for that class. Something like this could be used in the future, and the people who have several mastered classes could be given tokens to switch classes for however many classes they currently have.
  3. Weekly King Of the Ladder!

    I think a good way to make sure that no one parties up is to party everyone up, but then turn party pvp on. Well if that's still a thing to do.
  4. {Heroes} Class Skills Vote

    Well that is a very blunt answer
  5. {Heroes} Class Skills Vote

    Will there be new tiers that would come out in the future? Like back in V1 when t4 came out, every new class got a few new skills. If that is the case with new tiers/classes coming out that branch off of the current ones, they would get more skills. Then the new classes would be bumped back up to 7-8 skills if this new rework gave classes 5-6.
  6. It's my turn now, greetings Vrovona

    Just contact your local derp that runs around town. I am sure that that they could enhance your rp.
  7. Happy B-Day to my Boi Sellt

    HHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA That also translates into happy birthday.
  8. Atregen the Vegan

    Atregen, my love...
  9. Welcoming Commitee

    Alright, we will be gone by then.
  10. Avatar Title

    Are you including citizen in this?
  11. Hey Vrobros

  12. That was a hideous creature that you made outside our town
  13. [Event][PvP] The Conclave

    I already have a schematic of a fire breathing battle duck...
  14. Harvikir's wall. Built by Velkas, and slaved on in game by Pita_Bread and Chadrian.
  15. Challenge For You All

    Does it work like that? Having people send you money to reach 1 million?

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